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ith the rise in popularity of smart phones and tablets, people could now play casual games while they're waiting in line, commuting, or when they're idle. Casual games are also fairly social nowadays

since a lot of them ask you to log-in with your social networking account. This lets you play with friends and loved ones even if they are in a different location. Social games also show leaderboards so you can see how far your friends have gone throughout the game. This feature lets you means that you can play competitively with your friends. One of the most downloaded casual games is candy crush level 100, which gives a fresh twist to previous pattern-matching games such as Bejeweled. It is not the most visually impressive video game ever produced and certainly not the most advanced, but Candy Crush is indubitably one of the most addictive games we have today. Psychologists and other specialists believe that this game is addictive since it appeals to a lot of the human brain's firmly fixed. The game makes use of what psychologists call partial reinforcement through unpredictable rewards which persuade people to continue to playing the game in hopes of another reward just being around the corner. One more likely explanation as to why the game is difficult to quit playing is that it continuously challenges your patience. You start off in the game with five lives, and when you fail a level you are going to lose a life, , though this is replenished after half an hour for free. If you happen to play a level and lose five times, you will need to wait around 2.5 hours before you can play again. Obviously, this can leave you with an uncomfortable, almost nagging sense of impatience to return to the game.


To help you excel in this game, below are some tips to remember. Don't squander freebies - When you start playing, you are given a limited number of free lollipop hammers which permit you to clear away any one candy from the playing board. Keep in mind that the game has more than 380 levels. Resist the temptation to utilize lollipop hammers earlier on and instead make use of them for the later levels which are more difficult. Hints aren't the best moves - If you take a long time to make a move, the game will suggest a move by lighting up candies which may be matched. It is usually not the best move. Look around before you go ahead and take game's hint. Be familiar with useful combinations - Some combinations create board-clearing specials like bombs, stripe and sprinkle candies. Matching these special items can generate big explosions which can be extremely helpful when you need to clear high amounts of jelly with only a few moves. Get Candy Crush secrets by visiting this site.


Candy crush the most addictive casual game today  

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