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C.4. LAGI Brief



he criteria set for this design competition is to produce a three dimensional sculptural form that can generate green energy, meanwhile has its aesthetical value that manages to attract the visitors to the site. This is part of the process that engaging in the vision of Copehagen to become a carbon neutral city by 2050. In our design concept, we would like the visitors to experience the dynamic spatial experience created by the form itself as well as the movement of the skin due to the wind action. Not only that, we also hope to get visitors involving in this generative system by creating the piezo-flooring panels. Every steps on the floor would exert compression force to the energy generator underneath the panel, which later convert to electrical charge. We want our sculpture to be ‘lively’, which its external skin will not be fixed at a static form, but the panelling surface would flapping and creating movement whenever hit by the wind. At the same time, the deflected panels will generate electric signal, which transfer to the storage underneath the ground all the way down. The general form of the sculpture is originated from a series of site analysis, with the aerofoil shape to enhance the wind flow across the sculpture.

The construction of this sculpture may require a large amount of steel and concrete slab supply due to its huge dimensional form. The transportation of material will hence take a long time, thus, sufficient supply of petrol and work force are needed. Besides, during construction period will cause sound pollution to the community. Notwithstanding, these disadvantages could be traded-off once it is completed, with the green energy generation as well as serve as a leisure place for the community. It could be an asset of Refshaleoen in the future.


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