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Times of the World ACG mixes with AIS Next year, ACG and AIS is going to mix. Also there will b e a few changes at ACG. There will be two receptions. One is ACG’s reception and another reception is AIS’s reception. There will be more seats for parents and student to rest. The reception is going to be on the first floor like now. The library is going to move to the 5th floor. It is going to be bigger than now and it is long as 50 meter which is the size of an olympicpool. The old library is going to be in the music room. There will be three more computer labs which means there will be five computer labs but from year 11-13 the stu-

dents must have their own laptop. At last will tell you about there is going to have about 24 new fantastic rooms! There is going to be TV room, about three rooms for offices and about 20 rooms are going to be AIS’s classrooms. At last I finished telling you the changes. Now I will tell you the most important thing. The students have to share the swimming pool, library, and other rooms with AIS. I think the school will be more different from now and a more exciting school.

May 2011

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Earth Hour Do you know what is Earth Hour? It is happens on the 26 March every year. It is a special day when we save our resources like energy. Now I will tell you what we did at ACG to celebrate Earth Hour. At ACG we

turned off the lights, air con, and computers for one hour. While we turned off the lights, we wrote some ways to protect Earth on paper, read books to 1VER and played a game with 4YEH. Other classes did

crafts and played different kinds of games and some other interesting stuffs. I think the Earth Hour is the most important day in the whole world.

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Times of the World

Rescue of tricky turtle Have you ever seen a strong, old turtle? Well in Vietnam there is! In Vietnam‘s capital city Hanoi there is lake called Hoan Kiem lake. In there is a 100 years old turtle. The rescuers tried to catch it but the turtle was too strong and he poked a hole in a net. Who can rescue this turtle?

Unfair ruler refuses to leave In the country in North Africa called Libya there is an unfair ruler called Qaddafi. He has ruled for 41 years in Libya but he refuses to leave, so it is not fair so the US and allies are trying to help but Qaddafi doesn’t stop. Who can help Libya?

Letters to the editor Dear Editor, I have been living in Ho Chi Minh city for so many years. What I like about it is there is so many different kinds of people. But I am concerned because no body is recycling. If we don't do this our environ-

ment will be polluted, animals will die, nature will be covered with lots of rubbish, and we might run out of natural resources like water and trees. So I think there needs to be more recycle bins and we must recycle everywhere, every

time or maybe it should be a law. I think if we don’t have any recycle bins the nature that we use will be contaminated and polluted. Yours Sincerely Kiri

Volume 1, Issue 1

Movie— Harry Potter This movie is about the boy called Harry who is going on a dangerous adventure. I think people who like adventures will like this movie. This movie is suitable for primary to adult. I rate 5 stars to this movie because it is awesome!!!

The Secret on the Wall I think people who like mysteries and secret code will like this book. It is about teenage girl solve the problem. I think it is suitable for 8 to 11.

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