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yoga postures to

clarify the mind By Sarah Lindquist A strong, clear mind helps us build mindfulness, focus, self-awareness, resiliency, and may even help to decrease stress, anxiety, and the need for external validation. Yoga can be a great tool to support us in grounding down & reconnecting with what’s going on internally when we’re feeling disconnected. Forward bending postures allow gravity to promote oxygen & blood flow to the brain, helping with mental efficacy while balancing yoga postures challenge both body & mind to remain grounded, focused, and centered. In order to remain in the pose successfully, the mind works to clear excess clutter to better focus. Seated postures help to calm the body and downregulate the nervous system. When paired with the breath, the following postures can help to restore mental clarity by giving us a sense of deeper internal connection.

big toe pose


Step 1 Stand with your feet parallel, hip width distance apart. As you inhale, sweep the arms overhead. Exhale to fold forward, bending the knees if needed to bring the hands to the floor. Step 2 Wrap your peace fingers around each of your big toes. Inhale, lifting your torso to lengthen your spine. Exhale and notice if you can soften your hamstrings as you draw the chest towards your top thighs. Keep the knees bent if you feel like your rounding through your spine. Step 3 For 5-10 breaths, use your breath to deepen into the posture. With every inhale, lift the torso strong as the quadriceps contract. With each exhale, lift your sitting bones as you consciously relax your hamstrings. To release, bend your knees, release the grip of your toes and vertebrae by vertebrae roll yourself back up to standing.




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YEGFITNESS - July/August 2018