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A.4. Conclusion


esign for futuring needs a critical design thinking about development for sustainment and how human behaviour acts upon it. The advanced technologies in architectural design allow a shift from virtual to a position of hybridity with the actual. The emergence of digital architecture proven that computation no longer just for representation purpose, but also practice design thinking digitally, as well as actively explore in prefabrication and materiality. For instance, parametric modelling becomes a popular computational tool which contains a set of data to be manipulated in order to get different possible design outcomes. The generated design outcome usually originated from a simple geometry which later went through a series of algorithmic process. What is my rough design ideas? Sustainability would be the main concern on my design. I would always consider the trade-off effect of my construction to the sustainment. Maximising the strength of my sculpture design with the minimal use of material could be my goal in this project. It will make no difference if we use unsustainable method to build the so-called green project. Thus, I want to minimise the harms caused by the construction of my project to the environment. Other than just functions as a renewable energy generator, I prefer to make my sculpture to be useful in other ways as well, which will give benefits to the users. In brief, not only the aesthetical value that I concern about, but also its impact on the environment and the community. I want it to make a change to the local community. What is my design approach? To do so, computation tool can be employed in design process. Algorithmic process in the parametric modelling will allows me to keep on track with my design process development and explore new possibilities in the parametric tooling. Keep making changes throughout the process and later compare and contrast the several outcomes. Finally, this will end up with the best-suited solution for the project. Meanwhile, along the process, I will make some experiments with simple prototypes.


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