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B.5. B.4. B.2. Case Study Development Prototypes 1.0 n Computatio Design .21 Technique



culpture is a form of art, thus, aesthetical value must never be neglected in the design. In our wind generative sculpture design, it can be expressed through the use of: •Material •Panel Design •Structure •Geometry •Material More than half of the sculpture is made up of skin membrane, and the rest are the structures to support it, Thus, the material of the skin needs to be carefully picked in order to ensure its relationship to the sculpture, site context and so on. It would bring the message that the designers want to speak to the public through their aesthetic sculpture. In recent, the hidden potential of the conventional materials have been discovered such as the translucent quality of concrete and wood. With the use of creative materials like these, the sculpture would look prettier and fascinating. In the prototypical experiments, we tried different opacity level of materials such as the acetate, tracing paper and the total opaque stencil paper. They are create their own aesthetical values to the sculpture.

•Panel Design As explored in the iterations of the case study 2, there are many attractive ways of patterning design could be performed. The way the panels are arranged in relation to each other or the form of the panel itself could produce interesting aesthetic qualities to the sculpture. •Structure The design of the structure and how we are going to locate it is important. Since we decided to use transparent material as the skin membrane, we would hence allow the structure to be exposed to the outside world. This is an interesting idea to the site, which most of the buildings are in rigid and enclosed form, with the installation of this structural expossive and transparent sculpture , the site would has another fresh influence. •Geometry Other than patterning, the geometry itself also has to be considered. For our design intent, the geometry is not fix but rather changing in constant due to the wind response. This hence creates a lively effect to the sculpture but not simply in a constant state. This is definitely a good idea to bring a contrasting atmosphere to the site which surrounded by rigid buildings. tunnel.


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