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Batman Jesus   By  Chad  Parenteau  

_________________   Batman  Jesus   gives  you  literal  leaps  of  faith.     Batman  Jesus   is  not  Batman   barring  continuity  changes.     Batman  Jesus   has  rotating  membership.       Batman  Jesus   may  be  Batman'ʹs  son.   There'ʹs  some  debate.     Batman  Jesus   places  his  faith  in  the  hands   of  reader  polls.     Batman  Jesus   can  come  back  to  double   as  prodigal  son.     back  for  revenge,   mad  at  his  lord'ʹs  imposed   survivor'ʹs  guilt.     Batman  Jesus   wears  stigmata  red,   thorn  crown  green     and  enough  yellow   for  making  halos   to  die  at  dawn.     For  Batman  so  loved  fans   that  he  gives  his   latest  begotten     for  an  uptick  in  sales   and  50  cent  hotlines.  

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