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Spring Preview Issue

Prote-J Real Hip-Hop Internatioinal Hip-Hop artist discusses his rise to fame, the music industry and his plans for a South

Look At Me Now ROBERT BARKER Tells us his plans to becoming one of the leading brands in the hair & make-up industry



Fashion Week



Spring 2011 PREVIEW


We explore inside the creative mind

of Robert Barker. The young 21-year old make-up artist speaks about his new venture in to hair, his upbring, gaining a mentor and gives you tips to stay fab everyday!


Join us while we pick the mind of the

international Hip-hop artist. Prote-J speaks about hip-hop and the impact he wants to make on today’s music


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Emerging Designer winner of Charleston Fashion Week gave us an exclusive interview after her win. She discusses how she felt about winning and her experience preparing for a fashion showdown.

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Ioung elites sent pictures of them around town, traveling and parting it up in thier city.

28| Q & A W/ SHANE ELI

Shane speaks about his recent trip to

London and how he felt about young Diggy Simmons rapping to his track


We explain the three things a lady needs when preparing for a day or night out.


Staff members chose their pick

from the 16 designer’s collections presented at this fashion week.

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Author, Kristofer Clarke


elite YOUNG








LetteRfrom the Editor Greetings, This is our first issue and the staff and I have worked super hard on producing this issue. What is YEM you may be thinking, well its a new way to showcase undiscoved talent. If I could discribe YEM, we are the baby of Elle and GQ, our uncle is Complex and our Aunt is Vogue, my big cousins are Seventeen and Ebony. We are here to promote you, the person who has talent oozing from your very soul. We give you the platform to be showcased in a professional and stylish manner that any uber talented professional deserves. Our staff is comprisized of talented young individuals who normally would not be given the chance to really display thier talents in a “more established” publication. I say that’s BULL. I have been in media for five years and I’m just as talented as the next elderly writer or layout designer who won’t give up their position. I am a graduate from South Carolina State University and during my time there I joined Student Media and met my advisor, Rolondo Davis. Through him, I was given the opportunity to learn about programs, I never thought to use. I was introduced to Photoshop and InDesign and never turned back. I received the chance to interview a number of celebrities from Tyrese to Pleasure P but it was not enough. I knew I could bring my university into a new era and with the help of my advisor, we brought my alma mater thier first student lifestyle magazine. Since then, I have relocated to Orlando, FL where I was settling into my role as a Mathematics teacher. I did not feel complete because I knew I should be working in media. I began working for my friend, Tampa Bay Buccaneers Tackle James Lee, as his publist. I submitted my resume to newsp,aper after newspaper, magazine after magazine and received excellent feedback but was always overlooked for the “seasoned vet”. Now, I chose to give others the chance to display there talents and reap the benefits. I was invited to Charleston Fashion Week where I was front row to see the hottest Emerging Designers on the East Coast. During that time I met my new husband, Mychael Knight, LOL, Julie Wheat designer of Cavortess and the Queen of New York Fashion Week, Fern Mallis! And my journey will not stop there!

Come Join Us,

Alicia Dowdy


As a value reader, we offer you the oppurtunity to get your shine on! These Readers sent in photos of them or with a group hanging out, parting, traveling and just looking HOT! When you send in you send in your phot remember to put your FULL NAME, AGE and WHERE YOU WHERE IN THE PICTURE. You can send your photos to the following email


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5 6


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1. Ashlee Burkes (20) in Hollywood, CA 2. Left to Right: Samantha Hamilton (23),


Carl Williams (26), Alician Broadwater (24), & Artrell Green (25) at the Under Armour Conference in Memphis, TN 3. Porch Woodard (23) attending a football game at South Carolina State University 4. Jasimine Ravenell (20) at Folly Beach in SC 5. Maia Smith (19) headed to class 6. Shire Curry (21) at Club Sparkle in Greenville, SC 7. Sadie Jackson (22), Jernai Ellis (21) & friend enjoying a boat ride in Wisconsin 8. Adaeze Oputa (24) petting a snake while vacationing in South Beach, FL 9. Left to Right: Alvin Mitchell (26), Chris Haskell (26), Terrance Jones (26), Brian Benjamin, & Kendall Pyles attending a friend’s wedding in Santee, SC 10. Left to Right: Shelly Griffith (25), Justin Cole (24), Derek Holmes (24), Jermaine Jones (23), Seth Mack (24) at Club Smooth in Brooklyn, NY 11. Leann Gordon (19) hanging around campus 12. Cierra Burkes (24) visiting the GA Aquarium in Atlata, GA 13. Chloe Johnson (22) at Funk Fest in St. Petersburg, FL 14. Left to Right: Courtney Jordan (23), Myashia Carter (23), Melisa Brown (25), Jessica Boyd (23), & Sineice Ladson (23) on The Rooftop in Florida.



