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Yellowhead Inn Hotels For Truckers in Edmonton

A warm welcome from Highway Hotels Awaits truckers in Edmonton

Truckers spend their maximum life

What Truckers expect from Hotels: 

Proximity to highways/freeways

Spacious parking area

Clean comfy rooms with facili-

on highways/freeways. So they choose such hotels which serve

ties like bathroom

their particular needs. Truckers always prefer hotels from

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Hot tasty food

Facility for topping the fuel

A relaxing time with some en-

which they will have no prob-

Comfort & Convenience Live Here


lems in reaching major road-

At Yellowhead Inn you can get

ways and highways. Truckers also look for hotels which offer

all these facilities

comfortable parking areas where they can park their

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trucks & can relax. So they generally prefer Hotels on

Call : 780-447-2400

Highways. Fax: 780 447-2217 Highway hotels in Edmonton like Yellowhead Inn are ideal hotels for truckers because they fit the truckers’

Toll Free: 1-800-343-8533 Website:

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Enjoy five-acre free parking facility and lots more only at yellowhead Inn rated best hotel for truckers. Call us now at 780.447.2400 to boo...