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==== ==== The Secret to Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Finally Revealed! ==== ====

How do you get rid of damaged hair? Your mane may be brittle dry and broken and you want a way to get it healthy again. Is there a solution? Well there is. And in this article I will show you how to get rid of damaged tresses. Follow these simple tips that follow and soon you will have youthful tresses to be proud off. The first step is to stay away from any drug store or commercial shampoos as they are also responsible for your damaged hair. These products will strip and dry out your mane which leads to breakages and split ends. Next way to get rid of damaged hair is to be on a well balanced and nutritious diet. This means eat lots of vegetables and fruits as they contain all the vitamins and minerals needed to grow your damaged tresses out. Avoid foods high in sugars, fats and preservatives. These over burden your immune system and will slow down the rate at which your tresses grow. Before you wash your hair, make sure you comb it with a wide toothed comb to remove excess knots. This combing will also prevent tears in your locks and stop hair loss. When going to bed make sure your mane is dry. Wet hair will break when you sleep on it. So be sure to sleep with dry hair. Consume lots of water. You need at least 8 glasses a day to keep your tresses healthy and to grow out damaged hair. Avoid the use of shampoos or commercial hair product as they strip and weaken your tresses Use a deep oil treatment as found in Mira oil, to detoxify your scalp and grow your mane. Give yourself a scalp massage to promote the growth of new tresses. Perform the scalp massage with Mira hair oil; the combination will help you grow out all damaged hair. These are the 9 steps you need to follow to grow out broken and brittle hair. Give it some time and you will have locks that everyone will envy!

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==== ==== The Secret to Beautiful, Long, Healthy Hair Finally Revealed! ==== ====

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The secrets to beautiful, long, healthy hair revealed!

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