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March 2011

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Loved it!

Olive Café W

e had heard good reviews about Olive Cafe and decided to try it out last night and it was a brilliant experience! The three of us (all guys) got there for dinner around 9 pm. We picked a table next to the creek. Although it is open-air it feels more sophisticated than the other open-air clones lining Beach Avenue. I’ve been to some of the others and though they are nice, this was so much better. The owner of the place was very welcoming and helped us with the order. The extra personalization and care on a first visit makes such a huge difference. In fact, he even advised us against a menu item we wanted because he felt it wasn’t as fresh as he would have liked it to be! We were very impressed by that. We over-ordered by choice: Chicken Handi, Prawn Masala, Green Boti, and

Address: Beach Avenue, Phase 8, DHA, Karachi Email: Reshmi Kabab as we wanted to try different things, and I’m glad we did. Everything was great! Especially the Green Boti and Chicken Handi (cooked in butter, I think). We polished off the food (Alhamdulilah!) and ordered fresh Kino juice, coffee and tea. We spent three hours eating and chatting there and had a great time. Overall, we were very satisfied and I will definitely take my family there, insha’Allah. Congrats to Raghib and Co. on their new venture, and a big thanks for setting the quality standard so high! Keep it up guys. :)

Indian Kitchen Must for Lunch


’m a frequent customer at Indian Kitchen whenever it is time for lunch. The menu mostly consists of desi cuisine including the spectacular biryani, kofta, haleem, karahi, qorma etc and an exclusive “Dish of the Day” which may feature something completely off the menu. They also have a special fruit chat for dessert. The biryani is so good that they’ve run out of it many times so best of luck when you go there ;)


Reviewed by M. Ali Samejo TO READ MORE, VISIT:

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Reviewed by Mahmood Mirza TO READ MORE, VISIT:

Address: Shahrah-e-Faisal Service Lane, Block 6 PECHS, Karachi

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new businesses reviewed



Address: Olivetto, W street, 25B Block 4 Clifton, Karachi Phone Number: 34222955, 0332-822-2855 Email:

An enjoyable and classy experience


y husband and I arrived at the newly opened cafe/lounge to find an elegant French/Italian cuisine restaurant, with a friendly staff, and a well-thought out menu. We were first sent complimentary blue-cheese dip with veggies and a bread-basket with garlic-herb butter. Our order of Caesar’s Salad with chicken (we had a choice for chicken or prawns) and Tomato soup arrived promptly and both were delicious. The croutons in the soup were a bit soggy but the rich flavour of the soup made up for it. We ordered the Chicken and Mushroom Risotto and Stuffed Ravioli with Spinach and Cottage Cheese in a creamy sauce, which were just perfect. Perfectly

seasoned, both dishes lived up to the expectations after the soup and salad. For dessert, we called for Crème Brulé and Italian bread pudding. The Crème Brulé was above expecations, but the Bread Pudding was a bit of a disappointment. All in all, the experience was fabulous. It was a delight to know that they welcome children in the restaurant. Olivetto is a place you must visit soon.

Reviewed by Ruhaifa Samir TO READ MORE, VISIT:

Pretty Damn Good


took my better half out on our anniversary so I thought I’d try something new and chose Olivetto. I liked the place as soon as I entered. The ambiance was great; it had a cozy setting unlike other cafes which I find really cramped. The decor is also good with a mixture of contemporary art, water colors and oils complimenting the wood work. The Spring deal is really attractive and is very well priced. I ordered the Tomato soup, Alfredo Pasta with Prawn and the Crème Brulé and my better half ordered the Spring Salad, Grilled Chicken and Crème Brulé. For the starters we ordered the Chicken Pizza bun which the waiter recommended. For drinks we got a Shirley

Temple and Shikanjbeen. We got complimentary vegetable sticks and bread and I really liked the bread because it was warm and fresh. The starter, Chicken Pizza bun was awful; the bread was dry and the topping was cold and I was not pleased with the food at first. But when the Tomato Soup arrived, it was delicious. When the main dish came, the waiter had my order wrong and had put in Chicken instead of Prawn but was happy to bring me some Prawns separately which I didn’t mind, it’s extra free food after all. This took only a few minutes to correct. The Alfredo sauce and Grilled Chicken were really good too. I tried a bit of the chicken and it was really

succulent and the Spaghetti it came with was perfect. Finally the dessert arrived and it was amazing. I’ve never had a better dessert and I can’t even explain how delicious it was. My companion who hardly ever finishes her food refused to give me some of hers. I would definitely go back there again.

Reviewed by Nadir Haider TO READ MORE, VISIT:

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5 deliver_in_karachi

cream of karachi

Restaurants that deliver

Pizza 14th Street pizza

021-35350202, 03435350202 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Dominos pizza

111-366-466 Papa John’s 111-46-7272 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Pizza Hut 111-241-241, 021-35371750 Pizza Next 021-35875376-8, 02135875831-2 Pizza Supremo 0333-3293677, 02135310081-3

Chinese Chairman Mao 021-35853333, 02135350855 Delivery: Defence & Clifton China Town 021-35860528, 02135374423 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Maximunch

021-37612212, 03152072444 Delivery: Defence & Clifton


Wok in a box (Chinese & Thai)

021-35340978, 02138443516, 021-38443513 Delivery: Defence, Clifton, Bathisland & PECHS


BBQ Tonight

021-35371673, 02135832841 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Biryani Junction

021-35840578, 03082479264 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Chaska Chatpata Food

021-34529493, 02134527250 Delivery: All over Karachi

Party Time Foods 021-35341956, 02135341957 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

The Dhaba 021-34294815 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Rail Road 021-37735519 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Tikka Inn (BBQ & Fast food) 021-35375942, 03212668663 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Taste Buds

