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ON THE COVER: Jamie Sale - Photo by Vivid Ribbon Photography

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Kathryn founded Get Cooking in 2011, initially teaching classes from her home kitchen in Riverbend in SW Edmonton. In September 2014 Get Cooking moved to its new commercial location within the campus of Grant MacEwan University in downtown Edmonton. At Get Cooking, Kathryn’s aim has been to combine her culinary expertise with her commitment to uncomplicated, approachable cooking.

Christal Sczebel is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the Owner of Pure & Simple Nutrition located in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also an avid blogger at her little space on the web, Christal aims to help others discover their best health through nourishing and balanced eating, self-love, and developing sustainable habits that last!. She is passionate about getting her clients and readers off of the dieting rollercoaster and into a place of balance and true enjoyment of whole foods. Christal lives in Edmonton with her husband and two fur-babies. She loves to stay active, eat good food, travel, host dinner parties and blog about it all!

Dr. Briana Botsford is a primary care provider and treats conditions from high blood pressure and the common cold to digestive complaints and fertility optimization. As an Ironman Triathlete, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist and Yoga Teacher, she integrates her in-depth understanding of movement, exercise and the mind-body connection into her writing and patient care.

Never settling for one type of exercise regime or routine of recipes, Brianna Meghawache, RD is always looking for new ventures in the world of fitness and nutrition. She is an Edmonton-based Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, as well as owner of NuFitRx who counsels on an individual and group basis. Brianna changes lives daily by first covering a solid basis of healthy whole-food knowledge and postural precision with her clients, and then encouraging person-specific changes that lead to lifelong maintenance of a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food!






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Gym open to non powerhouse members!

NEW LOCATION! We’re now open in the Campbell Business Center in St. Albert! CORNER OF BOUDREAU AND CAMPBELL RD.



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Editor’s Note Boom… We made it… This represents our sixth edition bringing you YEG Fitness and that’s cause for us to celebrate a bit. We made it through the first year of making our print magazine and we’re pretty excited. So break out the protein shakes and burpees, cause we’re just getting started.


Although this is just our sixth edition, we’re coming up on the fourth anniversary of our YEG Fitness community. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s also been a lot of fun. We’ve loved meeting so many amazing athletes from icons we grew up watching on TV to the lady who can still kick our a$$ by running us through a spin workout…


From the beginning, YEG Fitness was never about us. That’s why you rarely see our faces in the magazine. It’s why we don’t do a big speech at our launch parties. YEG Fitness has always been about our readers and the community members who make the fitness scene in Edmonton what it is. This edition, we’re excited to be sharing the cover with a woman most of us spent many nights during the Olympics watching on TV. Jamie Salé is about as real as it gets for an athlete who has made it all the way to the top of her sport. She shares with our readers some of what it took for her to get there, but more importantly, how that helped her transition into a life after sports where family is her main priority. With winter season approaching, we’re having a look at some of the great outdoor activities you can do to avoid cabin fever. Everything from learning some new strokes in the pool to enjoying the many cross-country trails in and around YEG. And don’t let the winter blahs get you down. We’re featuring a pair of articles that will help you stay healthy and happy both mentally and physically this winter. Watch for us out and about this fall with the YEGFit Street Team. You’ll find us in our new Audi Q5 sponsored by Audi Edmonton North with the YEG Fitness logo on the side. Join us at the coolest studios and community events all season long and follow the street team on social media with the handle @yegfitstreet to see where we’ll be next. Also, make sure to tag us in your photos so we can share them on our platforms.

CREATIVE DIRECTOR Joel Verhagen ACCOUNT MANAGERS Jenise Kropp Cody Yano Keith Laboucan PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Kelly SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Patricia Doiron EDITORIAL INTERN Melissa Lilley Printed in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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For advertising inquiries, contact No part of this publication may be copied or reprinted without the permission of YEG Fitness. The fitness and nutritional information in this publication are not intended to replace professional medical advice. Readers are encouraged to consult a health professional before beginning or changing in their fitness or nutritional activities. Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the contributor and not those of YEG Fitness or its employees and associates. Advertising in this publication does not indicate an endorsement by YEG Fitness.




CONCUSSION TESTING: Insurance for Your Brain

As a preventative measure, baseline concussion testing is done prior to an athlete’s sport season. In the event of a concussion, the same tests (a "post-injury") is taken again by the athlete, yielding comparative scores from before and after the injury. Baseline tests and post-injury tests measure Reaction Time, Memory Capacity, Speed of Mental Processing, and Higher Functioning of the brain. They also record baseline concussion symptoms and provide information about the athlete's history with concussions. SCAT3, King Devick, and Grip Strength are tests commonly used.

Baseline scores should not be used solely to determine if an athlete has a concussion but provide valuable information needed for diagnosis by a health professional. For more information about Baseline Testing and Concussion Treatment, call us at 780-570-0225 or visit our website at: Jen Peters | Certified Athletic Therapist CAT(C), MKin Athletic Therapists are health care professionals with specific training and focus in the assessment and rehabilitation of sport related injuries. Often seen with teams or on the sideline of sporting events, AT’s also work in clinics providing hands on treatment to athletes and active people alike, similar to other health care providers. Anyone who has sustained an injury in their sport/activity or whose sport/activity is limited by an injury would benefit from contacting an Athletic Therapist.



Sign up and invite your friends. For $15 you can run the 5K /10K/15K - you just can't beat those prices. Whether you are training to reach your goal, increasing your cardio or working on that mileage meter this race is for you! In addition to a professional chip time, a measured route and a real race atmosphere, participants will receive complimentary bananas and recovery snacks.


Believe Fit + Spinunity Believe Fit and Spinunity are teaming up to open their first Active Hub location in Currents of Windermere. The concept is based on what both businesses ensure is at the heart of what they do; that an individual can go to a place that feels like a home away from home to get the best fitness and nutrition advice around, with the best products and services to feed and nourish their lifestyle.



Winter blues and holiday prepping got you stressed? Then it’s time to escape to a quiet oasis of peace and light. Imagine strolling through the candle-lit pathways of the Kurimoto Japanese Garden, sipping hot apple cider beside a bonfire, enjoying seasonal sounds of strolling a capella singers and spotting magical “snow sprites” within glittering ice sculptures. You can even share this whole experience with a loved one by lighting a candle in their honour in Memory Lane. So, stop with the stress, grab a mug, and soothe your soul at Luminaria.

SUNDAY SWEAT SESSION – EVERY SUNDAY 9:45-10:45 - LULULEMON ATHLETICA WEM - FREE Bring your A game every Sunday morning for a workout at the lululemon store in West Edmonton Mall. Workouts are free and vary from week to week. Check in store for information on who is leading the next workout and just show up.

“Combining our ‘measurement with movement’ brand of spin along with quality fitness products and clothing is extremely exciting. We’ve both built wonderful environments we’re proud of and this collaboration furthers our mission to build and cultivate healthy bodies and healthy minds”.

Keylime KEYLIME athletic wear is excited about their new Sherwood Park location. Over 3,300square feet of shopping and fitness studio! #100 26393 Broadmoor Blvd Sherwood Park. We want to be your one stop shop becoming a healthier more confidant you! Our training programs are designed to be challenging but effective for reaching your fitness goals. Plus we carry beautiful CANADIAN made athletic wear and accessories to keep you looking fabulous. Most of all we are here to support you all the way!

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OCR TRAINING AT PERFORMANCE 104 Amanda and Danielle are both experienced and elite obstacle course racers. They bring 5 years of obstacle course racing experience including Spartan Races, Mud Hero, Foam Fest, and many others. Both Danielle and Amanda have competed in the Obstacle Course Race World Championships having both qualified to attend again this year!

8 WEEK SESSION Nov 2, 2016 - Dec 21, 2016 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Location: Performance 104 $120 plus gst for 8 weeks

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1. FAVORITE FITNESS ACTIVITIES? My favorite fitness activity has to be cycling. I've got a good group back in Minnesota that loves to ride and we have a good time together. 2. WHAT'S ON YOUR ITUNES PLAYLIST? My iTunes playlist consists of all genres. I think I have a playlist for any situation or activity. I love music. 3. WE'RE BUYING. WHAT ARE YOU DRINKING? Hahaha I like this question! I'm definitely a fan of the microbrews. It's fun trying new brands and flavours. It's a great industry. 4. FAVORITE CHEAT MEAL? My favourite cheat meal has to be pizza. Pepperoni and mushroom, once I start I just can't stop! 5. GAME DAY RITUAL? Game day rituals consist of nothing more than habits. Same pregame meal etc. I try not to get to hung up on that stuff. 6. BEST STRESS RELIEVER? My favourite stress reliever is fishing. I love getting out on the water, frozen or open, and wetting a line. To me it's the best. 7. WHAT'S YOUR DREAM VACATION? My dream vacation would be an Africa safari. I'm a huge fan of animals and would love to see them in their natural habitat. 8. BEST THING ABOUT YEG? My favourite thing about YEG is how family-oriented the city is. It's a great community and a terrific spot to raise kids. 9. WHAT'S IN YOUR GYM BAG RIGHT NOW? In my gym bag right now I've got a pair of swim goggles, a container of Nuun's, and my workout shoes. 10. PIECE OF EQUIPMENT YOU COULDN'T LIVE WITHOUT? The piece of hockey equipment I couldn't live without has to be my jock. After what happened in Dallas last season, I won't leave home without it!






Since starting a career as a Strength & Conditioning Coach one constant in my training programming has always been the use of core training. It is an aspect of training that has a significant value across many sports and is also incredibly diverse in nature. Whether we use it for athlete warm-ups, tempo activities, or general fitness components of training it is ever present in our training programs and a major starting block whether it be an elite level athlete or a novice athlete with no prior training experience. Aside from the occasional leg raises and ab crunches mixed into a workout, core exercises can often be neglected or even absent from some workouts. The benefits of training the muscles around your trunk and pelvis allow energy to transfer from the large to small body parts during many sporting activities, since power generates from the larger torque creating muscle groups. I am going to move away from some more traditional selections of core exercises and introduce some unique choices that might not be the first many would think of when they mention core training (but these may also be some of the favorites of other coaches). They are great overall core exercises that if prescribed with the right program can benefit the athlete in a variety of ways.

Brad has been the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Athletes Nation for 9 years and is the Co-Owner of Sports Performance Training. He is certified through the National Strength & Conditioning Association as a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and is one of four in Canada to become a Registered Strength & Conditioning Coach (RSCC). He has worked with top athletes from a variety of professional sport organizations such as the NHL, CFL, MLS and the UFC.




ZERCHER SQUAT The “Zercher Squat” (squat for your abs) forces the core of the body to work through the full mechanics of the movement by way of the abdominals and back muscles that are responsible for stabilizing the weight during the squat. It targets the back and the abdominals in ways other isolation or compound squats cannot, making it an extremely efficient at building central body strength. With the barbell weight loaded anteriorly (front of the body) the body is forced to maintain a straight, upright posture by placing an emphasis on anterior stabilizers including but not limited to rectus abdominis and transverse abdominis. Holding the weight so close to the centre of mass puts an emphasis on the core and surrounding stabilizing muscles and joints which become primarily responsible for keeping the bar in its proper position. 1. Place barbell in ditch of elbow, arms shoulder width apart 2. Close forearms on bar and hold close to body 3. Slightly open toes, squat with neutral spine 4. At bottom of squat have elbows go between knees

BARBELL ABDOMINAL ROLLOUT The barbell abdominal rollout is a great exercise which primarily activates the abdominal muscles and muscles of the lower back. This is an effective exercise that not only helps in building a strong posterior and anterior chain but also assists in strengthening the shoulders and latissimus dorsi as secondary muscle groups. It has an ability to provide abdominal stabilization across the torso while contracting the abdominal muscles without allowing the spine into extension. A standard barbell with plate weights or an abdominal wheel with handles is needed to perform this exercise. 1. Exercise mat under your knees and get into a kneeling position 2. Barbell on the floor and grab it with an overhand grip 3. Hands shoulder-width apart and shoulders should be directly over the barbell 4. Extend through hips, slowly move bar forward as far as comfortable pause and reverse

REVERSE HYPEREXTENSIONS (LOUIE SIMMONS) Low back pain is something that many of us can relate to. This is an exercise that was first made popular by Louie Simmons that has an intention of strengthening the lower back with the goal of coordinating all the muscles that extend the hips together. Focusing on the strengthening and activation of the gluteus muscles can in some cases reduce back pain, and often times completely alleviate it. Have you ever heard of the saying; “A weak lower back means weak core”? This has been very true in a lot of the client situations I have worked with. The posterior-chain, which is often a weak link among lifters and athletes, must be addressed in order for the athlete to present as strong through the middle. These lifts will also improve squat and deadlift strength and concurrently sprinting speed over time as well. 1. Get in proper position, hips hanging off the back 2. To begin the movement, flex the hips, pulling the legs forward 3. Reverse the motion by extending the hips, kicking the leg back 4. Return by again flexing the hip, pulling the carriage forward as far as you can

The Gift of Health The Gift of Fun YEGFITNESS



Different Strokes

Swimming Basics for Beginners BY SHANDY DICKINSON


Whether you are starting from scratch or returning from an injury, starting a new swimming routine can be tough. No matter the reason, if you haven’t dived into the pool recently, you may want to take it slow. Despite popular belief, swimming is not like riding a bike, and your cardiovascular endurance on dry land is often very different than in the water. Though you don’t need to swim like Penny Oleksiak to maintain your fitness, having a basic understanding of the various strokes, and a simple workout plan can set you on the right track.

