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Volume 2, Issue 3  /  MAR  2012

Aisha Khan

on a movie that will transform Pakistani cinema

Fro-yo wars

which one is perfect for you?

Al Kabab

we take our kababs very seriously


Kamiar Rokni does lawn


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jalebi die You can run but you can’t hide

the t-shirt report Welcome spring with everybody’s favourite clothing staple in fresh new designs

honour, glory but not in England One of Karachi’s most beautiful cemeteries houses soldiers from faraway lands

the quirk list Be Bold, Bright and Shiny with this month’s picks kaleidoscope Bringing us a kaleidoscope of colours, Kamiar Rokni talks about his first ever lawn collection



MARCH 2012



a kabab affair We’re serious about our kababs

set the stage for spring An amateur theatre festival is all set to show


asian invasion 3 new Asian restaurants are reviewed and the verdict is out



fro-yo wars We breakdown the who’s and what’s of the newest food rage in town love struck Strawberries are ripe and ready for lovin’


the little museum that could An artistic treasure cove buried inside the state’s most important bank



MARCH 2012

10 minutes with Aisha Khan Aisha Khan wants to stop crying! entertainment reviews Nadia Jamil returns! Time to turn your TV sets on


The t-shirt never lets you down. It gets outstanding marks for its ability to be worn in innumerous



MARCH 2012

welcome in the spring with our fun picks of this wardrobe staple. ways. Its universal appeal and comfort is unquestionable. It’s time to pack away the sweaters and



MARCH 2012


is it spring already? Kamiar Rokni gets us ready with his lawn collection for Bonanza What made you want to venture into lawn? Lawn is a great way to reach a wider audience. The house of Kamiar Rokni is about colour and pattern, which is perfect for textile design. Months after the PFDC Fashion Week, it doesn’t take long

What makes lawn such a national phenomenon in

to conjure up images of Kamiar Rokni’s stellar spring


2012 collection, with its vibrant color blocking and unique

Pakistan is a very hot country and most women wear

thread work. Fresh off the heels of that success, Rokni

shalwar, kameez and dupatta! Lawn is the perfect fabric to

has now entered the world of Lawn. Teaming up with

wear and with Lawn, everyone can put together their own

Bonanza he has produced twenty unique designs inspired

look and feel.

by three concepts, the romantic, the traditionalist and the

What silhouettes do you recommend for your lawn?


We suggest many different options that suit your mood and

Rokni jumps effortlessly between his three inspirations

different aspects of your persona. For the traditional line

to reveal a collection that will cater to any mood. With

we have worked on different types of shalwars and shorter

flowers, lace, feathers and impressionist art in mind, Rokni

kurta style shirts. For the romantic line we have kept things

embarked on his design for the Romantics. His Modernist

soft, long and flowing and for modern styles things are

line though, stands out in its experimentation. It is bold and

sharp and snappy. The main thing that we are advocating is

striking with splashes of colour blocking and interesting

a sense of individuality and an acceptance and celebration

geometric designs. Not one to leave out his signature

of the diversity within ourselves.

homage to the traditional crafts of Pakistan, Kamiar Rokni’s

What is your favorite piece from this year’s

third line is the traditionalist. Here he hones in on the


nation’s rich cultural heritage and gives it a twist. Think

Gosh! At this point they are all our babies, but I think both

dramatic prints using traditional textile techniques.

Tia and I are partial to our Rilli design as is everyone in our

Kamiar’s world of colour, print and texture finds


a perfect home in Lawn and gives the buyer a universe

What is the one piece of advice that you would give

of possibilities. Whether you are craving reminders of

to your lawn collection buyer?

enchantment within nature or prints in exuberant colours

We encourage our clients to try the different styling of

to welcome in the summer, Rokni has got you covered.

outfits that are displayed in the look book. We want our ladies to be leaders in fashion, not followers! What makes the Karachi Lawn Enthusiast different from those in other parts of the country? Karachi is nearly eleven months of summer so the consumer needs a lot more lawn!

a kabab food

we’re serious about our kababs. by Mahrukh Abbasi

Forty years ago, before celebrity chefs influenced our cooking

to God for having so much already. The recipes have been

skills or inauthentic recipes popped up on websites, or before

passed down for generations, and their kababs have a distinct

Karachi became a hot house for some of the most popular

taste, unlike any other available in the city.

kabab-paratha places in the country, Nazeer Ahmed opened

The seekh kababs are malaii-soft and juicy, and it was

up Al-Kabab in Bahadurabad.

a wonder they were still intact. The beef boti was decent

These days, this tiny restaurant is being run by the

too, but the Bihari kababs stole the show. Their flavour was

original owner’s son, Naseer Ahmed, who is making sure he

just perfect, without being too spicy, bitter or burnt, and

upholds the quality and taste set by generations before him.

