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We Have A Winner!!!

Zella Machado They CAME, They SAW, They CONQUERED

Summer 2011 Preview Issue!

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Some of the Hottest Jewelry from across the web

Men’s Summer Must-Have Items & L’Creme Giveaway Winner Announced

“LOOK AT ME NOW” Kevin Barnett from gives tips on how to glam up our Summer attire.

Let’s Talk Style: Model & Actor Christian Brown | MAKING THE UNKNOWNS KNOWN





PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Javier Pierini



Summer 2011 PREVIEW



Meet the designer behind this Issue’s Cover, Bruna Santana.



The internet is full of finds and creatives tring

to expand thier brand. We have came across some unique and creative pieces for both our male and female readers will enjoy. See what designer jewelry made the cut for our IT LIST!

30| TOP 5 DESIGNER SWIMWEAR Angie Ortiz was photographed by in beautiful Jacksonville, FL. by Wayne Davis for BrookeDouglas Studios, The classic and fresh make up was done by Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Angie is wearing the “Bradshaw” swimsuit by Zella Machado.

We want to introduce you to some amaz-

ing young designers. They love and passion each designer shows in the designs is apparent but read a little more about then!


Join Chistian Brown as he talks style for

our male readers. He gives advice on how important it is for a mand to look his best. Read on to see what he has to say!






Ioung elite, Kevin Barnett has overcame

many obstacles to become a sucessful businessman read his story inside!



of Pearls CEOs give our readers an inside look at thier fab online boutique.


The glorified brain of the 5001 Flavors


empire speaks to YEM about the hardships and benefits of running your own fashion business.


Stis music sensation talks with our writ-

ers about her new album and future plans.


Author, Royce Reed

elite YOUNG



FASHION DEPARTMENT Hope Robinson (EDITOR) Molly Bea Subarsky (WRITER)




1. My mommy 2. Thai food!!!! 3. CUTE sandals HOPE ROBINSON FASHION EDITOR

1. God 2. My family 3. My camera

Kaylyn Spurley (LEAD)




1. Shimmery flats 2. My fringe over the shoulder bag 3. My Ray Ban aviators FOLLOW US ON TWITTER @ YELITEMAG Get instant retweets from us when you mention YEM about your events or music. JOIN THE COVERSATION ON FB AT YOUNGELITEMAGAZINE Get the latest news on fashion, undicovered talent and events happening in your community.




CONTRIBUTORS Tywin Kalandyk is a former football player from the University of Central, Florida. After reciving is Business degree from the university, Ty went into Real Estate Investments and now owns Gumption Enterpises in Orlando, FL. Accomplishing his goals in real estate, Ty turned his sights on helping individuals live a healthy lifestyle.Ty enterented the health field by being apart of the international health franchise, HerbalLife. Continueing to research and speak on better ways for the individual to become healthy and better thier lives. Ty has created several differnt programs to assist with helping the people of Orlando by hosting weekly boot camps and weight lose challeges. He is a native of Detroit, Mishigan. He is the father of three beautiful children.

“It’s More Than Entertainment, It’s A Lifestyle” PRESENTING SPONSOR:

IXconic posure

Makeup by Dianelle




Purchase your ticket at: For More Information:


Model/actor Christian Brown was born July 19th 1987 in Washington Heights, NY, where he spent his childhood and still thinks of as “home.” Christian is currently signed with Silver Models, MMG and Nikki Rich Models. Christian made his first big screen appearance in the feature film Just Wright (2010), starring Queen Latifah, Common and Paula Patton. He got the chance to showcase his real-life basketball skill, playing alongside Common on the New Jersey Nets in the film. Christian also appeared in Jordan Coleman’s independent film, Payin’ the Price, playing basketball coach Calvin. Christian also played a role on ABC’s One Life to Live in an episode starring Kourtney Kardashian. Behind the scenes footage aired on an episode of E!’s Kourtney and Kim take New York. Most recently, Christian worked on a scene for HBO’s hit series Entourage. Christian’s modeling experience includes campaigns for Akademiks, Poetik Design, N8KD, Arter, WashHouse Jeans and Nike’s combat football line.


from the Editor/ Summer 2011

On June 14th, I attended an event where numerous of artists gathered to paint and sell some amazing art pieces. Who said this generation doesn’t love art? It amazed me to see so many young people there showing support for these talented artists. I got a chance to conversate with a few and the passion for thier work moved me. A true testament that art isn’t dead!

My Top Three Things from This Issue

I enjoyed doing this issue! During the pass few months readers started to learn more and more about what Young Elite Magazine stands for and we are here to bridge the gap between the new and the consumers. Here are just a few of the things I enjoyed putting together for this issue. Enjoy,

Alicia Dowdy Editor-in-Chief


Having the chance to work with a brand such as L’Creme Clothing has open my eyes to the possibility of how far this publication canreally go. Opening up the doors to exposure more people to new companies and brand is the YEM motto. We began the contest to giveaway clothing but it turned into something more! We did what we do best and that is to bring another young elite into the spotlight.


The final test was to bring an amazing fashion feature with only swimsuit designers. The task was big but we could handle it. We constructed a contest where the readers had to vote for their favorite designer and the label that prevailed would be on our cover. Getting the chance to interview the Miami based designer was a breathe of fresh air. She discussed her insipration for her line and her everyday stuggle as a businesswoman.





