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his device is equipped with multiple small rotors along its shaft. They all rotate in synchronicity, with the exhaust of the upper rotors helping to drive the ones below it. These rotors act as gyroscopes or spinning tops that stabilizing the driveshaft where they are attached.[5] Doug Selsam invented a high altitude wind generator called the Sky Serpent. The goal is to eventually tap into high winds in the jet stream and generate enough low-cost electricity to supply the increasing demands of the world. Back to traditional windmill, the installation requires a huge space and this becomes restricted due to the overpopulation around the world. The creation of this kind of kite or balloon windmill led to a new chapter in the renewable energy designs. Selsam Superturbine gets rid of any components that do not contribute directly to the generation of power. At its heart is a very long, flexible drive shaft, mounted on a housing with a versatile universal joint and designed to bend and twist at multiple angles to shift along with prevailing winds. Furthermore, this tubine is flexible to the energy productivity as the amount of energy could be increased even more by adding a dirigible anchored to the upper end of the turbine’s spine. Once anchored, the entire shaft can freely rotate, adding its own motion to the rotors and allowing even greater power generation. This intelligent design not only serve for wind energy but also solar. The blimp itself could be covered over with solar cells. It

However, this superturbine is yet to be constructed. Whether they do equally well with full-scale turbines still could not be guaranteed although some smaller test models had been made.Even if it could be built, but still these devices will cause safety threats to ships, boats, and wildlife who wander too close, especially in unpredictable conditions due to the swaying with the wind.

For the Copenhagen project, such an innovative design can be a good inspiration. Albeit the given space of the site is limited, but with the creative invention likes this superturbine would definitely reduce the need of large space in order to produce adequate energy. This can be sustainable, as in the future, a tremendous population growth of 100,000 towards 2025 is being forecasted for this city. This indicates more empty spaces are needed for inhabitants.

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