Lal Qila

Walk-n-Hot 0321-9252540, 02135856142, 021-35350461 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

0300-2792799 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Fast food

Daal Chawal Express 021-35872882, 02135872883 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Arizona Express

Diner’s Inn 021-35244180 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Hot & Crispy



021-35350515 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Home Cuisine

021-34222869 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Indus Foods

021-35343100, 02135343101, 021-35343102

35810630-1 Delivery: Defence, Clifton & Bath Island 0333-5035495, 03007044413 021-35895851, 03002370020 Nando’s 111-626-367 Oregano Chicken & Pizza 021-35382906, 02135382907 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

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021-35395119 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

SNACKS Chatkharay

021-35842684, 02135848958 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Crepe Factory

0322-2994997 Delivery: Defence & Cliftonn Eaton 021-37791027, 02137791032 Hot & Yummy

021-4216502 Hoy & Spicy

021-34216492, 02135481706, 021-35481705


021-35376700, 02135376701 Areas: Defence & Clifton

Crab Corner 0300-2261511 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Mr. Cod 021-35350746, 02135344257 Delivery: Defence & Clifton

Others BaAn Thai 021-35869084, 02135869085 Delivery: Defence, Clifton, PECHS & KDA Cafe Aylanto 021-35875724, 02135879746 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Damascus 021-35879902, 0301824944 Fuschia (Thai) 021-35363944, 02135363948 Delivery: Defence & Clifton Green House Restaurant (Bohra food)

021-35372993 Delivery: Defence & Clifton The Deli

021-35838954, 02138545790 Delivery: Defence & Clifton


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|Cooking Classes| Riwayati Desserts

Start: 31 Mar 2011 - 2:30pm End: 31 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm

Kheer, Sheer Khorma, Shahi Tukray, Zarda, Caramel Custard Instructor: Shazia Abbas Day: Thursday Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Biryani Lazzat

Start: 24 Mar 2011 - 2:30pm End: 24 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm

Vegetable Biryani, Jahangiri Biryani, Dehli Walli Biryani, Broast Biryani, Singapuri Rice Instuctor: Shazia Abbas Day: Thursday Rangoonwala Community Centre, Block-4, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Steaks Special

Start: 21 Mar 2011 - 2:30pm End: 21 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm

Sizzling Pepper Steak, Coriander Steak With Spinach Sauce, T.Bone Steak With Bar B.Q Sauce, Chicken Steak With Vege Fish Steak. Instructor: Roohi Allawala Day: Monday Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025


Start: 17 Mar 2011 - 2:30pm End: 17 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm Basic Pizza Dough, Pizza Sauce, Chili Corn Pizza,

Chicken Tikka Pizza, Pizza Supreme, Pizza Buns Instructor: Shazia Abbas Day: Thursday Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Arizona Grill

Start: 16 Mar 2011 - 2:30pm End: 16 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm

Mashroom Lazania, Pepper Chicken, Arizona Chicken, Shashlik Skewes, Italian Chicken Instructor: Naushaba Ahmed Day: Wednesday Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

|Business & Finance| Presentation Skills

Start: 16 Mar 2011 - 9:00am End: 17 Mar 2011 - 5:00pm

This is for presenters to be able to express themselves in a creative & influential way with Umair Jaliawala & Urooj Mazhar. SOL - School of Leadership, Business Executive Center, Phone Number: 353772 51-2, 35373946

Brand YOU

Start: 15 Apr 2011 - 2:00pm End: 15 Apr 2011 - 6:00pm

For Professionals to brand themselves leveraging on the power of social media by Abid Naseem SOL - School of Leadership, Business Executive Center Phone Number: 353772 51-2, 35373946

Business Writing

Start: 13 Apr 2011 - 9:00am End: 14 Apr 2011 - 5:00pm

It is for Corporates to learn & practice the thrillers & killers of written communication by Urooj Mazhar SOL - School of Leadership, Business Executive Center Phone Number: 353772 51-2, 35373946 created for all parties involved. Venue: Marriott Hotel

|Literature| Writer’s Forum 56 - Literary readings and discussions

Start: 25 Mar 2011 - 6:00pm End: 25 Mar 2011 - 8:00pm

Both Urdu and German literature will be recited and discussed. The German texts will be read out in Urdu translation. The Pakistani writers will be present. This is an open session and is followed by a discussion. Writer: Hans Erich Nossack. German short story with Urdu translation: “The Pocketknife”. Urdu short story by A Khayyam. Venue: Goethe-Institute, 2, Brunton Road Civil Lines, Karachi Phone Number: +92 21 5661633-6

Library Open House

Start: 24 Mar 2011 - 11:00am End: 24 Mar 2011 - 8:00pm

Inauguration of the refurnished Goethe Library, this 3rd Open House Day at Goethe-Institute Pakistan will hold German and English language titles with an emphasis on German philosophy, language, art, literature and history. German newspapers and magazines are also available. On this occasion different games and interesting multimedia sessions have also been organized. Venue: Goethe-Institute, 2, Brunton Road Civil Lines, Karachi

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What’s on in the city


Phone Number: +92 21 5661633-6

Karachi Literature Festival

Start: 20 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 21 Mar 2011 - 9:00pm

The festival, first of its kind in Pakistan, provides the opportunity to put Pakistan on the map as a country rich in culture and creativity. The Karachi Literature Festival will be promoting young writers through a creative writing competition and is also developing an educational strand to video-link students in the UK and Pakistan using debate around contemporary writing. Venue: Carlton Hotel, Phase VIII, Karachi Phone Number: 35071580-86, 35839932

|Exhibitions| Sitara Lawn presents Shamaeel

Start: 11 Mar 2011 - 11:00am End: 13 Mar 2011 - 9:30pm

It’s time to up the ante and meet design diva Shamaeel. Witness her limited edition luxury lawn which includes unique embellishments in her exclusive pret kit for each outfit. Venue: Avari Tower Hotel, P.O Box No.15503 Fatima Jinnah Road, Karachi

Sana Safinaz Lawn

Start: 21 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 23 Mar 2011 - 10:00pm Sana Safinaz Lawn Print. Exhibition 2011 Imperial, The Palm, Sea View, Karachi. Contact: 0323-2247209

Umar Sayeed Lawn

Start: 20 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 22 Mar 2011 - 10:30pm Umar Sayeed Lawn, a foray into lawn in collaboration with Al-Karam textiles.

