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Volume 2, Issue 4  /  APR  2012

everything you need to know about North Nazimabad j


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5 Best Tikkas in Town





10 Minutes with Adnan Malik Rugged Chappals and Sleek Ties


08 bazaar

choose your chappal rugged and manly Peshawari chappals make a fashion statement in Karachi the quirk list Gulf shopping mall dissected for cheap and fun buys


14 cover story North Nazimabad all you need to know about one of Karachi’s key neighborhoods

style tie-tastic Sidra Nadeem makes men look good WWW.YELLO.PK


APRIL  2012




masjid-e-tooba the world’s largest single dome mosque is one of Karachi’s most peaceful getaways

intelligence or ignorance are Pakistani drama directors taking us for a ride?

a park full of stories take a stroll through this fantastical park and relive your childhood

10 minutes with Adnan Malik Adnan Malik appreciates Karachi’s no-nonsense mindset


entertainment reviews Nadir Hassan reviews an Oscar winning performance



APRIL  2012

bazaar gulf shopping centre holds a treasure trove of eye-catching goods waiting to be discovered


3 1

1.fancy slippers



4.cocktail ring

Variety Shoes,

chooridaar tights

Nayab Handicraft

Artificial Jewelry

G-240, Cliff

New Unique Arts &

& Antique Jewelry


Shopping Center


G-24 & G-29,

C-17, Gulf


G-20 & G-25,

Gulf Shopping Center

Shopping Center

Cliff Shopping Center






APRIL  2012

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9 5.fancy peacocks

6.stone & ribbon

7.coloured glass

8.animal buttons

9.crystal rubber

Gul Lace Center


Jamil Gift Centre

Designer Lace


C-14, Gulf Shopping

Gul Lace Center

Shop No. 215,

G-6, Gulf Shopping

S.G. Optics & Watches


C-14, Gulf Shopping

Gulf Shopping


G-94, Cliff Shopping











APRIL  2012

cover story

by Faraz Fareed



APRIL  2012

the com plete guide to north nazim abad 0312–YELLOPK


orth Nazimabad’s distinct personality has always played a large role in Karachi’s culture; it’s day-today happenings and its history. Initially developed as part of a suburban housing scheme for federal employees, North Nazimabad has, since then, grown into a small but complex city of it’s own. Designed by Carlo Scarpa and Aldo Rossi, North Nazimabad’s plan is acknowledged to be the most well designed settlement in the city. As the capital moved out of Karachi in the 60’s, the city moved into Nazimabad. What was once planned to be a suburb has in the last two decades become home to some of the largest commercial centres and well-known food streets. Woven into present day Nazimabad’s history such as the location of one of the first ever petrol pumps in Karachi, an impressive library and a list of celebrities and well-known public figures that grew up on its (not always safe) streets. As one of the oldest planned settlements in the city, North Nazimabad has developed a variety of markets in and around the town that are unique to the region. The journey is marked by colourful stories of chamak patti, printing presses, and some of the best places to enjoy local cuisine and live cricket. North Nazimabad has most definitely shaken loose its perception as a stereotypical distant suburb – and by night or day - is ready to mingle. — Ayeza Qureshi APRIL  2012


a park full of stories by Mahrukh Abbasi



APRIL  2012

a local sculptor creates a fantasy world for children In a city like Karachi, impulsive play

a city park.“I wanted to connect this

others’ eyes. Similarly, there are other

does not escape us. Tucked away

park to their memories. Children

amusing sculptures named “Fishing”,

from the city’s busy districts and

love to play in the environment that

“The Indus Bull” and “Balance”.

its disgruntled crowds, in Karachi’s

they can relate to. I often see children

upcoming Defense phase 8 area, sits

admiring the sculptures, sitting next

outdoor gallery space, a great way for

a park that is not of the ordinary

to them, talking to them. It makes me

the local park-goer to experience and

kind. Full of artistic treasures, Major

very happy to see these interactions”.

contemplate art in a daily setting.

