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If you see a video that you want to insert in your blog post, please make sure you convert video to swf and video to swf converter helps you convert all video to SWF. Then you just copy the HTML code given with the video to embed in a web page. Buy Now (Check Discount)

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Mac Video SWF Converter

video to swf converter will generate a HTML page, a swf file and a flv file. is given with a flash video to embed in your web page. However you can obtain the link of the flash video, but still cannot embed in your web page or blog post. To embed a flash video in your blogger blog post, you need to place a small piece of code. 1. Create New Post, and switch to Edit HTML mode of post editor. 2. And paste this code wherever you want to show the flash video: Step1. Launch the Video to Swf Converter Video to Swf Converter is simple, clean and safe, all the layout and function of each button is easily understood by newbie.

Step2. Load video sources Click "Add Video" to import your video on the drive disc into the converter. Its batch mode supports you to import as many videos as you want. Step3. Generate HTML web page Click "Customize" button, please tick "generate HTML". click OK.

Step4. Start conversion After all settings were made, please click "Start", videos will be automatically converted to a swf, a flv and a html page.

Step5. Add converted files to website Click "Find Target" to open the converted video folder. You will find a**.swf, a**.flv, and a**.html page. Please upload the flv and swf to the server, and after that please right click the html page, choose open with notepad, then copy html code (from "<object classid=" to "</object>") to add.

How to convert video to .swf using Video to SWF Converter?  

Step by step guide to convert video to swf to create flash video.swf for adding on blog post and forum without tedious programming work.

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