Summer time is here and what better time to look and feel amazing. Well it all starts with what we put in our bodies. We all want that killer body and rock hard abs well if you want to get a jump start and headed in the right direction you need to start paying attention to what you’re putting into your body. So let’s just simplify things and just put it into 10 easy to do steps.

5. Just add water

1. Try and eat foods closest to their natural form.

Drinking plenty of water is critical when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight and a nutritious diet. This is a key factor in maintaining circulation, helping your body process nutrients, and keeping the proper balance of fluids. Your body is made up of 60% water make sure your keeping your tank on full.

drink up!

8. Good, bad, and the ugly

Your body needs fats just make sure you’re taking in the right kinds. Omega 3 fatty acids will reduce your chances of heart disease cancer and swollen joints you can find these in fish, flaxseeds, and walnuts. Be careful the amount of saturated fats and especially Trans fats these will clog arteries and create issues in your hearts health.

In today’s society so much of what we eat is processed and is made in labs. Processed foods take out much needed nutrients like fibers and antioxidants. If you can’t find it in nature think twice about eating it. Where are doughnuts found in the wild?

2. Put a little sweat into it

It’s your body and you only get one of them. Set some time aside to dice, chop, and cut up fresh fruits and vegetables to take to work. They make a great snack and are full of essential nutrients and fibers needed by the body.

3. Lean mean protein machine

It’s important that you’re getting the proper amount of protein on a daily basis. Protein plays a huge part in keeping much needed muscle mass and helping burn fat. Some great sources of protein are chicken, salmon, tuna fish, eggs, and almonds.

6. Rise and shine

Your mother always told you “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” well she was right. By getting something in early in the morning you are kick starting your body. You will burn more calories throughout the day if your metabolism is up in running first thing. You’ll find that not only will you not be as hungry later in the day you won’t make terrible food choices throughout the day.

4. Eat smaller and more 7. Time to go green frequent Get yourself a cup of green The goal is eating up to five or six meals a day. A trick to helping you succeed is by using smaller dishes, bowls and cups this will help with your portion control. Also this will help with the whole starve and stuff routine that most people face.

tea. People have been using green tea for centuries to lower cholesterol levels, improving immune functions, preventing cardiovascular disease, and boosting metabolism amongst other things. Two cups a day will keep the doctor away. So

9. Grains, Fruits & vegetables

These foods will give you carbohydrates for energy plus vitamins minerals and fiber. Use whole wheat breads and bagels. Try eating your vegetables raw on a sandwich or salad.

10. Moving in slow motion

Slow down and enjoy your food. In today’s society were always on the go and barely have time to eat. Well it’s time to make time. It takes 20min for are brain to register that were full. If we eat fast you’ll eat past the point where you’re full. So next time make every bite count.

On June 14, 2011 we attend a special exhibit for artists in Orlando, FL we received the chance to speak with event’s coordinator, Ed Symore who gave YEM his opinion of “modern” art. PHOTOGRAPHY BY: Aye Allen

A New Generation of ART

Bringing High Fashion Experiences to Everyday Individuals Living Life Fashionably High Fashion Pheauxtography| Evvents | Portraits | Weddings |

What are your thoughts on how the younger generation expresses themselves in art? For the most part my main focus is on the younger generation of artist especially here in Orlando for multiple reasons- just let it be known that the ‘younger generation’ is doing their. part on many different levels of art without help and I’m impressed by what I’ve seen with progression of the Orlando scenes. For one, I myself am part of the ‘younger generation’ of the street art scene and can relate to most everyone under the age of 30 who creates music, poetry and art. The other main reason why I tend to focus on this particular generation is due to the fact that ‘street’ art for the most part is dominated by the ‘younger generation’ - its rare to find someone in their 40’s and 50’s who will go out, risk their freedom and hit the streets with tags, wheat pastes or stencils,

even-though there are a handful who do contribute to what I refer to as ‘free art’. Some of these younger artist are just starting out and in most cases are influenced by whats popular on the internet or what has already been done. The fact of the matter is that the majority of new artist follow a template that has already been tested and set by those who came before us and laid down that foundation for my generation to build on. It’s good to be influenced and to be inspired, but some new artist are lacking creativity and a sense of self-awareness with their art. Personally it took a number of years to figure out how my own style and creativity would shine in my medium of art which continues to manifest itself every time I paint, draw or sketch. In reality it’s up to the ‘older generation’ of artist to instil knowledge in these new jacks that don’t necessarily need the help but deserve the education as a right of passage. There are a handful of new artist who take this seriously and understand what it takes to develop your own style, flavor and patterns. There are those who need help and want it but can’t handle or accept the criticism from the ‘older generation’. The ones who ask questions and ask for help will be the artist who will be successful and are responsible for the

upkeep of their scene, the future is what they make it. Do you think art is a dying trade or is it that the media is not focusing on it? I think all of the arts in general is dying in the sense that the experienced artist havn’t done their part in teaching to the newer artist. The media hasn’t had an effect on the arts, I think technology is arts down fall. Everything can be done on an ipad or photoshopped.

Where can young elites find artwork and events? Are there resources available? and what are they. Honestly, the promo-tables at art galleries, coffee shops, record stores, ect. are all great places to find flyers of local events. There are afew people on facebook that are ‘professional promoters’, one imparticular is called The Party Finders that list current and future parties and events on their wall.