Cardio Strokes involve continuous motion that work well for long distance swimming: FRONT CRAWL A.K.A. FREESTYLE 300 calories/30 minutes This stroke is a favourite among triathletes. Your forearms pull through the water past your body in an alternating fashion while you kick continuously from your hips with feet plantar-flexed. Common mistakes include: • Holding your breath as long as you can, rather than breathing to a set pattern (ex. turning to the side for a breath every 2 or 3 strokes). • Breathing to the same side every time—this can cause problems for your neck. If your breathing is set to an even pattern (every 2, 4, 6 strokes) be sure to always look to the same wall of the pool so that you turn your neck evenly to both the left and the right. • Kicking from the knees— though you don’t want to keep your knees locked straight while swimming, ensure your kick originates from your hip rather than your knees.

Q: What is Reflexology? A: Reflexology is a practice whereby reflex points found on the hands and feet are stimulated, activating corresponding organs, systems, glands or body parts in turn. In the practice of acupuncture, the lines of vital energy that run throughout the body are referred to as “meridians”, while in the practice of reflexology, these are known as “zones”. Both practices discern that illness or “dis-ease” is caused by congestion in these vital energy lines, and both indicate similar treatment to rid the body of such congestion: stimulating various points along the energy lines. Reflexology, in particular, focuses on reflex areas, that could also be thought of as portions of the meridians, as found on the feet and hands, and stimulates these points by exact massage techniques. By relieving the body of congestion through the practice of reflexology, energy is able to flow more effectively and the body moves towards a healthy state of balance. Roberta Shepherd, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner at Wellness on Whyte

Book your free 30-minute consultation by calling us at 780.437.9355 We look forward to helping you achieve the health 16



BACK CRAWL 270 calories/30 minutes If you struggle with breathing in the water, try back crawl. This stroke involves the same continuous flutter kick while your arms rotate behind you to catch and pull the water past your body while lying on your back. Common mistakes include: • Ten and 2 or 9 and 3: When swimming back crawl, your arms should enter the water above head in line with your body, or at 11 and 1 on a clock. Many swimmers fail to roll their body from side to side to reach their arm back far enough to catch the water above head. Instead their arms enter the water out to the side which can lead to shoulder injuries. • Pinky in, thumb out: Be sure to rotate your arm so that your pinky finger enters the water first and rotate again so that the thumb exits the water first on the recovery. • Windmill: Many people maintain a straight arm through the pull phase. Once your hand enters the water above head, you’ll want to bend your elbow and push the water past your thigh before your arm exits the water. Power Strokes are set to a pattern and require timing and coordination to master your propulsion through the water.

Train together. Succeed together. Try Partner Personal Training at competitive rates! YMCA of Northern Alberta - a registered local charity for over 109 years. When you join the YMCA you become part of a cause, and you automatically become part of a community. Our doors are open for you to get healthier, find support, and make friends for life.

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BREAST STROKE 375 calories/30 minutes The pattern for breaststroke is glide, pull, breathe, kick. Starting in a front glide position with arms overhead, pull your arms toward your chest and slice forward through the water as your legs whip around and back together into a glide. Common mistakes include: • Continuous kick: This stroke involves one powerful kick per phase rather than a constant kick. • Resting on breath: Be sure to rest for 2-3 seconds on the glide phase and take a quick breath during the breathe phase. • Frog kick: Ensure that your ankles are always wider than your knees on the whip kick and that your legs squeeze together back into the front glide position. Avoid knees out ankles in or frog kick.

BUTTERFLY 425 calories/ 30 minutes The most impressive of strokes involves a two kick sequence. Swimmers use a big kick to pull the arms through the water and use a smaller kick to throw their arms forward around and over-head. Common mistakes include: • Continuous kick: Avoid continuous dolphin kick • Leading with your chin: Ensure you lead your pull with your chest • Overarm recovery: Arms should exit the water pinky first with straight elbows and rotate shoulders forward so the back of your wrists come together and thumbs enter the water first in front of head. Calories burned are based on the average height/ weight of Canadian adults (5’6’’, 170lbs)

Beginner’s Workout Time: 30-45 minutes Distance = 1km = 1,000m = 20 laps = 40 lengths Equipment Needed: flutter board, pull-buoy (Ask your lifeguard where to find these)




150m Front Crawl warm-up 250m Flutter Kick with board on front 250m Arms-Only Front Crawl pull with pull-buoy between legs 6x25m or 3x50m Front Crawl sprints with walk-back 200m Choice Stroke warm-down Visit your local YMCA or City of Edmonton pool for more information on lane swim times and swim lesson offerings.

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Building Love Through Fitness BY LAUREN SIMPSON & CHRIS DENNIS Lauren and I met, oddly enough, on social media. We had been friends on every social media platform for a couple of years and my sister in law also knew her through competing. It was only appropriate that I work the courage up and message her. To my surprise, Lauren responded to my message positively and we talked back and forth for a few days. I finally worked up the courage to ask her out on a date - which really wasn’t a date – it was more like a social function with co-workers. Lauren said yes, I charmed her all night, and the rest is history. Lauren had already competed in a couple bikini contests when I told her I was interested in competing at my first show, which happened to be Muscle Beach here in Edmonton. It took me a couple days to convince her, but I managed to convince her to prep with me and we dove into prep headfirst. At first we thought it was going to be difficult because of the fact that prepping was already tough on one person let alone doing it together, but we both found that it was easier doing it as a couple.


We were able to lean on one another through grueling late night workouts, grocery shopping every few days, and the constant cooking and preparation of our food (which, of course, was completely different). Don’t get me wrong, we had our mood swings and tough times, but we always made it work. We found that fitness brought us closer than we could ever imagine. Both of us stepped on stage in Muscle Beach and were successful, both qualifying for provincials, which meant a whole extra year of dieting together. With this prep brought new challenges. We moved into our first place together, I started a new job, and Lauren was applying for school. Our lives suddenly got even more busy and hectic, but once again we made it through, taking this prep more seriously than ever. Provincials rolled around and we both dove into a fourteen-week prep period together with our coaches Rob and Asha Belisle from Excel Fitness and Nutrition with even more determination than ever. We were hearing daily how inspiring it was to others to see us push one another as hard as we did at the gym. Which is where @fitnesspizzainourmouths came into play. Lauren and I not only share a love for fitness, but an equally, if not greater, love for eating pizza. We created a combined Instagram account to share workouts and recipes, but more importantly show people that you can live a ‘normal’ life while preparing for a show. We had no idea the response we would get from our page. Ballistics Laboratories, a supplement company from British Columbia, took a liking for Lauren and I. Soon we were Brand Ambassadors for the company. We couldn't believe it when they invited us to Toronto to be part of the Toronto Pro Fitness competition. Being around this caliber of athletes really affirmed our love for the sport.

With the success of our Instagram account and gaining followers and sponsors, we strived and pushed one another even harder through this prep. Not only for ourselves, but also for our followers and our sponsors. We knew the competition was going to be next level at Provincials so we had to be more committed than ever. There was no more little cheat here and there. We stuck to our prep and were both more consistent than our previous preps, preparing and packing our food well in advance, getting all our workouts in, and getting the right amount of sleep every night. Our bodies definitely showed our dedication and we were both more than ready to step on that Provincial stage to show off our hard work. Prep this time around was a lot easier and more organized because we had prepped together the previous year. It was easier from an organizational standpoint, not an emotional one. Prep is never easy for anyone. For us though, prepping together again for Provincials made it an easier decision to step back on the stage. Lauren continued to prep through the summer for Nationals and most recently the International Ben Weider Legacy Cup show here in Edmonton, where she won her class. Both Lauren and I plan on competing for a couple more years, with both our eyes on getting our IFBB Pro cards, but fitness will forever be a passion we share. In our off-season we like to golf, go for runs, and we are always looking for fun new ways to stay in shape. We continue to connect and fall in love through something that most 'normal' couples think is crazy. Although prepping and competing made it difficult at times to connect, our lifelong love for fitness and now competing made us perfect for one another. We both understood the sacrifices it takes to be successful in this sport and only someone who has competed can fully understand that.




Running In a Winter Wonderland

Winter is upon us and the desire to slip out of our running routine is more tempting than ever. Don’t be discouraged by the cold this season, there are a few tips that can make running in the winter an easy and exhilarating way to have fun and stay fit. For starters, we need motivation. Try to find a running partner or a running group like the November Project or MEC running groups. Having people that are expecting you to be there for the run makes it much harder to back out. Try running at different times of the day, catch the sunrise on a crisp morning or get going on a night run with light snowfall. The winter can offer many beautiful experiences for runners. Once you’ve got the motivation it is time to gear up. Depending on the temperature and weather conditions your apparel can be a simple long sleeved merino wool shirt or you may need to add a warm fleece and a good windbreaker. A general rule for running in the cold is to dress as if it is 15 to 20 degrees warmer than the temperature outside, this will help you avoid the sweats. The worst thing you can do is over dress as it will lead to sweating and getting “the chills” which may lead to some sick days in bed with soup and a warm drink. Make sure you have some good moisture wicking socks that are still going to keep your feet warm. Brands like Smartwool and Darn Tough make great merino wool running socks. Stay away from vented shoes as they allow for snow and water to enter through the shoe and soak your feet. Going with a Gore-Tex lined shoe is your best bet. The winter time can be very

dark all morning and evening so be sure to light yourself up like a Christmas tree. Wear reflective and bright clothing to help keep you visible to other pedestrians, cyclists, and cars. Before you head out the door get your heart pumping and blood flowing by doing some light exercises in your home. You can run up and down the stairs a few times, do a few push ups and sit ups or use a jump rope. Once your blood has warmed up get outside and continue with dynamic stretching such as but kicks and lunges. Once you are loose and ready to go start off at an easy comfortable pace. Winter running isn’t about speed. You must be a lot more careful with your foot placement as it is easy to loose balance and take a good spill on the ice. It is not always easy to do long distances in the cold, so try breaking up your runs into smaller distances; running once in the morning and again in the evening. The most important thing about winter running is having fun and enjoying the beautiful scenery of the cold snowy season. Stay warm, bright, and strong this winter to keep yourself in good shape all year round. BY LOGAN GRAY

Being a run leader for MEC and a passionate snowboarding instructor makes Logan a true winter lover. He is always seeking the next big leap over an icy puddle or sending off an XL jump in the mountains. He believes that part of being a healthy Canadian is getting involved in winter activities with friends and family.


4 week introductory offer. Includes training uniform, belt and knapsack drawstring bag.

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Programs for Adults, Youth & Children (4+)


Eating Healthy Through The Holidays Christmas is approaching fast and with it our calendars are filling up with holiday party dates, and our thoughts turning to entertaining and food. It’s a time to indulge and enjoy, but over-indgulgence takes its inevitable toll on our waistlines. New Year’s resolutions are often the result, and every January so many of us find ourselves rushing back to the gym in hopes of combatting the effects of our annual excess. So how can we get through the season unscathed? One approach is to focus on seasonal: a trip to the farmers’ market to inspire a table spread with healthier local options. Why turn to the ubiquitous wine and cheese when there are so many other and healthier choices? Whilst our growing season is at its end, our access to the bounty of the local harvest continues into the winter months. Cellared vegetables abound, including the familiar options of carrots and cabbages, parsnips, potatoes and squash, but also less familiar choices, like celeriac and sunchokes. And our greenhouses continue to grow throughout the snowy months, producing eggplants, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, herbs and microgreens. So why not create a feast of party dishes with that taste of local? Soups are a favourite on a wintry night, and so perfect for a party. Served in a shot glass as an appetizer, or in a mug or a bowl for a more substantial bite, a soup will warm up your guests and get your party rolling. Some of our favourite soups are Spicy or Truffled Squash,

Curried Parsnip or Roasted Sunchoke with Toasted Hazelnuts – chock full of veggies they’re deliciously seasonally good for you. For a lovely presentation, try garnishing your soups with a splash of olive oil or some cold pressed Alberta canola oil and a sprinkling of microgreens then serve them with a hunk of crusty whole grain bread from a local bakery such as Bonjour, Bon Ton or Prairie Mill. Or better still, make your own! If you’re still looking to add some cheese to the mix, you could consider a pot of cheese fondue. But if you want to cut back on the bread and crackers, dunk slices of BC apples and pears into that cheesey goodness instead: choose a sharp, crisp and juicy piece of fruit to cut through the richness of all that cheese. Other options are some veggie dips, with crudites to dunk such as carrots and celery sticks or cauliflower florets. Consider roasting an eggplant to puree with some lemon juice, olive oil and tahini for a delicious Baba Ganoush. Or grate some cucumber and mix it up with a handful of dill, more lemon and a bowlful of Greek Yogurt to create a refreshing homemade Tzatziki. And if you love carrots – who doesn’t – how about whipping up a Moroccan favourite of cooked carrots pureed into a tasty harissa spiced dip? A really fun way to incorporate food into a holiday party is to turn your night into a cook together event. Instead of the typical potluck, ask

your guests to bring the ingredients to cook up a feast of local food. Assign recipes and tasks then get everyone busy in the kitchen with you. The best parties are always in the kitchen! And under your guidance, you can choose the way with a selection of healthy recipes to prepare. And the finishing touch is a punch bowl, heavy with fruit, a perfect beverage for a festive winter night. So we’ve covered your December party menus but the big day still awaits, the final challenge once you’ve made it through the month. How can you keep to your resolve on Christmas Day itself? Why not make like the Italians and focus on fish? A whole side of salmon, marinated and roasted, is a delicious alternative to the heavier Christmas Bird. Served up with some braised French Lentils, Wilted Winter Greens and a Winter Vegetable Puree or Roasted Platter of local root veg you have a lighter but equally delicious and celebratory meal. Start with a salad of greens with some goat’s cheese and toasted nuts then finish off with a bowl of BC pears, poached in red wine and spices – think cinnamon, cloves and star anise – and you have the makings of the perfect Christmas meal! Best wishes, BY KATHRYN JOEL Owner/Operator - Get Cooking PHOTOS BY JEFF KELLY




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Crazy For Kombucha Fermented foods have been a part of the human diet for many years. Due to the commercialization of our food system, traditional fermented foods have been in decline, leaving only a small percentage of people benefiting from these foods. Fermented foods can have positive benefits on healing and repopulating probiotic bacteria into the gut. These fermented foods are created either naturally (think sauerkraut) or by using starter cultures (think kombucha or kefir). Kombucha is a fermented, living tea with slight natural effervescence and a tart flavour. Kombucha is traditionally made by adding a symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) to a sweet tea blend. The SCOBY, is the thick gel like substance that lives on the top of the tea during fermentation. That is where all the good stuff lives! Kombucha is said to aid healthy gut flora, neutralize body pH and detoxify the body. It is also a low-sugar alternative to beverages like pop and juice as much of the sugar content is "consumed" by the yeast bacteria during fermentation.

