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Self – Centered BY DANIELLE MURRAY Danielle Murray Yoga

“Re-aligning the body and mind by getting grounded in a world that’s anything but.” Being in a state that is in balance, grounded, or alignment is a practice. This quality of centering the self is constantly in state of flux. The only thing that is certain in life is change. Our Yoga practice is an opportunity to learn how to move with challenges, boundaries, and the ever evolving sensations and fluctuations of both body and mind. However our yoga practice is also an opportunity to find a way back to stability, simplicity and connection to the self. The upcoming season can carry us away and disrupt our routines, and leave us feeling anything but balanced. November and December are actually one of my favourite times of year.

POSE 1: Tadasana / Mountain Pose

Parties, social gatherings, and family events are something to cherish and enjoy. Our yoga practice can be a wonderful tool to re-ground and stabilize ourselves in the midst of what can be chaotic. Returning to simple postures and taking time to connect allows yogis of all experience levels to cultivate steadiness.

Did you know that mountain pose actually teaches you all the basic alignment foundations you need to know to practice any yoga posture? To begin come to a standing position. Close your eyes or find a single point of focus. Begin by observing your natural posture and way of being in your body. Connect to your breath by first allowing it to flow naturally, and gradually deepening the flow. Notice where your body connects to the earth, observe where the weight is balanced in the soles of the feet. Take a moment to track through the body and become aware of the placement and weight of the legs, pelvis, spine, shoulders, neck and head.

The following postures and practices are tools that can be utilized to ground yourself, and come back into alignment in all senses of the word. Use them to get yourself centred.

Drawing your action back to your feet, begin to deepen your connection to the earth by lifting your toes, spreading them wide and rooting them down into the earth. Remain grounded and press down through the feet and initi-




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