Majestik Images | | twitter: @MajestikO_o | Atlanta, Ga



Look at Me Now [ DEDICATED TO HARDWORKING YOUNG PROFESSIONALS ] Written By: Alicia Dowdy, Editor-in-Chief

Robert Barker never thought he would be VP/Co-Owner

of a beauty company. At age 9, after experiencing the death of his mother, Cynthia Barker, a high power attorney in the state of New Jersey, Robert went to live with his grandmother and seven female relatives. Growing up in a home with mainly women, Robert was prone to learn a thing or two about hair and make-up. While attending high school, Robert set off to experiment with the various make-ups in hope to perfect the craft. By 17 and surrounded by the negativity of growing up in Jersey City, Mr. Barker looked for guidance from the elders in the community. He was taught respect, morals, and hard work and that’s why he’s our choice of this issue’s “Look at me Now” featured story. After meeting his business partner and mentor, Terrence Davison, a veteran hairstylist, Robert’s knowledge began to grow more and more. It hasn’t been an easy road but with his charisma and know how, Mr. Barker has and will forever have the ladies lined up at the make-up counter.

1. Concealer for highlighting the brow, dark cirles under the

My business partner and mentor is actually the Master Hair Stylist behind Hip Hop sensation Nicki Minaj

3. Lip gloss for shimmer

eye, and other blemishes

“If you don’t have these items in your purse I encourage you to take the time to do so now, summer is around the corner” ~Robert Barker

Before ending the interview we asked, Robert Barker, what are the three things a lady always needs to have in her bag? Check out his answers below and also follow him on twitter @PorcelainMattel, friend him on Facebook: Robert Porcelain and Model Mayhem #1981943 for our future supermodels.

2. Eye Liner to

make you eyes pop

ELITE living

With stainless steel energy star and water reducuction appliances, you could even burn food green

Not only is it stylish, but the living room is filled ton of hidden storage so no space is a waste in the modern line

Sleeps like a dream , you would never guess that its all recycled fabrics, cold feet, yea right, you have radiant

Hate cutting the grass, well you wont have to at the GREEN HOUSE, the back yard is all erosion control turf

With green technology taking over the world and three year olds worried about there carbon footprint, you think it would be hard to find a stylish trendy green home among all the solar powered log cabins. HGTV wishes to prove you wrong, Meet The HGTV GREEN HOME in Denver CO and it is as far for a log cabin as it gets

Four Places toronto, canada U Should Visit Summer is near Young Elites and we want you to venture into the great beyond. Go to those places you dream of going! We know your thinking, “Can I afford it.” We say, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.” Check out the four spots that we are sure you can afford to visit!!



washington, d.c las vegas, nevada nassau, bahamas



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Real Hip-Hop

Our Editor-in-Chief, Alicia Dowdy, sat down personally with international hip hop artist, Prote-J after his performance at Orlando aLive. The artist, who is originally from Papua New Guinea, is a very polite and approachable guy. Prote-J is no stranger to music, He started playing the guitar at the early age of seven. By 12, he began to experiment with words to begin putting together lyrics that are both thoughtful and inspiring. Here’s the Conversation......


ELITE FEATURE AD: Thank you for meeting with me, I had the pleasure of seeing you perform back in October (2010) and thought I have to get this guy in YEM. Prote-J: (laughs) Its my pleasure. AD: So, How is the road to success coming along? Prote-J: It’s a tough road but worth it. You work as much as you can towards your goals and the success will follow. AD: How would you describe your music to potential fans? Prote-J: My music is a cross of Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Ryan Leslie and Kanye. It’s lyrics with content attached to good beats and catchy hooks. AD: If you can change anything about your career, what would it be? Prote-J: Maybe... (pause) everything so far has been very well-planned. That’s a question. I would say my stage performance. I could have studied more on live performing, before I got started. AD: Are you based in Florida? What’s you take on the music scence in the state? Prote-J: Yes, I live in Orland. The music scence here varies, you have your artists like Plies, Flo Rida and Pitbull all coming from this state. I feel there’s a large number of true Hip-Hop fans and if could tap into that fan base it would be great.