Call to book an appointment today! 1-855-5PIVOTAL Brewery District #201, 11936-104 Avenue

Wild Tea Kombucha was born when founder Emily Baadsvik retired from bobsleigh and was intrigued by fermented foods. A friend introduced her to kombucha while she was training for the 2014 Olympic Games. Like many other athletes, Emily started using kombucha as a recovery aid after intense workouts. She enjoyed the fact that kombucha was naturally energizing and mixed well into a recovery shake, adding the gut loving benefits of kombucha. Wild Sparkling Tea is bottled naturally, without added carbonation so it can be safely added to a blender, avoiding a potentially foamy mess. If you are thinking about incorporating kombucha into your diet, we recommend starting with ¼ of a cup twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. You may decide to replace your morning coffee with a




glass of cold kombucha. You may increase your dosage once your body has adjusted, however we suggest listening to your body. If you have a pre-existing medical condition or immune condition or even if you are unsure about dosage, we recommend consulting your medical professional. As with any detoxifying product, it's also important to drink plenty of water. Our kombucha has an expiry date on the bottle, however generally speaking, kombucha has a shelf life of 4 weeks while refrigerated. If the product is brought up to room temperature (between 75-80 degrees), it will begin to ferment again, remember it's a living tea! Eventually, the product will begin to sour and will no longer be palatable. Be careful as the pressure created from the fermentation can break glass bottles and make a sticky mess. To stop the fermentation, just return your kombucha to the fridge. Kombucha is very versatile, and can be used to make salad dressings, marinades and sauces, not to mention it's delicious mixed in a cocktail or with beer and ciders. Buy Wild Tea Kombucha at Urban Organics in Sherwood Park, Planet Organic Jasper Ave and 104th Street or Blush Lane Organic Market on 102nd Street in Edmonton. Instagram - @wildteakombucha Twitter - @wildteakombucha ANTI-INFLAMMATORY REMEDY In a high-speed blender, combine: • 1 banana • 1 medium carrot peeled and roughly chopped • ½ cup pineapple • 1 tsp. of peeled fresh ginger • ½ tbs. or to taste, maple syrup • ¼ tsp. of turmeric • ½ cup of coconut water • Small handful ice • Blend for 30 seconds. • Pour in glass & top with 1/4 cup of Wild Tea Kombucha • Wild Ginger or Pineapple Mojito.



World Health, Edmonton’s Premier Fitness Club offers fantastic compensation including benefits, a world class continuing education program, community involvement, support to grow your business and schedule flexibility. For more information

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Happy Over Crappy My name is Mhairi Munro and I am the voice behind Prim & Posie, a lifestyle blog that’s goal is to inspire you to make the most of your life. And I’m here to talk about happiness. I’m going to start off by telling you that I haven’t always been happy and nor will I always be but happiness is something I am learning to generate. I am working to find a way to create the happiness I wish to feel and turn those bad days in to good ones. So, I present to you Happy Over Crappy. A happiness challenge designed to help change our attitudes and encourage postivity. Taking the times out of our lives to practice happiness can seem like a trival task. When you are happy you are happy, and when you aren’t you aren’t, and you can’t change that, right? Well I think you can. When our day is full of over 100 happy moments and one unhappy one, which do you remember? I know for me it has always been the negative moment that weighs heavier than any postive ones. Giving ourselves the recognition of all the positive moments in our day and celebrating them is the first step. How about we design our lives around what makes us happy? Let’s take the time to celebrate what makes us happy! Take a look at what you value, what you want to achieve, and how you are working to achieve those things. Are your actions bringing you closer to those moments? Why not design your life, because it is your life, to revolve around what makes you the most happy? There will always be tough decisions and difficult moments to overcome, but if we look at those as stepping stones to our happiness we can find the positives even in the unhappiest of moments.

STEP 1: MAKE A HAPPY & CRAPPY LIST I want you to look at your life and make a list of all the things in your life that give you a sense of joy and fufillment. On the other hand, make a list of the things in your life that bring you stress and dissapointment. STEP 2: INCREASE YOUR JOY! Once you have your lists made take a look at your “Happy List”. Focus on ways to incorporate more of these items into your week. If you wrote down enjoying a cup of coffee, see if there is a way for you to enjoy a cup everyday. These will be your happiness pit-stops! STEP 3: DON’T GIVE THE CRAPPY MOMENTS POWER! Take a look at your “Crappy List” and focus on just one item at a time. Take an item and write down how it makes you feel and why. After doing this write down what you can control and what you can’t. For example, if an endless to-do list is making you feel stressed out, break it down and see what small things you can accomplish. Set a specific time to deal with these annoying tasks, and think about how you will feel when it’s over. If you focus on the result, rather than giving the task the power, you will already feel much better! Giving ourselves the support and time to focus on the positives in our lives will allow us to feel our best selfs and to accomplish our best work. Each week I offer new challenges to help increase your happiness so join me on this happiness journey! For more information or to take part in the challenge take a look at Let’s get happy! Mhairi Munro is the voice behind Prim & Posie, a lifestyle blog that’s goal is to inspire you to make the most of your life. Through DIY projects, local features, and travel reccomendations she aims to spark your creativity and passion. Prim & Posie’s latest project is called Happy Over Crappy; a happiness challenge created in hopes of forming a community of just overall happy, inspired people.

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Your Habits Don’t Need a Rest Day How to leverage your existing healthy habits during the holiday season


“Would you like the salty snack or cookies?”

Quads need a rest day. Not habits.

You remove your earbuds and glance from the seatback TV to the kerchiefed stewardess. Apple and protein bar in your carry on? The thought makes your mouth as watery as a stale rice cake.

We all like to enjoy vacations and holidays with a few extra indulgences. Baba’s hand pinched perogies anyone? But it’s useless to sweat, lift, and count macros for weeks leading up to the holidays to then eat, drink, or lounge your gains away. Eventually you'll be part of that quintessential January 1st resolution stampede to the gym and produce aisles, while at the same time apologizing to the healthy habits you abandoned.

“Salty snack please. And I’ll have a beer with that too please.” Because vacation. And you’re celebrating for any number of reasons like your brother’s stag, anniversary, family Christmas tropical style, passing the semester, flunking the semester, moving out, or moving home. Any reason, really. It seems to justify the salty snack and beer that ordinarily isn’t even a thing for you. But you’re on a vacay. Adios, habits! Like most of us when we jet off to places full of margaritas and foreign accents, or even just take the week off to enjoy the Christmas season with family, we tend to give our habits a rest day. Or an entire rest week.

Leverage what you’ve built Holidays are made of erratic schedules, tempting food, and ice cold booze. This makes it tough to stick to all the habits that have been built over time. Rather than affording your habits a complete rest week while you’re on holidays, try to leverage a few of your favorite habits. Use your tried and perfected habits to your advantage. This way, your energy is focused on enjoying your holiday versus in a battle ropes duel with your willpower. Try picking ten, or seven, or even five habits that are part of your daily routine. Then figure out how you can actively carry out that habit vacation-style. Taking action is key, rather than just a mental commitment.

Here are a few really simple examples of habits that can be adapted to vacation mode.

HABIT: You workout on a regular basis.

HABIT: You listen to music during workouts.

TRY: The VERY FIRST official day you’re on holidays, get in a workout, whether it’s a quick 12 minute HIIT or an hour of strength training. And do it before noon, even if you were on the bar stool until 2 am the night before. That first day will get you familiar with the gym, get a good-feeling sweat on, and confirm that fitting in a workout on vacation is totally doable.

TRY: Download ten new songs to add to your workout playlist for approximately thirty minutes of new tracks. New music alone makes me actually want to do a long session of steady state cardio.

HABIT: You never indulge in dessert, chocolate, pop, juice, unlimited ice cream sundaes topped with Oreo crumbs and gummy worms. TRY: Write down a list of food and drink items on your NEVER list. At home these items are likely not an issue because you just don’t buy them. But at an all-inclusive resort or grandma’s family dinner, you foresee the temptation and your taste buds perk up at the thought alone. This list becomes non-negotiable. If you choose never to eat or drink it at home, choose not to indulge during the holidays.




Cheers to your habits Whether you’re an accomplished triathlete competitor or a stay-at-home mom who dabbles in fitness, you have habits. And those habits can help keep your fitness on track, your health in mind, and your workout clothes on point. Even during the holidays.

HABIT: You are a wateraholic. TRY: Using your favorite water bottle, figure out how many bottles you drink on an average day at home. Bring that bottle with you. And yup, track your consumption. It’s pretty easy to under-consume water when your regular routine is non-existent. If you’re short at the end of the day, do your best to make up the difference before bed. Hopefully it will only take one night of waking up three times to pee to ensure you stagger your water consumption throughout the day and meet— or exceed if there’s an excessive dose of beer and sun—your average daily intake.




HABIT: You have regular scheduled fitness activities during the week like running group, yoga, and bootcamp. TRY: Schedule these sessions into your phone as an appointment for yourself while on vacation. When that appointment reminder pops up, get up from your poolside lounger. Do the activity, exactly like you would at home, but oceanside on white sand instead of home terrain. If you need the added impact of accountability, arrange to check in with someone in each of these groups after you complete the activity. It is possible that the timing of these sessions at home will completely conflict with plans you have on vacation. So take the liberty to adjust the time of your appointment on that particular day. But DON’T cancel it altogether.

So back to that offer of salty snack or cookies. If they’re on your NEVER list, politely send the kerchiefed stewardess along her way down the aisle. Reach into your carryon and opt for your apple. Crush a few giant gulps from your third bottle of water today (recall, you’re keeping track). Settle back into your leather airplane seat, and hit shuffle on your new playlist. Enjoy your vacay. Cheers, with a margarita on the rocks. Because those are never on the NEVER list. For more habit love, follow @nessa.pearl and @buildyourstrong on Instagram. Comments, ideas, questions? Email Vanessa Goodman is a fitness enthusiast, lover of healthy habits, communications consultant, and mom of three boys.

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We want to see fellow Yeggers, men and women, young and old, continue to be a part of our amazing fitness community without fear of injury! Follow along with us on social media and help us spread the word about men’s health, mobility, and regular self maintenance... and of course, happy Mo growing! / 780-455-5068 /

A Fitness Family’s Passion, Purpose and Pride

What an amazing fitness journey my wife, Leah and I have been privileged and blessed to take and share with others over the past twenty years. We have worked hard to build and sustain our business while relentlessly pursuing ongoing professional development in wellness, fitness, coaching and counselling. What’s most amazing is how we have been able to positively influence our beautiful daughters, Kassandra and Taylor, to live healthy, active lifestyles and to find their own passions and dreams. They have learned to pursue their goals wholeheartedly with a strong work ethic, determination and perseverance. ZUMBA®/PERFECT HEALTH

BY DEREK SADLER Co-owner, Fitness Foundations Inc. (o/a: Precision Martial Arts Academy) Founder/Creator, PMAA’s Core Kick-boxing™ PHOTOS BY VIVID RIBBON PHOTOGRAPHY

My wife, Leah Kazakoff, is proudly one of the first Licensed Zumba® Instructors in Edmonton. I call her the Zumba Queen (she hates that…haha). Zumba® is truly her passion and I believe she was destined to teach this FUNtastic fitness class. Leah’s class participants absolutely adore her as she continues to teach in several facilities throughout Edmonton as well as teaching other group fitness formats. Her other passion is helping people find balance in mind, body, spirit through an Ayurvedic lifestyle and she is certified through The Chopra Center to teach a course called Perfect Health. This course has enriched her life in so many ways and has led us as a family to practice many of the principles she teaches particularly when it comes to eating nutrient rich, healthy meals. YOGA Kassandra Nichol, our oldest daughter, played soccer and practiced Taekwondo until she found her passion, Yoga. She became certified in many different styles of Yoga such as Hatha, Pre and Post Natal, Yin and Children’s Yoga and teaches classes that are welcoming and respectful of everyone’s abilities and challenges. She followed in our footsteps and started her own business too.




