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Activity 1 1. She is chasing a butterfly. 2. She is jumping rope 3. She is doing bubbles 4. She is painting the paper 5. She is cooking 6. She is playing in the park 7. She is sicking in the house 8. She is eating ice cream 9. She is reading a book 10. She is playing in the sand

Activity 2 1. Pedro is canning food 2. She is choosing her dress 3. Juan is coming home 4. He is cutting the lawn 5. Camila is getting your scholarship 6. She is giving the dog 7. He is hiding of the dog 8. She is letting an activity 9. Fernanda is lying 10. He is mistaking the teacher 11. She is penning a song 12. Cristian is running in park

13. My brother is sitting in the car 14. Colombia is winning 15. My sister is taking your computer

Activity 3

Colombia is fighting for peace Colombia is not fighting for peace Is Colombia fighting for peace?

Germany is winning 4-0 to Portugal Germany is not winning 4-0 to Portugal Is Germany winning 4-0 to Portugal?

The soldiers are fighting in iran The soldiers are not fighting in iran Are the soldiers fighting in iran?

In Colombia are awaiting the arrival of Nairo Quintana In Colombia are not awaiting the arrival of Nairo Quintana Are in Colombia awaiting the arrival of Nairo Quintana?

Falcao is recovering from his injury Falcao is not recovering from his injury Is Falcao recovering from his injury?

Colombia is celebrating classification round Colombia is not celebrating classification round Is Colombia celebrating classification round?

The Colmbianos are gaining in world The Colmbianos are not gaining in world Are the Colmbianos gaining in world?

In the morgue bodies are rejecting for being too fat In the morgue bodies are not rejecting for being too fat Are in the morgue bodies rejecting for being too fat?

Obama is announcing Iraq strategy Obama is not announcing Iraq strategy Is Obama announcing Iraq strategy?

In United States is approving a gay judge In United States is not approving a gay judge Is in United States approving a gay judge?

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