Artwork from DivineChi PHOTO BY: Aye Allen



Growing Pains

A Place To Call My Own! You have finally moved into your first apartment. Immediately, you should go by a lamp. Be careful in choosing a lamp, you want a piece to grow with. So make sure to choose a neutral bottom and as your decor changes your lamp will remain the same.

The transition from living at home to college life to “adult” life to family life can be hard. But for every young elite making this transition always requires one thing. A BUDGET!!! Searching for fashionable and trendy items to place in your room/apt/house can be difficult when your on a budget. We enlisted the help of a trend maven who can find you GREAT affordable pieces to transition with during these tough times! Let’s go shopping!

Hello! Dorm Room? When making that transition from living at home with your parents to living in a dorm. Every young elite must start off with the basic. A television can be taken along throughout your college years into your first official apartment. Make your dorm more like home buy purchasing a vase. You can find nice contemporary vases at really inexpensive prices. Now you have a piece you can carry into your first apartment or home.

Honey, I’m Home!

Becoming more family oriented does’nt mean you can not have luxury living. In between the kids and the dog you are worried but a get coach is hard to find! A coach with dark tones are the best for small children and you can even have detachable covers which IKEA has in stock.




A native of Brooklyn, NY, Kevin Barnett has been through his fair share of obstacles starting with having cancer at an early age. When he was three years old his mother found out he had cancer in the kidneys. Unfortunately, she had not yet gain her citizenship and could not afford to get him the treatment he needed. Desperate and filled with motivation to have her child treated she moved her family from their Houston, TX home and moved to New York.

“Seeing my mom smile as I graduated college.” Once she made the move to NY, Kevin was able to receive treatment through a program called “Tomorrow’s Children.”~fast forward

Look at Me Now DEDICATED TO HARDWORKING YOUNG PROFESSIONALS Written By: Alicia Dowdy, Editor-in-Chief

focuses on style and clothes but also giving back to those unable to provide for themselves. Chic Republiq has created a program, United By A Dream, for individuals to donate gently worn clothing to help individuals in need. YEM is proud to present our readers. Kevin Barnett and YEM: What made you choose the fashion industry as a career option? KB: What made me choose fashion as a career option? I must say this is a great question!! I was always into fashion, it stems all the way back to when I use to wait for my older sister to head out to school so I could break into her room and steal some of her clothes since she was into wearing big dude clothes lol. In high school I was always known for wearing something exclusive, fresh and first!! But I’ll say fashion became a choice for a career after one of my best friends put the idea in front of my eyes.

After completing high school he continued his education to the University of Buffalo where he majored in Communications. “One of my best memories was seeing my mother smile as I graduated college. His story is a true testament for other young adults who have been through relating struggles.

YEM: You created you site Chic Republiq, what inspired you to do that? KB: Well as much as I would love the total recognition I must give my partner Christian Johnson some credit before answering this question. Now what inspired me to create this publication was the true meaning of supporting and helping individuals that go unseen. As I see Kevin Barnett is this issue’s Look At Me Now myself as one of these people too, I wanted to feature because he doesn’t take life for granted create something that would be able to catch and his continued successes in life. This young the attention of the masses and allow the elite, now 28, has owned four companies, one unseen the opportunity to be heard. So many being a property management company hard working people have set their minds on in Atlanta, GA and his fashion publication becoming the best at what they do and we all ChicRepubliq not only tend to forget about lowering our eyes and

My Two Cents! What I Love On A Woman Kevin tells YEM what Summer items he loves to see on a woman A nice sundress to show her legs is always great!

Lastly, a pair of shades to top the whole look off.

Add a pair of wedges to accent the legs.


paying attention to these people. Chic Republiq is a fashion publication that not only sheds light on style and clothes; we focus on giving back to those that aren’t able to provide for their selves or families. To truly understand what Chic Republiq has to offer and gain a sense of what were about please visit and remember to support. Success isn’t giving until you’re able to support.

YEM: What are some future goals you have for your self or your site? KB: I wish I could tell you everything that I have in the works for the site but then you wouldn’t want to come back and visit lol. But I can tell you a little about my personal goals I have set for the near future. I plan on giving back in a way that will not be forgotten by anyone. As my success level grows I will be visiting children that are cancer survivors and currently fighting to overcome it. I believe my calling is for my voice to be heard and that GOD has held me on earth for me to do so.



Lindsay Jenkins and Michelle Parker are the cofounders of Pocketful of Pearls (P.o.P.), an online resale boutique. They believed that great style should be accessible to everyone, so they decided to turn their passion for resale and vintage finds into a business. The P.o.P. Closet features eye-catching fashion at reasonable prices and a full range of sizes. Most people get dressed based on how they feel or their mood. So theydecidedtocategorizetheirclothingandaccessories into The 6 Moods of P.o.P: Controversial, Free-Spirited, Jaded, Amused, Important and Extraordinary. These Moods can be used to develop your personal style and encourages you to experiment with new looks. Get more information on the Moods, along with selections from the P.o.P. Closet below:

What’s Your Everyday Mood?