TAEKWONDO Taylor Sadler, our youngest daughter, also played soccer and loves to swim, however, she followed in her Dad’s footsteps by practicing Taekwondo. In June 2016, she successfully tested and was promoted to her 1st Degree Black Belt. Taylor is on Precision Martial Arts Academy’s prestigious Leadership Team and assists in teaching classes to young children. She loves sharing her knowledge and experience with others and is truly a great mentor and role model who leads by example. She also created her own babysitting business, taking after the rest of her entrepreneurial family. TAEKWONDO /MARTIAL ARTS/PERSONAL TRAINING I played many sports growing up, excelling in soccer and hockey, playing to junior level. At 12-years-old, with buck teeth and braces, the direction of my life changed when I got hit in the mouth! That was the day I said “no one will EVER hit me again!” I then began taking classes at a Karate/Kick-boxing Academy in West Edmonton. My love for martial arts was born and I never looked back. Thirty four years later and after training in various styles of Martial Arts, I am a 6th Dan Taekwondo Black Belt Master Instructor, Vice President of the Alberta Taekwondo Association, a certified Learning Facilitator and Evaluator for Taekwondo Canada, and a Chartered Professional Coach with the Coaching Association of Canada. Being part of these organizations allows me to make a difference in the national Taekwondo community and share my love and passion for martial arts. It has also given me the opportunity to be a 4th time National Team Member. Over the past twenty years, I have worked with hundreds of clients and athletes in many different capacities including as a Certified Personal Trainer and High Performance Coach. I am occasionally referred to as D-ROCK and am known for my high energy, contagious enthusiasm and passion for teaching and helping others. I strive to uphold the highest standards of fitness and martial arts education and do it with integrity, empathy and caring.




An old Chinese proverb spoken by Lao-tzu states, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” These countless thousands of miles are an accumulation of many training courses, workshops, seminars and conferences, along with countless smiles, thank yous and friendships from people we have had the privilege to work with over the years. Every mile and every step along the way has been well worth it! We are truly blessed to do what we love for a living. Sharing our passion for fitness, wellness and health. Finding balance in life is the key to success and although we struggle like everyone else, we made the choice to succeed as a family and support each other’s passions. Serving others and hopefully enriching their lives enriches our lives in unmeasurable ways. This crazy life we lead is good for the soul and for our Family!

Tired of Being Tired? BY DR. BRIANA BOTSFORD

Do you wake up in the morning exhausted? Even if you sleep a solid nine hours, are you still tired? Maybe you feel ok when you wake up, but your energy crashes at 3 p.m.? If you get home and you’re so pooped you can’t imagine getting off the couch to make supper, you’re not alone. The change in seasons, your thyroid hormones, blood sugar and stress levels can all play a role in influencing your energy levels throughout the day. With the days getting shorter and the decrease of sunlight, it’s extremely common to have low energy. Some people struggle to get out of bed in the morning when it’s still dark out, while others have a harder time getting to the gym after work because it feels like the middle of the night when they leave the office. In some cases, symptoms of low mood impact this type of fatigue with what is known as Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. Some people benefit from vitamin D supplementation during the winter months to boost their energy and mood. Light therapy can also be effective to reduce depression during the winter and increase energy. Check out Medicine Hat based for light therapy appliances. Low thyroid function can lead to fatigue, weight gain and hair loss. This type of fatigue does not improve with rest or sleep. Most people with untreated low thyroid function (hypothyroidism) wake up feeling tired and don’t get much better throughout the day. If anyone in your family has a history of a thyroid concern, you should get tested with your doctor since genetics can play a role in thyroid disease. If you feel ok when you wake up, you get through your morning without to much trouble, but by 1 or 3 p.m. you need a nap, you might want to look

at your nutritional habits. Eating more protein and healthy fats in the morning and at lunch can help balance your blood sugars so that your energy levels don’t dive. For lunch, be sure to consume lots of vegetables for their high fibre content, and add half an avocado, a couple tablespoons of olive oil, or a sprinkle of nuts and seeds for fats. You should also be having a good amount of protein from something like cooked chicken breast, two hardboiled eggs or one cup of chickpeas. Consider having a mid-afternoon snack containing protein, fibre and fat to prevent the mid-afternoon slump and avoid reaching for a cup of coffee. I recommend a protein powder, apple and almond butter or a homemade protein muffin to keep energy levels steady throughout the afternoon. While you’re adding healthy fats, protein and fibre to your mid-afternoon routine, be sure to watch your coffee consumption. Avoid drinking coffee after noon if at all possible. Coffee (or any form of caffeine) can lead to a surge of energy, followed by a crash. This can impact your body’s stress response. If your family life, work, or life in general is particularly stressful, your stress (adrenal) response could be impacting your energy levels. If you’re feeling tired all day, having difficulty concentrating or performing at work but you can’t wind down or fall asleep at night you’re probably suffering from an issue with your adrenal response. You can’t always change the amount of stress in your life so managing the effect of stress on your body through yoga, meditation, specific supplements and/or herbs can help you feel energized and get the sleep you need to rest and repair.

Strathcona County


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In order for you to have more energy, it’s important to figure out why you’re so tired. Once you know what’s causing your fatigue, you can take steps to feel better. Start with watching your nutrition to manage your blood sugar then consider additional thyroid, adrenal or vitamin D testing to determine your next steps. YEGFITNESS



“This is going to be the most difficult article I’ve had to write,” I said to my wife Ashley when I began going through the process of planning this article for the November feature. I was thinking about what I would say. She is Canada’s sweetheart after all. Recognized from coast-to-coast as arguably the best pairs figure skater of all time. A Canadian icon. And also my friend. We went for lunch at Harts Table to chat about the theme of the article and immediately fell into conversation about what was going on with our families. What the kids were up to. What we were doing that weekend. The typical stuff people talk about over a glass of wine and a Cobb Salad. We didn’t spend a minute chatting about the article, but I knew immediately after leaving the restaurant what the story would be about.

Jamie Salé is one of those people who can light up a room with her personality. Her ‘no BS’ attitude is something you don’t often see with someone of her celebrity status, but that’s the great thing about Jamie. She keeps it real. Salé’s love for figure skating began at the age of seven when her mom gave her a choice between figure skating and gymnastics. She excelled at both sports, but her mom made her make the choice between the two when she was ten. “I immediately said, ‘I want to skate,’” she says. “My mom said, ‘Take your time to choose.’ But I didn’t need to. I loved to skate and that was where I felt that I was my best. I just really enjoyed it; I felt so much freedom when I was on the ice.” Her ability on the ice showed early on, but during her teenage years, she struggled with injuries and a lack of motivation. One of her coaches at the time recommended that she quit and try something else, but she stuck with it, and eventually paired with David Pelletier.




Salé knew she had something to prove when the pair qualified for the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City. “I remember going into that Olympics just being very terrified but yet excited. I’d worked my whole life for that Olympics and I really wanted to come home with a gold medal,” says Sale. Like many historical events in sports, most Canadians will remember where they were when they watched Jamie and David perform a flawless free skate to Love Story ending in an embrace that had many in their seats in the arena and at home shedding a tear for their fairy tale couple. Although initially awarded a silver medal for their performance, the Canadians were upgraded to a shared gold with Russian competitors Elena Berezhnaya and Anton Sikharulidze following revelations the judging had been fixed against them. The controversy led to a complete revamp of the scoring system in figure skating. Jamie and David married on December 30th, 2005 and had a son Jesse in 2007. “I was so in love with being a mom,” says Jamie. “It’s changed me because my priorities changed.” After their divorce in 2010 Salé and Pelletier continued to skate together professionally until they retired in 2012. A new partnership formed out of the loss however, one based around their son.

Now married to former Edmonton Oiler and current Rogers Sportsnet hockey broadcaster Craig Simpson, Jamie’s life may no longer involve skating, but the love for her family remains at the forefront. In 2013, they welcomed their daughter Samantha and she has found a deep sense of joy in her life. Jamie jokes about her typical day starting when they wake up around 9:30 then quickly says, “kidding.” Her days of travelling the world for a performance in a new stadium have been replaced with school and sports for the kids. “We’re up at 7:15 am every weekday to get the kids ready for school which is always fun with a threeyear-old and a nine-year-old.” Sam has just started school and mom keeps her active in order to burn off some of that childhood energy. A quick nap for Sam before “all hell breaks lose” when Jesse gets home. A typical energy filled boy, Jesse is the older brother who loves his little sister and his sister loves the attention. Jesse is a hockey goalie in the winter and spring and then plays ball in the summer. He is very athletic and enjoys being active. Samantha has just started dance class, gymnastics and swim lessons and is also showing a lot of athleticism. She was up wakesurfing with Mom this past summer. Exactly what you’d expect from two kids coming from parents where sport and fitness are engrained into their souls. “My two kids are very different from one another,” says Jamie. “One is ok being the back up and just happy to be there (Jesse) and the other needs to be first getting out of the shower or even just going for a walk (Sam). Maybe it’s just a boy vs girl thing or a first child versus second child thing but it is so funny to see the difference.”

Since retiring from figure skating Jamie has been a full-time mom staying active in her children’s school activities as well as their extra curricular activities. But she knows the importance of taking care of her self. “It has been important for me to stay fit and feeling healthy so I try to do something at least four days a week in the fitness department, whether it’s on my own or in a class." Jamie works out at Orangetheory twice a week, then does yoga and Garuda on alternate days. The former professional athlete in her hasn’t worn off with motherhood. We were supposed to get together in Red Deer this summer to do the 12 km Spartan Race with Mike Chalut from 91.7 The Bounce and both Mike and I were dreading it, but we both put on a brave face. I started training for it and Mike went shopping for a new outfit. The weather was looking pretty bad so we decided to cancel (much to both Mike’s and my delight). But in true Jamie fashion, while visiting her father in Red Deer on a weekend visit with Jesse, she woke up and put on her runners to complete the race. She sent me a quick text message to let me know how she did and I sent her a reply back with a photo of myself sitting in the pedicure chair enjoying my Saturday afternoon. A simple emoji reply came in return—a middle finger—typical Jamie. As a professional athlete, mental health has always been an important part of her life. Like many people, Jamie suffers from anxiety from time to time. This started when she was 23 and got a little worse when she had Jesse. “I felt extremely anxious when I had to leave him to go train,” she says. “I didn’t consider that maybe I had post partum. Now I have learned to work through this with meditation or deep breathing. I have sought help through the years for this and find that yoga and meditating work best for me when I’m feeling anxious.” She has also learned that because of her passionate, expressive personality, it is important for her to be able to express herself or at least write her thoughts and feelings down when needed. She finds that this really helps with her anxiety.

“Most people say to me ‘that must be so hard that Craig is away every weekend during the hockey season’. But I always tell them that sure it’s tough sometimes as all the fun stuff typically happens on weekends but he’s home from Sunday to Friday and works out of the house so we have lots of time together when the kids go to school.” Hockey season this year didn’t start in October for Craig with the World Cup of Hockey kicking off in the middle of September. A night out with Jamie and Craig to watch the Eskimos take on Jamie’s Stampeders ended early with Craig needing to head home to be able to do his homework, watching three games so he would be prepared for his broadcasts the next week. It’s the type of commitment he needs to do so he can do his job and for Jamie and Craig, it just works. “We have it pretty good because my family is often available to come and stay with the kids for a few days if I want to go away with Craig for a weekend,” says Jamie. The couple tries to get away together at least twice during the season to have time to connect as adults and then they spend the summer together as a family traveling and enjoying their home. As for her own personal future, Jamie is in a great place with her life. As an advocate for Special Olympics and a brand ambassador with newly opened kb&co, she is enjoying the extra family time and the bright future. “I’m a very positive person. I have surrounded myself with great people who encourage me and inspire me so I feel so blessed to be near so many wonderful people.”

SORE TODAY STRONG TOMORROW. 43°22 Bootcamp is a high intensity group session focused on improving overall fitness. In 60 minutes we combine fitness intervals with kettlebells, sleds, track work, agility ladders, battle ropes, and monkey bars to keep workouts challenging and fun. Try your first class free.


Our day-to-day decisions surrounding food have important personal, local and global consequences, but misinformation and conflicting messages are common, making it difficult to know what to eat. It’s important to understand why what we eat matters. Locally sourced foods produced sustainably and without the use of pesticides and hormones are important for many of us both at home and when dining out. Understanding why what we eat matters and living a “farm to fork” lifestyle allows us to make the healthiest food choices for our bodies and our planet. This month, we feature Farm to Fork Eatery from Sherwood Park. Chef Hayden Maclean and his team create amazing dishes using only the finest local ingredients. We sat down with owner Justin Halabi to get his take on how important providing a farm to fork menu is to his guests. EXPLAIN THE IDEA BEHIND "FARM TO FORK". WHERE DID THE CONCEPT COME FROM? With the changing economic tides and increase in local availability I felt there was a need to create a establishment that could amalgamate the need to bring things closer to home and to showcase the quality of the local ingredients.




YOUR MENU IS ALL ABOUT LOCALLY SOURCED, SEASONAL PRODUCTS. WHY WAS THIS IMPORTANT FOR YOU WHEN DEVELOPING THE RESTAURANT? More often and increasingly if there is no change in social models, we reach out for ingredients thinking the availability, cost, and quality are better. When actually the local availability and varieties are quite amazing. On top of that we support a local farmer or producer who we can put a name to and know we are having a positive economical impact on their lives. SEEING THAT EDMONTON FACES SOME UNIQUE CLIMATE CHALLENGES, HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH SEASONAL VARIATIONS IN YOUR MENU? We are working with 34 different local grower/producers at the moment and that should increase over time. Where we can't find varieties we either adapt and find something else to match or create a different dish. Our menu since conception has evolved several times and will continue to do so.

