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Inside Story



Inside Story


Inside Story


Inside Story

Inside Story



ACG New Library Do you know

There is a movie room. It is next to the

there is going to

large library. There is a very low table.

be changes in ACG

ACG will have blue seats and display

soon? ACG and

boards in the reception and the AIS

AIS will both

side will have orange chairs. The ACG

stay in our

reception will be the same size. I won-

school. We have

der how it can fit 2 receptions? AIS

got a really large

and ACG. If the children like the

library, It is 50

changes ACG must pay the designer and

meters long. The

the builder. I think the changes are go-

reception will

ing to be cool.

have changes afInside Story


ter the holiday. Also the secondary students get their own PC.

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Earth Day Earth day is on 26 March every year. We must turn off all of the power and light. If the people don’t turn off the lights, there would be no Thomas Edison to create lights so the earth must live in the dark. People don’t like to live in the dark, they would use candle instead using lights. If we have power, we can have some entertainment. In ACG we have power.


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Mars Need Mom This movie is very funny because when a kid name Milo and there is a fat guy call Milo is My Bro. The funniest is when Milo tell the alien to act like his mom.

Libya War with Qaddafi. Qaddafi is a dictator because he kill his people because he think his people betrayed or don’t respect him. The rebel try to stop him. UN and US join the match too. Obama try to talk to him. He refuses to leave the country.

Hoan Kiem Turtle Hoan Kiem Turtle is rare because the turtle is sick. Scientist try to help the turtle by taking it to the shore. Scientist try to heal it. It just keep getting escaping so they failed.

Dear Editor I’ve been living in Ho Chi Minh City and it’s am interesting city but I concern because there is someone in the city was polluting water. Somebody throw the chemical are very bad because they can take all the oxygen of the animal. The people that throw oil in the sea may died because there is no-one to clean the water.We can pick up the trash for them. We would explain to them,

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Book review : Panda Earthquake Escape. This book is about a panda and her son trying to escape from the earthquake. I think kid that like animals would like this book. The

good thing is that they show us how to save panda.

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