Dress $72, Clutch $24, Bracelet $12

Free-Spirited is about easy-going style. Maxi Dresses are the best way to beat the heat in the summer time. This dress is comfortable & cute; perfect for casual outdoor festivities. Pair this dress with sandals and a large clutch for an easy daytime look. Maxi Dress $26, Clutch $18

Important- “Belle of the Boardroom”

Important is a very classic Mood. It’s about a tailored fit paired with unwavering confidence. Put your best foot forward in this eye-catching blazer set off by sophisticated details. For this look we’ve taken a traditional silhouette and added contemporary elements. The hot pink blazer gives a pop of color to this neutral palette. Polish of this professional look with a navy clutch and gold broach. Wide Leg Pants $32, Blazer $32, Blouse $28, Clutch $24, Broach $10

Controversial- “Gossip Girl”

Being Controversial is about taking bold risks. This year’s lace trend is feminine and sexy; the perfect combination for causing a stir. The double tier lace skirt is flirty and we love it combined with a sheer, sexy blouse. Add sparkle to the outfit with a vintage beaded clutch and a glittery shoe. Lace Skirt $26, Sheer Blouse $26, Beaded Clutch $24

Extraordinary- “Empire State of Mind” The Extraordinary Mood is for the showstoppers and statement makers. Every true party girl should have something sparkly in their closet. This mini dress is sure to turn heads with its short hemline and black and tan sequins. Wear this look with minimal accessories & a very high heel.

Free-spirited- “Lovely Day”

Amused- “Pink Frenzy”

Amused is a mix of colorful patterns and fun prints. This vintage silk wrap dress is perfect for the ‘After 5’ cocktail party. We love the attention-grabbing black and pink pattern and a flattering fit. This dress is a lot of look, so keep accessories to a minimum. Vintage Dress $50

Jaded- “Backstage Pass”

Jaded is best described as effortless rocker-chic. It takes a certain amount of attitude to pull off and has a definite edge. Animal print is still on the rise and this leopard blouse is a cool and easy statement piece. Black studded shorts and a white snakeskin clutch give this outfit extra venom. Finish it off with bold accessories and a funky shoe. Leopard Blouse $28, Black Studded Shorts $24, Chain Necklace $18, Snakeskin Clutch $24 Earrings $18



After hours, days, and weeks of exploration we are here to present you this summer’s one of a kind It List! Ever feel like the additions to your wardrobe are all starting to look the same? Don’t worry, we have found the simplest cure to recreate your closet with these young, hip, and refreshing items! Whether it’s a long chained necklace, a chunky bracelet, or unique peacock piece- this could be your signature GETUP. Sometimes all you need is that last component to take your outfit from your average everyday routine to celeb status! Complied By: Molly Subarsky



PRICE: $21 Multi coloured Crackle Glass

PRICE: $25 Metal Bead Sun Bracelet

PRICE: $40 The SAVE ME! bangle set

PRICE: $340 Antiqued chain necklace


PRICE: $425 True Colors

PRICE: $155 Glamorous Rockstar Necklace

PRICE: $125 Black Dangle Neckalace PRICE: $37 Bracelet

PRICE: $143 Bracelet

PRICE: $150 Necklace

PRICE: $25 Black Feather Earrings

Be Chic BBe eUnexpected Bold | Twitter: @dareenhakim |



Name: Bruna Santana Age: 22 Location: Miami, FL School: University of Florida - Hough Graduate School of Business Company Name: Zella Machado, LLC Company Website:

Q. What inspired you to create swimwear? A. My grandmother, Zella Machado has been a seamstress for about 45 years. She showed me a suit I fell in love with. We decided to start a swimwear company. Q. When you are coming up with designs, what is your process like? A. My grandmother and I spent about a month researching all different styles of bathing suits. After we have gathered a collection of about a thousand different styles we begin to create new and innovative styles. Once the collection is drawn, I take a trip down to the fabric house. I spend about 3-4 hours selecting the different colors I think will go well with the styles we have created. After the skeleton is made I cut strips of the fabric combination that I like and attach it to its respective design. Zella then produces the samples. Once all the samples are made we screen them and decide which styles will end up in the final collection. Q. Do you you think you would expand in other clothing? A. We will definitely expand into gowns, wedding dresses and shoes. Q. What was one of your most memorable pieces you have created? A. We created a piece for every fashion show to represent our brand. The piece we created for Miami Beach International Fashion Week was one of the most memorable pieces of our collection. We named the bathing suit Zella. You can purchase Zella on our website:!__sexy-bombshell/ productsstackergallery0=0 . Q. If you had it your way, what store would you love to have your line in? A. Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus Q. What has been your most difficult issue with being a new swimwear company? A. Not attending school of design.

MODEL: model is wearing the “NA� by Zella Machado Swimwear which can be purchased at PHOTOGRAPHER: VINCENT PIERCE JEWELRY:



MAYA SWIMWEAR Q. Do you think you would expand in other clothing: A. I have always thought of that option since I started my Brand.. actually when we designed our Logo for the Company we have though of it to be versatile ,to be used from a baby line even to a Home Line. But we are now focus to have one of the best Swimwear Brands in the Market. Q. Is it easier to sell swimwear in foreign countries like Brazil, than it is in the US? A. We are more focus in the US market, though we sell to other countries as well. Q. What advice do you have for individuals interested in starting a swimwear line? A. Go for it! It is always difficult to start a dream. At first there are always many emotions involved, excitement for the beginning but almost always are accompanied with fears and many questions as I will be good for this? I have also gone through it, but the only way to achieve your goal and fulfill a dream is to jump into the water and follow your instincts..

