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CV curriculum vitae

— Hello!

— Skills

— Prominent Traits

I’ m Fluke. A graphic designer, Softwares live in Chiang Mai since i was 6. I’m Adobe Illustrator looking for a graphic designer job which is my passion. I think, it’s gonna be fun. Adobe Flash

— Profile

Name Natthavut Manochai (Fluke) Gender Male Nationality Thai

— Eduction 2008 2012

2005 2006 2007 2010 2010 2011 2011

English: Listening

Bachelors of Science,College of Arts Media and Technology, Major in Animation,Chiang Mai university


Won website contest “Sex Must say” Attended Thailand National Software Contest (NSC)

Head of “Jerd” Anispace 4th Exhibition at central plaza Chiang Mai Airport. Producer and graphic designer of “Before Lanna” Project.

Reading Writing

easy going


mental disorder




blood type A




keep private


fast learner

party animal

good listener

high endurance

serious worker

love child, pet, and nature


— Interests


Illustraion/ Graphic Design/ Arts/ Book/ History/ Mythology/ Game/ Music/ Movie


— References

Mind and Social

Student Intern at SPB software, Chiag Mai, Thailand

— Others Experience 2005

Languages Thai:

Graduated from The Prince Royal’s College.

— Work Experience 2011

Adobe Photoshop


Others Google search Mac OS Windows

Mr. Sumet Yodkaew Senior project adviser 0841693283 Miss Warintharat Buddha-ard Adviser 0898354232


— Creative professional

cute stuffs/ minimalism/ poster/ icon/ Graphic designer of character design/ interactive design/ “Ma Doo Jobe” Exhibition fun stuffs/ and can learn more from at Marble Arch cafe. you!

0882608267 mobile e-mail


SPB TIME skin design

Alarm List 12:25 pm (in 2h 15m)

in 2h 15m SMTWTFS Alarm 1


am pm

in 2h 15m SMTWTFS Alarm 1

5:25 pm

in 2h 15m SMTWTFS Alarm 1

8:00 pm



Wednesday, March 20, 2013

—The Ancient Clock

Internship’s assignment at SPB software.

SPB Time is an advanced, skinnable time application for smartphone. There are analog and digital clock modes, World clock, timers and stopwatches, and advanced alarms. Developed by SPB softwear The design of the SPB Time’s skin based on Prague Astronomical Clock, Czech Republic.A device used in medieval astronomy. I optimized the design by decreased the number of the real

clock to 12, and remove astronomical fucntion to be an actual clock. Then, I designed pointers of the clock and alert icons.



ICONS icon design

—The Crystal icons

Internship’s assignment at SPB software.

This is the weather icons for unknown application. There are 5 usual weather icons and 3 other icons including; full moon, wifi and world. Don’t know much about the details. It was an urgent work in the last hour of working, I have assigned to do a crystal style. Have a couple quick sketches and do it with Adobe illustrator. They suggested me about how cler the icon was and serched for several

examples. The sun icons is not quite different from others icon. The cloud icons were redesigned and add some details. The world and wifi are easy but the moon were hard to find design solution. In the end, I have a set of wether icons which is I don’t know what aplication will it appear.



POSTER poster design

— Ma-Doo-Jobe Poster

Senior project exhibition poster.

Ma-Doo-Jobe is an abbreviation of “Ma doo na, My ma doo, Noo My Jobe” which mean; Come to see us, if you won’t, we will not graduated. The exhibition is half party harf exhibiton. I figured out an idea of casual and fun poster. The word Ma-Doo-Jobe is lke a friend who request a sympathy from his/her friend to attend the exhibition and have fun. Originally, The poster had designed

to be a single vertical poster but when i seperated it from one another, it is not good. Finally, I designed to be an dual horizontal poster. The exhibtion took place at Marble Arc cafe, nimman soi 9. Featured 18 projects including 3d, 2d animation, motion graphic and game.



DESIGN design for animation

— Animation for children Characters design for animation.

