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ARCITECTURE DESIGN STUDIO AIR The Univesrity of Melbourne (564156) Yordan Domuzov

My first approach to parametric design. A poject based on modelling with Rhino Phyton.

„Spatial Algorithmic Geometry“

The idea behind the project was to create pavilions which are flexible and adjustable to any landscape. Other features of the structures are that they can be easly transported and erected in a short period of time. We created a composition of random located pavilions. However this randomness is a contolled randomness in term of possible site size and in order pavilions not to intersect with one another. For creating this surface we used a rather complex, three dimensional tessellation because of the atmosphere it would convey and the shade it would provide.

Project: Spatial Algorithmic Geometry

Design by: Yordan Domuzov Petar Trassiev

A travelling pavilion by Renzo Piano in the begining of the 1980’s. It was set up across various cities in Europe for a traveling exhibition of IBM computers.


This pavilion is an early example of parametric design because of its complexity and modularity. It consists of series of three-hinged arch trusses that form a barrel vault and each of the arched trusses is a system of clear polycarbonate pyramids. Numerous innovative techniques and methods, such as the use of glue in fastening wood to metal components, were used for the building of the pavilion.

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ICD/ITKE RESEARCH PAVILION 2010 A temporary research pavilion designed and constructed by the Institute for Computational Design and the Institute of Building Structures and Structural Design at the University of Stuttgart in 2010. The innovative structure demonstrates the latest developments in material-oriented computational design, simulation, and production processes in architecture. The result is a bending-active structure made entirely of extremely thin, elastically-bent plywood strips.

“ The production of architecture is on the brink of a fundamental change �

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