365 SWIMWEAR Q. What is your inspiration when you are designing a swimsuit? A. 365swimwear as a whole was inspired by the small island of Antigua, which has 365 beaches. As a result, I try to take inspiration from my natural surroundings. Q. What has been an obstacle for you as a new designer? A. As a new designer I think my experience/skills, has been the biggest obstacle I have faced with each passing day I thrive to better myself but i still have a lot to learn. Also getting the name 365swimwear out there so that people can know what we do. Q. What is one of your goals for your line? A. To be established and have 365swimwear a sought after brand.

ADORED SWIM Q. Do you think Art school has prepared you to be a successful designer? a. Yes, Art school prepared me to be a successful designer you also have to get out there and get you name

PALACE OF PASSION Q. How does it feel to finally release your swimwear line? A. Nothing feels better than releasing the Palace of Passion line and receive so much positive feedback. It took a lot of hard work and dedication, but having the passion for fashion we were able to pull everything together, it is a an amazing feeling. Q. How is your swimsuits different from other on the market? A. Palace of Passion is different from other lines on the market because it is a line built on two concepts, a love for fashion and a commitment to high quality products. Palace of Passion use special products which have been crafted with great care and detail from the ever exotic country of Brazil. Q. Why did you choose the name Palace of Passion? A. Anytime my sister and I would get overwhelmed with outside responsibilities; dance, studio, meeting and vocal classes we would escape into a certain part of our house that we would call our palace. We used this area to sketch swimwear for sometimes 10 hours a day. This was one of our greatest passions and as a team effort out of everything we would do designing swimwear felt like escaping the world. We decided to call the area “Palace of Passion” knowing that Palace is defined as a grand residence, especially a royal residence or the home of a head of state or someone of higher-rank. Passion is defined as a term applied to very strong feelings about something in an intense emotion compelling feeling, enthusiasm, or desire for something. Because of our hard working dedication and passion for what we do it was only inevitable for us to name the swimwear line “Palace of Passion”

Q. Have you done any fashion shows? If so, Tell us about your first show and how it made you feel to see your clothes down the runway? A. My first fashion show was in Fort Lauderdale FL. My roommate at the time Tiairrea Green and I deiced to do a swimwear show. Planning the show was stressful, exciting and required many hours of dedication. The first time I seen my designs go down the runway was one of the most fulfilling moments I have experienced. Despite the show starting two hours late and wardrobe malfunctions their were claps and cheers from the audience. Between going to school, working two jobs, and planning a fashion show my social life decreased and I would do it all over because it was the beginning of who I am as a designer today. Q. In 20 words or less tell the readers why they should be wearing your designs. A. I believe my designs should be worn because they are exclusive, stylish and have been proven to be ADORED!

What is this swag? Most often when u think about swag, you wouldn’t think of a female. You immediately think of a sharp well put together brotha. From head to toe he’s clean cut and his sense of style reveals who he really is. Swag is the expression of oneself with the ideal of raw brute. The essence of a gentleman and outward display of his self image. Swag is his ability to woo a woman without running game. A pure honest swag can speak so loud that he woo’s without words! Completely expressing himself wholly, without flamboyance. Swag is the essence of who he is expressed through his fashion. Not being complacent to a specific genre or style, He makes fashion, fashion does not make him.

Boys Dress while Men Style Written By: Hope Robinson

Accessorizing with Men Accessory Must Haves

Time Piece

Belt of Truth

Compare to the various styles worn by women, men styles are considered limited. Some men find it rather hard to select a style while some simply do not care. Being yourself and being presentable at all times is key to this swag.

True swag speaks to comfort in your characteristics. At a deeper depth your style expresses your attitude. Rather your a jean or sweatpants wearing shirt and tie dressing, slacks and a blazer type of guy you can always spice your style with a lil swag.

Stunna Shades

Via Nikki Rich Models we had the chance to get in the “style mind” of Model/Actor Christian Brown to give some advice to our Elite Men! A. After I’m done taking care of my face,I would normally head to work but since im off for the summer I go for a morning run ( minimum 3 miles) then head to the gym (minimum 1 hour).

Let’s Talk Style: Christian Brown Compiled By: Alicia Dowdy, EIC

Q. When getting dressed for a normal day. What do you throw on? What is your go-to look? A. For a normal day you can catch me sporting a fitted deep V-neck (those that know me well know that I am “Mr. V neck.”) in various colors since it’s summer time, a pair of distressed fitted jeans or cargo shorts and a pair of old school sneakers.

5. When you see men like Kanye West, Dewayne Wade, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs, does that make you want to step your game up? Does it inspire you to look your best all the time? A. Those guys are at the top of their games right now and their shopping budgets are bigger than mine at the moment. With them I think it’s more so, who they are wearing rather then what they are wearing. They don’t inspire me to look my best at all. I wanna look my best, for myself. “You look good, you feel good,you do good...”

4. Do you think more men should care more about their appearance when going out? A. I definitely do, perception is everything. If you want to attract a particular type of female or if you want people to have a particular perception of Q. After you have taken care of you- what you wear and how your face. What do you do next? you wear it is the key, because Do you go to the gym? Go for a before you utter your first word, everyone is scrutinizing what run? you’re sporting.