THE INSIDE SCOOP Born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Atilla “Ikona” Ural, producer and engineer, who loves to expand horizons and break the rules because they’ve been followed for too long. He started his music career in Istanbul producing for Hip-Hop Artist, Erim Era and then moved to New York to communicate with a larger group of likeminded individuals in the music scene. With a crackle of vinyl and a lone piano, perhaps the most undiscovered gem of this first issue. “WONDERLUST” is the first collection of work to be released by the artist. With the super strong opener “Ghost Opera” set the listener up for a great ride thought the various style and

genres of music, from impressionist’s piano, soft lullaby, and round out with not 808’s but the very futuristic 909 drum kit. The more wordy follow up “Red Lights” hits on the percussionist sounds of the southeast Asian country, with a cover layer of samba piano, blues piano. The soul filled voice of Anna Diem aspired with the rapping style of Noah Cain compliments like a well dance tango, and to top it off a little bit of 50’s go-go melody. Don’t miss the productions for the new generations, Quincy Jones. The WONDERLUST set is available for download at worshipikona/sets

AD: Have you thought about doing it ole’ skool and doing a promo tour in different locations? Prote-J: (laughs) Well, I have been a part of shows featuring artists like Busta Rhymes, Noreaga, Big Sean and Ace Hood. As far as a U.S tour not right now, I am putting together one back home in Papua New Guinea. I have a big following there and I would go to the Pacific Islands first then bring it back here to the states. AD: I have to ask for the ladies out there, are you single? Prote-J: (laughs) Yes, for right now. Hopefully one day I’ll find a girl, relationships take time and I have to stay focused on my music. AD: I can understand that, back to music then. (laughs) In order to recieve a recording contract these days you have to be a “triple threat.” Most record labels want the artist to bring something else to the table do you think you have that “it” factor? Prote-J: I believe I do, I’m a producer and songwriter as well. I do have that extra “it” factor. AD: Well, thank you for meeting me and YEM will be keeping up with you and your progress. Prote-J: No doubt, Thank you. ~{Prote-J has a new mixtape being released April 19th via his website, you can also follow him on Facebook/ Prote-J and on twitter @ProteJ. To book Prote-J for an event contact Ben Witherspoon [at]}~

Prote-J performing at Orlando aLive in Orlando, FL

Photo by Marc Gomes


“ I want to make music and

eat Kit Kats forever. Life is what you love.”

It looks as if rap is moving out of the meaningless dance track phase and is now firmly back on the path of the poetic MC and the mix-tape. “Garden State of Mind – Ready to Live” by Moruf is a testament to this transformation into the art of flow. With a complex mixture of style that are a reminisces of early Mos Def, paired up with the witty and joking style of Slick Rick and packaged with the hypnotic tenor that hasn’t been since the loss of Biggie. The New Jersey native not only takes from the old but reinvents them to the point that only a wellseasoned ear would be able to pick out. Choosing to start off calmly, a reverbed E-Piano and low bass drum kicks along with well-paced cymbal rolls fills the track as repeats “Welcome to that Garden State

of Mind, I let My Thoughts Blossom in this Garden State of Mind” leading into a bouncing drum kit. Following up with a symphonic String Movement, he’s chanting “I’m Ready to Live” pulling you into a more driven expression of raw aggression, a flow known of the 90’s, when the feeling was more of a “ready to die” feel among young Black America. Speaking just from the intro of this mixtape, it is a prolific collection; it has all the components to place it on the track of being one of Hip-Hop’s greats. It’s one of the strongest to come out so far in 2011, and I would highly suggest that anyone with ears take out time for this one. Moruf album is available for download at



22 2 8

SHANE ELI From shooting movies in London, to making power house tracks with the great Morris Brown Marching Wolverine Band, Shane Eli gave YEM an impromptu phone interview on his life and the .music he lives by

