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Osher Lifelong Learning Institute

“Forever Learning”

Sedona & Verde Valley 2011 Spring Schedule Spring Session: April 11 - May 27, 2011

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Sedona: 928.649.4275 • Verde: 928.649.5550


Welcome to Your OLLI As vice-chair of the OLLI Verde Council, I would like to invite you to explore our catalog of learning groups, presentations and workshops that are offered during the spring term. You will find a wide variety of opportunities to learn and make new friends, both on the Clarkdale campus and the Sedona campus. The catalog explains the three categories of membership that have been designed to meet your needs, all of them at a very reasonable cost. If cost is an issue, we hope that you will explore taking advantage of the OLLI financial aid program. Membership in OLLI involves much more that taking classes. Members receive access to the Yavapai College Library, discounts on “Edventures,” and other special social and cultural events. Members can also facilitate classes for other OLLI members.

Welcome to our OLLI Family Take a class, five classes, or any combination of classes and get ready to learn in a stimulating and nurturing atmosphere. We guarantee your brain will be happy and that you will make new friends. Please offer us your ideas and consider OLLI your new intellectual home. Warmly, Anne Crosman, Chair, OLLI Sedona Council

OLLI is shaped by its membership. Members make most of the decisions regarding how OLLI operates and is only as good as the involvement, creativity, and dedication of people like you. As you can see by examining the catalog, OLLI is a real gem in Sedona and the Verde Valley. We hope that you will consider how you can do your part to keep OLLI a vital educational and cultural organization in our communities. Sy Brandon, Vice-chair, OLLI Verde Council

Happy Spring! We, the staff at OLLI of Sedona and the Verde Valley, are here to serve you. We hope that you enjoy the exciting offerings that are available this term. They are a reflection of the passions of the hearts and minds of your fellow neighbors and friends in Sedona and the Verde Valley. There is an expression in Latin that is befitting of OLLI, “mens sana en corpore sano”- a healthy mind in a healthy body. At OLLI of Sedona and the Verde Valley, we offer opportunities to expand the mind as well as the body. Whether you decide to take a philosophy or a politics class, or decide to try out belly dancing or yoga, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. As an added benefit, many OLLI members make lasting friendships nurtured by coming together and sharing common interests. Again, we do hope that you enjoy your term. If there is anything that staff can do to facilitate your experience, or if you have any suggestions for a learning group or a workshop, please do not hesitate to contact us in Sedona at 928-649-4275 or in Clarkdale at 928-649-5550. Forever learning, The OLLI staff of Sedona and the Verde Valley Natalia Molina McKendry, Director Diane Phelps, Assistant Coordinator Ginger Lindquist, Assistant Coordinator Kate Kline, AARP, Assistant, Verde campus Karen Waymire, AARP, Assistant, Sedona campus

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute “Forever Learning”

Our Mission

The Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) is a selfdirected membership organization within Yavapai College. It meets the needs and interests of intellectually active, retirement-age people. The institute recognizes the unique experiences and capabilities of its members by emphasizing and encouraging peer learning, member participation, collaborative leadership, and social interaction in a relaxed, supportive atmosphere. OLLI provides members a rich, continuing educational experience with opportunities for personal growth plus cultural and environmental exploration. There are no educational requirements – just a love of learning.

What We Offer

OLLI offers a variety of learning groups and workshops throughout the year addressing diverse interests, hobbies, and subject matter. From astronomy and astrology to music appreciation and metaphysics-there is something for everyone at OLLI. A “no tests, no grades, no pressure” environment that emphasizes collaborative learning. Learning groups are facilitated, rather than taught, by members.

Membership Benefits

Meet peers actively involved in lifelong learning Serve on committees or council. Facilitate a class. Make new friends with similar interests. Enjoy special social and cultural events. Discover the Southwest and get discounts on YC “Edventures” and field trips. Access the Yavapai College library and other student services.

Where Are Classes Held?


