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My name is Yeidi Aceneth Ospina Giraldo; my favorite name is Yeidi. I was born on June 06, 1988 in the municipality of Milan – Caquetá, located on the banks of river Orteguaza; in southeastern of Florencia the capital of this department. I lived in a farm during my first years; I have lived in the city since my nine years. I like to dance, listen to music, read about interesting topics, and know new thing and places. My parents are Rodrigo Ospina Cardona and Maria Aceneth Giraldo Zuluaga, who have dedicated their

I began my elementary school when I

lives to their children and grandchildren. I

was nine years old at the school Los Alpes,

am the younger of two brothers and two

now Educational Institution Los Andes;

sisters, their names are Faiber Giraldo

because of the schools in farms are very far.

Zuluaga, Rosa Yineth Ospina Giraldo, Juan

I studied in that school by four years but I

de la Cruz Ospina Giraldo and Cenaida

never received English classes. I made my

Ospina Giraldo; all my siblings have given

first communion when I was ten Years old.

me nieces and nephews since seventeen

One year later, when I was eleven years old,

years ago. I am mother of Ashley Nikol

my family and I went to live to Flandes –

Quintero Ospina since three year ago.

Tolima where I took my fifth year, at

Currently, I live in my parents’ home with

Educational Institution General Santander, in

my daughter in Florencia known as Golden

that school took my first English classes. In

Gate of the Colombian Amazon.

2001, I started my studies in high school in Girardot Cundinamarca, located next to Flandes Tolima. Those towns are separated by Magdalena River and they are

communicated through two bridges. I took

something about professional life.

particular English Classes on Saturdays by

Consequently, I decided to be an accountant

two hours. My family and I lived there by

but then I get discouraged.

two years and then we came back to Florencia. During my childhood wanted to be a teacher but in that time I did not know what wanted to teach. I studied in Educational Institution Los Andes since 2002 until 2004. During those years, I had two different English teachers a strict woman and a man. They taught me in a traditional way. I enjoyed those years with my classmates; one of the meaningful experiences was a trip to San

The following day that I finished my

Agustin Arqueological Park. In 2003, my

studies in the high school, I travelled to

parents made a party for celebrating my

Bogota city in order to care my older sister

fifteenth birthday, many people participated

because she was very sick. Moreover, I

in it. I enjoyed a lot my birthday and

wanted to study in District University but I

received many presents. Then I decided to

did not pass. Some months later, I began to

change to another school because I wanted

study in SENA Regional Distrito Capital

to learn new thing and know new people too.

(Centro de Gestión de Mercados Logística y

I realized that was a good decision; in

Tecnologías de la Información) in order to

Educational Institution San Francisco de

achieve the tittle of Tecnico en Operaciones

Asis, there was another focus in the last two

Comerciales en Almacenes de Cadena.

years of teaching. I chose be general

While I worked to Eficacia (a temporary

secretary. Two years later, I obtained my

work) as practicing. Thus, I worked in 3M

tittle of technical degree in general

Colombia as assistant of an employee of

secretariat, at the same time, I finished my

Eficacia from Tuesday to Friday, and I

studies in the high school. For that reason, I

worked in superstores on weekend. After one

work in Electrocaquetá Company as an

year, I obtained the tittle as technical.

intern. It was a great experience; I learnt

Immediately, I finished my classes in SENA,

I started to study English in Colombo Americano but I could not continue because the studies in that institution are very expensive; I just studied there for two months. At the end of 2008, I took a decision about my life and my future; I decided to study English at Amazonia University. I came back to Florencia at the beginning of 2009 and began to study my career. My first semester was very easy because I was the knowledge required. During my second semester, I realized that I was pregnant. Thus, I studied while my baby grew inside me. At the fourth semester, I got my first experience as a teacher in a Santa Helena Primary School as a practicing. In 2011, I work as a teacher in an academy by some days. In seventh semester, I had to go observing to a classmate in order to learn through the observation how would be my own experience as a teacher in a public school. The practice as a teacher in a public school was very helpful for me; I know that I am shy to speak in public but if I have doubts about something, I look for information for clarifying my doubts. In this moment, I am undergraduate in the Amazonia University yet.

The story of my life  


The story of my life