Written By Eric J. Smith

Photographer: Mike Quain of Quainphoto Shoot Styled by: Melody Ehsani

Q: How did it feel to take the stage at SXSW {South by SouthWest

Q: Could you give us a more in depth meaning »on the track »Grey Area

A: It was a great feeling. It kind of signaled to me that finally this hard work is starting to pay off. Obviously I still have a very long way to go, but to get recognition from my peers for the music I make lets me know I’m going in the right direction

A: Grey Area is pretty self explanatory if you listen to the lyrics. It’s a very personal song for me, because growing up {mixed} I had a tough time figuring out where I “fit in” so to speak. It’s just a different experience because I had friends on both sides of the spectrum who didn’t necessarily get along or understand how I could be one thing to them and another thing to someone else. I’ve never seen the world as a black and white place and being comprised of both sides I decided that a song like Grey Area would drive that point home. Plenty of people have hit me up since that song came out, even ones who aren’t multiracial, and said how they identify with the idea of not fitting in. That was the most fulfilling song I’ve put out I think

Q: What was your Reaction to the planned J.cole Meeting, is there music to still be made with him A: I was opening for J. at the Key Club in LA when he was on his tour, and my manager knows his people so we thought there would be a time for us to quickly link up so I could give him this beat I made, but it was pretty hectic that night and things just didn’t work out. There’s definitely still music to be made with him. He’s one of my favorite artists out, and this beat I have for him is ridiculous. Hopefully I can get it to him before Cole World drops Q: What was your take on Diggy›s rhymes on the »What You Been Waiting For» track, did it fit the vision you had for the track A: I made that beat so long ago that I truthfully can’t even remember the vision I had for it. I think someone like Busta would’ve destroyed it, but it’s a tough track to go in on. It’s so big with the horns and the drums and everything that you really have to let loose to match the vibe of the beat. It was cool though, Diggy did his thing Q: We hear you got back form a recent trip to London, how was that experience A: It was great. I’ve been once before, but this was more for work. I was involved in a movie called Pulp that’s shooting out there. It’s a independent British film. I’ve known the director for a while and he’s a good friend so he asked if I was interested in doing a little acting, so I got my Will Smith thing going and signed up. It’s crazy, because now it turns out I’m going to be scoring the movie as well. They gave me some test scenes to work with and I did my thing and I guess they were satisfied cause they gave me the job. I’ve never scored a feature before, only a short or two, so this is going to be a cool experience. Heading back out there in a month and a half to deliver the final score. It’s exciting

Q: »When We Where Kings», that is a strong name for a track, how did you come to chose that title A: Truthfully I don’t remember. Obviously there’s the Ali v. Foreman documentary about Rumble in the Jungle that has that title. That was one of my favorite documentaries, but it’s not like the song is about boxing. I guess I took the idea to mean that something is lost in our culture today. And when I made the beat, the lyrics just kind of poured out. I just titled the track When We Were kings right there because I felt the weight of what I was trying to say. The song discusses a lot of different things, from racial profiling, to our broken education system, to the oil spill in the gulf coast. I just had a lot on my mind and decided that was the place to dump it all. When all my parts were finished, I reached out the homie Dj Critical Hype and asked him to cut up some samples I had found on youtube, so we decided to pay homage to Ali with that .opening clip Q: What would you say is your biggest music influence, outside of other music acts A: Hmm, not sure I fully understand the question, but I think the biggest influence on my music outside of other musicians is my mom. Without her I wouldn’t have the wherewithal to put this stuff together, or the drive to see it succeed. She put me on to all the cultural, political and social movements that my best songs are about. So yeah, my mom. For sure



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Beauty Must Haves Written By: Hope Robinson

As women, we tend to carry the world in our mini luggage we call purses. Please believe there is a use and purpose for everything in it. It is very important that we have everything we need at hand. If we aren’t in the comfort of our homes, this is why we tend to get carry away with what we put in our cosmetic bags and purses.

A mirror is the number one bag must have to avoid minor embarrassing moments, always carry around a small hand mirror to check out your face anytime anywhere.

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Smell Goods are always a necessity! After all who doesn’t wanna smell good!? Find the right smell that fits your body chemistry and love to smell good.