There are 4 animation i have designed characters. The ďŹ rst one is the animation about how to be a healthy kids and how eating habit effects their health. There are teacher and 3 different kinds of children including; fat boy, short girl and healthy girl. Each of kids have their own sprites and outďŹ t due to the story progress.(Page 06) The design is base on Thai Children with a thai student uniform.

In page 07, there is a series of fairy tales animation including; A little chinese girl, A gluttony cow and A naked tiger. The stories base on children book for reading practice. The target gruop is the children who have eyes problem.



DESIGN design for animation



DESIGN design for animation


PACKAGE MOCKED-UP package design

—GaZaa, The remover sheets

Package design and presentation. A commision from my friend for their product, A remover sheets in defferent packages. A single package, a refill package and a sheet container (just like a tissue container) A bird logo which mean the remover sheet is solf like a bird feather. The meaning of GaZaa is unknown. The top right picture is a single package contain 2 remover sheets.

A refill packages contains 48 remover sheets.

A remover sheet container. Can store up to 16 sheets. It’s not as large as tissue container. Itcvan be carry with one hand or put in the handbag. The bottom of the container can open. The user can pick the remover sheet from the bottom.


DVD JACKETS print design

—DVD Jackets for 3d Animation

3D Animation Class’s assignment.

DVD Jacket for my 3d Animation. The animation is about the forest spirit who come to visit her homeland every rainy season.

DVD Jacket for my 3d documentary about giraffe.

A CD design for 3D documentaty. The design base on a real model of my work with different texture. I wanted it to look like a metalic giraffe model.

DVD Jacket for my friend 3d animation ‘Hidden’ It is the story of the frog that hidden in the shoe.

DVD Jacket for my friend 3d animation ‘Hidden’ It is the story of the frog that hidden in the shoe.



CARD print design

—DTAC refill card

Compettition’s attendance

The year of producing this serie of refill card is tiger year. Then, i the design the refill cards that show how the tiger woman would do in one day with a keyword ‘happy’. Tiger woman hang out with ‘happy’ after working until midnight. She enjoy night life and party.

In the afternoon, it’s time to go shopping. Tiger women is ‘happy’ shopping. Tiger woman waked up early in the morning and go jogging with ‘happy’

After a hardworking all day. A Tiger woman ‘happy’ to ride a nice motorcycle to feel a fresh air.



PLATES presentation design

—Marketing Presentation Plates

Class’s assignment

LD Plate, LD is derived from Northern Thai’s word ‘Awe-Dee’ which mean ‘Frequently Travel’. The product is a paper mache magnet. The design based on Chiang Mai identity such as food, local taxi and native people.

Kamyan Plate, Kamyan is a group of 12 incenses product. Each one based on their zodiac sign for each scent. The incenses, tend to relax and adjust a bad temper. There are hints in the right of the plate for each zodiac.



BOOKLET print design

— Before Lanna booklet Class’s assignment

Before lanna is an epic animation about the old Lanna Kingdom’s folklore about Yaksha or Giant. This is not the full length or short animation. It’s just a trailer. There are group of 8 student brain stromed, producing a trailer, planing budget and animation’’s merchandies including postcard and booklet. Each one have their own role base on individual skill.

In the booklet, I introduced a team, a synopsis of story, following by characters in 2d and 3d,scene and contact information. The size of booklet is B5 which has 22 pages in total.



INTERACTIVE inteactive design

— Relax Corner

Interactive design for presentation

This is a comission from friend of mt paragraph arangement. However, I friend for doing a flash interactive pre- have to do some code to operate an senation for her senior project. This automatic presentation also. presentation include her work altogether, including project’s discription, research, project analysis, 3d models gallery, sketches, 3d animation and photos of real project. This was quite difficult work because there are many of text, to put all Thai text in 1 page is difficult as well as


0882608267 mobile

fufu_ e-mail

Fluke Portfolio Vol.1  

Portffolio, Graphic designer. Chiang Mai, Thailand. e-mail: Feel free to contact me.

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