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Min Kyung’s News Earth Hour Every year on March 26 people celebrate our earth day. There will be no electricity for one hour, and people light the candles to get bright. Now I will tell you what happened at ACG school. In ACG school Vietnam we saved

the electricity for one hour. When the electricity was out we played a game and read a book to the young children. I think the Earth hour is important because we can save the electricity.

1 Earth hour 1 ACG mix with AIS 2 dear editor 2 rescue of tricky turtle 2 USA and Allies help Libya 3 Word find 3 lollipop 2 4 Bolt

ACG mix with AIS ACG school will change soon. We will share with AIS it will be more bigger. Now I will tell you what we will change. The first change will be the reception. We will share with AIS there will be new

4 panda's earthquakes

chairs. Half is for AIS and half is for ter ACG changes ACG. Another There will be more change will be a students. new library It will be also share with AIS. The library is 50m like an Olympic pool. There will be more computers and more books. I think af-

Dear Editor I have lived in Vietnam for 3 years, I like to live in Vietnam but I really wish that there were less people smoking. The smoking is very bad for you and you could die quickly and it is also bad for the environment. We should solve this problem by making more expensive, Putting the picture of diseased lungs on the smoking box and you will get fined if you smoke in the public place. I wish there is no smoking because we could get sick and die.

Rescue of tricky turtle Did you know there was a turtle but it escaped. tricky turtle in the capital city of Vietnam? It is in Hanoi in Hoan Kiem lake. It is about 100 years old! Scientists thought that the turtle was sick because maybe the water is polluted so the people keep trying to catch the

USA and Allies help Libya In Libya there is a bad president called Qaddafi. So Qaddafi and the world people fight and had war.

He is selfish and he doesn’t want anybody to be a president. He also refuses to leave.

Word Find

Lollipop 2 in Korea, Vietnam, Australia and Malaysia. Vietnam and get 50% disThe Lollipop 2 phone is count and go to Korea and from Korea they send get free!!!!! to Vietnam, Australia and Malaysia. If you buy in Korea you will get 1 free, If you buy in Vietnam we will get 50% discount. Let’s go and buy a Lollipop phone!!!!!! Let’s go to

Bolt Bolt is my favorite movie. It is about a dog and a girl doing drama. The dog’s owner is the girl. She always loses the dog and then the kind man finds it for her. When the girl found the dog she cried happily. I think children will like it if children like to watch adventure movies. It is a funny movie and an amazing movie.

Panda’s earthquakes This book is about pandas who were in an earthquake. The good thing about this book is at the back of the book there is a fun facts about pandas. Children will like it because the panda’s picture is cute.

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