a combination of secret spices that were unlike any other

It’s not the most attractive joint in the city - hidden

Bihari kabab in town. Their fresh green raita, with crisp, pink

away in a lane before Imtiaz Supermarket, with a few bulbs

onions was complimentary with every dish, and their trade-

hanging outside, plastic chairs along the side-walk, and a

marked golden fried puri parathas topped the charts for a

street filled with people enjoying every bite of their meal

complete kababi dinner. The prices are also very reasonable,

in their cars. First-timers might even feel reluctant when

Rs.115 per plate for any types of kababs, which makes this

ordering the food, but only until it arrives. After that every

place a super-hit for students and families.

bite will have you craving for more.

Al-Kabab Near the Main Bahadurabad Chorangi, Off Alamgir Road, across Feefo

Al-Kabab opened doors in 1970, and since then has only offered four items on the menu along with puri-parathas. When asked why the menu is so limited, the owner answered, “Jitna phailaogay, utna uljhao gai.” He also said he’s thankful WWW.YELLO.PK


MARCH 2012

b af   air



MARCH 2012

entertainment Having conquered the small screen, Aisha Khan is now transitioning into the film world. Will Waar mean goodbye to tv? Here she discusses the future of films, Shaan and her role in the revival of cinema.



What kind of roles do you enjoy doing the most?

Tell us a funny rumour about yourself?

When it comes to roles, I’ve done pretty much everything

That I’m married to Humayun Saeed! That is such a joke!

under the sun. I never wanted to be just another pretty face in the industry, I wanted to prove my versatility and my


strength as an actor. Nowadays though I’m sick of playing

What can you say is new about this film?

the ‘mazloom woman’. I would like to stop crying for a

This film is going to put us on the international front. It

change! Initially I was the home breaker but now I’m tired

enables us to compete with films of international standards

of hearing this ‘aap roti bohat acha hain’.

all across the globe. Firstly, it’s in English. We’ve never really


had a film in English before. However, the techniques, the script, the direction, everything is going to put us on the

How did Waar happen?

map. The revival of cinema has already started with all

I knew Waar would be huge since Bilal Lashari was

the Shoaib Mansoor films that have come out, but I would

directing it, so it was an easy choice for me to make. And

think Waar would give it a great, great push.

now when I watch it, it makes me proud to be a Pakistani. The script is also really powerful. When I was initially


offered the role, I was a little confused because it was a very

After Waar are you going to go back to TV?

small part, and I didn’t want to disappoint my TV fans. But

I’m getting tired of the monotony of television. I might just

they changed it to give me a larger role so that felt great.

reduce the amount of work I do or quit it altogether.



What was it like on set?

What’s next for Aisha Khan?

It was insanely fun! I had the most amazing people around

Theatre. That’s what I want to do. I’ve never done it before

me. Waqas Rana, who is the writer for Waar, was great;

and I’ve always been interested in it.

I would call him ‘big daddy’ and he treated me like his daughter. Also Shaan is the most amazing senior I could


have asked for. He’s very concerned and very supportive.

What does Karachi mean to you?

Sometimes our shoots would start at night and go on till

Lights, traffic and awesome people.

morning, so we would all have a great time all night.

05.14 Tell us more about Shaan. He’s awesome! He’s an institution. He’s very focused and hardworking, a jaan to be around and ofcourse GORGEOUS.

00.31 Whare do you like to eat in the city? Pompeii, Espresso and Flo.


10 minutes with

by Manal Faheem Khan

rather than a serious effort to understand her. The problem lies partly in the script, which attributes Thatcher’s right-wing ideology solely to her upbringing as a grocer’s doctor and never grapples with her governing philosophy in a serious manner. The Iron Lady treats Thatcher’s biggest achievements — the Falklands War, the miner’s strike, her role in ending the Cold War – in a disappointingly rote fashion. Montages sound-tracked by contemporary music and a few throwaway sentences are enough to dispose of Thatcher’s considerable political victories. The movie also does not attempt to grapple with Thatcher’s gender in a serious manner. Here was a woman who rose to the top of the hidebound Tory party without ever being entirely accepted or loved, who was ultimately betrayed by her male colleagues and banished from the party she had devoted her life to. For the Iron Lady a few superficial flashbacks are enough to explain this. A lack of emotion may be The Iron Lady’s worst crime but that is to be expected in a film which merely skims over one of the most storied careers of our lifetime. The end result is no more illuminating than a 30-minute BBC documentary on Thatcher’s life leading one to wonder why Lloyd ever wanted to make this film in the first place.

