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B.6. B.2. Case Study Proposal 1.0 .21Technique Design Computation



Our design intent is inspired by the “Inflatable Air Dancer” which always being used for advertising purpose. Its volume is

formed by the air that flowing through its body, due to the difference in the air speed of its interior and exterior, the “Dancer” ables to make funny movements. It is only be supported at the bottom and therefore, the movements is not restricted at the top opening. It inspired us with its dynamic movement, which we want this characteristic to be applied to our design. We don’t want a fix sculpture that is not responsive to the users as well as

The dynamic flow of the skin membrane of the sculpture creates an interesting spatial quality for the users who are inside the tunnel. This makes the users at interior space could visualise the effect of high speed wind onto the surface but never feel it from interior.

However, rather than in the vertical direction, we want our sculpture to extend in the horizontal way. This horizontal elongating sculpture would like a tunnel, allowing both wind and users to enter. Somehow, in order to produce a dynamic effect as the “Dancer”, we need to provide a differential value between the air that penetrate into the tunnel as well as the air that hits on the surface from exterior. Due to this reason, we position the sculpture in such a way that the wind would hits on its surface at a steep angle. This strong wind will hence create pressure onto the surface, which the interior normal wind speed is lower.


Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

final journal studio air

Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

final journal studio air