Supporting Member: $115 per semester provides unlimited learning groups and/or workshops for the term. No additional fees unless supplemental charges apply. Full Member: $75 per semester allows up to four of any combination of learning groups and/or workshops. Any additional learning groups are $20 each and additional workshops are $10 each. Basic Member: $35 per semester and requires payment of $20 for each learning group enrollment and $10 per workshop.

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Semester fees are refundable through the first week of classes. An administrative charge of $15 applies to any cancellation involving fees. Refunds for special events and trips are only reimbursable prior to the contract deadline unless a substitute participant is arranged. Some programs have specific refund policies noted elsewhere.

Ways To Register

1. Call (928) 649-4275 or (928) 649-5550. 2. In person at the Yavapai College Sedona Center for Arts & Technology, Room 4; or at the Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus, Building C, Room 106. 3. Mail registration form and payment to: Yavapai College, OLLI-Sedona, 4215 Arts Village Dr, Sedona, AZ 86336 or Yavapai College, OLLI-Verde, 601 Black Hills Dr, Clarkdale, AZ 86324. 4. FAX: Sedona (928) 204.2683; Verde (928) 777.3136 MAKE CHECKS PAYABLE TO “YAVAPAI COLLEGE.” We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We do not recommend that you send your credit card information via e-mail.


OLLI-Sedona: Most Sedona classes are held at the Yavapai College Sedona Center (YCSC). 4215 Arts Village Dr, Sedona (928) 649-4275. OLLI-Verde: Verde classes are held at the Yavapai College Verde Valley Campus, 601 Black Hills Dr, Clarkdale, Bldg C, Rm 109 (928) 649-5550. VOC: Sedona Integrative Medical Clinic, Castle Rock Plaza 6486 State Route 179, Suite 113, Sedona (928) 284-0166. For other offsite classes please see catalog description of address or phone numbers.

March 27: Dine/Theatre/Lecture Series at Marketplace Café & Canyon Moon Theatre featuring “A Marriage Minute”

Please help prevent cancelled classes

May 15: Dine/Theatre/Lecture Series at Marketplace Café & Canyon Moon Theatre featuring “Leaving Iowa”

Enroll early. Classes will be cancelled prior to start date if enrollment is too low.

April 5: Sedona OLLI Annual Meeting April 6: Special presentation, “Growing up Chicana in Morenci AZ” sponsored by the AZ Humanities Council Roads Scholars Program April 16: Mexican Art & Culture Tour April 22: Special presentation, “A School Boy’s Life During WWII in Occupied Holland ”

For more information, call 649-5550 or 649-4275

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


Sedona Learning Groups MONDAY

THE HIDDEN SIDE OF EVERYTHING (S-610-11) Apr 11-May 16, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 15 A study of the book Freakonomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner, and a new documentary based on the book. Discussion and analysis of the fascinating and controversial topics, including crime, abortion, cheating, the Ku Klux Klan, and real estate agents. Reading the book is desirable, but not required. Richard Anderson has a PhD in economics, and has worked for the governments of the U.S., New Zealand, Yugoslavia, Russia, as well as the World Bank. ART BEADING (S-611-11) Apr 11-May 16, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 40 A class for beginning and intermediate beaders. Learn techniques to make beautiful beaded jewelry. Sally Peck is a prize-winning beader who learned to bead in the Campfire Girls. A retired middle school teacher, she makes one-ofa-kind, hand-beaded, wearable art. MEDITATIVE HIKES (S-612-11) Apr 11-May 16, 6 weeks, 9:00am-12:00pm, Offsite Enjoy six weeks of hiking in silence while meditating. Trails are scenic, sometimes challenging. A different focus will be offered for each hike. Hike will also include a 20-minute still meditation. The group will meet at the Sedona campus and car pool to the trailhead. Marianna Hartsong is a healer, gardener, musician, and 16-year Verde Valley resident, who has hiked all her life, and meditated for almost that long. Jennifer Young is a 5-year resident of Verde Valley and enjoys hiking, camping, and gardening. She has explored a variety of meditation traditions and their connection to nature.


