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Volume 2 Issue 1

Fall 2011

COACHES CORNER Notes from the York College Wrestling Coaching Staff: Coach Kessler provides a 2011-2012 outlook. The YCP Wrestling team is ready to hit the mats after a very successful season last year. Leading the team this year will be returning AllAmericans Chris Albright and Alex Martocello. Returning starters Chuck Glatz, Chris Gugliotti, Matt Heisey, Kyle Minogue, and George Saliba make this team very deep in experience. Albright, Martocello, Heisey, and Saliba have been named the Captains for this years squad. Also back this year after seeing quality time on the mats last season are Taylor Boyd, Sergo Grigorian, Victor Signorelli, Lucas Bragg, Trent Bond, and Albert Gleichauf. Other returners this season are Dylan Giandalia, Jim Strusowski, and Sal DiSimone. The season's future looks bright as this team has set some very lofty goals to attain in the 2011/12 season.

This year recruits will be expected to step in and contribute immediately to any team success. Leading the incoming freshman will be Pat Cassidy (DE State Champ), TJ Demetrio (6th AAA PA ), Mike Monarque (7th NJ ), Nick Rea (3x VA placer), Matt Swiger (3rd MD), John Allenson ( 8th National Preps), Joey Giaccio ( 2x NJ qualifier), Jim Ciampi (NJ qualifier), Drew Spector (NJ qualifier), Jake Siegfried (NJ qualifier), and Justin Lorber (MD qualifier). Adding to the list of this years incoming freshman are Cody Ambrose, Landry Badman, George Baker, Sam Bulagay, Dominick Detore, Bill Dress, Matt Zippilli, and transfers Greg Ciampi and David Goldenberg.

York College Wrestling Quarterly

Coach Kessler’s Season Outlook Continued The coaching staff is very excited for this years possibilities and the excellent mix of upper class and incoming wrestlers. We hope to see you at a match this season as we open up November 5 at the Monarch Tournament. Be sure to check out the New Standard Corporation Invitational at York College on December 3 as we now have 11 quality teams coming in. See you in the gym!

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2010-2011 YCP Wrestling Wins Leaderboard Top 5 1- Chris Albright 2- Alex Martocello 3- Chris Gugliotti 4- Matt Heisey 5- George Saliba

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Martocello to OTC in Summer of 2011 Being an All-American brings certain privileges and rights. Rising Senior and YCP Captain Alex Martocello was able to collect some of those spoils this summer, in what was nearly a missed opportunity. Alex received an invite to the U.S. Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs, CO. He also learned a lesson about checking his mail, a task most college students skip for fear or looking into a blank mailbox. Alex received the invite later than the letter required for R.S.V.P., but he was able to secure a spot to train with the U.S. Greco Jr. World team and he was also able to spend time training with international teams and former world medalists in his 21 day stay in the Rockies. Not native to Greco, Alex undertook a crash course in the week before he left for the OTC. During his time at the OTC Alex spent many hours training with wrestlers from all over the country and world in an enlightening experience. During his time in the OTC Alex set a few goals, but the most notable of these was being able to convert a backflip, which he nailed by the end of the week. During his trip Alex also had the chance to test his mettle when he ran the storied Cog Trail. The Cog is an abandoned shipping trail that runs the side of Pike’s Peak and runs at a nearly 50 degree incline. Alex commented in a phone interview that, “When I got to the top of the track and wanted to back off, I sprinted up the last part, maybe 50 feet or so, and the Finnish coach starts yelling, ‘Spirit! Spirit!’.” Alex’s time out west was well spent and he will take what he has learned; whether it was running the Cog, or wrestling with 2009 World Silver Medalist Mirko Englich to provide perspective for the current and future Spartans. Look for Alex to continue his hard work and expand on his solid career as he leads this team as a 3x captain. MOLON LABE! York College Wrestling Quarterly

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2011-2012 York College of PA Wrestling Schedule NOVEMBER




Nov 5 -- 9 A.M. King’s College Monarch Invite

Dec 3 -- 9:30 A.M. New Standard Spartan Invite

Jan 7 -- 9:30 A.M North South Duals at Ursinus College

Feb 4 -- Noon Home Quad w/ TCNJ/E-Town/Hunter

Nov 12 -- 10:30 A.M. Duals at Hershey At PA Farmshow complex in Harrisburg v. Johns Hopkins Shippensburg American Internat’l

