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Top-Class VLT Facilities Beckon You to Edmonton, Alberta

Video lottery terminals were introduced in Canada to cater to the growing local demand. Recognizing the potential in revenue collection that can be put to good use, this very popular type of gaming facilities were introduced in Alberta early 90s. Known as video slot machines or as video gaming devices in some areas and fruit machines or poker machines in other areas, VLT lounges - licensed enterprises - have been gaining popularity over time and today are key attractions for game lovers in Edmonton area (with age-restricted admission.) Choose your own favorite game in the video terminal lotteries and have fun‌

Video lottery terminal facility in any VLT lounge resembles a slot machine to some extent with a number of terminals. People can bet on the results of a video game. Each terminal works independently and has a random number generator. All terminals are monitored by the state lottery authority via the common central computer system so that each wager outcome is genuinely random and not manipulated. It is claimed that VLTs pay almost 74% of the funds that they collect. The State’s revenue is collected directly which has been increasing greatly. Video lottery terminal facilities in age-restricted areas The traditional lotteries like sports gaming products, lotto and instant lotteries were superseded by the newer games introduced in the VLT facilities in Alberta. Alberta and

Edmonton establishments which received the VLT licenses, while welcoming VLTs, are keen to recognize the responsibilities that accompany them. Aware of the public concern about the offshoot of social and economic problems that may develop due to too much of gaming, video lottery terminals are allowed only in age-restricted areas like VLT Lounge and rooms in Yellow head Inn in Edmonton area. Enjoy pool games and try your luck at VLT lounge while you relax

When you enter a VLT room, you will understand why it is becoming a favorite tourist attraction in Edmonton area. Beautifully furnished spacious looking hall within the vicinity of a really well-stocked liquor store with a great selection of all their favorites is a great place to relax and have a go at the lottery terminals. Most of these areas are not smoke-restricted zones either. The video lottery terminal facilities in Edmonton, Alberta like the VLT Lounge draw a lot of visitors who are eager for a great holiday when they can relax and as well have a great time trying out their luck. Indeed who can resist when many of their favorite things are together as they are at these VLT rooms? So come to VLT Lounge at Yellow head Inn in Edmonton and enjoy yourselves!

The Yellow head Inn in beautiful Edmonton, Alberta is in the heart of the Festival City. Our home style atmosphere offers the best Highway Hospitality for all travelers, truckers, and tourists. We also provide services like VLT room , Liquor Store, Lady Luck Lounge, Husky Gas Station and more.

Top-Class VLT Facilities Beckon You to Edmonton, Alberta  
Top-Class VLT Facilities Beckon You to Edmonton, Alberta  

In order to cater to the growing local demand, Video lottery terminals were introduced in Canada. With this very popular type of gaming faci...