WHAT IS ONE SIGNATURE DISH SERVED AT FARM TO FORK EATERY THAT FITS YOUR VISION OF LOCAL, SUSTAINABLE FOOD? In Alberta we are known for our proteins. Our top cut is a 24 ounce 26 day dry aged porterhouse that is served with a medley of roasted vegetables, wild mushrooms and fingerling potatoes. We use Jeff Nonay beef that is still hand fed on his family farm. Roasted vegetables are locally sourced, cellar stored or green house grown (August Organics, Riverbend Gardens, Peas On Earth, Doef’s Greenhouses... to name a few sources). We even forage for wild mushrooms and use winter stored fingerling potatoes, which have a sweetness that is just amazing. THERE SEEMS TO BE A TREND WITH MORE AND MORE RESTAURANTS SUPPORTING LOCAL FARMERS. WHY DO YOU SEE THIS AS VALUABLE TO YOUR BUSINESS? This is valuable not only to my business but in my opinion to local economics. Why support down south for example when we can support our next-door neighbour. For our business it's all about quality of ingredient and truly we are working with some amazing ingredients.

No Limit Endurance BY ANDRE LESSARD What are your limits? There is a breed of athlete that strives to answer this question. The typical response is “let’s find out!” Endurance athletes can accomplish feats that most people consider impossible. It’s in the title— they endure. They continue to swim, run, or ride when their body is empty of any energy and their mind is telling them to quit. Why continue to push when it would be easy to stop and raise the white flag of surrender? These athletes have certain personality traits in common which help them to push beyond their limits. They are persistent past the point of being stubborn. When endurance athletes set a goal they will attempt to accomplish it even in the face of certain failure. To set such ambitious goals is to have a sense of adventure and bold curiosity. The time it takes to complete an endurance races pales in comparison to the time these ath-

letes put in their training. Months, even years of preparation go into one ultra-endurance event. Runners for example, need to make time for their long runs, tempo runs, interval training, their strength training and even recovery training. It is dedication and persistence to push yourself when no one is watching and cheering you on. Why take on a seemingly insurmountable distance to begin with? Because it is the way endurance athletes want to test their limits. They are curious as to how far they can go and how long it will take. They want to challenge their body and their mind to do what would not be possible without sheer determination. Keep your determination, and give what it takes. You might find out that you have no limits. If you are seeking adventure and are curious as to whether or not you can accomplish a challenge, Edmonton is located near many Ultra Marathon and also hosts many locally. The River Valley Revenge is a 100km, 50km and 25km Ultra located right here in our Edmonton River Valley. It is presented by a local club called the Edmonton Trail Runners.

Justin Halabi Owner

The Canadian Death Race is located in Grande Cache. It is a 125km course that can be accomplished solo or by a relay team. The Pack Mentality Ultra is a winter ultra in our river valley. The 50km option requires you to have a “pack” of four runners that stick together. You can also test yourself with the solo 100km option. Grizzly Ultra is a 50km in Canmore with an elevation gain of 1691 metres and can be either a solo or relay effort. Blackfoot Ultra is located east of Edmonton at the Cooking Lake Blackfoot Provincial Recreation area. The race offers the 25km “Baby-Ultra” up to the 100km option. Andre Lessard is the Community Manager and Brand Ambassador for Sport Chek and Atmosphere at the West Edmonton Mall. He was not always the 3-time Boston Marathon finisher with a Marathon PR of 2:50. Prior to 2010, Andre was 256 pounds with a waist size of forty-four inches. He made the choice to become healthy and active, helping him shed one hundred pounds. His next running challenge is to take on Ultra-Marathons starting with the Grizzly Ultra in October 2016 followed by some 100km or more ultras in the summer of 2017.





OVERRATED OR FOR REAL? When people choose a hobby they often follow trends related to it. But just as anything else in life, trends tend to attract both acceptance and rejection. Bike riding is no exception. One example of such a trend is fat tire bikes. When they were first launched on the market, some embraced them out of curiosity, while others looked at them as though they were alien. As time passed and people understood their utility, fat bikes gained more and more adepts. While many remain reluctant to the idea, those who have tried riding fat tire bikes understood what the fuss is all about and have become fat bike advocates. Are fat tire bikes for you? Here some reasons you should consider trying out a fat tire bike this season.





1. IT TAKES YOU PLACES YOU’VE NEVER BIKED BEFORE Fat bikes are extremely appealing to cycling addicts that do not allow anything to confine them to indoor activity. Fat tire bikes provide improved grip and traction on the most troublesome terrain. Whether it’s wet stone, muddy paths or snowy hills, these bikes will take you anywhere. 2. YOU CAN BIKE REGARDLESS OF WEATHER Some people allow nothing (not even poor weather) to scare them away from completing their training routine. Fat tire bikes allow them to do this in any kind of weather. They will not slip on wet stone or asphalt. Neither will they sink in mud or snow, making them the perfect mode of transportation to get from one point to another, especially when public transportation isn’t running.

3. INCREASED COMFORT DURING THE RIDE Fat tires don’t need to be inflated very much, as they provide high comfort standards at lower tire pressure. Also, fat tire bikes are rigid and are not equipped with any kind of suspension system. They don’t really need any suspension as it is integrated into the tires. The tires become ‘squishier’ at lower pressure and the elasticity of the rubber helps absorb shocks, increasing comfort. 4. LITTLE MAINTENANCE REQUIRED Considering fat tire bikes are rigid, the manufacturers didn’t put a lot of work into the frame of the bike. This means that there are not many parts that can get damaged and need to be replaced. Even if they seem somewhat pricey, when purchasing a fat bike, you don’t need to worry about constant maintenance. Think of it as an investment. 5. A NEW WAY OF HAVING FUN The unique look and features of fat bikes simply make riding them fun. Getting a fat bike is simply a way to ride local trails, while getting a different perspective. The efficient semi-suspension the tires provide helps riders to explore more of the local area that might be rideable only with a bike equipped with wider rubber. For more information or to get fitted with your own, check out the selection of fat bikes at Revolution Cycle.




Cross-country skiing is an umbrella term that encompasses two distinctly different yet similar sports: classic skiing and skate skiing. Classic skiing is what many of us recall when we were fitted up with skis to our wrist in junior high and middle school. Ill-fitting boots and fish-scaled (waxless) skis allowed us to kick forward in a track, propelling our momentum forward with a free heel while our toes were locked into the binding. Skate skiing, on the other hand, is an even more dynamic sport, with shorter, stiffer skis and longer poles. If you’ve ever seen biathlon (skiing with rifles!), this is the typical skate skiing motion. Think of your hockey or figure skates with a much longer “blade,” a free heel and using the full momentum of your upper body and arms and you’ve got a basic idea.

Nordic Skiing “Take It Outside!” is the slogan spread across the bottom of local cross-country ski shop Track 'N Trail’s logo. A smart bit of marketing, it also alludes to Bob Schilf’s everyday theory on fitness and the outdoors. Schilf, who started the business 32 years ago with his father, Horst, originally envisioned a full service cross-country ski shop to serve Edmonton skiers. While it has grown to include numerous outdoor sports, at its core, Track ‘N Trail is still that little Nordic ski shop and it remains one of Schilf’s winter passions. “We live in a winter city, so why not embrace it?” Schilf asks rhetorically. The fitness benefits are many, the gear is relatively inexpensive and the trails are largely free, so for Edmontonians looking to get outside, raise their heart rate and keep warm this winter, cross-country skiing is an excellent resource.


It’s a quick introduction to the sport, but rest assured, taking it outside is easier than the average weather complainant would have you believe. “Sure, it gets cold and it snows, but it’s fun,” Schilf says. “The peace and quiet, the smiles of your fellow skiers, the beautiful winter wonderland scenery. It’s why we do it.” BY ARON SCHILF Track 'N Trail

Registered Nutritionist at Revive Wellness Inc.

This is one of the most commonly asked questions during nutrition counselling sessions. The short and honest answer... It depends. Snacking can be a crucial part of our day and is important for sustaining our energy levels, or it can be an opportunity for extra, unwanted calories to sneak in. Out of control snacking can result in up to 40 per cent of our daily calorie intake! Snacking is not mandatory, but it can be very helpful for getting us to our next meal in control. If there are large gaps of time between meals that leave you feeling ravenous, chances of overeating are much higher. If a planned snack is implemented mid-morning or YEGFITNESS

And where does one go to cross-country ski in the Edmonton area? All over, but the City maintains good trails on a number of golf courses in the city, including Victoria Golf Course in the heart of the city and Riverside Golf Course. Perhaps most popular for many enthusiasts is Goldbar Park on the east side of the city, as the trails are consistently maintained by the Edmonton Nordic Ski Club for both classic and skate skiing. The best part? Those options are all free! You can head outside of the city, east of Sherwood Park for more terrain, including Waskahegan and Blackfoot Provinical Park (home of the Canadian Birkebeiner) and the excellently maintained Strathcona Wilderness Centre. While the Centre will cost you less than $10 dollars, they also offer on-site rentals.


“Is snacking actually necessary?”


Today, the equipment doesn’t have to be the uncomfortable gear that we recall from the school days fleets, as the boots can be quite comfortable & warm or sleek & light, depending on the skier’s needs. Classic skis sometimes create confusion with their terms of waxable, waxless (or fish-scale) and the newly popular skin skis. “All skis need to be waxed,” says Schilf. “What we have to clarify to people is that they need to be glide waxed.” A classic country ski has two components to it: the glide surface, recognized as the tip and tail of the ski, and the kick zone or camber of the ski, which generally falls into the middle third of a classic ski. “The classic ski has to do two things: compress in the middle when we kick down with our weight, and pop up again when we release that kick, allowing the momentum to kick the ski forward on the gliding surface.” In order to get that kick, skiers have three different options: grip wax, a mechanical base structure (fish-scales) or mohair skins, a fuzzy carpet-like layer that lays flat one way and grabs with texture the other. With various temperature ranges and the need to sometimes clean the base of the ski, grip wax can prove daunting or frustrating for some skiers, which leads many to choose a waxless or skin option. When properly applied, nothing performs quite like a properly grip-waxed ski, but Schilf understands the appeal of the waxless and skin skis, “It’s great to have the skis

in the car and get out for a quick spin after work, no waxing required.” Not only will you have waxable options with classic skis, but the skis themselves can vary widely depending on what type of skiing you’re doing. From the snow shuffler to the loppet skier (think recreational, sporty racing) to the elite racer, one thing holds true: the equipment must fit. “All skis have to be fitted based on the skier’s weight,” says Schilf. “Gone are the days of holding your hand above your head and measuring to the wrist. You want to have a ski with a weight range that you fall into, otherwise your skis will drag if they’re too soft or won’t kick and you’ll slip if they’re too stiff.” As for skate skiing, it’s an entirely different beast, but fitting is still key. “Weight ranges,” Schilf emphasizes. “If the ski fits, it’ll be a lot more fun and people will get outside and enjoy the experience so much more.”

mid-afternoon, the temptation to raid your pantry the minute you walk in the door is significantly reduced. The time of day we snack is crucially important as well. Our body follows the circadian rhythm, or the rise and set of the sun. During daylight hours, our metabolism is at its highest. This is the ideal time to be fuelling our body. Snacking in the evening or late at night is much more likely to contribute to weight gain because our metabolism and the body’s ability to digest and absorb nutrients are much lower. Nighttime cravings are often a sign that balance was off earlier in the day and not a normal physiological experience that we should expect to happen.


So what makes a good snack? It will look a little different for someone who is very active versus someone whose lifestyle is more sedentary. As a general rule of thumb, we want to pair a fruit or vegetable with a source of protein. This combination provides our body with a sustainable source of energy. Carbohydrate rich foods can be very quickly digested, while protein is slowly digested. Pairing these two together will help you to feel fuller longer. Save the grains and starches for meal times, as these food groups can increase the amount of carbohydrates consumed that our bodies are more likely to store as fat. In general, aim for your snack to provide 100-150 calories.

Here are 10 great grab-and-go snack ideas: 1. Raw vegetables + 1/3 cup hummus 2. ¼ cup mixed nuts + 2 Tbsp. dried cranberries 3. 1 piece of fruit + 10-15 almonds 4. ½ cup dry roasted lentils/beans (chickpeas or black beans) 5. ½ cup flavoured Greek yogurt + 2 Tbsp. All Bran Buds® 6. ½ cup plain Greek yogurt + ½ cup fruit + 2 Tbsp. All Bran Buds® 7. 1 apple + 1-2 Tbsp. nut butter 8. 1 oz. cheese + 1 fruit 9. Hardboiled egg + tomato slices 10. ¼ cup tuna salad + raw vegetables

For more information on properly fuelling your body visit:



In recent years, the fitness industry has seen a gravitation towards a more intense style of training. High Intensity interval training or HIIT as the name suggests, is a training program performed at a high intensity for selected number of intervals. It alternates periods of high intensity anaerobic exercise with shorter, low intensity rest periods. This style of training has gained popularity in gyms all over the world and has set the foundation for different fitness avenues such as Crossfit, competitive Athletics and boot camp style group classes. Having spent a number of years active in competitive sports, fully engaged in the respective conditioning regimens, I was just breaking into the fitness industry and eager to try this new Tabata style workout that was gaining so much momentum. The workout consisted of 6 exercises, 3 pull alternating 3 push movements. My work:rest ratio was 20 seconds of ‘all-out’ intensity mixed with a short breather of 10 seconds which basically allowed me to jump from exercise to exercise. I took a 60 second rest break at the end of each set for a total of 8 sets. The last ring sounded to signal this workout was finally over, and I practically collapsed to floor. The entire workout took 32 minutes with 24 minutes of my ‘all out’ work potential and 6 minutes of rest. HIIT was unlike any style of training I had ever experienced.