6. There’s a special event you have to attend. Do you worry about your attire? Do you put a lot of thought in what your going to wear? And, what would you were? Let’s say the event is a grand opening of a club. A. When there’s a special event I don’t “worry” about my attire. I do put a lot of thought into it though. I first make sure I’m comfortable, then I focus on all of the other details, such as

Q. When you wake up in the morning do you use any products to keep your skin looking healthy? We know the face is the most important thing in modeling and acting. If so, what your process? A. The face is a very important asset in modeling and acting. I don’t think I do anything out of the ordinary when it comes to my face. I wash my face at least three times a day with soap and water, like everyone else. I exfoliate at least once during the course of the day. I won’t tell you the names of the products, because those companies would then have to write me a nice check!

dress code, the current season/ weather condition etc. If I was attending a grand opening of a night club, I would most likely sport a fitted deep v neck, fitted jeans, trendy sneaker shoes and a blazer to dress it up. 8. Last but definitely not least. What’s next for Christian Brown? A. I recently launched my website www. WhoisChristianBrown. com which Im very excited about. I shot a scene on HBO’s hit series Entourage for their new season that will be airing in the up coming weeks. July 13th I will be shooting for Dr. Jay’s website. July 29th I’ll be walking in the Caribbean Catwalk for a Cure, in Harlem. It’s a fundraising event for breast cancer. I also have several photo shoots lined up to make my portfolio stronger. And I’ll be doing a lot of foot work and traveling to Atlanta and L.A. this summer dropping off my comp-cards and résumé in person for modeling campaigns and auditions.

Men’s Summer Essentials According to Christian Some summer essentials for the beach are a pair of shades- I prefer aviators (classic and always in style), a fitted deep v neck, a pair of simple, but fashionable swim trunks (buy a new pair stop using the same trunks since high school), a pair of cool trendy flip flops (don’t be afraid to be different nor stand out) my fedora and most importantly a six pack! There’s nothing like going to the beach in the best shape YOU can possibly be in, so get up and get out and work on your physic. Trust me!

Driving Behind the Thriving Force of Fashion INTERVIEWED BY: HOPE ROBINSON

For thousands of years the entertainment and fashion industry has been interlinked. YEM met up with a famous name, also one of the most valuable assets in the entertainment industry, 5001 FLAVORS. With a wide array of stylish fashion designs and the most exclusive custom clothing that caters to celebrity personalities, 5001 FLAVORS are responsible for many of the looks of some of the greatest artists, TV stars, and entertainers of our time, from Aretha Franklin, Queen Latifah, Swizz Beats, Jamie Foxx, Hezekiah Walker, Lebron James, Mariah Carey, Chris Brown, Kerry Hilson Mary J. Blige, Kanye West to the late Notorious BIG. We went behind the wheels to the eyes and brains of this successful company and interviewed, President and CEO, Sharene Wood.

another. But there are those few days when you realize that you are quite literally wearing four hats at one time. Those are the hardest days and those are the times when you really have to take a deep breath, slow down and relax. You have to know your limits, prioritize, ask for help… knowing that everything cannot always be perfectly done sometimes simply done is perfect enough!

Curious as to how the business operates the CEO let us in on how this company thrives in such a demanding industry.

We have a small fleet of tailors that work under our Designer and Creative Director Guy Wood. A small administrative staff works under me helping me to complete a lot of organizational and administrative matters. We have a lot of deadlines to meet and projects that require immediate turn-around so the pace is very quick and last minute and we need all the entire 5001 team to perform their various needed tasks quick and efficiently. We have never missed a deadline in 19 years… sometimes that means working through the night or putting someone on the plane to hand-deliver a last –minute must-have garment. Whatever it takes to get the job done we’ll do it!

We ask the business women, wife and mom what it is like Describe 5001 FLAVORS when wearing so many hats. Her it was first started. How has the response It is very challenging. I try to company grown? commit myself 100% to whatever role I’m currently in. When I’m at work I try to accomplish as much work-related tasks as possible so that my mommy / family time is 100% dedicated to my role as a mom and wife and my fun family times with my daughter and family. You have to wear many hats and you have to be able to switch at a moment’s notice to

Our company started about as a partnership. Become a corporation and now exists as a LLC. We have evolved and changed due to new opportunities, new understanding of business structure and new laws. My business partner is now my husband. We started the company with another partner who is no longer with us. We work well together and are a unified

Sharene and Guy Woods and the 5001 Flavors brand are amoung the coveted group of people who have worked with the late Nortorious B.I.G before his passing in 1997.

front as our main goal is to provide for our family and build our company into a transferrable business legacy for our children. We spend a lot of time together and continually work to find a good medium between our combined work and personal lives. We definitely started out doing more wardrobe styling for album covers and videos than we do now. During the early 90’s there was not as much competition or the sheer volume of wardrobe stylists that exist now. Now we have great relationships with some of the hottest and soughtafter wardrobe stylists and have a much larger client base as we are able to work with more clients simultaneously since each stylist works with multiple clients on many projects at once. We also work with more athletes than we did we first started the business. We first started out spending more time on sets and establishing relationships with directors, photographers, A&R executives, managers and even musical artists. Our business was and is still very referral based… meaning most of our new business comes from the recommendations of previous satisfied clients. That’s why it’s always important to treat each customer like their your only customer. You must address their immediate, time-sensitive needs while always recognizing their star status and the fact that your product is a key component to their brand or project. Our business is not just about selling a product it’s about helping our clients build their brand establish an image so we recognized early on that our personal hands-on customer service is just as important as our exclusive product. Our business is strictly referral based so a great job on set means referrals from all of the industry professionals there for their own future upcoming projects. For us that meant every photographer, label art director, artist management, assistant, even the intern on set is a potential referral. Interns can easily become the next mogul! We met Sean “Puffy” Combs (now P. Diddy) when he was an intern working for Andre Harrell at Uptown Records. He soon left and started his own

label – Bad Boy Entertainment. And a new roster of clients emerged from that existing relationship. Delivering a great product, being dependable and maintaining long-standing client relations is a key to our continued success.

