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Copy DVD to Mac-DVD Copy for Mac can copy, backup DVD to DVD Disc. 1. How to rip DVD with Handbrake-the free DVD Ripper Software? 2. How to burn PPT to DVD for Windows 7, Vista?

Considering making a personal backup copy of your DVD movies on a Mac? The traditionally way was used to use free DVD Ripper program, like Handbrake, to rip DVD movie to hard drive and then purchase a DVD Burner to burn a DVD player-friendly copy. This is an actually time consuming way in consideration of installing two different programs, not to mention picking up a trustworthy DVD burner on internet. What’s worse, the Handbrake only rips DVD into MOV, MPEG-4 format, which is not possible you make a copy of a DVD playable on standalone DVD player. iMacsoft DVD Copy for Mac is a promising DVD Copy program that can copy DVD movie to Mac, copy DVD to hard drive and copy D9 and D5 DVD movies (from D9 to D9 and from D5 to D5), copy D9 DVD to blank DVD discs and copy D5 DVD to DVD blank . iMacsoft DVD Copy for Mac can not only copy DVD movie to ISO file or DVD folder, but also burn ISO file and DVD folder back to DVD Disc. This DVD Copy for Mac allows copy DVD movies in 1:1 ratio, you can remove DVD subtitles, folders and copy the Main DVD movie. This Mc DVD-copy software can clone DVD on Mac OS while maintaining the audio and video quality of the original file. 1: Add movie DVD Run iMacsoft DVD Copy for Mac and insert movie DVD to the DVD drive, and click the "Source ComboBox" and choose "Open DVD Folder" option. Then you can load DVD by click "Choose" button in the "Open" window as source files.

2: Specify destination Next specify DVD movie output mode by selecting from the "Target ComboBox", specify target drive in "Destinationt" combo box. Then it will pop up a message box reminding you to select target disc type. There are three options (D5, D9, Custom ) to select. Tip: You may have only one DVD ROM. Just select the same DVD Drive as the "Source" and "Destinationt" .

3: Copy DVD to Temporary File Folder In this step, iMacsoft DVD Copy for Mac will copy the source DVD to your Mac computer temporary file folder. When copying, it will display the copying progress in main interface.

4: Copy to the "Destination" After the source DVD is copied to temporary file folder in your hard disk, it will begin to copy the temporary file to your target blank DVD on Mac. Note: Here, it will pop up a message box telling you "Please insert an empty disc to write to..." . At the same time your DVD RW Drive will be ejected. Insert a blank DVD, then click "Retry" button.

5: Complete copy Once copying completed, iMacsoft DVD Copy for Mac will pop up a message box showing copy information including "Source", "Destination", "Copy mode", "Compress ratio" and "Time".

Copy DVD to Mac-DVD Copy for Mac can copy, backup DVD to DVD Disc.  

DVD Copy for Mac is being trustworthy and powerful DVD copy software for Mac to copy DVD, clone DVD and backup DVD to DVD Disc or ISO file o...

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