After that first experience and realizing the drastic difference between it and other exercises programs I had used, I thought it would be useful to research some of the pros and cons associated with this style of training. Aside from the fact that it surpasses conventional “cardio” as a more effective and time-efficient form of exercise, some health benefits include increased production of HGH(human growth hormone), measurable changes to your body’s DNA which play a direct role in in increasing the fat metabolism function, as well as improvements in insulin sensitivity, blood pressure and overall cardiovascular health. Yet it is equally important to know if it’s the right thing for you. There are too many factors to list in this article which play a key role in determining if HIIT is the right choice, and that is why it’s always best to work with a professional to make sure you don't end up doing more harm than good. Remember most exercise is catabolic (tissue destructive) and interpreted by the body as a negative thing. All exercise of a HIIT nature is extremely catabolic and should be done with the proper precautions. A couple useful tips are to ensure you get an adequate warmup prior to your HIIT training and to stretch at the end to help avoid injury. I’ve included a HIIT workout with this article for those who are interested in exploring this exciting style of training. If you are unsure if it’s right for you, don’t hesitate to call a professional, they would be happy to help.

TABATA round - 20 seconds WORK: 10 seconds REST

2x CRUNCH - roll over - 2x PUSH UP

- begin on your back, bring your hands behind your neck for support or cross them in front of your chest, squeeze your belly button into your spine and crunch forward, raising only your shoulder blades off the ground - repeat twice - roll over onto your stomach, and perform 2 push-ups remembering to maintain proper posture keeping your head, neck, back and legs in a straight line. *if you cannot maintain this posture, drop down to your knees


- grab the handles and hang down with your arms extended, back and legs should be straight - with your palms facing inwards, pull your body up to the handles, just below the chest - (shoulders should be down and back) - lower yourself back down to the starting position **you can make this exercise easier by increasing the angle between your back and the ground (moving your feet back) **you can make this exercise more difficult by moving yourself directly under the handles (moving your feet forward) or raising your feet off the ground onto a bench or a box





- begin in your regular squat stance, squat down and on your way up bring your feet closer together - from this narrow stance, again squat down and on your way back up bring your feet apart to that starting wide position again and repeat


- try to use a medicine ball that bounces - keeping your hips and shoulders square bring the medicine ball over top of your head and rotate slamming it down on either side of you - try to keep your arms extended and your abdominal muscles tight



- choose a leg to start on and stay on that leg for the full set - come down into a high plank position, with your hands stacked underneath your shoulders, and your head, neck, back and grounded leg in a straight line - hop your foot forward and jump straight up with your hands over head - place hands back down into high plank position, extend your leg out and repeat

BY ASHLEY MCNUTT Growing up with a natural curiosity and enthusiasm for health and fitness, I knew early on my where my passion lied. With a BPE from the University of Alberta, I have been fortunate enough to gain the majority of my experience working for Body By Bennett. I’ve recently taken an interest in acquiring knowledge in a holistic approach under the guidance and teachings of Paul Chek, and I am working on my first certification from the Chek institute.




REMEMBER: you can modify these exercises as you see fit. HIIT training and any other type of fitness training for that matter, will only be as hard you make it. Have fun with it!

- start holding your dumbbells at shoulder height with your palms facing in - from your normal squat stance, squat down and on your way back up extended the dumbbells over your head - bring the dumbbells back down to shoulder height as your squat down again

Picture this: Your great ancestor, Christopher, wakes up in his cave, finishes some sort of paleo breakfast, and heads out on his Neanderthal way to start the day. He takes a sharp right out of the cave and BOOM! Winnie the Grizzly Bear is standing right in front of him. Luckily enough, Winnie realizes Christopher isn’t worth its time, and moves on with its day. This allows Christopher to sit around the fire with his Neanderthal friends to laugh, eat, drink and relax while he regales them with the story of how he knocked out Winnie, or something like that. Fast forward to today. You are the ancestor of Christopher the Neanderthal and begin your day similar to him. You finish your breakfast, head out the door. BOOM! Winnie the Grizzly isn’t there. But your boss is there, and so are all your bills, spouse(s), laundry, flat tires, and your daily workout. You then head home, try to get your workout in, make dinner, prep for the next day and try to get some sleep. While on the surface, they seem like completely different situations, your body does not see it that way. Your bodies interpret Winnie, the same way it interprets your boss, bills, spouse(s) etc… When Winnie was standing in front of Christopher, his Sympathetic Nervous System or what it is more commonly referred to as, the ‘fight-or-flight response’ turns on. As the name suggests, the body has now prepped itself and decided (without Christopher’s control) that he is either going to sprint away or go toe-to-toe with Winnie. Think back to a recently stressful time in your life. Did you feel your heart rate rise? Tension in your neck or other places on your body? The need to evacuate your bowels? That is exactly what Christopher felt, possibly to a slightly greater extent.

After the encounter with Winnie is over, and Christopher’s body feels safe, his body will start the process of switching off the fight-or-flight response and shift into a more Parasympathetic Response, or the ‘rest-and-digest state’. This state allows the body to recover from the stress that he just experienced. Just like getting home from a long day at work and having a nice glass of wine or tea to help you unwind so that you can relax and go to sleep. Our lives are a balancing game between being able to rest-and-digest (recover from stress) and being able to turn on the fight-or-flight system (deal with a stress). Stress is not a bad thing. Fitness is a stress. We need stress in our lives to adapt. If you want to get stronger, you need to lift more weights. But if you don’t recover from stress, you start to break down. Think about being on a teeter totter. You are on one side of the teeter totter and represent the restand-digest. Whinny is sitting across from you representing the stresses in your life. We need to keep the teeter totter moving up and down. We workout (stressor) and then we go home eat dinner and get some sleep (recover), and then we do it again. Whinny touches the ground, then you touch the ground. This is ideal. This is what life is. If one side doesn’t balance with the other side, we start to have problems. If Winnie starts to look like his more adorable brother Pooh, he is significantly less intimidating and less stressful to you. You’re sitting on the teeter totter that isn’t moving, and you’re on the ground. No stresses means that we won’t adapt. If we don’t adapt, we don’t improve. Suddenly you start to feel like poo (not the bear), because there is no reason to get out of bed.

But if Winnie gains some weight (bills, work, etc.), suddenly you’re stuck at the top. When you’re sitting at the top of the teeter totter, you’ll start to slide down towards Winnie, which will decrease your ability to deal with Winnie. Meaning it will be harder for you to get your end of the teeter totter down. You can’t seem to get a good sleep, you‘re more anxious or agitated, a cold doesn’t seem to go away, your body feels sorer than usual and you aren’t getting results in the gym etc., etc., etc. Basically, you have decreased your ability to deal with stressors. The term overtraining is thrown around a lot, but what it can also be described as is, is under recovery. This is when you start to produce the dreaded hormone cortisol, which in small quantities, can be quite helpful, but if it is coursing through your veins constantly, you’re going to have a bad time. Also if you’ve read anything about inflammation, pH balance and their relation to stress, this is where they start to really influence your life.

How do we prevent Whinny taking over our lives? • Identify the stressors and how you respond to them. It may seem like a really basic idea but it is often overlooked. Take a time where you experienced a lot of stress. What happened is the easy part, but how did you (and your body) respond? Did you feel your neck tense up? Did your breathing become shallow? Did your heartrate elevate (feeling it increase and pound or your fitbit responded)? Similar to the idea of feeling an exercise in specific muscles, having a good mind body connection can help you know what is really happening in your body. Building a solid mind body connection is important to know when stress is starting to build up in your life. If you start to notice that you are breathing shallowly, or your heart rate is elevated (Google: “how to take your pulse”), take a step back and figure out why it is happening. This is a skill that takes time, but if you can separate yourself from the situation, you can be proactive in preventing the situation from happening, or know when you need to stop what you’re doing to take control of your stress. • Learn how to breathe effectively for recovery. On average, at rest, we should be taking 10-13 breathes per minute. If you’re sitting a few breaths higher than that, there is a good chance you have some sort

of stress in your life. Try this. At the end of a workout (or your work day) determine how many times you are breathing per minute. Then lie on your back with your hips at 90 degrees and feet resting on a couch or chair. It should be comfortable. Place a shoe on your chest, with the heel at your belly button and the toe box pointing towards your chin. While inhaling deeply through the nose for about three seconds, try to make the shoe raise up flat or at least have the heel raise more than the toe box. Then exhale through pursed lips and get all the air out. Think about blowing up a balloon in one breathe. You may cough a couple times at full exhale, but get everything out. Once all the air is out PAUSE. This is the most important part. Count for four steamboats and then inhale through the nose. Breathe normally for a few breaths and then do all that again for a total of 10 breathes. It will be very hard after a good workout, or stressful situation, but by breath seven or eight it should be easier. If done correctly, you have now signaled the body to start the recovery process. And if you test your breathing rate again, it will probably be closer to that 10-13 breaths per minute. • Make sure you have time to yourself to do nothing. You can meditate, colour, go for a leisurely walk, or do something that relaxes you both mentally and physically. Working out may be mentally relaxing, but physically it still wears you down. Try to make some time everyday to have ‘you’ time. Even if it is just 15 minutes a day before bed, or at lunch, it can give you enough to start shimmying yourself back to your seat on the teeter totter and stop you from sliding down too close to Winnie. Winnie is a part of your teeter totter life. We need him there to help us keep going. If he doesn’t play with us, we’re going to lose out. It is rare to not have enough Whinny in your life, but having too much Whinny seems to be a trend in our society. Learning how to deal with Whinny and play the balance game with him, can be incredibly helpful for you to grow in both your fitness goals and throughout life.

Chris Dewhirst is the lead instructor of the Personal Fitness Trainer Diploma Program at Elevated Learning Academy. Elevated Learning Academy is one of the leading vocational colleges in Alberta, which specializes in both accelerated Personal Fitness Trainer and Applied Nutritional Science diplomas.






Beachy summer weather has come to an end. Bring on the season of cozy sweaters, layering scarves, warm soups and stews and everything pumpkin! The cool crisp temps and lovely colors of autumn are here and so is our FallFitBox! We know you’ve been patiently waiting to find out what goodies we hand-picked for you this fall, and we’re excited to finally reveal what we think is our best box yet! Check out some of our favorites from this season……xoxo from the FitBox team! stainless steel bottle will keep your drinks cool for up to 24hrs and hot for 12hrs. This Kiwi-Canadian knows importance of dependable gear for your adventures and travels. Stay tuned for more coast to coast Canadian color designs from PureNorth bottles in 2017, they also custom engrave bottles for your family members, events or businesses!! Give the gift of hydration this holiday season!! RETAIL VALUE $39.99 Mala and Me was founded by two sisters who grew up in the Canadian Rockies where they learnt the importance of connecting with nature and community. Earth jewelry for the soul, Canadian made, unique, semi-precious gemstone Mala's handcrafted here in Edmonton, AB. Each piece was created to provide intentional jewelry that is beautiful, a lifestyle of purpose and ultimately tools to provide comfort, support and transformation. This black onyx is not only a accessory staple but a reminder for our Canadian spirit and love. RETAIL VALUE $35

The PureNorth maple bottle is completely unique and distinctly Canadian and appeals to the outdoor enthusiast as well as the fashion conscious. You can be assured that each bottle is constructed from high quality, food grade stainless steel which is built to last. This double walled

Canadian-made headband is YOUR every day, every way headband. When it comes to hand crafted, locally made headbands, House of Koopslie won’t disappoint and here’s why…this ultra soft eco friendly bamboo material is not only anti bacterial but also moisture wicking free from harmful substances. This headband screams classic, multi-purpose, stylish, and different all at once. This Edmonton based company is designing and creating numerous new styles and we had trouble just picking one(serious fashion must have)! Each headband comes with it own instructors manual cause there’s just that many way to rock this accessory and fit into all of our favorite fall getups! RETAIL VALUE $19.99


The Power of Fascial Stretch Therapy BY YVONNE SANCHE

Stretching has become a hot topic in the world of fitness. Common statements I hear are, “I should stretch more but it’s too boring”, “Stretching really hurts”, or, “I’m confused about stretching”. These remarks set off red flags for me, but I do understand where these individuals are coming from. I too, was confused about stretching and while I was in school studying massage therapy, I had so many unanswered questions. I did my own research and came across a book called Stretch to Win by Ann and Chris Frederick and came across Fascial Stretch Therapy™.

Let me begin by explaining fascia. Up until recently it has perhaps been misunderstood. A leading expert in the field, Thomas Myers, describes fascia as the biological fabric that holds us together. It is all the collagenous based soft tissues in the body. This includes tendons, ligaments, bursae, and all the fascia around the muscle: endomysium, perimysium, epimysium. It also includes fascia around organs, and membranes around the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves. This neuromyofascial web responds systemically as well as locally ( This definition changes our perception to think of the human body as a tensegrity model. Push somewhere along the model (stress to the body) and that deformation is distributed throughout. So, with fascia being a complex communication network constantly transmitting and receiving signals, you can see why I had so many unanswered questions about stretching. If we are not linear, why do we stretch like robots? Fascial Stretch Therapy, or FST™ was created by Ann and Chris Frederick and is a form of manual therapy that incorporates 10 fundamental principles which sets it apart from other stretch therapies and fascial treatments. Along with assisted stretches using their StretchWave™, it incorporates specific joint mobilization techniques to allow for a better stretch response and restoration to one’s joint range of motion. It redefines stretching with diagonal, and rotational movement patterns, instead of the standard linear style of stretching. In short, stretch how one is designed to move. Because of these movements and because the entire joint is targeted, fluid motion post treatment is noted. It follows the principle of stretching fascia not just muscle. It is a painless treatment, as the therapist works with the client’s stretch tolerance, adjusting frequency, intensity, and duration of stretches. A session can last anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes depending on the client’s need and current goals There is more scientific explanation behind FST which I would love to explain in depth, but for the sake of this article I will simply say, “It’s like assisted stretching took a pre-workout drink.”

