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A.3. Composition/Generation


This is an architecture built for the International Nike Flyknit Collective that housed at Nike Sportwear’s own Bowery Stadium in New York.

How do you knit and braid a building? Could a building be as lightweight as air? How can sport influence both design and fabrication and inspire the next generation of buildings? What if we could form-fit and enhance architecture with bio-architecture and performance of our own bodies?[16]It’s inspiring with the way Sabin think about architecture. Rather than construct a solid rigid building, she thought of ‘knitting’ a building. In this design, Sabin links biology, art and technology together. Body motion was being analysed with the use of Nike + FuelBand technology to collect motion data from group of runners. She later transformed the patterns of this biological data into the geometry and material. With the reference of the dynamic body data, the surface patterns are generated via the parametric tools in design computation. From a single unit of thread, it turns into a building block for structures of great complexity.

With the multidisciplinary knowledge of science, art and technology, Sabin explores the relationship of the body to technology as well as structure, which later turn out to be a complex formfitting structure on a performance-enhancing shoe that made up of simple threads.

MyThread Pavilion made up of harder outer construction and softer, organic inner material. This pavilion employs the generative approach from a single thread to a complex pavilion made up of groups of adaptive knitted, solar active, reflective photo luminescent threads and a steel cable net holding hundreds of aluminium rings. The inner structure of soft textile which made up of whole garment knit elements is reactive to the presence of people as well as lighting. It absorbs, collects and delivers light whenever the materials react to the presence of people. Both response to sunlight and physical interaction is part of Sabin’s approach to enhance the performance and sustainability that Nike Flyknit addressed. This is definitely an interesting design in which it brings life to it. The intelligence act of relating bio architecture to the digital architecture leads to the formation of this creative pavilion. With the use of algorithm process in a repetitive way to this parametric model, it creates this network of reactive threads. This new form creates its own environment, its own community and its own energy with the installation of such sensitive and flexible materials as the cover.

MyThread Pavilion could be a great precedence with its relationship of motion and biology with architecture. The stimulation based on human responsiveness can be a creative feature of the design but without people surrounds, it could be nothing.

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Jenny Sabin Studio, MyThread Pavilion (2014), <> [accessed 27 MARCH 2014]

Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

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Tan yeeyin 560654 journal final submission  

final journal studio air