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B.5. B.4. B.2. Case Study Development Prototypes 1.0 n Computatio Design .21 Technique



fter gone through the prototypying process, we came out with a wide range of factors that affect the flexibility of the skin membrane: •Panel size •Panel shape •Structure •Spanning of the skin membrane •Material that make up the skin membrane •Angle between the wind direction and the surface •Panel size For smooth fabric texture it could be work out the dynamic effect when it consists of a large piece. However, if we use the slightly harder materials such as paper and acetate, the smaller group of panels would work out rather than the big ones. •Panel shape A tetrahedral grid mesh allows a better connection for an irregular geometry compared to quadrilateral gird mesh. This is due to the number of vertices of the triangular shape provides a better potential to form the irregular forms.

•Spannig The spanning of the skin from a structure to the next will also affect the flexibility of the skin. This could be understood with the rest length and relaxation effect on the grasshopper model due to the positions of the anchor points. The longer the spanning of the skin membrance across the structures, the more flexible of the movement is. •Material In term of materials, as long as it is soft, thin and light enough, most of them could perform well with the use of correct jointing method as well as an appropriate size . •Wind Direction We observed that the skin membrane would only vibrate greater when the wind direction is in a steep angle to the surface rather than perpendicular or directly blow into the tunnel.

•Structure Structure is a paramount role in supporting the feasible skin but at the same time, is not over control until they lose their potential to create movement. Amongst the prototypes, we found out that however flexible material and connection are, once they are stick to the structures at both ends, they would lose their dynamite potential even strong wind is being blown onto them. Hence, not only flexible connection is needed in between the panels but also from the skin to the structure as well.


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