Nomi Ansari Lawn Prints spring/ summer 2011

Start: 17 Mar 2011 - 9:00am End: 20 Mar 2011 - 9:00pm Venue: Dynasty, Near II Talwar, Clifton, Karachi Email:


Deepak Perwani Exclusive Lawn Collection by Orient Textile Mills

Start: 19 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 21 Mar 2011 - 10:00pm The launch of exclusive lawn collection by Orient Textile Mills. Designed and styled by Deepak Perwani. Venue: The Palm -Marquee, Comm. 5, Block-4, Adjacent Beach Park, Karachi

WARDHA SALEEM LAWN - Spring Collection 2011

Start: 12 Mar 2011 - 11:00am End: 14 Mar 2011 - 9:30pm

Experience Vibrant Colors and Contemporary Prints inspired by popular traditions of the subcontinent as we showcase WARDHA SALEEM’s collection of Lawn this Spring. Presented by: FOREST & Amin Lakha Venue: The Palm -Marquee, Comm. 5, Block-4, Adjacent Beach Park, Karachi

Purple Patch Summer Collection 2011

Start: 11 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 13 Mar 2011 - 11:00am A new range by Purple Patch with elegant stones, swarovski crystals and other embellishments. The sandals are worked with beautifully textured and other exotic material.The exhibition is a three day event starting from 11th to 13th of March 2011 Venue: Expo Centre Hall no 5, Near Hassan Square, Karachi. Phone Number: 0323-8658429

|Health| Health Asia

Start: 22 Mar 2011 - 9:00am End: 24 Mar 2011 - 5:00am Venue: Expo Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

|FAir & Festivals| Textile Asia (UFI Approved Event)

Start: 16 Apr 2011 - 9:00am End: 18 Apr 2011 - 5:00am

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Venue: Expo Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi Plastic, Packaging & Print Asia Start: 26 Apr 2011 - 9:00am End: 28 Apr 2011 5:00am Venue: Expo Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi


Start: 5 Apr 2011 - 10:00am End: 7 Apr 2011 - 7:00pm

IFTECH Pakistan 2011 will exhibit pharmaceutical machinery and food chemicals, in addition to the food processing equipment and technology Venue: Expo Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi


Start: 28 Mar 2011 - 10:00am End: 30 Mar 2011 - 8:00pm

ITIF Asia 2011 is providing a single marketplace where local and international manufacturers can showcase their latest products in technology and design, establish new contacts, renew old ties and exchange ideas. Venue: Expo Centre, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi


Start: 25 Mar 2011 - 8:00pm End: 25 Mar 2011 - 11:00pm

Venue: SZABIST, 90 and 100 Clifton, Karachi Phone Number: 111-922-478

|Art exhibition| Group Show at ART FLO

Start: 31 Mar 2011 - 5:00pm End: 31 Mar 2011 - 8:00pm

ART FLO brings you an interesting blend of various artists with their introspect in a form of group exhibition. ART FLO, F-40 Block 4, Clifton. Phone Number: 35820471

Exhibition German Jazz

Start: 22 Mar 2011 - 6:00pm End: 22 Mar 2011 - 8:30pm

The Exhibition “German Jazz” shows the life cycle of this unique type of music; how it came to Germany,

What’s on in the city

events how it suffered during the time it was restricted and its status today. Venue: Goethe-Institute, 2 Brunton Road Civil Lines, Phone Number: 35661633-6

|Workshops| Choo Lo Asmaan

Start: 18 Mar 2011 - 2:00pm End: 18 Mar 2011 - 6:00pm

Train the Young Trainer

Start: 14 Mar 2011 - 9:00am End: 18 Mar 2011 - 5:00pm

Facilitators: Shireen Naqvi, Farhad Karamally, Nadeem Chawhan, Fakiha Imran. Investment of Rs 48,000/ participant Sheraton Hotel, Karachi Phone number: 35388308

Power of Perception

Start: 21 Mar 2011 - 9:00am End: 21 Mar 2011 - 5:00pm

POPª can help you and your organization plan, design, re-engineer, create or restructure products/systems, and introduce a culture for continuous improvement Workshop Investment PKR 19,999/- per participant Sheraton Hotel & Towers, Club Rd

Android Boot Camp-Training Course

A twenty four hours intensive course designed to cover all key aspects of developing apps in Android platform, covering everything from basics to advanced concepts including apps publishing and marketing. Trainer: Ali Khan Phone: 0332-2464323 Email:

|Handicrafts| Foam & Net Flower

Start: 16 Mar 2011 - 11:00pm

Instructor: Afshan Saleem Total Classes: 5 Days Days: Wednesday Fee: 500/Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Primary Course: Books + Stationary for Rs 500/- Only. The schools include Sadiq Public School, Littlestar Academy, Lyari Public School, Saudabad Grammar School of areas: Lyari, Saudabad, Saleem Goth, Bhimpura, Hawabhai Chali. Phone Number: 0313-7771666 & 0313-2727222