WHAT IS BLOCKING YOUR JOURNEY? (S-613-11) Apr 11-May 16, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 34 Have you ever become “blocked” when trying to attain something or to redo an aspect of your life? How do we get past the blocks? Are they mental, emotional, physical? Are they recognizable to us? How do we identify their cause? We will discuss what they are and how to remove them. Anne Lewis has been on a long spiritual journey during which time she has been learning how to clear her own and others’ blockages to moving forward. She has worked as a Marriage Family Therapist and a child custody mediator, as well as other training. THE LIVES OF GREAT SCIENTISTS (S-614-11) Apr 11-May 16, 6 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 34 With the help of DVDs, we discuss the lives of great scientists – their scientific contributions, how they lived, and what they were like as people. Learn some science along with humaninterest biography. No science background is necessary, just an open mind. Gary Dorer is a retired physicist who has facilitated OLLI courses in science and led meditation hikes. AKASHA: AN INTERGRAL UNIFYING THEORY OF EVERYTHING (S-615-11) Apr 11-May 23, 7 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 15 This class will review the latest evidence about the nature of life, matter, body to mind, and informed universal consciousness as “The AKASHA – WOMB” that links all in the universe, atoms, galaxies, and organisms as one integrated whole. Ron Sanders, a teacher for 40 years, whose primary passions are consciousness, peace and love, and has facilitated OLLI learning groups for 6 years. THE CAUSAL BODY (S-616-11) Apr 11-May 23, 7 weeks, 2:15-3:45pm, Rm 40 Explore the common ground – “The Ground of our Being” -- in the practice of spirituality to promote unity, health, harmony, and happiness. L.V. Popat was born in India and has a great interest in mysticism and spirituality, along with a lifelong experience in issues of death and dying.


BALLET IN AMERICA (S-617-11) Apr 12-May 17, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 15 Learn about the evolution of ballet in America, Europe and Russia; the phenomenon of George Balanchine; the American Ballet Theater, the New York City Ballet, and other ballet companies. Louise MacDonald lived in New York with her Aunt Lucia Chase, who was director of the American Ballet Theater for 40 years. Louise danced in the company’s practice schools. NEWS & VIEWS (S-618-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 34 We discuss current local, national, and international news events, and look at some stories in greater depth. This is a chance to learn more about current events from various vantage points. Lou Camp has a scientific and business background. He enjoys figuring out how things work and exploring divergent viewpoints. NATIVE PLANTS OF SEDONA (S-619-11) Apr 12-May 3, 4 weeks, 9:00-11:00am, Offsite This class consists of 4 guided nature walks around Sedona to learn to identify local native plants. Students should wear clothing and footwear appropriate to stroll 1 to 1½ miles on moderate forest trails. Limited to 12. Phyllis Lindberg is a long-time resident of Sedona. She is a trained guide for The Red Rock State Park, NAU Elderhostel, and the Verde Valley Bird and Nature Festival. BUILD YOUR OWN PROFESSIONAL LOOKING WEB SITE (S-620-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 28 Learn to build your own web site using free, open source software. We will use Joomla to create your web site. You will not need a hosting service to take this course. You must bring to the first class an 8GB Flash Drive. Please note that this is a continuation of the OLLI winter session class. John Sheffield has more than 30 years experience with PCs in business and personal computing, and 16 years of technical instruction as a certified technical trainer.

SECRETS OF ARCHEOLOGY I (S-621-11) Apr 12-May 17, 6 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 15 A verbal and visual overview of the archeology of the ancient Mesopotamian, Egyptian, Indus Valley, Chinese, Mycenaean, Phoenician and Etruscan cultures. Robert MacDonald had a 45-year career in diplomacy, international marketing and consultation. He has lived and worked in Ethiopia, Nigeria, Mali, Morocco, Vietnam, and England. THE JOY OF SCIENCE (S-622-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 34 Explore the wealth of ideas, discoveries, and principles in the physical sciences. Each class covers a specific subject using a 30-minute DVD lecture, followed by class discussion. Lou Camp has a scientific and business background. He enjoys figuring out how things work and exploring divergent viewpoints.