Shimraiz in Haissam Hussain’s current on-air serial, Kuch Pyar Ka Pagalpan. Many viewers will be looking forward to their serious and (hopefully) more mature role in Durr-e-



Durr-e-Shehwar, at first glance, spells out all the ingredients

Ali Qazi. All in all, with a mixture of a new and veteran

that make a drama serial a mega hit: an award-winning

cast, and the return of Nadia Jamil on the screen, Durr-e-

director, Haissam Hussain, an original script by Umera

Shehwar is THE drama serial to watch out for in March.

According to Durr-e-Shehwar’s official page, the serial will introduce Maya Ali, Omer Naru, Sumbal Jamil, Osman

by Hareem Ahmed

Khalid Butt, Fazaray Syed, Saud Umer, HenaZali, and

Ahmed (of Doraha and MeriZaat Zara-e-Benishan fame), the star cast of Qavi Khan, Samina Peerzada, Nadia Jamil, Nauman Ejaz, Sanam Baloch and Meekal Zulfiqar, perfectly balanced by many new faces who will make their debut in this series. This is the first joint production of Momina Duraid Productions and Six Sigma. At the time of writing, no promos have been aired and no one is giving away the basic plot outline. We do know that the plot will revolve around Durr-e-Shehwar, played by Sanam Baloch. The male lead opposite Baloch is Zulfiqar, which is yet another attraction of this serial. The duo is playing the negative yet hilarious Kiran and 0312–YELLOPK


MARCH 2012

mar.2012events Event Listings is a service yello provides in good faith based on the information provided by the organizers.

Yello can not be held responsible for the accuracy of the information. Please contact the event organizers for confirmation.

A Retrospective of Political

Maria B collection in stores

Kamiar Rokni’s Bonanza Lawn

Cartoons and Paintings

Where: B-8 Park Towers, 12-E,

Where: Imperial Gardens, Kheyaban-

Where: T2F 10-C Sunset Lane 5, Phase

Zamzama Lane No.6 Phase V, DHA

e-Iqbal, Clifton

2 Extension, DHA

When: 1 Mar. ’12 at 12pm-11.59pm

When: 2-4 Mar. ’12 at 12pm-11.59pm

When: 1-18 Mar. ’12 at 5 pm-9.30 pm

Call: 0346 4011227

Call: 042 5764323




NUML Karachi Spring Festival ’12

Students Party

Shamaeel Ansari Lawn

Where: ST-3, Block K, North

Where: Tauheed Commercial Area,

Where: The Palm Sea view, Block 3,


Other Area, DHA


When: 1 Mar. ’12 at 10am-9.00pm

When: 1 Mar. ’12 at 9am-2pm

When: 2-4 Mar. ’12 at 12pm-11.59pm

Call: 021 36721027

Call: 0334 2676393





seher, Phase V Ext, DHA

Umar Sayeed by Al Karam

When: 23 Mar. ’12 at 4pm-11.30pm

Where: other area, other area,

Tthe Golden Collection II

Call: 0333 2392448, 0331 2864948

Clifton, Karachi

Where: Block4 Saba Avenue, Unicorn


When: 24-26 Mar. ’12 at 11am-8pm

Gallery, Clifton


When: 21-28 Mar. ’12 at 4.30pm-7pm

Misaal Lawn by Ayesha Hussain,


Seveen Munir and Sanya Muneer

Nomi Ansari Lawn

Where: D-94, Block 4, Behind

Where: Imperial near Teen Talwar,

Royal Rodale All Pakistan Day

Abdullah Shah Ghazi, Clifton

Kheyaban-e-Iqbal Road

Bowling Tournament @ Royal

When: 24-26 Mar. ’12 at 11am-10pm

When: 26-28 Mar. ’12 at 11am-11.59pm

Rodale Club

Call: 021 358609236 0300 8230257

Call: 021 35652249, 0321 8254007

Where: TC-V, 34th Street Khayaban-e-



When: 22-24 Mar ’12 at 6pm-11.30pm

Faiza Sami by Al Karam

Strengths Based Management

Call: 0333 2392448, 0331 2864948

Where: C-682 Allama Iqbal Road near

Where: Sheraton Hotel & Towers,


Jheel Park, Tariq Road

Club Road

When: 24-26 Mar. ’12 at 11am-11.59pm

When: 30 Mar. ’12 at 9am-5pm

The Royal Basant Carnival @ Royal

Call: 021 34525230

Call: 021 35308169

Rodale Club



seher, Phase V Ext, DHA

Where: TC-V, 34th Street Khayaban-e-



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yello is Karachi's indespensable guide where you can find everything from food to fashion to latest trends and about the culture of Karachi.