Dec 7 -- 7 P.M. Home Opener v Gettysburg

Jan 13 & 14 -- 9 A.M. Budd Whitehill Duals at Lycoming College

Feb 10 -- 7 P.M. Kutztown

Nov 16 -- 7 P.M. At Lycoming College Nov 19 -- Noon Messiah Quad w/ Lake Erie and Waynesburg

Dec 10 -- Noon Wilkes Quad w/ Del Val and Muhlenberg

Jan 20 -- 7 P.M. High School Night Central York v. West York and YCP v. King’s Jan 28 -- Noon Mid-Penn Duals at Millersville University w/ Shippensburg and Thaddeus Stevens

York College Wrestling Quarterly

Feb 17 -- 7 P.M. Alumni Match McDaniel College Feb 26 -- 9:30 A.M. Metropolitan Conference Wrestling Championships at Elizabethtown March 10 & 11 -NCAA Division III National Championships at Wisconsin - LaCrosse

2011-2012 Spartan Pin Pool

Dear YCP  Wrestling  Friends,  Family,  &  Supporters,

The York  College  Wrestling  Program  is  excited  to  announce  the  introduc9on  of  the  “Spartan  Pin  Pool”.    The   coaching  staff  at  York  is  always  looking  for  new  ways  to  mo9vate  our  student-­‐athletes.    We  are  hoping  that   the  Spartan  Pin  Pool  will  do  just  that;  our  wrestlers  will  know  that  each  9me  they  get  the  pin  they  are  also   raising  money  for  the  program.    It’s  a  win-­‐win  for  the  program.   How  this  works: Par9cipants  pledge  anywhere  from  $1-­‐$100  (your  choice)  for  each  pin  recorded  for  the  en9re  season.    Each   9me  one  of  our  Spartan  wrestlers  records  a  pin  your  pledge  goes  into  our  year  long  pin  pool. Example: You  pledge  $10  per  pin. At  our  first  dual  meet  we  record  4  falls. You  pledge  $40  to  the  Spartan  Pin  Pool. Pins  2010-­‐11:  (Duals,  Metros,  and  Na9onals)  =  Total  of  27  pins      (so  if  you  pledge  $5.00  a  pin  =  $135.00) OpBons  for  ParBcipaBng: 1. End  of  the  year  (Pay  in  Full) 2. As  they  occur  throughout  the  season 3. End  of  each  semester 4. Sponsor  individual  wrestler  or  weight  class 5. Patron  Fund  for  a  flat  fee Note: Only  Dual  meets,  Dual  meet  tournaments  will  be  included  for  the  pin  pool.    No  exhibi)on  matches  will  be   included  as  well.

Pledge sheet is on the next page.

York College Wrestling Quarterly

2011-2012 Spartan Pin Pool Spartan Pin Pool

Thank you for support in motivating our Spartan wrestlers. Having them know that each time they pin an opponent that they are also raising money for the program.

Pledge Sheet

NAME: You can count on my support for ____________________________________________ YCP Wrestling in 2011! Amount pledged per pin: ________________________

Name: Address:

Payment plan: 1. End of the year (pay in full) ____________________________

2. As they occur throughout season _____________________

Phone Number: ( )


E-Mail address: I would like to make a donation by: Check Credit Card

Card Type (Circle one): 3. End of each semester Visa Master Card ___________________________________ Name on Card: Credit Card Number: Expiration Date: / 4. Patron Fund ___________________________________ Security Code: Amount to be donated: Please mail this form back with payment, checks 5. Sponsor a wrestler or weight should be made out to York College Wrestling and class mailed to: ___________________________________ York College, c/o Tom Kessler, Wrestling Coach, Country Club Road York, PA 17405

York College Wrestling Quarterly


York, PA 17405 Country Club Road York College of PA

YORK COLLEGE WRESTLING donation York College of PA also New To YCP Wrestling looks to add Olympic Lifting Bars to YCP Wrestling continues to evolve in our training. Last spring with the the room to improve the training that already exceeds that in most rooms help of the generous patrons we were able to purchase bumper plates around the nation. If you are interested in sponsoring the team for the wrestling room to augment with the purchase of one or more of our outstanding array of training materials which include a full range the six bars we hope to purchase please contact Coach Tom Kessler of kettlebells, throwing dummies, via e-mail at plyometric boxes, tractor tires and sledgehammers. With a kind

As always we are very grateful for your generous support and we will continue to put a quality product on the mat for students, families of wrestlers, and alumni to be proud of!


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YCP Wrestling Quarterly  

The first edition of the YCP Newsletter for the 2011-2012 Season

YCP Wrestling Quarterly  

The first edition of the YCP Newsletter for the 2011-2012 Season