Start: 28 Mar 2011 - 6:00pm End: 28 Mar 2011 - 8:30pm

Ceramic Flower Advanced

It is for housewives to redefine their life goals & arrive at a balance in life and for female professionals to learn assertiveness to go up the ladder of success. Facilitator: Asma Mustafa SOL - School of Leadership, Business Executive Center, Phone Number: 353772 51-2, 35373946

Start: 12 Mar 2011 - 9:30am End: 19 Mar 2011 - 5:30pm

End: 20 Mar 2011 - 1:00pm

Start: 16 Mar 2011 - 3:00pm End: 20 Apr 2011 - 5:00pm

Instructor: Sana vali Total Classes: 6 Days Days: Wednesday Fee: 600/Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Crystal Work

Start: 17 Mar 2011 - 1:00pm End: 7 Apr 2011 - 3:00pm Instructor: Ayesha Arshad Total Classes: 4 Days Days: Thursday Fee: 550/Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 4938146, 4935168, 4938025

Stammtisch is an opportunity for both students of German and German native speakers to meet regularly in relaxed surroundings and chat away in German. This event is strictly for those who speak German. Venue: Goethe-Institute, 2, Brunton Road Civil Lines, Karachi. Phone Number: +92 21 5661633-6

|SPORTS| LIVE Screening Pakistan Vs. Australia

Start: 19 Mar 2011 - 1:30pm End: 19 Mar 2011 - 9:30pm

Entry Pass @ Rs. 200/- each Venue: Royal Rodale Auditorium, 4th Street, Kh-eSehar, Phase V Ext. Phone Number: 35856825 – 28

Candle Making Advanced

Start: 17 Mar 2011 - 3:00pm End: 14 Apr 2011 - 5:00pm

Instructor: Ayesha Arshad Total Classes: 5 Days Days: Thursday Fee: 550/Rangoonwala Community Centre, Dhoraji Colony, Karachi Phone Number: 021-34938146

|Community Events| Hold Hands

Start: 22 Feb 2011 - 11:59am End: 1 May 2011 - 12:21pm


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A celebrity’s view of Karachi

Celebrity Q&A

SHAMAEEL ANSARI about Shamaeel Ansari


ith sharp aesthetics, simplistic values and a penchant to transform clothes into individual statement, Shamaeel Ansari whirled into the fashion scene more than two decades ago. After graduating from University of California with a major in Finance and Corporate Law, Shamaeel’s initial plans were to join her family business. But instead she chose a path less travelled. At the height of her career, Shamaeel took an eight year hiatus from designing to focus on international buying. This time she settled in the fashion capital of America New York, buying for US based customers, such as Donna Karen Home, Club Monaco, Eddie Bauer, Vonducth Akademiks, procuring textiles from Pakistan and India. In 2007 Shamaeel came back into the limelight and devoted herself to her first love - fashion designing. Geared with international experience, she continues to play effortlessly with colours, fabrics, designs and patterns in her couture and prêt line. In 2010 Shamaeel ventured into the realm of printed fabric and launched her first cotton lawn collection for mass market both nationwide and internationally.


oday Shamaeel Ansari brand has become a force to reckon with in the fashion and glamour industry. She has developed a unique style of her own, reflecting the tradition of Pakistani craftsmanship in contemporary style. Her understanding of Pakistani culture, design and an innovative use of intricate embroidery and distinctive use of colours has created a new classicism. Her collections exuberate delicate femininity and elegant mellowness that is gently imbued with a sense of magic and mystery. What is your fondest memory of a place in Karachi? The Hill Park years ago was a delight to go to as a child and eat at Shezan.

would you like to have come to Karachi and why? Alice in wonderland. The city needs humour, reality, fantasy and magic.

How do you remember Karachi 10 years ago? A safe haven called home. One could move around the city without any fear.

What’s your vision of a perfect society? Peace, civility and a mindset that recalls the spirit of Faith, Justice, Unity and the power of positive intent.

What’s your favourite place to eat in Karachi? Fried Kababs at Burns Road.

Which place is most overrated in Karachi? The shopping malls.

What do you find is a unique trait in Karachiites? Their ability to roll with the punches.

Describe yourself in one tweet. Ammunition fired and powder dry.

What do you feel is the most critical problem we face in our city today? Safety/Security for future. Basic civic amenities. Let there be light! And water! And petrol! If I gave you an Elephant what’s the best place to hide it in Karachi? All the Government Bureaucracies..... If I came to your home and looked inside the refrigerator, what would I find? Comfort food. Which fictional/non-fictional character


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What is your guilty pleasure in Karachi?. Let’s first get to the essentials....


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Books Sindh Text Books available on urgent sale! I have 9th class(biology) notes, 1st year notes(pre-engineering), 1st & 2nd year complete books(pre-engineering) and books of 7th grade to matric grade. Note: These books are used. My demand for all these books is Rs 2000. Contact #: 0334-3019517. NOVEL TAIR LAHOOTI by riffat seraaj for sale The novel is in mint condition with 0% wear and tear. Interested parties can communicate on the number given below either by sms or by calling the condition is as similar to new one. The one who are fond of novel and its collection, its a best deal for them. Price: Rs. 450. Phone Number: 0313-2909782

accessories and TELE lens. Camera is in outstanding condition and just used for a year or so. Demand Rs. 72000. Contact 0333-2401802

alloy rims, TV navigation back camera, Mileage 17000km, first owner , just like brand new. Phone Number: 03442902900

I want to sell my Mercury CyberPix S-830D effective (8 megapixels) digital camera with all accessories and box. Package Contents: USB & TV cable, Wrist Strap, Camera Pouch, Battery, Manual, Software and I have extra SD memory card (external) 256 MB and AAA size 3 pairs rechargeable batteries. Reasonable Price 5,500/= Please contact on 0333-3717967

