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The design intents of our energy generative sculpture are creating unique spatial and the dynamic qualities. At the first rough proposal, we derived the form from the wind data of Copenhagen. This result in the radial shape made up of ‘wind tunnel corridor’ with various sizes. We tried to show the dynamic through the flexible connection of skin, which hence creates changeable spatial experience. Our crazy idea is to bring the user into the tunnel, let them to experience the power of wind through the two sensations, visual and touch. being sewed by threads, there would be holes in between that expose the interior spaces to the exterior. Nevertheless, the geometrical form is too literal and over simple. Not only that, the sculpture is less interactive to the site context. The dynamic effect could not be realised through the fabrication we did. Score-folded lines that connecting the panel largely reduced the flexible movement between panels. We thus further explored different types of connection and found out that by allowing spacing between panels could resolve this problem. To hold the hanging tunnels, rigid frames are evenly distributed across the spanning of the tunnel at this early stage. After addressing the feefback from the interim presentation, we decided to take a different approach for the formation process. A couple of site analysis had been carried out, which led to the formation of interesting form. From the rough conceptual idea, we played with different heights at different segments in respect to the wind intensity and direction. A range of supporting elements had been tested digitally and at the end, we all decided on the use of prefabricated I-beam. Instead of using the rigid portal and truss framing, prefabricated I-beam could follow the dynamic pattern of the form whilst resisting the strong wind. Kinetic energy resulting in the vibrating panels is the energy source of our design. Therefore, we thought of attaching the piezo patch sensors to every single panels and the deflection due to wind effect would generate electrical signal that to be transferred to the energy storage device underground.


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