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Portfolio by Yee Soo Xien +65 9297 2999

Hello! I am Sooxien, a space and interior deisng diploma holder graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic in May 2017. My passion burns in design and i love to explore anything new. In this portfolio, you will see many of the school projects and industrial projects that i have done. Most of the school projects that i have done here are conceptual based. I hope this interests you :-)

Contents Point, Line, Plane Geodesic Dome Chair Into The Woods Habitat Roof HĂ…G chair showroom Back In Time

Process of Point, Line, Plane

Geodesic Dome Chair

Joinery detail of the wooden grids. Apply glue and slot both together. They should fit well.

Wooden partial-spherical geodesic dome

Steel legs with pointed sharp bottoms in all direction to hold the weight of user. Can be conjoined easily by twisting it into the triangle grids.






Front view

Side view

Into The Woods


Into The Woods is a pop-up store located amongst the trees and waters in Singapore’s famous East Coast Park where many locals and tourists visit during the weekends to spend some time off from the city area.




This series of 3 module pop-up store’s main purpose is to promote and bring attention to Coleman’s new product - ‘Move it!’.





as built floor plan scale 1:50

‘Move it!’ is a portable caravan designed for 2, targeted at a younger age group. Measuring 1800 x 2000 x 1900 mm, it is a very convenient camper to be moved around by attaching it to the back of a vehicle. For people who likes camping or road tripping, this is the perfect gift for you and your significant other!

‘Move it!’ is located in the middle module, being wrapped inside a cold hard concrete module block to heighten the contrast of environment. Two angled slits were made at the top part of two opposite walls to allow natural light to come through. The sudden contrast from its other well-lit glass modules is to arouse the crowd in East Coast Park and also create a vast different of ambience when visitors enter the concrete block. Created to be in the woods and connected to the nature,



15mm clear glass matte black frame


section a-a scale 1:50





‘Move it!’ has functions of retaining warmth in its camper when it gets chilly at night and at the same time being able to enjoy nature from inside through the transparent cut outs.

canvas hammock suspended by rope 50mm hollow concrete block

wooden plank shelf


section b-b scale 1:50

25mm translucent pvc


Pavilion Stage and Water Play Area

PA Water-Venture (Lower Seletar)

Lower Seletar Reservoir Park



Where Habitat is found

Habitat : the natural home or environment ‘ Habitat ’ is a half-submerged housing designed specially for 1 person’s lounging, suitably for an active middle aged. This concept came about from an umbrella installation. In my design, different shapes, forms and structure of umbrella will be revealed and taken creatively into making a housing in a natural environment. ‘ Habitat ’ is located in the middle of our local catchment water, Lower Seletar Reservoir whereby the waters collected in the reservoir will act as the occupant’s daily water supply after appropriate treatment is given. This location does not only benefit occupant the advantage of dirty water into reclaimed water, it also enables occupant to take time away from the hustle and bustle to enjoy the true enrichment of nature.

section A

section B

Font Elevation

Back Elevation


balcony bathroom

Left Elevation



reading room

Right Elevation


ROOF is a project based on travelling in a parallel world where I personally experience the life of Joe, in my own country. A city of skyscrapers is then redefined as a psychogeographic map of intangible relations. The Roof is located 25 storeys above a residential block in Little India, towering over the ethnic district.

4000 6100




Roof Top


towering over many shophouses and even buildings in this district. It is to help with their suppressed emotions and overcome their idea of intimidating skyscrapers that tower over them.

Projection L.E.D light panelled flooring with a huge piece of canvas hanging over it, where they can draw (with the use of sand and magnets) and express their nostalgia while bonding with their fellow foreign workers. ELEVATION

Wooden flooring to create a rustic environment that reminds them of home.

HĂ…G chair showroom

Flowing with the theme 'Wonderland', the event set-up is designed with extraordinary spaces being crafted by using the play of scale and visual distortion. Visitors who enter the Scandinavian Business Seating 4 level building will experience the vast difference from the outside environment and inside, infusing the interior usage of the exquisite Scandinavian culture. Level 1

Knowledge of chairs

Level 3

In search of perfect chair

Level 4

Testing of chairs


act of searching


Staircase between each level will act as a transition space to foreshadow what they will be meeting in the next room they enter.

Aluminium mirror

Black African wood

Tension cable

Merino yarn

Foam board

Corrugated board

Back In Time

SOOXIEN'S portfolio