Our readers couldn’t help but wonder was fashion something you could always see as your future occupation?

Honestly, each of the partners always knew they would all work in some aspect of the entertainment industry … but I personally never thought it would be fashion related… my CEO duties are much more transferable to other companies or industries. I knew from a young age that I wanted to start my own business.. Making something fantastic out of nothing always appealed to me. I knew that the best life that I could have or my family could have would come when I created it. Being your own boss gives you the greatest control over your future and the future of your family. Guy’s creative and visual mind was always fashion friendly and stylish so for him this occupation was perfectly in-line with his aspirations.

How would you describe the difference between designing and custom design? Is one easier than the other? This is definitely one for Guy to answer. And I know his answer well because this question is always asked… Designing for a line takes one skill set and custom designing requires that skill set times ten. Most designers conceptualize their line, revise their concepts and have the continued opportunity to revamp until production. They fortunately get to have a much more intimate connection with their product. Custom design is a quick paced, fast turnaround process. Each client has their own needs, wants, vision, body issues and budget. So as a custom designer you have to take all of those into consideration as you design, source and produce. So basically you are turning out multiple pieces and mini-collections monthly. It takes true talent to do both.




Film Meets Fashion CHARLESTON, SC



R&B/Soul meets Grunge Rock wrapped in a tutu!

Make your dreams a real-

ity! I’m sure we have all heard that cliché saying enough times to last the rest of our lives. I’m also sure that we do dream, but are we willing to put in the work necessary to make those dreams our reality? Young Elite Magazine recently had the chance to speak to a young woman well on her way to having all of her dreams come true. Meet the Rock Ballerina, KimberlyNichole. The Seattle-born songstress has a sound and style that will take your breath away. Young Elite Magazine: KimberlyNichole in three words! KimberlyNichole: Fun, creative and loving! YEM: You are referred to as the “Rock Ballerina”. Where did that name spawn from? KimberlyNichole: In a Vogue article, Valerie Simpson (of the duo Ashford and Simpson) referred to me as a “rock ballerina”. I loved the name and it has stuck with me ever since. YEM: In most of your performances you are wearing a tutu. Is that a signature look for you? KimberlyNichole: The tutu is my signature! I always rock a custom tutu during a performance.


YEM: When did you decide that making music was your calling and mission in life? KimberlyNichole: My mother is a singer and I would listen to her voice as a little girl. I was also

What would you get if you took the soulfulness of Adele, animated persona of LMFAO, and the musicality of Beethoven? I’m quite sure your ending result would be GIVERS. The five man band out of Lafayette, Louisiana has perfected a sound all their own. GIVERS consist of Tiffany Lamson (vocals/percussion/ukulele), Taylor Guarisco (guitar/vocals), Kirby Campbell (drums/ samples/vocals), William Henderson (samples/synths/ vocals) and Josh Leblanc (bass). Any band that has dubbed their sound as “Afro-beat, dancey pants, indie pop love music” is a must-hear. Having signed with Glassnote Records and releasing their first full length, 2011hasalreadybroughtgreatnessforthetalentedgroup. Early this year, GIVERS released their first official album, In Light. The album mixes uplifting lyrics with dramatic and fun rhythms that you cannot help, but dance to. “Up, Up, Up” was released as the album’s first single, and it was a great choice. The catchy lyrics may seem repetitive at first, but where the lyrics lack the

a part of the community choir in Seattle. I actually got serious about pursuing music a couple of years ago, but I’ve always been into music.

KimberlyNichole: I take it with ease. I am grateful for the attention that has been shown to me so far. I will continue to be who I am and focus on my art.

YEM: How do you come up with the idea for a new song? Does it pop in your head while you’re driving or do you go to your own special quiet place? KimberlyNichole: It varies. Sometimes an idea for a new song comes to me immediately. Everyday inspires me; life and living inspires me, nature inspires me. There is no formula.

YEM: The music business has a reputation of being cut throat. How do you stay true to yourself in the midst of all of the demands of the industry? KimberlyNichole: I have yet to tap into that side of the industry. My friends and family will force me to stay humbled. They are quick to put me in check and make sure that I stay true and continue on the correct path. They are not yes men; they won’t tell me yes because they think it is something I want to hear. They will keep me from getting big-headed.

YEM: You are currently an independent recording artist. Is there a fear of losing power and control associated with signing to a major label? KimberlyNichole: No, there is no fear for me. I have been able to achieve a lot as an indie artist and I would hope that any label I sign to would appreciate me for me and accept who I am. They would allow my music to reach a larger audience without putting restriction on me and my creativity. YEM: the title of your newest album, The Yellow Brick Journey, is inspired from the classic film, The Wiz. What is your “yellow brick journey”? KimberlyNichole: My yellow brick journey is many things. Every emotion that people go through---love, lost, heartbreak, self doubt, discouragement--represents that journey. YEM: You recently have had an astounding increase in popularity, does that put more pressure on you or do you take it with ease?

uplifting tempo definitely exceeds expectations. As the record goes on the feel good melodies and love-filled lyrics continue. The only female of the group, Tiffany Lamson, shines on “Ripe” as she tells us how she likes her men. GIVERS southern roots are displayed on the soulful ballad “Atlantic”. It slows the album down, yet the complex musicality of the band still does not fail. GIVERS lighten up the mood as In Light ends “Words”, withlyricsservingasafarewelltothebands’listeners. Inside Out is a breath of fresh air, for the world of music. GIVERS took a carefree, unexpected and fun approach that worked for them. With their humble attitudes and unsurpassed musical abilities, GIVERS are a force to be reckoned with. The band recently wrapped up a six weeklong tour and is continuing to do unforgettable live performances. You can check out GIVERS music on their website, Follow the band on Twitter for constantupdates.

