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Shani Elvira Julmar Erica Biljana Calvin Garreth Ezrela Milena Matija Kelvin Lachson

Descendent of the Dragon CCE “Oi! You with dark hair, yellow skin and brown eyes! Where are you from, to sing on the lye?“ “I am Australian, by the by With Chinese blood running in my veins Who am I, ye kein? On an accidental trip, a familial visit I met a sweet girl, helped her with her kit. She taught me much. With luck and such.

I rediscovered my Chinese heritage, with glee. My motherland, she welcomed me, With ancient dances of ribbons and fan To modern ones where dragons and lions prance. But my favourite was the calligraphy dance. I am a child of both worlds In me, both cultures whirl. But underneath all sophistication Hear ye, I am a descendent of the Dragon.“ A present to the CCE team, Lucia

Part 07  

Yearbook 2012 Kelvin Lachson Matija Milena Garreth Calvin Erica Ezrela Julmar Biljana Elvira Shani A present to the CCE team, Lucia I redisc...