Honda Civic 2010 VTI New tyres, alloy rims, TV navigation back camera, Mileage 10000km, Polish metallic. Phone Number: 03219209000 Honda Civic Reborn Model 2007 manual, silver 100% original, first owner, 17� alloy rims, new battery, 45000 km. Demand Rs. 1450000. Phone Number: 03008260269

Mysteries of the Time, As an Entity Author: Mirza Feroz Baig, Published By: STANDARD BOOKS Publishers & Distributors. Tel: 02134016614, 35459807. Price Rs.995 0333-3456488

Sony Cyber-Shot 2.8 MP (Blue Colour) Made in Japan I want to sell out my Sony Cyber-Shot 2.8 MP (Blue Colour) Made in Japan Camera which is in very very good condition. I am selling it just because some one stolen its box along with Battery, Charger & Data Cable. So I have only a Camera without any accessories. All accessories are easily available in market. Need to sell it on Urgent basis. My demand is Rs. 2200 which is absolutely final. Contact 03007009890

CameraS Canon Used but in very mint condition. Camera 500D for sale with complete

Hinda City VTi (Manual) for sale, model 2008, with full body kit, lowered suspension & 18� alloys, bule color, excellent condition. Phone Number: 0306-7704059 Honda City Vario 2006 color white excellent condition, alloy rim, CD Player. Contact: Mr. Furqan Khan Phone Number: 0301-8281650


CARS Honda

Honda Civic 2010 VTI VTI, I-Vtec, color, Red wine, new tyres,

Honda City 2006, Manual, White, original print guaranteed, CNG, alloys, immaculate condition, Phase-4, DHA. Phone Number: 0300-2303988

con t en t s 11 books 11 cameras 11 cars 12 cell phones 12 furniture 14 pcs & laptops 14 pets 14 real estate 14 toys & equipment 14 machinery Honda City 2006, IDSi, manual, black,

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classified ads s Car AC/ CNG, 67000 km, CD, 15” alloy rims, original excellent condition, PECHS: 0333-2164573


MITSUBISHI Pajero model 1988, registered 2003 five door in excellent condition. Demand: Rs. 630000. Phone Number: 0300-3656567 MITSUBISHI Pajero 1985 MITSUBISHI Pajero 3 Doors Model 85 Recondition 98 Return File, 2400 Diesel Turbo, Power Windows, New Tyre, Heating Seats. Phone Number: 03212705308


SUZUKI Liana 2006, CNG, original immaculate condition. Contact: Faisal Phone Number: 0300-8280678, 0308-2222192


TOYOTA Corolla XLi, Block, Model 2007 full modified, hid’s power window, wooden interior, rim tyres, extra ordinary Condition, C-Track tracker. Phone Number: 0300-8985786 TOYOTA Corona 83 model, 90 registered, AC, CNG, Sky color, left-hand drive. Phone Number: 0344-2141279 TOYOTA Corolla XLi 2009, CNG, power windows, white, low mileage, immaculate condition. Block-6, PECHS Phone Number: 03313999833

es phon cell XLi or Civic possible. Phone Number: 0321-2037040 TOYOTA Corolla XLi Model 2009 Black Color Petrol Converted GLI Alloy Rims HID Lights. Bath Island. Phone Number: 0300-2472224


Nokia 5230 for sale I want to sell 5230 in cheap price. For sale with complete accessories. white color urgent sale no exchange. Price Rs. 8500. Phone Number: 0313-2254982 I am selling my Nokia 6720 classic with 4 months Mobile Zone warranty. condition is 8/10.protector on screen. Set has all genuine accessories and 2gb card. It is made in Hungary. Demand Rs. 10000. Phone Number: 03452128710 Nokia 5800 xpress music Hi there, I need to sell my Nokia 5800 xpress music in black with red outline. Set condition is 9/10 and it comprises set charger, handsfree and pouch set is sealed. Demand RS.11500/. Only serious buyers may contact on 03472296467.


BILLIARD Table Brunswick, excellent condition slate & cherry wood. Phone Number: 021-35833536, 03232990365

TOYOTA Land Cruiser 91 Prado 5 door reconditioned 2005 Import and regd. 2006 2400CC diesel immaculate condition 11,50,000/- or exchange with

Dinning Table, Sofa & Divider for sale A beautiful dining table with six chairs and a matching divider and 7-seater comfortable sofa set (newly clothed)


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re tu i n fur with 3 centre tables. expensive deco paint. Cream n golden. Expensive set going cheap due to shortage of space. good strong condition. Divider is for Rs.18,000, table with chairs Rs.25,000 & sofa set with centre tables is for Rs.30,000. All items can be sold separately. Prices are negotiable for genuine buyer. Phone Number: 03002101235

(Molty Master). Demand Rs. 175000. Serious buyer contact: com, 0322-2224040

Coffee table Wooden white base glass coffee table imported from Dubai. Serious buyer contact e-mail frezooo@ or 0322-3214945/6

