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Security Cameras Direct Security cameras are one of the lowest cost, yet most highly effective security tools in the world. Unlike security fences, hiring security personnel or installing alarm systems, security cameras have no recurring costs. You just make a one time investment and your property is safer, permanently. Security cameras don’t just tell you what’s happening on your property. They’re also deterrents. Criminals who see that a house is protected by a security camera are far less likely to want to intrude. There are many different kinds of security cameras you can choose from. Domed Security Cameras Domed security cameras are very popular, as it creates an illusion of a 360 degree vision. In reality, most dome security cameras only point in one direction. However, because the polarized dome is opaque, it’s impossible to tell which way the camera is pointing from the outside. Most people assume they’re being watched, even when they’re not. Indoor and Outdoor Cameras Indoor and outdoor cameras have different specifications and builds. It’s very important that you know exactly where you plan to place your cameras before you make your purchase. Outdoor cameras are often built to be water proof. They’re designed to resist both heat and moisture. They’re often equipped with infrared technology, so they can see better in the dark. Indoor cameras are more delicate, but make up for it with better features in other departments. Digital, Network & Hybrid Cameras Different kinds of cameras can offload media through different formats. Network cameras allow you to store security footage through an IP network. You can transfer data using an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. This makes it easy to store data on external hard drives, which is more space efficient and more affordable than any other media. Alternatively, you can use a digital storage device. These devices store data on DVD or CD burners or USB drives. Some systems feature a hybrid of both choices. Wired or Wireless? One important question people often ask is whether to get a wired security system or a wireless security system. Ultimately, it comes down to resolution versus flexibility. Wired systems have better resolution and higher quality. They’re less likely to be affected by interference and can be more reliable. They also tend to last longer. However, they must be directly wired into your monitoring systems, which can be prohibitive architecturally or financially.

Wireless systems can be setup almost anywhere. The resolution is lower, but often time’s you really don’t need a high resolution image for a security camera. Other Security Devices When it comes to home, business and personal security, there are all kinds of devices you can choose from. From GPS tracking to audio surveillance, from PC monitoring devices to hidden cameras, your choices are nearly endless. It helps to think about what kind of threats you’re trying to protect yourself from. Is it a robbery? Breakins? Children sneaking out? Employee theft? Figure out what you’re trying to catch or prevent, then buy your equipment accordingly. Since 2003, Security Cameras Direct has been supplying the highest quality security products to both consumers and businesses. If you’re looking to boost your security, we’ll help you get everything you need at the most competitive prices.

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Domed security cameras are very popular, as it creates an illusion of a 360 degree vision. In reality, most dome security cameras only point...