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C.4. LAGI Brief



Eelectricity needed by 250000 houses =250000 x 1340 =335,000,000kWh per year Average wind of Copenhagen:14m/s Given short single layer PVDF stalk can produce 296 x 10-6 W at 8m/s wind speed, Thus, when the wind speed is 14m/s, the stalk (piezo patch) can produce 4.44 x 10-4W Hence, to to get the total amount of electricity that a panel could produce in a year, 4.44 x 10-4 x 3600 x 24 x 365 = 14001984 W per year By plugging in grasshopper, we manage to find out the total surface area of the sculpture, which is 17592000m2 We set the average dimension of a single panel as 500mm x 500mm, Total number of panels that cover the sculpture = 17592000/(0.05 x 0.05) = 70368000 panel In conclusion, total energy produced by flapping panels would roughly be, 14001984 x 70368000=9853 x 1011kW per year.


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