Bedroom sets for sale DOUBLE BED WITH molty form. Dressing Table, Almaari (4 doors) is available for sale on a very economical price. Serious interested persons may contact Muzammil 0332-3396391. Demand Rs. 18000 Centre Table with 4 side tables for sale Table in excellent condition, with scratch less glass top are available for sale. Can be seen in North Nazimabad. Contact Asif : 03332128979 (Leave SMS if not attended). Demand Rs. 5500 Book shelf for urgent sale A very beautiful book shelf in very good condition, just like new available for urgent sale, contact 03343796916. Demand Rs. 5000 Sofa Cum Bed Furniture Diamond Foam, name of comfort and reliability presents Brand New 3 Seater Sofa-cum-bed. Specifications: Diamond Supreme Foam Inside. Sidewalls and back of Artificial Leather Material. Easily be converted into bed or sofa. Model:A 103. To Order call : 03242646977. Price:16000/Phone Number: 0324-2646977 Full Bedroom set with divider 1 year used bedroom set, fully wooden (sheesham) excellent condition.. no scratch mark nothing, selling as moving abroad , Set also includes Mattress Bedroom set for sale Want to sell my bedroom set almost of 60% less price any interested party can contact . Phone Number: 03008255776. Demand Rs. 35000 Wooden Dressing Table for urgent sale I have a dressing table in sheesham wood for sale, it has a side full view mirror also, and a good looking stool with the dressing. Demand Rs. 9000. Contact 03343796916. Double bed with mattress for urgent sale selling a double bed with mattress on urgent base ,wooden , chinyoti style made, mattress is also in v good condition. Demand Rs. 17000. Contact at 03343796916 Unique Phone chair available for urgent sale. I have a unique styled phone chair, black color,in a very good condition just like new, interested people may call on 03343796916. Demand Rs. 7000 Wooden Side board I’m selling a side board made of teak wood, having 6 large drawers, multi purpose, could be used in lounge, beside the dining table or you may use it as a dresser Chester if you set a mirror with this on wall. price is negotiable Rs.

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10000. Interested people may call at 03343796916

BEAUTIFUL Horse for sale BEAUTIFUL Horse, half-bred, riding and polo trained. Age 5 years. Phone Number: 0332-2551077

Snooker Table for sale with New Balls i have a snooker table with new balls only Rs. 3000. Phone Number: 03472061598

PCs &laptops DELL Laptop CORE I5 1764 11 Month Warranty local and international. Intel Core i5 2.53 430M 4MB CACHE. 4GB DDR3 RAM (UPGRADEABLE UPTO 8GB). 500GB SATA HARD DRIVE 7200RPM. WIFI. LAN. Bluetooth. 17.3 INCH LED HD DISPLAY. 4 hours Battery backup. DVD RW SUPER MULTI. WINDOWS 7. Price: Rs. 58000. Phone Number: 03342615973 2GB Kingston RAM 2 GB DDR2 ram KINGSTON. just like new. Phone Number: 03332338026.

pets Sheep for sale We are moving so we have to sell them urgently. Jodi for Sale: Brown & White = Male Mirpur Khas Dumba. Full White = Female Larkana Dumbi. Demand Rs. 27500. Phone Number: 03362044983 Pure black Aseel cock for sale I have a pure black aseel cocok for sale Phone Number: 0336-8152008

14 LABRADOR puppies selling at throwaway reduced price, puppies are vaccinated. Only serious buyers Contact. Phone Number: 0300-2558432 HIGH Class Great Dane 2 month old puppies available for sale. Owner going abroad. Khayaban-e-Ittehad DHA. Phone Number: 0315-7775990 German Shepherd Pups Long Coat and Healthy for Sale Age 2 Months Parents Available. Phone Number: 03343437468 BLACK Labrador male for sale, age 13 months, full vaccinated, friendly dog for urgent sale. Phone Number: 3452444156


600 yards 2 unit bungalow Defence VII, Khayaban-e-Rizwan 600 yards 2 unit bungalow 3+4 bed drawing/ dining lounge store marble flooring 3 years old owner built reasonable demand. Phone Number: 0321-2595020 125 yards, Defence View Phase 1 Excellent Home, good location, 125 yards, Defence View Phase 1, ground + 1, 5 bedroom, urgent sale. Phone Number: 0321-8783824 DEFENCE Garden Phase 1, 2 bed

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s toy

ent pm i u & eq

attached bath drawing room 650 sq ft and 715 sq ft west open with parking. Phone Number: 0333-2101402

Toys& equipment PS3 CDs for sale in cheap price I am selling 3 ps3 games for cheap price 1) Resistance 2 for Rs2000 2) Army of two 40th day for Rs2800 3) Motor storm pacific rift for RS1500 if you will buy all three cds i will give you in Rs. 5,500. My contact number is 03432023639 if you want to buy just text me. iPod Touch 2g 8gb I’m selling my ipod touch 2G 8GB. charger, hands-free, data cable included. very Good condition but back is bit rough. Complete accessories. Demand Rs. 13500. Contact 0345-6129942 XBOX 360 for sale I am selling xbox 360 arcade NTC hardly used 1 month if you are interested call 0300-9248466. Pokemon cards for sale more than 1000 pokemon cards for sale for 5000/- (negotiable). contact 03452458754 Ibraheem Hassan. I got Charizard ex also.

Machinery ZANTA Four (04) Color Printing Machine Germany Manke A-1 condition urgent Sale. Contact: Mr.Zia. Phone Number: 03009209278

ery n i Mach

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s ptop pets a l & Pcs

AIR CONDITIONERS Six Unit LG, Art Cool Glass Front, Gery, One Half Ton, Brand New Imported. Contact: Babar Phone Number: 03212381125. Demand Rs. 35000 Projector for sale Multimedia projector for sale. Good condition, slightly used. Demand Rs.15000. For more details please contact 0300-2918750. Jogging Machine (Manual) want to sale out my Manual Jogging Machine with Excellent Condition.full new condition. Waris Khan. Demand Rs. 4500. Contact No. 03333984255

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Map of Zamzama Market (From 6th Comm. Ln - 10th Zamzama St.)

