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A.0. Introduction Hi everyones! I’m Yee Yin, Tan, 3rd Year in Bachelor of Environments, Majoring in Architecture, The University of Melbourne

“16 years ago, I was just a kid who always follows my dad’s footsteps. I used to unfold the recycled boxes and start drawing on it to get rid of the boredom of waiting. whilst my dad was busying with his stuff.” That was the starting point of my painting life. Improving from using colour pencil, crayon to water colour, and now, digital programming had become a must tool in my designing. In the beginning of my university life, architecture was a total new thing that I could barely know from where should I start with. Time flies as now it turns to be my third year in Architecture Faculty. From the past two years, I was exposed to digital programming tools, construction studies, model-making and etc. Not only that, I also practice my critical thinking as well as presentation skill. Virtual Environments was the subject which I first get to know about Rhinoceros. It was definitely an interesting subject that we were asked to produce a wearable lantern by using the panelling tool in Rhinoceros.

Later, I further brushed up my skill in Rhinoceros during my short intern back in Malaysia. I realised that Rhinoceros is a useful NURBS-based-3D modelling software which manage to provide us the accurate measurements that is crucial when comes to physical modelling. With the enhancement by Grasshopper, designers can efficiently design whatever they would like to. In Air Studio, a range of explorations with the use of Grasshopper is just begins!


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