As a therapist, I treat common dysfunctions using FST along with massage therapy or as its own treatment. I have seen great success treating low back pain, treating clients post-surgery (where indicated) and treating athletes therapeutically as well as prepping them for competition. Recently I’ve had the honor to work with two-time Olympic bobsledder, Neville Wright to see how and if it impacted his training in a positive way. His sport requires an abundance of speed and power that all comes down to fractions of a second when crossing the finish line. There is no room for error and definitely no room for myoskeletal imbalances. Prior to FST treatments, Neville was noticing some issues during sprinting that were impacting his finishing times. During treatments it was discovered his left shoulder

“It’s like assisted stretching took a pre-workout drink.”

was restricted and this was limiting his power output from his hips. After three sessions, there were improvements in his times along with more agility while sprinting and jumping. The body takes on a lot of stress during training and over time the joints can compress to help stabilize so it can keep up with the demands we place on it. Because of the decompressive nature of FST, Neville has described that he feels lighter through the shoulders, hips and torso with increased range of motion and less restriction which helps his sprints, jumps and pushes. At the time of this article we are working on our seventh session and his recovery has never been better.

Here is what Neville had to say about our treatment sessions. Y: Before FST treatments how important was stretching to your recovery? N: I feel stretching is a fairly important component to my recovery and maintenance of my mobility, especially after a high intensity training session. Y: Describe the changes you noticed after your FST sessions. N: I noticed quite a dramatic increase in mobility and range. There was a great decrease in restriction in some of my major problematic areas such as hips and shoulder. Y: How has FST impacted your training? N: It has decreased restrictions in my shoulder, hip and torso; therefore, allowing more range and fluidity in my movements while sprinting and lifting. Y: Do you see FST incorporated in your recovery regime? And would you recommend it to other athletes? N: I definitely would incorporate this into my recovery regime and feel that all athletes should incorporate this as a supplemental modality into their programs.

Injuries are a risk athletes are faced with frequently. FST is innovative in its approach to stretching and to treating the body as a whole. It’s a great tool for athletes to incorporate in recovery, training and during events. Adding it to your routine can help mitigate injuries resulting in a greater training season and competitive performance. It has the potential to unlock more speed and power with added positive side effects which can be the difference between first and second place.

Yvonne Sanche is a registered massage therapist and a level 2 Fascial Stretch Therapist. She owns and operates St. Albert Sports Recovery. For more information on Fascial Stretch Therapy and how it can help you, visit or call (780)217-2481.

Heal your core without even exercising BY KAYE BURROWS Many moms ask me what the best exercises are to heal their core, strengthen their pelvic floor and get back to feeling strong. In my opinion there are two things you need to master first before you even worry about exercise. 1. HOW TO BREATHE Seems silly right? Obviously, if you are reading this, you are breathing. But that doesn’t mean you are doing it in an optimal way for your core strength and pelvic floor function. And no matter how much you are exercising, you are still breathing more, so it is worth getting it right. THE PROBLEM: Try this quick test. Lie down and put one hand on your chest and one on your stomach. Take a deep breath in and notice which moves first: your chest or your stomach? If it was your chest, you are not alone.

Many women are chest breathers after pregnancy, and rightfully so. Towards the end of pregnancy there is very little space for the growing baby and the ribs literally have to shift to accommodate. Bodies are amazing. The problem comes when the baby arrives and we stay stuck in that breathing pattern. HOW TO FIX IT: Wrap your hands around your rib cage with your thumbs on the back of the ribs and fingers wrapped around the front of the ribs. As you inhale, feel your ribs move out, backward and forward. As you exhale, feel them contract and move back in towards your centre. You will also fill up your chest and your belly, but keep the focus on moving your ribs with each inhale and exhale. You will be strengthening and healing your core with every breath.

2. HOW TO STAND Again, seems like a little thing. But it's a big thing. If you pay attention to your alignment throughout the day, you will activate your core and get it to work for you without doing any official ‘exercises’. Classic complaints from my clients are ‘mom (flat) bums’, pouchy tummies, and leaking urine. These can all be improved with improving the way you stand, walk and hold your baby(ies). THE PROBLEM: While a 5-10 pound baby doesn’t seem heavy at first, carrying that weight all day is hard work! And they grow (and get heavier) every single day! This posture takes the load off of the core muscles and onto the skeleton. That makes it easier in the moment but compromises the long-term health and strength of the core, back and pelvic floor.

So two things to remind yourself of throughout the day: 1. Breathe into your ribs (relax your shoulders) 2. Keep your ribs over your hips (and your bum behind you) Work on these crucial steps to a healthy core and you are well on your way to feeling great, moving well and rocking your Mom Bod! NOTE: If you are experiencing any incontinence, pressure in the pelvic floor, bulging of the stomach, I highly recommend you get in to see a Women’s Health Physiotherapist. Actually I really recommend all women who have had a baby do. They are truly the experts in this area of your body and we have some of the best in the field right here in Edmonton! Contact Mandy at or Mary and her team at Cura through





How well do you balance? Could you stand on your toes for 15 seconds? Balance is a key component of fitness and is important for everyday life. Unfortunately, it naturally deteriorates with age unless we choose to work on it. Barre classes are an excellent way to do just that. Weekly Barre workouts are a great addition to an overall training program and are suitable for women and men of all ages and fitness levels. And here’s a bonus, while for some, Barre will bring back happy memories of dancing, dance experience is not required!

What is Balance? Balance is essentially the ability to control your body’s position—whether stationary (can you balance on one leg?) or moving (how about a curtsy plié?)— and your body’s ability to control your postural alignment.

Benefits of the Barre for Balance 1. STRENGTHEN AND TONES YOUR MUSCLES Movements used in Barre classes, such as pliés and relevés, challenge your ability to balance and stabilize. In turn, they strengthen and tone the muscles engaged by forcing them to work harder. You’ll notice this most in your glutes, thighs, calves and core. 2. IMPROVES YOUR POSTURE You will stand a little taller even after just a few Barre classes. To execute Barre exercises properly you must use an efficient standing posture and maintain balance so you can keep your body in proper alignment at the hips, shoulders and spine. 3. IMPROVES YOUR JOINT STABILITY Barre exercises incorporate the full body and help strengthen and promote ankle, hip, knee and shoulder stability. This stability transfers to moving easier and pain-free in class and daily life, as well as the prevention of injuries.

Barre Exercises to Improve Your Balance A. RELEVÉS Relevés strengthen the muscles in your feet and lower legs, and especially your ankles. Stand on both feet and lift up your heels until you are standing on the balls of your feet with all ten toes on the floor. Hold for 15 seconds, then repeat 8 to 10 times. B. RELEVÉ PLIÉ TO SECOND POSITION Stand with feet naturally turned out and slightly wider than shoulder distance. Your arms are straight out to the side and legs are straight. With a long, tall spine, rise up into a relevé. Keeping the heels lifted, bend your knees and lower yourself into a plié with knees tracking over your toes. Straighten the legs to return to starting position. Do this for 8 to 16 reps. C. FRONT ATTITUDE TO DÉVELOPPÉ Stand on your left leg with your right leg lifted as high as possible, externally rotating from the hip and bent at a 90-degree angle. With arms out to the side, take the right leg from a bent position to extension. Repeat 10 times. Lower your leg and repeat on other side. D. BALANCE LUNGE AT THE BARRE Stand with your feet together in parallel, using an underhand grip on either a barre or another stable object. Float your right leg off the floor, shifting all your weight in your left heel, and bend your left knee into a lunge position, aligning your left knee over your heel at a 90-degree angle. Your right leg will also be bent at the knee, floating several inches off the floor and reaching behind you. Your upper body should remain tall and core engaged as you push through your front heel back to a standing position. Repeat this floating lunge for about 8 to 16 reps before repeating on your left side. Kendra is the owner of KCS Training Solutions and an instructor at Xtend Barre Edmonton, the city’s newest specialty fitness studio located off Whyte Avenue on 104 Street. Xtend Barre combines pilates and dance technique to create fun and challenging fitness classes for all levels.




HOLIDAY GIFT IDEAS Giving a fitness-related gift can sometimes be tricky. You don't want the recipient to think you're trying to hint at something! To help, we handpicked 26 health-and-fitness present ideas for this year's holiday gift guide.

TRAVEL YOGA MAT Om anywhere with this super-light travel yoga mat (made of biodegradable natural tree rubber). It folds up small enough to pack in a bag or suitcase. Gaiam Pleasant Pose Yoga Mat, $39,

EVERYTHING BAG She’s not going to be stuffing all her lady items in her purse is she? This bag was designed to be her catchall on jam-packed winter days. With water-repellent fabric that’s durable and easy to wipe clean this is a great way to head to and from yoga class. Everything Bag, $128,

FOR THE LOVE OF RUNNING Motivation in motion. Pure and simple fun. Apple Watch Nike+ is the latest in a long-running partnership between two of the world’s most innovative brands. From leading-edge comfort to the way it connects you to your running buddies through the Nike+ Run Club, it’s your perfect running partner—on your wrist. Apple Watch Nike+, $489,

WARM AND COZY This highly fashionable Lolë bomber with a backing in polyester, which makes it a perfect choice as a mid-season cover-up. Its textured look and stylized pockets underscore a straight silhouette that falls above the hips. POUND THE PAVEMENT Fast isn’t just a desire. It’s a requirement when you’re working hard to outrun the competition. Fresh Foam Zante v2 is the women’s neutral cushioned running shoe built for fast speeds. The aggressive toe spring and new midsole design is even more serious about delivering the quick transition and support you need to lead the pack. Fresh Foam Zante v2, $129,

Sable Bomber, $ 140,

REHYDRATE AND RECHARGE Get inspired by Mother Nature with the Wood Collection, featured in a smooth matte finish. Each bottle is one-of-a-kind and perfectly unique. The bottle's unique design keeps your drink cold for 24 hours and hot for 12 hours. The high grade, double-walled stainless steel is non-toxic, non-leaching and BPA free. S'WELL Wood Print Insulated Water Bottle, $45,

FIT AND FUNKY Blending art and fashion, the unique placement printing process for the Graphic Capri is one of kind! These capris are custom made and are truly statement pieces. Onzie 241 All Over Print Women's Graphic Capri Tights, $85,

STREAMLINED FOR SPEED The Nike Vaporwing Elite R Sunglasses features a one-piece lens and are aerodynamic, lightweight and provide ventilation so you can focus on your run. NIKE Vaporwing Elite R Sunglasses, $395,

THE SHORT LIFE These soft, sweat-wicking shorts let you power through practice. Whether it’s a downward facing dog, or some deep squats, their sweat-wicking, four-way stretch Luon® fabric is cottony soft, with added LYCRA® fibre for shape retention Intent Short, $74,

POWER UP Powerbeats3 Wireless earphones are ready for any challenge with up to 12 hours of battery life to fuel multiple long workouts and powerful, dynamic sound to keep you pushing. Powerbeats3 Wireless, $250,

STAY FIT ALL YEAR ROUND Sign her up for a healthy wellness box subscription, and every season My FitBox Life will mail a box of $250 worth of healthy snacks, fitness passes and wellness treatments right to her doorstep. My FitBox Life Subscription, $54-$59,


MASSAGED RED KALE & LOX NICOISE SALAD This month, I’m posting a recipe for a salad that might seem intricate but is actually incredibly easy to toss together! I include this recipe in client meal plans often as it’s not the most common salad and brings a little flair! The combination of savoury roasted potatoes, delicate and tasty lox, salty olives, perfectly boiled eggs, and crunchy green beans over a bed of massaged kale (more on that in a bit) is nothing less than perfection! The salad truly feels gourmet but is simple enough for the most novice kitchen dwellers. Also, no big surprise, it provides a great balance of nutrients – complex carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats and protein all come together to make this salad blow other dinky little salads that leave you feeling hungry out of the water! I first tried a Nicoise salad years ago at a restaurant and was somewhat skeptical – eggs, salmon, potatoes.. in a salad?? Yep. Odd. But oh so good together. Like PB & J…. almost. I don’t eat salmon lox a ton (it’s a cured salmon) as it isn’t the easiest to find here in Alberta and it can be on the pricey side, but I definitely consider it a treat as I LOVE the taste! I love salmon in general, full of all its healthy fats and protein, and the curing process just amps up the flavour even more! As for eggs – well I eat them every single day so throw them in a salad and I’m game. Eggs are a perfect way to sneak in a little extra protein and some healthy omega fats! As for the green beans, blanching them is a must in order to add a little crunch to all the textures already going on! Blanching is a technique used to seal in the flavour, nutrients and colour of vegetables during cooking – you simply submerge the veggies into boiling water for a minute or so then under cold running water or put them in an ice bath! Now, for the massaged kale, this sounds weird I know. Massaged? Well, it’s actually exactly what it sounds like; giving the kale a little TLC by massaging it with your hands to soften it. Kale can be rather bitter and dense, so by massaging the kale it becomes more suitable of a texture to have as the base of a salad and takes away the bitter bite.

PREP TIME: 10 minutes TOTAL TIME: 10 minutes SERVES 2


INSTRUCTIONS Blanch the beans, set aside.