YEM: As a part of BET’s Music Matters campaign you got to perform on the 2011 BET Awards. How exciting was that experience? KimberlyNichole: That weekend is such a blur, but it was fun, exciting and very busy. I am so grateful for the opportunity to perform on the BET Awards. I was nervous and scared at first, but I had a quick pep talk with myself and put my game face on. It was a surreal moment, but such a blessing. YEM: For those who may be unfamiliar with your work, how would describe it to them? KimberlyNichole: I make music that is fun and inspiring. It represents what I grew up listening to in Seattle, R&B, soul and grunge rock. I am inspired by artists like Cee-Lo, The Doors, Jimmy Hendrix and Tina Turner. YEM: Have you ever been walking down the street, minding your own business and had someone recognize you?

KimberlyNichole: I have. The first time I got noticed it was shocking. I just sing in the hopes that my music does something for my audience. It was a new and different experience. The fact that I impacted someone and they want to take a picture with me is humbling. YEM: At Young Elite Magazine we aim to spread a positive and inspirational message to our readers. What are some words of wisdom you want to leave with us? KimberlyNichole: I have this mantra, “Anything you can conceive is achievable.” With hard work, faith and determination success will come. YEM: What’s next for KimberlyNichole? KimberlyNichole: New performance, new music and new tutus!

KimberlyNichole has been

described as avant garde and unique among many other positive things. To us, KimberlyNichole is a trail blazer. Having a style all her own and not morphing into anyone else’s perception of who she should be makes her a fabulous elite. If she does not catch your attention with her glamorous and flamboyant style (tutus always at hand), then her music will definitely leave your mouth on the ground in amazement. We love her and we know you will too.

KimberlyNichole will be performing live at Cafè International in Trenton, New Jersey on July 22, 2011. Visit KimberlyNichole and download her music at You can also follow the talented young lady on Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr and Twitter

Taken at the 2011 BET Awards


“Anything you can conceive is achievable.”

Like many, most of you may not be familiar with Mr. Orlando Dixon, but that is

soon to change. He is a YouTube sensation, having covered songs by Drake, Usher, Marsha Ambrosius and several others. Orlando Dixon has a voice that is able to soothe and relax its listeners as soon as the record begins. The DC native’s style reflects that of older artists like Sam Cooke and Marvin Gaye, and the freshness of Ne-Yo. This talented gentleman has vowed to stay true to his roots and plans on having longevity in a hardcore business. Orlando Dixon’s newest project is his mixtape, In My Element: Phase II (Upscale Music Group). This seven track mixtape is short, yet has so much depth that you will be begging for more. In the mixtape opener, “Breath Again”, Orlando Dixon is pleading for his girl to take him back after he makes

the mistake of cheating on her. With the amount of sincerity in his voice, he might just get her back. “I’m done/So over it”, mistreated Orlando Dixon sings on “I Hope You Cry”. He finally lets his listeners hear his amazing abilities on the piano. Dixon continues to tell his story of heartbreak with “Next” and “Outta My Mind”. Orlando Dixon ends the album on an optimistic note with the upbeat “Whatever You Want”. R&B crooner, Orlando Dixon, is here to stay. The substance he gives off in his music is nothing less than astounding. Any fans of Usher, Tank, Trey Songz and artist of the like, must download Orlando Dixon’s In My Element: Phase II. The mixtape is available at http://www. I promise, you won’t be able to get enough of this guy.



College Girls

Raquel, Kyra, Mykema and Latoya are four women living the college life. These young ladies are the farthest from friends that they can be. Seemingly arrogant Latoya allows her jealous ways to get the best of her. Mykema has it all going for her, but her love life may become her downfall. Taking on a life altering obstacle causes Kyra to come face to face with a side of her she tried hard to avoid. Privileged and naïve Raquel is thrown for a loop after reality comes crashing down.


Author Royce Reed reveals the untold stories of college life in her first novel, College Girls. This first book in the series draws you in to each character as they come to their unique realizations about life. College Girls is a nice and easy read will leave you constantly wondering “What’s next?” It is perfect for those living the college life and those who have experienced the life of a college student. Will you find a piece of you in Kyra, Latoya, Mykema or Raquel?

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT Kardashian Kollection

The Kardashians have offically released thier collection for Sears. You can check out the garmets at Items range from $22- 100, purse to dresses. Good job ladies.

L.A Ink Cancelled

Unfotunately for tattoo fans, L.A Ink has been cancelled by TLC. The star of the show Kat Von D tweeted that it was her decision NOT to reture back to the show. After experiencing the heartache of a broken engagement

COMING SOON Columbiana August 26th

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Summer Preview Issue  

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