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business listings

yello pages ll

7/E, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302013, 5364753

ART galleries e7 Road to Mandalay Arts & Entertainment Plot # 10-C, 7th Commercial Lane, Tel: 021-35377568



Genesis Men Salon


10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35822526


Zara’s Salon



Dawood Islamic Bank 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Toll Free: 0800-00343



Faysal Bank

Shop # 1, 5-C, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302083

D8 Habib Metropolitan Bank E6

E6 MCB Bank 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. UAN: 111-000-622


Mother Care 13-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35360771-2 Email:





Savile Row

D9 Khaamta Handcrafted Boutique

Shop # 1& 2, 16-C, 10th Zamzama Commercial Lane, DHA Tel: 021-35838821


Cotton Ginny Shop # 3 & 4, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA Tel: 021-35295090


Sonya Batla 12C, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA.

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1-E, 9 & 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35370540



D6 Ayesha Rehan Boutique

Asifa & Nabeel Boutique Shop # 2, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-37630077


Sheep Boutique 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35371226-7


Wardrobe Boutique 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Cell: 0303-2350791


Zahra Ahmad Boutique Shop # 1, Building # 5E, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35822979


D8 Karma Pink Shop # B/No.7-C, 9th & 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35834277-8

Junxion Boutique Shop # 1, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302046

D9 Yellow 3-C, 9 & 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302034-5

Out fitters Junior 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35360177

Motifz Boutique 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35295170

Bareeze 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35869037

Shan Ahmed Boutique Plot # 3E, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-32085469

Azeem & Sons Boutique Shop # 2-3, Plot # 6-C, 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302021, 35429428

Aroshi Shop # 3-4, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35823348


c7 Khaadi Khaas


CLOTHING & Apparel


Shop # 3, Plot # 9-C, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35860073 Plot # 14-C, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302049


C9 Generation 2C, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35867404, 021-35832572

Banarsi 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35875357-8

Basanti 10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35301996 http://yello.pki/30475

E6 Bari & Sons Clothing store

7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. UAN: 111-747-747 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. UAN: 111-141-414


D8 Charm

Silk Bank 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. UAN: 111-100-333

10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35295070

Limited Editions Shopping 10th Commercial Lane, Plot 10-C, Shop # 2, DHA Karachi. Tel: 021-35371629



C9 Benson

C8 Stone Age 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35295020

Shop # 1, 14/C, 8th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-36028355

Lubna Boutique 10-C, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35824059

Beyond 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35824144

9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35360003



Arshad n Waqas Clothing store Shop # 32-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35821780


Tel: 021-35873348

Rizwan Moazzam 6-C, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35360914-5


Soha Nigam Boutique Shop # 2, Plot # 8-C, 7th Commercial

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business listings

yello pages Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302050


Summiya Warsi Boutique

Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35822138


E-8/1, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35820368


Cross Roads 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35877648


7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35360188



6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35301948-9, 5838975


Ismail Farid Boutique 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35863160



Shop # 2, Plot # 36/C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35851223,


Medical Stores


6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35834288

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Footwear E7




Pizza Hut 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi.

Lark & Finch 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302091


Sporting Goods C7

Victory Sports 17-C, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35838619

C8 Espresso 10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35824007

Ayhani’s Ladies Footwear 2-C, Shop # 1, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35830967

10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35362283 2, Vawda house, 10C, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA Karachi. Tel: 021-35374463, 021-35821696

Contempo Clothing & Foot Wear 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35301982, Cell: 03008255300


C8 Club Havana Restaurant

Butlers Chocolate Café Plot # 10-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35301927


C8 Gun Smoke Restaurant

Ciao 3/1-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35877974

Exotic Pets 17-C, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35838619

D8 Gnc live Well Plot # 5E Opp. Pizza Hut 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi.


Pet Shops

D9 Serenity Medical store 1-C Ground Floor, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35868540

2-C, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35875724, 021-35879746

E6 Urban Eye

Hamnoor & Daughters Health & Medical Shop # 1, Plot 11-C, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35370121, 021-35295046

D10 Café Aylanto

Ainak Designer Eye Wear Shop # 3, Plot # 11-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35302077, Cell: 03212592986



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16-C, Moon, View Apartments, 10th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35295013

5-E, 9th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35295081-3

Out Look Eye Wear Shop # 2, Plot # 32-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35371016


Daaman Boutique

Shop # 5-C, Shop # 2, 6th


furniture & home decorators

7-C 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35823747

D9 Cafe9



CocktailFurniture & Home Decorator

Banaras Silk House


E6 Samar Mehdi Designer Wear

Ego Customer Care

Foot Care Health Centre

Tel: 021-35371750

10-C, 7th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35379384

United Colors of Benetton 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35831161-2

E6 Asher Kamran Bhatti Boutique 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35364399

Chester Bernard 34-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35363339,

Tazeen Hussain Boutique


Longi’s Boutique Shop # 1, Plot # 5-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi. Tel: 021-35822173,


Tel: 021-35302001-2


Lords Sports Shop # 4, Plot # 34-C, 6th Commercial Lane, DHA, Karachi.



The curious case of the mineral water by Murtaza Ghazi


M March’s poll

What does the message “yahan pan thokna mana hai” mean for Pakistanis?

Do not spit Pan here Spit right here, right on this very spot Most of them don’t know how to read Don’t know!

To vote go to: www. Last month’s Poll

What is the most likely reason for natural disasters in Pakistan?

