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he world is full of vibrating surfaces that yield a rich trove of clean, sustainable energy. It’s called piezoelectric energy, which formed by the conversion of mechanical strain into electrical, a charge is created when certain crystalline structures are subjected to stress or pressure. The device can be used to harvest energy from micro to macro scales, which from relatively small vibrations to many surfaces that are subjected to variable pressure such as highways and dance floors. The Bolton scientists have developed a way to weave piezoelectric capability into a flexible structure that lends itself to a wider variety of usages.[6]

Wind Energy

In our proposal, we would incorporate piezoelectric devices at the anchor points of the tunnel. Even when there is no strong wind, the device still can produce energy when lowspeed airflow passes over it and vibrate. Later, the kinetic energy produced would be transferred along the string that connects every panel to the device. Piezoelectric effect fulfil enable the moving skin of our sculpture to produce energy, it generates electrical energy from the kinetic energy formed by the skin of the sculpture due to the wind impact. One of the advantages of this technology is such that it does not require a big place to locate the energy generator. This can save the space for enhancing the spatial quality of the sculpture.

Kinetic Energy

Electrical Energy

73 6 Office of Technology Licensing, Piezoelectric Energy-Harvesting System That Can Generate Electricity From Vibration, <> [accessed 4 MAY 2014]

Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

final journal studio air

Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

final journal studio air