Yellow Chair Review: Issue 5

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What I Learned Jeri Thompson

I blunder through life like an errant pinball bouncing off walls of men with legs unsteady, reading the Braille of my bruises. Across a square root of years I collect clues yet never solve the riddle: If I’m a shaded flower that has yet to bloom, how do I pollinate my barren heart? Mother never taught me how to use what was god given. Marriage was a regret served on a daily basis. Being vulnerable - a loser’s game; powerlessness - a woman’s role. Sexuality was an obligation whispered about in dark confessionals. Value is a topic she couldn’t teach. I learned from unexpected lips… pop songs. Now I know a queen standing next to her king is not diminished. Being vulnerable is strength in disguise. Being sexual is not a Saturday chore or a holiday gift but life and love continuing itself. What I learned about being a woman I learned from Beyoncé.