Liquid Potent


King Cole


The Teaser




Terracotta Holdall Bag

Sarah Parrott

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Not Too Coy Celebrate

Our pick! Charleston Fashion Week

We were given the star treatment at this year’s Charleton Fashion Week in Charleston, SC. The tent filled with beautiful long white runway where the Emerging Designer would be showcasing the lastedt collections. Each night the audience was given a restricted deadline to call in and cast vote for the peoples choice. Some spectatuors were looking for that WOW factore, I on the otherhand, was looking for the more logicall choice which is Ready-to-wear collections. The Emerging designer Competition was comprized of 16 finalists from 21 different states. Each equipped with sewing kits and measuring tapes watched the collection trolup down the glistening runway.

$8.80 Cleopatra layered necklace


Our office has choosen our winner but not only that we pair it with accessories that are fun, flirty and economically savvy.

Beaded Shield Ring

Cody Sai


Julie Wheat



Big Buddha Malibu Bag

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$150.00 Gold and Black Guess watch

$52.00 Black VANS

Isobel Crosby

40 FASHION ON MY MIND ALL THE TIME I’ve always thought of myself as fashion friendly but conservative. Which sounds a bit contradicting..Definitely not your normal type of girl I don’t have a go to look or favorite style, because I always find myself experimenting. “I love to play with styles and disobey fashion rules! After all fashion is about taking risk” Isn’t it? I love to think that I look great in anything that I wear. “Confidence” tell me so when it tops off any outfit or “hand me down”. I’ve never been with the latest brands and fads because my fashion tips weren’t out of Vogue but rather out of Thrift stores and consignment shops. I love to think of myself as a conservative individual. Not because I am a mother or wife but because it’s always been deeply rooted in who I am. I like to do a little at a time. Too much of anything is never a good thing! I tend to walk on the plain and simple side of fashion which has always been safe to me (black blues white’s grays beige) so I enjoy that natural looks against my skin and definitely on my lips and fingernails.


Who is Charlotte Hess?

Charlotte Hess (28) is a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and The Glasgow School of Art and is a recipient of the Professional Development Grant awarded by the Scottish Arts Council. She has held several posts in the industry, gaining experience in patternmaking, hand and machine knitwear, and creative and technical design. Past work has included positions at Free People, Karen Walker, Nom*D, and Blake Standard.

CHSFW Photographs by: Ed Kavishe/

“I looked at Native Americans, mostly the Sioux and Hopi tribes. I watched movies; Dances with Wolves was what gave me the idea to use buffalo skins. Of course, I couldn’t afford real buffalo skins so I spent about a month dyeing massive IKEA sheepskin rugs in my bathtub. With all those massive wet skins in my tiny house it looked, felt, and smelt like I was running a tannery.”


“I’m definitely at a fork in the road of life right now. I’m not sure whether I want to get more experience working for someone else, or take the plunge of working for myself. Winning the competition is definitely pushing me in the working for myself direction, but I just want to make sure if I head that route, I’ll still be doing that in 2, 5, 10, and 30 years.”


“I isolated myself in my house, and only left to go to work. I didn’t even go grocery shopping. I told my friends, if I still have my job, my boyfriend, and my figure, by the end of all this I’ll be really impressed!”


“It was an amazing feeling winning Charleston Fashion Week. Seeing that level of support and enthusiasm for my work was incredible. I was completely overwhelmed (in a good way)!�

50 ELITE reads


The drag racing frachise is back for its fifth installment and they have brought back all the major players. The gang is given the chance to score big that will have them et for life.

IN THEATRES April 29th

When Dexter DeGregory, Trevor Harrison, and Belinda Todson found love, they found themselves in situations that love made it seemingly impossible to find their way out of. It caused them to ignore lies and deceit, and instead, attempt to rectify relationships that exposed them to heartache. Even when those less-thanperfect circumstances threatened more meaningful relationships, they just could not let go.

Will the threat of death give Dexter the bravery he needs to finally end the tangled relationship he found himself in? Will a close friend’s revelation provide Belinda the courage she needs to face the failure she’s been avoiding, and end her marriage to the man she’s loved since college? Will the peril of losing a new love he deserves give Trevor the audacity to, finally, just let go?


In this modern comedy, a couple’s break-up will complicate all of their friends’ lives and make everyone question their choices. When life throws you for a curve, hold on tight to the people you love. Every circle of friends has someone who’s the gravitational center. For years, perfect couple Dave and Alex drew their friends in and held them together. Now that they’ve split, does this group have the stuff to stay together?

PREMIERE April 13th


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Spring Preview issue  

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