2 bunches red kale, washed, chopped and massaged with ½ tsp sea salt for

Prepare the kale, and add to a large bowl.

1-2 minutes

Layer with the roasted potatoes, lox, sliced egg, olives, green

5 ounces salmon lox (or smoked salmon or gravlax)

beans and roasted potatoes.

2 hard boiled eggs, sliced

Drizzle with the dressing.

1 cup green beans, cut and trimmed - blanched by plunging into boiling water


for 1 minute then removing and running under cold water for 1-2 minutes. ½ cup olives (I use castella olives) 1 cup baby potatoes, roasted - pre-roast before making the salad at 400 degrees for 20 minutes (I usually just use leftover roasted potatoes for my nicoise salad) ¼ cup balsamic vinaigrette of choice (prepared or homemade)

Christal Sczebel is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and the Owner of Pure & Simple Nutrition located in Edmonton, Alberta. She is also an avid blogger at her little space on the web:





A Remedy for the Winter Energy Slumps: Three 10-Minute Meals! Hey YEG! As much as I know we all love the fall colours and first snowflakes, I’m sure you’ll have to agree that it’s harder to get up in the morning as it gets cooler! While the sun rises later, we seek a longer daily hibernation, and the time that would otherwise be used to prepare five-star home-cooked meals seems to escape us. Not to worry! My remedy is on its way… Here are my favourites for a quick-prep nutritious breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

Prepare yourself... to never again have an excuse to skip breakfast. These waffles are freezable and taste exactly the same as regular, fluffy white wheat flour waffles, but have 18 grams of protein and 4 grams of fibre per serving, and only 2.5 grams of sugar! That's better than most high protein cereals! (That is, until I get a hold of the maple syrup. Being Canadian, I have maple syrup running through my veins... Gotta replenish.) You also get to use the blender for the entire process, and thus, minimal dishes to do when half asleep in the morning. This recipe serves two, but I would recommend doubling or even tripling it so that you can stock up for the month! From frozen, you can toast and enjoy without the re-warmed sogginess.


1 1/3 cup rolled oats (instant will do, but I like to use whole rolled oats) 1 teaspoon baking powder 1 teaspoon cinnamon 1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 eggs 1/2 cup water 2 teaspoons canola oil 2 teaspoons vanilla extract (I love lots of vanilla because it makes my house smell like an ice cream shop!)


Blend the rolled oats and baking powder along with the cinnamon at high speed in a food processor or blender. Set aside in a separate bowl. Blend the remaining wet ingredients in the food processor or blender. Pour in the dry ingredients and pulse until smooth and mixed. Cook in a waffle iron according to its usual directions. Top with honey, maple syrup, sugar free syrup, or berries. The version I photographed is topped with a homemade cherry compote made from tart cherries, a few tablespoons of corn starch and a few drops of stevia.

EGYPTIAN FAVA BEAN WRAP with Fresh Mint and Za’atar "Ful modammes" is a fava bean dish enjoyed in Mediterranean countries and Egypt at all times of the day. It's sometimes prepared with garlic and onion, but here we've dialed down the potency for all taste palates, and paired with a Mediterranean spice called Za'atar to add more cultural flair. If you can't find za'atar in your local grocery store's ethnic section, use plain olive oil to spread over your pitas. This recipe serves two and is easy to pack up into a lunch wrap to go!


Two 7-inch whole wheat pitas 2 tbsp Za'atar (optional, a mix of the herbs thyme, sesame seeds, oregano and marjoram, salt and sometimes sumac)

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil Fresh cucumber Fresh tomato 1 can fava beans (pick the smaller size of bean) 1/2 tsp cumin 1 tsp olive oil 1 tbsp tahini paste (sesame seed paste) 1/4 finely chopped white onion Fresh mint (optional)


Drain and rinse the canned fava beans to draw off the added sodium, and empty into a saucepan. Cook the fava beans over medium heat with 1/2 cup of water for 5 minutes until the beans soften. Meanwhile, chop the cucumber, tomato, and onion. Mix the za'atar with the olive oil and stir to make a paste. Spread over your pita bread, then arrange the cucumber and tomato on top. Once the beans are done, drain any remaining water. Add the cumin, 1 tsp of olive oil and 1 tbsp of tahini paste. You can mash the beans or keep them whole. Dish over the pita bread and vegetables to make a wrap, and drizzle with a little extra tahini paste. You can also keep the beans on the side and scoop up a spoonful with the pita bread. Garnish with fresh mint and savour every bite! YEGFITNESS



SPICY TUNA ROLL SALAD with Avocado and Cilantro With this Japanese-inspired dish, you'll get your "sushi fix" without the heaps of added sodium, deep fried fats, and sugary sweet sauces! This dish tastes incredibly similar to spicy tuna rolls. Enjoy the perfect balance of the hot Sriracha sauce with mild avocado, cool cilantro, and freshly squeezed lemon juice.


1 can flaked white tuna (170 grams) 1/2 yellow or orange pepper 1/3 white onion 3 tbsp light mayonnaise/Miracle Whip or (Veganaise) 1 tbsp tamari or Bragg's liquid aminos or low sodium soya sauce 4 tbsp chopped cilantro 1 tbsp fresh squeezed lemon juice 1 avocado, pitted, peeled and sliced Sriracha sauce


Finely dice the yellow or orange pepper and white onion. Mix together with the tuna, mayo, tamari or Bragg's or soya sauce, lemon juice, and 3 tbsp of the chopped cilantro. You can mix in some extra sriracha or wasabi paste if you like the extra kick! Plate with the slices of avocado and hot sauce. (A calorie-wise portion of avocado is 1/4 to 1/3 per person!) You can serve this as a dip for whole grain crackers, a filling for a wrap or sandwich, pair with whole grain brown rice, or just eat by the spoonful!

Your Guide to Flawless Post-Workout Skin BY AMANDA FORST A few extra minutes in the locker room can make all the difference in keeping your complexion healthy, hydrated and breakout-free. New York City dermatologist Dr. Julie Russak shared her best options with us to keep your skin healthy this winter.



HANDS OFF Healthy skin post-workout starts before you step off the treadmill. “Sweating can be a great way to detoxify your skin,” says Russak, but touching the same machines and equipment as a day's worth of gym rats is a great way to spread bacteria to your skin. Do your best not to touch your face during your workout. And if you're a hair-care junkie, pull your strands back. Otherwise, any hair products you used that day could drip down onto your face or neck, clogging pores and causing breakouts. BE GENTLE The number one mistake people make after a workout? "Being too aggressive with their skin," says Russak. Resist the urge to over-scrub: even the most killer spin class doesn't call for major exfoliation. Too much exfoliation can dehydrate your skin, lead to eczema or exacerbate acne. Instead, Russak suggests, washing away sweat with a gentle cleanser like Cetaphil. DON'T FORGET YOUR BODY Don't forget it's your whole body that just crushed those deadlifts, not just your face. Waiting until you get home to cleanse your body can lead to clogged pores. Instead, stash


Never settling for one type of exercise regime or routine of recipes, Brianna Meghawache, RD is always looking for new ventures in the world of fitness and nutrition. She is an Edmonton-based Personal Trainer and Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, as well as owner of NuFitRx who counsels on an individual and group basis. Brianna changes lives daily by first covering a solid basis of healthy whole-food knowledge and postural precision with her clients, and then encouraging person-specific changes that lead to lifelong maintenance of a healthy weight and a healthy relationship with food! To receive weekly tasty and healthy recipes, and nutrition and exercise tips from a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist and Personal Trainer, please sign up at!

a deep-cleansing body wash in your gym bag. Russak likes Glytone Exfoliating Body Wash because it contains lactic acid, a gentle exfoliant. DON'T SKIMP ON MOISTURIZER As much as it might feel like it, the sweat session you just finished is not exactly quenching your skin with moisture. After you wash your face, you'll still need to slather on moisturizer to replenish water your skin lost during your workout. If you're breakout-prone, go for an oil-free moisturizer, like Mario Badescu Oil-Free Moisturizer. It replenishes moisture without clogging your pores. For dryer skin, try a rich cream that's light enough to absorb easily into your skin, like Cerave Facial Moisturizing Lotion AM, with SPF 30. And while you're at it, give your limbs an extra dose of TLC with a rich body cream, like Vanicream. DRINK UP If you've just finished an activity that gets your heart rate way up, like spin or hot yoga, don't stash your water bottle as soon as you step out of the studio. Because your body loses so much more moisture in heated environments, you'll need to keep hydrating post-workout for your skin to recover.

NAIL I-JUST-WORKED-OUT MAKEUP In theory, we should all be stepping out of the gym looking like the workout goddesses we are, all dewy skin and rosy cheeks. In reality—if it was a really, really good workout, that is—we're a sweaty mess. Fake your fantasy post-gym look by covering redness with pressed concealer, like MAC Studio Finish SPF 35 Concealer, and a finishing powder, like Make Up For Ever HD Microfinish Powder to reduce shine. LOAD UP ON SPF Running home from yoga? You go, girl, but don't forget to apply sunscreen before you hit the pavement—and not just to your face. "Almost all the patients I see with melanomas on their legs are runners," Russak warns. "Remember, ALL exposed skin needs to be covered with sunscreen!" If you hate the feeling of sunscreen running into your eyes when you sweat (let's face it—even the sweat-proof ones aren't immune), Russak suggests Colorscience, a brand of pressed powder with SPF 50.

Sun, Sand (and a little Hurricane). YEG Fitness Goes To The Riviera Maya. The life of a fitness magazine editor, two weeks in the sun, relaxing with a cerveza next to the pool after a mid afternoon nap. Anyone who knows me also knows I’m a teacher by day as well, so it’s fair to say that this guy is pretty tapped and needs some time to get away and enjoy life. And that’s exactly what our family always gets in the Rivera Maya. White sand beaches, tropical breezes, clear warm water, and amazing people. We make a point of getting down there every couple years and the point of this article isn’t to make you jealous, but to show you the awesomeness of the area and why we love it. YEG FITNESS MAYAN RIVIERA TIPS 1. Pack Light. You won’t need jeans and long sleeve shirts. Most resorts (if that’s where you stay) require men to wear long pants and a shirt for diner, but many ease off on this in the summer. If you have to, a pair of casual pants and a short sleeve golf shirt are sufficient. Ladies, this is the time to show off all your hard work in the gym or Pilates studio. 2. Bring Your Sunscreen. That sun is intense down here. Even on a cloudy day, you’re going to get a nasty burn, and the last thing you want to do is sit in the hotel room nursing a burn while everyone else is outdoors enjoying the activities. Sunscreen is also insanely expensive down there, so I recommend you bring it with you. 3. Drink Your Water. Those Mai Tai’s and Mojitos taste great, but when you’re sitting in the sun all day enjoying them, you’re going to be hitting the sheets by 6 pm and waking up the next day with a nasty hangover. Remember to stay hydrated. You’re on vacation, so enjoy yourself, but slip a glass of water in between those alcoholic beverages to stay part of the party. 4. Take Local Transit. The people in Riviera Maya are awesome. Some of the most amazing people we’ve ever met— don’t listen to “The Donald”. Travel like the locals by taking the colectivo. It runs constantly along the main highway and only costs about $3 each direction (a cab will run you ten times that much). It might seem confusing at first, but the drivers are friendly and you won’t get taken advantage of or dropped off in some dark alley. 5. See The Sights. You’re on vacation. Don’t just stay on your resort. Get out and see the country. Visit the ruins. Go into Playa del Carmen or Tulum.

Check out the activities like Xel-Ha or Xcaret. They are pretty pricey, but worth the visit. 6. Stay #YEGFit. You didn’t work hard all year just to destroy it all with a couple weeks away. Most resorts have great gym spaces and activity centres. Take advantage of all they have to offer. Yes, sitting in an air-conditioned gym in the afternoon when you’d rather be by the pool doesn’t sound fun, but it’s easy to get your workout in the morning before you start the day. Then you don’t feel so bad about those rum and cokes later. 7. Be Smart With Your Food. There are a ton of options at all-inclusive resorts. The food can be a bit bland when eating at the buffets, but most offer some great healthy options. You just have to be creative. And if it is a buffet, you don’t need to load your plate up with six slices of toast and eight pancakes. Yes, you’re on vacation, but mealtime doesn’t have to be “all-you-can-eat”. 8. Meet New People. Every time we’ve gone to the Riviera Maya, we’ve always met some great people from all over the world. Everywhere from Scotland and Germany to our own back yard in Quebec. Some of them are our best friends and we’ve travelled half way around the world to visit them. Enjoy yourself and step out of your comfort zone. 9. Learn Some Phrases (And Some Gratitude). You’re going into another country. No. Not everyone will know English. Many of the staff in restaurants and stores will know a good amount of English, but if they appear to be rude, it may be because they have no clue what you’re saying. Don’t be the ignorant tourist who gets mad because the person helping you with directions doesn’t understand you. Learn a few phrases and use them. A simple gracias or buenos dias goes a long way. 10. Tip Your Server (And Any Service Staff). In a country where the average daily wage for a worker is a little over $6 US, those $1 tips at the bar and the $5 tip at dinner go a long way towards helping to improve their lives and that of their families. It may be all-inclusive, but don’t be cheap. You’d be surprised how much fluffier your pillows are and how quick you get served the next time you go to the bar. Our server from six years ago still works at our resort and the first time we see him when we return, he knows our faces and takes care of us far beyond expectations.

So this winter, when you’re planning to get away from those cold, dark Edmonton days for a week or two, the Riviera Maya is simply an outstanding option. You’ll come back recharged and ready to shovel all that snow off your car when you get home.