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BuyPack Finding a great wholesale packing supplier can be quite challenging; yet it’s completely essential for running a successful business. Most retail industries have a net margin profit of around 8% to 10%. In other words, you need £10 of revenues to bring in £1 of profits. That also means that every £1 you save on packaging is equivalent to bringing in another £10 in revenues. That’s why saving every pound you can is so essential. At BuyPack, we’re here to help you do that. Wholesale Packaging Supplies Our wholesale packaging supplies are designed to be durable, lightweight and affordable. Most items come in different sizes and options. We know that your customers expect high quality packaging materials from you, and we’re here to help you meet your customers’ expectations. To help you save money, we offer free shipping on all orders above £120. Wholesale Paper Bags Wholesale paper bags have really taken off in recent years as consumer demand for environmentally friendly bags has gone up. Paper bags are recyclable, don’t clog up landfills and are generally stronger than plastic bags. They’re easier to double bag for heavy items. They come in different thicknesses, so you can get the perfect bag for your customers’ shopping needs. Paper bags can also be a fantastic branding opportunity. You can print your logo on the front and/or back of the paper bags. People often save these bags and use them around the house. It’s also free advertising as people carry them on the streets. On plastic bags, logos are often crinkled and unreadable. On paper bags, they’re visible even from 10 feet away. Wholesale Cupcake Boxes A good cupcake box carries an important job: To get customers’ cupcakes from your cupcake store to wherever it needs to go, without damaging the cupcakes. A good cupcake box can be carried under one arm in a hurry without getting crushed or crumpled in the process. A good cupcake box can be thrown in the back of a car without getting folded. A good cupcake box is unremarkable: It simply does its job. That’s what we strive for at BuyPack. We create cupcake boxes that get the job done, so you can focus on doing what you do best: Making cupcakes. We have cupcake boxes in different sizes and shapes, including cupcake boxes with clear film tops so customers can see inside your boxes. Wholesale Pizza Boxes Your pizza box serves several important purposes. First, it’s the first impression someone has of your pizzeria once they get their food delivered. Since a lot of people order pizza online now or just by phone, it’s often time’s the only first impression they get. A high quality printed logo on the top of your pizza box can go a long ways.

A good pizza box can also be a great tool for customers. Many of your customers won’t eat the whole pizza in one sitting. Instead, they’ll use the pizza box to store unfinished pizza in the fridge. Some customers will tear off pieces of the pizza box and use it as a plate. Having a sturdy pizza box that can withstand the cold of the fridge, moisture as well as be used as a plate can make your customer’s life a whole lot easier. Ready to get started? Just place your order online, or give us a call at 0115 8229424 if you have any questions!


Buy Pack UK are market leaders in the supply of food and retail packaging. Each day we add new and exciting new products to the world of pac...

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