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Some experience when using and preserving organ Organ shell is mainly made of wood. So as to have the piano sounds good and long lasting life, you should make some preserved following principles: 1. Not to crack the wall, a minimum of 10 - 15 cm to avoid moisture, and this also make the piano sounds rang clearly. 2. Organ should not be placed near the humid, hot water tank, bathroom, kitchen ... Avoid placing heavy objects on the board. Although beautiful, the flower vases should not be placed on the flocks also because if water spills it will damage the board. 3. In the humidity rainy season , drying tube should be plugged 2 days 1 times. In the dry season, drying tube should be plugged once one week. The family put the piano in the room which has air conditioning then depending on the frequent use of air conditioning or not to plug drying tube or monitor to see the sensitivity of low key, hammer stuck plug 24h (can use hair dryer to dry the place jammed key). However, you should not assume that the frequent drying tube plug is good and necessary. If too much drying tube plug easily lead to the phenomenon known the piano become too dry, reputation and right to the resonant tank can crack affects the quality of the organ. Especially for the Church Organ. 4. The organ should be cleaned the dust 2 months by dust can make the structure of the lead, dust and moisture affecting the sound quality. 5. After playing remember to cover dust keyboard stuck key, to avoid collision broke the keyboard 6. Clean the instrument with whisk broom and a soft cloth (smooth surface), such as cotton, felt. Absolutely not clean the instrument with water. 8. Not voluntarily impact on the mechanical side of the board. The details of the above machines sophisticated manufacturing requires certain expertise can fix. So I recommend that you should not arbitrarily tinkering, the impact on the structure of the herd. 9. Every 6 months / time you should seek professional workers to stretch the strings. Because in the course of using the more loose screws, loose strings in the course of use. From that gradually lead to the wrong language which the listener does not have the level of expertise difficult to identify. If this situation the wrong place for a long time can make accurate sound capabilities of the human ear play. More useful information, kindly read here Church Organ

Some experience when using and preserving organ