1. Azaab 2. The Chinese 3. Geographic reasons 4. Climate change

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45% 27% 0% 27%

y uncle came to Pakistan from America after 11 years and since he was a cleanfreak he thought that the boiled water here was dirty. He soon had an upset stomach drinking the ‘dirty’ boiled water. In order to salvage his brother’s stomach, my father bought a gallon of mineral water and all was well. One fine day, as we were sitting down for lunch, my uncle mentioned to my father that he was out of mineral water and needed some more. My father had just started his meal and was really angry at the timing of my uncle’s request. In his haste to get back to lunch, he did not go to the mineral water supplier and instead filled the container with tap water and brought it to the table. My uncle was satisfied that he was having ‘mineral’ water and spent the rest of his trip drinking what was in fact, tap water. There were no further bouts of upset stomachs and my uncle returned to America a healthy man. As you can see mineral water is just an illusion for fooling the elite class of Pakistan and for people visiting from abroad. We don’t know how the mineral water suppliers get the water. It could be treated sewage water for all we know.

COMMENT ON THIS BLOG: Comments This is incredible. It’s amazing how people tune their mind to believing something is fine as long as it’s coming out of a glossy box. Hats off to your dad for taking the initiative. M. Ali Samejo

Pakistanis are stuck in that cycle. If it’s a branded shirt costing Rs. 3000 then it’s beautiful and comfortable but if the same shirt is bought from a non-branded store for Rs. 350, the quality is low and will give you a skin rash. Durrain Jamal

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Superhero Required (Female Preferred) by Junaid Akram


oes it not bother you why all the superheroes live in America? Is it because it is a land of opportunity? What sort of an opportunity would a superhero be looking for? How have they managed to divide their jurisdictions and not intervene into each other’s area? Is USA in that much trouble that apart from attaining one of the biggest armed forces with the largest cache of sophisticated state-ofthe-art weaponry, they still need that many superheroes? Do I think way too much? I think it’s high time we get a superhero

in these troubled times we’re facing as a nation and “Commander Saabun” doesn’t seem to be doing that much for us. As we all know, Commander Saabun works for a corporation who feeds us fear and makes us consume for the sole purpose of their profit. What about Shaan? Umm no, because like his predecessors, he only specializes in Dupatta-Snatching cases. We need somebody who can multitask, dealing with Talibans up north, targeting the target killers down south and occasionally managing the queue in flood affected areas during the distribution of Watan Cards. To be honest those superheroes don’t fit our environment. Let me put some


examples before you. For instance Spiderman might end up working for a cable operator given his agility to be on top of buildings quickly, doing basic technical maneuvers fixing the screening quality of cooking channels for the aunties. Or he would end up running errands for typical housewives, who despite having half a dozen kids, always ask other kids to fetch naan from the tandoor. Imagine Spiderman at a tandoor queue getting tempted by the oily fresh-out-of-tandoor Sheermal. Superman? Umm no. If you remember, Clark wears his Superman kit “inside” his regular suit. We have one of the hottest climates in the world. He would only end up fainting from dehydration every now and then, getting a glucose drip from downtown clinics where he would be greeted with awful foul smelling medicines and crying infants. During his superhero mode, he might be seen getting scolded by a typical “Muhallay ka strict uncle” showing his disapproval for the shocking red underwear over his tight revealing pants. The Mullahs would be confused whether the letter “S” on his chest refers to Sunni or Shia and they would be busy debating and fighting over it for centuries. Batman? Umm don’t think so. Imagine this situation, Batman getting a call from

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a local DSP about a suspected gang activity in Lyari. First he would waste a lot of time trying to get into his tight suit and drinking a jug full of “Limopani” so he could get that groggy voice. Then driving in his super car his biggest fear would be where to find parking. Unfortunately should he park it at the wrong spot, having told a PCO wala to look after it as he goes inside a house to give a good butt-kicking to the criminals, he would come back only to find his car being towed away and since his suit doesn’t have a pocket, it is unlikely that he would carry a wallet or a cellphone. That just seems to be too much bother for somebody who is imported to solve our problems. The reason I said “Female preferred” is because as a mother or a wife, she could completely mutate us from what we are, to what she wants us to be. Step in Aunty Bailan. What powers must she possess? Nothing unusual. Just has to be loud and very aggressive and know how to get others to do what she wants using a bailan. She should be very goal oriented and not be distracted by gossip, 24-hour cooking shows or soaps. ll


Comments We had a superhero, his name was Musharraf, we drove him away :D, now we have a bunch of super villains ruling the country, and another bunch of super villains waiting in the shadows for their turn to rule the country. Ehtisham Rizvi

popular blogs from

Blogosphere ll

Why So Serious? by Ehtisham Rizvi

result in “What are you looking at? You want a piece of this?”. In Pakistan when you walk into a grocery store you just buy what you need and get out, no smiles, no thank you. In a Pakistani bank the environment seems tense and everyone seems stressed out. So the question arises, why are Pakistanis so rude? Why are we always looking for a fight? Who stole our smiles and sense of humor? I have my own theories about these questions but I want to know what others think about this.



he most major cultural difference between Pakistan and Australia is that people are polite and smile in Australia. While in Australia, I went to the bank to open my account, the customer services representative had a smile on his face. He asked me about my day, about my expectations from the visit and how I found Australia. At that point of time I had just arrived from Pakistan so I was thinking, “this man talks too much, just do your job and get it over with”. The next day I went to the grocery store and the shopkeeper said hi, then asked me about my day, and said “thank you” a million times during the transaction, all with a smile on her face. By that time I was thinking, “These guys take their customer services training seriously”. However, it began to dawn on me that the Australians are generally polite and happy people and unlike the popular opinion here in Pakistan, the Australians do not discriminate, at least not as much as Pakistanis. In Australia people walking down the street will exchange smiles and will greet you even if they don’t know you. Any accidental eye contact will result in a nod of the head followed by a smile and a “cheers mate” or a “G’day mate”, whereas an accidental eye contact in Pakistan will

Comments I guess worries of survival have stolen our smiles. Looking for a better life, good job, a wife, better health and education of children etc. Salman Mumtaz

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