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Name:Andrea Benito Date:3-12-10ç Role: 2 Group: Paula,Alex,RubÊn i Andrea. Surf the Net a find out about the most relevant aspects of the 18 th century in South Carolina. URL: ed_States

The South had a significantly high number and proportion of slaves in the population. Early on, slaves in the South worked primarily in agriculture, on farms and plantations growing indigo, rice, and tobacco; cotton became a major crop after the 1790s. In South Carolina in 1720, about 65%of the population consisted of slaves. Planters used slaves to cultivate commodity crops. Backwoods subsistence farmers, a later wave of settlers in the 18th century, seldom owned slaves.

URL: 8-3.html We know that South Carolina had a clear black majority from about 1708 through most of the eighteenth century. By 1720 there were about 18,000people living in South Carolina and 65%of these were enslaved African-Americans.

The massive investment in slavery and land by the planters, the almost universal focus on rice and its particular labor requirements, even the planters' long summer absenteeism, all gave the low country plantations a special character. This slave-based agricultural system created a proud "aristocracy" whose impact on American history was spectacular, leading first to the American Revolution and later to the Civil War. Archaeologists call these houses"wall-trench structures" and they were used at least up to the American Revolution. Most had no fireplaces and they were built with earthen floors. The buildings range from about 13 feet in length and only 9 feet in width up to about 21 feet in length and around 14 feet in width. There were only a few windows and these were all open, with perhaps only a shutter to close out the bad weather. The slaves' diet was probably dominated by plant foods. Especially on coastal plantations broken and dirty rice was plentiful and may have been the staple of the slave diet. Meat was probably a relatively uncommon luxury and, when available, almost certainly represented the least meaty cuts of the animal such as the legs, feet, jaw, and skull. Better cuts were probably reserved for the planter's table. Many of the eighteenth century slave settlements have fragments of kaolin tobacco pipes. Thesewere apparently one of the few "luxury" items given to the slaves and tobacco use was common. There are almost no furniture items, since the slaves' houseswere probably devoid of all but the most rustic furnishings.

DECISION MAKING: RELEVANT ASPECTS AND OBJECTS FOR THE CAPSULE Role: _________________________________ Group: ______________________________ Date: __________________

Relevant aspect and object

#1 (object)A photo of a house That’s a "wall-trench structures"

#2 (object)

#3 (object)

#4 (object)

Your writing The wet Southern climate eroded the clay used to plaster the walls. The houseswere probably very cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Consequently, most activities took place outside and the structures were used primarily during bad weather.

That’s a poster of 1789, in which you can see that it’s about the sale of black people. You can see that in that time the people used to buy other persons to work: in their housesor in the field. In that time the best people for work were black persons, and if they were young they cost more.

That’s a hoe. With this object black people worked at the fields, with this they could remove weeds and fix the field.

These are two handcuffs; with these the slave who wore it he couldn’t use his hands and he didn’t have much mobility.

With that object, called whip, the heads flogged to the slaves when they didn’t make good the work or when they relaxed.

#5 (object)

IMAGES FOR THE VIRTUAL TIME CAPSULE AND THE BANNER Role: ________________________________ Group: _____________________ CONTAINER

Hello people of the future. If you are reading this card is becauseI’m dead and you are in year 2010. I’m Kimbo, now I’m 20 years old, I’m very tall and slim because here we don’t eat much. I’m doing this box becauseI would that the people of the year where you are know, think and reflect about black slaves of the year 1789. In these field we are about 1000persons working, some of the people are children who are 7 years old and they have to work too. A lot of my partners die daily, but I’m used to seeing it always. Here, if we don’t work or we relax the heads hit us. Becausewe have to work all the time. If the heads allow us sleep a little, we only sleep 5 hours, but sometimes we don’t sleep. In a house we sleep for a 25 men and women. The diseasesare usually here becausewe don’t have any doctor or medicine. When we work we are shackled hand and foot and we can’t work very well, ‘cause it we are more tired but we can’t sleep much.

Date: ________________________

OBJECT 3: _____________________________

OBJECT 1: _____________________________

OBJECT 4: _____________________________

OBJECT 2: ____________________________

OBJECT 5: _____________________________

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