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There is a lot of knowledge that I gained through Studio Air. This studio unlike other usual studios which design is the main focus, I realised that in Studio Air, it does not only concern about the design, but also how it could be fabricated and how it will be built in the real world. Besides, I also learned to practice designing process through parametric tool, which definitely helps us to come out with an interesting output that we might not expected. Hence, with the practice on Grasshopper tool, I’m begining to practice my design process by playing around with grasshopper, which could help me to boost my creativity. Through this project, I found out that how important is sustainable architecture is to the community, in order to guarantee for a sustainable future. With the smart application of architecture knowledge, there are many ways for us to engage the architecture piece with sustainable applications such as solar panel, material used with less embodied energy, green roof/wall and etc. In addition, I learned that even a small detail, such as joint, is able to alter the design concept in order to make it workable. Hence, detailing should always be considered along the process in order to ensure it could be built. In nowadays, most of these detailing and jointing parts could be accurately and easily fabricated with the aid of advancing computational approach. In our case, we managed to unroll the surfaces of the tectonic elements and laser cut them. The assembly process seems to be very efficient due to the precise cutting by laser cutter from the reference of the accurately measured digital model. In a nutshell, Studio Air is being a useful studio for me to further engage in my architectural studies.


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