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Train Like A Soldier This Summer


utdoor boot camps as they have become known, have grown in popularity for an outdoor fitness alternative to traditional “in gym” group fitness classes. Since 2004, many outdoor boot camp classes have come and gone, and after 13 years in business, Soldiers of Fitness has withstood them all. The key to the success of Soldiers of Fitness (SOF) seems to be its belief and core military values invoking teamwork and the notion that no one gets left behind! That combined with the fact that each class is and always has been led exclusively by current or former military personnel sets it apart from other outdoor group classes. Outdoor boot camps offer a level of excitement and variety that their indoor counterparts do not. The outdoors allows these groups to utilize the beautiful Edmonton river valley, with its abundant staircases and trails. It also allows for a variety of exercises that others cannot. A few examples are; tire drags, log carry drills and hill training which is extremely beneficial for those looking to compete in the variety of outdoor obstacle races and ultra marathons that have become so popular.  SOF’s military atmosphere allows for a unique spin that no other class indoor or outdoor can offer. Exercises that include weighted group runs, team activities like log pt and of course the obstacle courses and team challenges that offer a self improvement factor that is still unique in Canada after thirteen years in the business. Soldiers of Fitness is also the only outdoor boot camp in Edmonton to offer this kind of training year round! The most important thing to remember about the various boot camps out there is that, while the cost might be higher than a gym membership, the value for the money is worth every penny. The push of not only the instructors, but the team as well, delivers more motivation than any one-on-one personal trainer could. Additionally, there is the element of fun and adventure that make these classes the best work out available. Soldiers of Fitness tips when choosing a group fitness class: 1. Make sure you choose a class that is right for you. Most outdoor classes will get you dirty and sweaty with no access to showers, so be prepared with a kit bag containing a change of clothes. 2. Bring water. Whether the weather is hot or cold you will need to have your own water, as it is not available by fountain. 3. Wear gloves! You will always be handling equipment or putting your hands on the ground so make sure to protect your hands. 4. Be ready for an adventure and a personal test, not just a workout!  Soldiers of Fitness Ltd started in 2004 by two Edmonton area military men, Cpl. Reid and Sgt. Sahadevan. 


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YEGFITNESS - July/August 2016

YEGFITNESS - July/August 2016