Khalid Sultan Shaheed Park, located

The entrance to this fantastical

This park also serves as an

“I wanted exposure to art for the

neatly between Savor Café and The

park is marked by an impressive

masses”, explained Ayaz. “Most of

Golf Club, is not just a conventional

stone sculpture with calligraphy. A

the people do not go to galleries or

playground; it is a park full of

little further into the park, characters

exhibitions, which is the reason why

sculptures - the first of its kind in

from stories like The Tortoise and the

I wanted to display sculptures for the


Hare, The Thirsty Crow, The Ladybug, Tit

general public to relate to, as a form of

for Tat, The Sad Nettle and The Beautiful

art. This makes my work and efforts

the horticulturist Dr.A.K. Khan, this

Butterfly, and The Lost Dear aptly

seem meaningful,”Ayaz added with

park commemorates Major Khalid

dot various parts of the park. “The


Sultan Shaheed, a Karachi veteran

story characters I have chosen are all

who lost his life in 1999, during the

related to tales which have a moral

for children. Japanese style obstacles

Siachen operation. It was an ordinary

value hidden in them, those values we

encourage kids to use their minds and

park, until 2011 when DHA board

learned when we were young.” shares

overcome barriers. With so much to

members decided to revamp the park,

Ayaz. He believes that such fable

offer to the curious soul, this park is a

and hired Anjum Ayaz, a Karachi

characters would create a life-sized

playful space for the young minds to

based sculptor to take over the project.

fantasy world for children to enjoy

push their mental seams and take off

In 2006, originally landscaped by

It was at this time, he suggested

The park also boasts play areas

and at the same time remind them of

on flights of fancy. This park welcomes

the idea of sculpting fable characters

their core values. Not all sculptures

everyone free of charge, to relax and

every few meters on the two-kilometer

are from fabled tales though. One of

connect to natural beauty as well as

expanse. He wanted to create a space

Ayaz’s structures, labeled “Tolerance”

to actively participate in interacting

where children would be in the

is a sculptural dialogue between a

with art.

presence of some of their favourite

dog sitting on a bicycle, and a bird in

characters in the unusual setting of

front of him, both looking into each 0312–YELLOPK


APRIL  2012



tikka town by Anam Mansuri

Simple and sufficient, the tikka is the veritable king of desi BBQ. This Karachi food staple may be available at every city nook and cranny, but yello tells you the 5 best spots to hit for this popular dish, and why.  WWW.YELLO.PK


APRIL  2012

priority here, with the waiting time reaching to a bare ten minutes. This filled rarity costs only Rs 130 and must not be missed out!

Meerath Kabab House: North Nazimabad The real Meerath Kabab House is easily one of the most popular barbecue joints in Karachi. Out of all of the scrumptious items on their menu, their juicy Chicken Bihari Tikka makes our list of the top five tikkas. These chicken pieces are spiced and lathered generously with yoghurt and garlic, and of course lemon juice for the extra kick. The chicken literally breaks off the bones with a mere touch and melts in your mouth, just the way a good Bihari chicken should. The next time you want an inexpensive

Sheikh Abdul Ghaffar Kabab House

and supremely satisfying meal, think Meerath! The setting

Arguably the best tikka in town, Ghaffar serves one mean

is informal, with a family hall included, and the price is

piece of barbecued chicken. Perfectly cooked to its core


without being burnt, the tikka is one of the most tender we’ve ever had. The owners claim that the secret to Ghaffar’s

Baluchi Tikka Medina Hotel

tikka perfection lies in its marination technique, a secret

For hardcore chicken lovers, the Baluchi Tikka is a must

process that takes a total of 8 hours. The price ranges

try. Not your average city fare, you’ll have to drive up to

between Rs.130 to 140, depending on the piece. Order a

the highway for this one and look for Medina Hotel located

couple of their delicious parathas on the side and the combo

after the toll plaza. Unlike the traditional chicken tikka, it’s

is lethal.

Baluchi counterpart is deep fried and pricing is at Rs.800 per kilogram. You can choose your cut, and after a wait of

Café Chullu Subhani

forty minutes get crispy fried chicken tikka garnished with

A perfect choice if you like the heat turned down a notch

chillies and a sprinkling of masala. The location might not

and sides fancier then chutni and chappati. The tikka at

be the most glamorous one but is definitely more relaxing

Café Chullu Subhani is certainly not their most popular

then the usual city kabab houses, and makes for a great

item on their menu but according to our critics one of the

drive with friends and family.

best. Served with a tray of rice topped with a slab of butter (Irani style), and fries, this tikka meal is one of our picks because the chicken piece itself is light and aromatic and the entire combination satisfying and wholesome. It is listed under the ‘dishes for foreigners’ category on the menu and is priced at a decent Rs. 230.

Baluchistan Sajji (Gulistan-e-Jauhar) The malai tikka at this takht-style resto is a rarity to say the least. Far richer then its lal mirch marinated counterpart, this cream enhanced delicacy has that extra kick if you want something a little more special. Only available in a chicken chest piece, the tikka is barbecued to perfection. The meat is juicy, succulent and tender! It tastes equally good with paratha, chapati and naan. Customer Service is a top 0312–YELLOPK


APRIL  2012

want to know Karachi’s most happening events? sms ‘tonight’ to 9355 0312–YELLOPK


APRIL  2012

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