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B.7. B.4. B.2. Technique Case Study Outcomes Development 1.0 n Computatio Design .21 Learning

After given suggestions by tutors, our group decided to further explore the patterning on the surface. Rather than a simple repetitive pattern, we would like to make a gradual change effect along the tunnel, which hence enhance the spatial experience of the users inside. The skin membrane does not necessary to be single repetitive flexible material, we want to explore more different materials that could be put together and generate an attractive outcome of the sculpture. Besides, we also want to play around with the natural light penetration into our form by making holes in some of the panel. This could be done in grasshopper with the scale component in deciding which panel to put holes. Furthermore, there is one important point mentioned by the tutors, which as designers, we have to make the decision whether or not the sculpture to be a kind of shelter or we want it to be exposed to weather. During exploring the panelling connection, this issue has to be addressed in order to decide whether we should leave gap in between the panel, or we have to provide a base layer behind the panel to protect the interior part of the sculpture to be exposed to rain and so on. In addition, we should start to do more experiment on how to generate energy through the piezoelectric effect. The results gained would definitely affect our idea concepts since error during the transmission, the location to store and generator and etc may will occur.


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