Our Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are an important benefit of membership. It’s a great way to make new friends and socialize with people with similar interests. There is no additional fee to join any or all of the groups, only current membership in either the Sedona or the Verde OLLI. Attendance is always optional. For more information about Special Interest Groups, please contact the coordinator for the group, shown below each group’s description.

SIGs in the Verde Valley:

Technology and Learning Group Interested in exploring PowerPoint, Wikispaces, YouTube or other WEB or technology based offerings? Share you knowledge and your curiosity. If we can’t supply information, we will find someone who can. Meets when 3 members express a desire to gather, discuss, and solve problems. Coordinator: John Acker at

Don’t see a group you’re interested in?

Then how about forming it! If you’d like to start a new Special Interest Group in the Verde Valley, please let us know by contacting the Verde Office at 649-5550.

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


REPLACE MICROSOFT OFFICE WITH OPEN OFFICE SUITE (S-623-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 12:30-2:00pm, Rm 28 Learn how to create business letters, flyers, newsletters, formal presentations, spreadsheets, and PDF documents using the free Open Office Suite, rather than Microsoft Office. John Sheffield has more than 30 years experience with PCs in business and personal computing, plus 16 years of technical instruction as a certified technical trainer.


ENGAGING IN GENERATIVE DIALOGUE (S-624-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 12:30-2:00pm, Village of Oak Creek Join us in exploring the art of generative dialogue. See what emerges when deeper dialogues are invited to take place. Class material was gleaned from two recent books Engaging Emergence and Dialogue and Art of Thinking Together. Jim Gandee is retired from corporate management. He is trained in life and relationship coaching, and in nonviolent communications. He is a member of the Sedona OLLI Council.

WESTERN EXPANSION & TRAGEDY OF NATIVE AMERICANS (S-628-11) Apr 13-June 1, 8 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 34 Discussions of mountain men, missionaries, Mormons, railroads, the slaughter of buffalo, the Alamo, President Polk and the policy of manifest destiny, California Gold Rush, Trail of Tears, Massacre at Sand Creek, Custer’s last stand, Chief Joseph, Chief Sitting Bull, Ghost Dance and the Wounded Knee massacre. Watch the PBS video “The West” and the movie “Alamo.” Curt Ireland received a BA in Government and International Relations from Carleton College, Northfield, MN; JD from the University of Michigan Law School; and was a trial lawyer for 40 years. He taught American history in Camp Verde for 6 years.

PRAIRIE HOME COMPANIONABLE POETRY (S-625-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks, 2:15-3:45pm, Rm 34 We read from the book Good Poems, edited by Garrison Keillor, and discuss the workings of these excellent and varied poems. Perfect for both the experienced poet and the poetically challenged. Participants will be encouraged to write and present their own poems as well (optional). Marilee Richard’s poems have appeared in many of the best American literary journals and in several anthologies, and have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. WISDOM CAFÉ (S-626-11) Apr 12-May 31, 8 weeks 2:15-3:45pm, Village of Oak Creek Wisdom Café is a discussion group that promises to be lively and stimulating. We discuss psychology, science, favorite poems, and inner wisdom, among other things. Conversations are meant to be thought provoking. The atmosphere is fun, and each person’s views are heard with inquiring curiosity. Jim Gandee is retired from corporate management. He is trained in life and relationship coaching, and in nonviolent communications. His passion is creating interactive groups. He is a member of the Sedona OLLI Council.


CREATION VS NATURALISM (S-627-11) Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 15 We study scientific evidence for creation. You may disagree with the idea of creation science, but if you have heard about creation science only from naturalists, you haven’t heard the creation argument. Discussion and questions are encouraged. Guy Forsythe is a researcher, writer and speaker on the subject of creation science. He retired from teaching technology education in Ohio in 2003.

EVOLUTION VS CREATIONISM (S-629-11) Apr 13-May 11, 5 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 15 Embark on an adventure into facts and faith. Explore the split-brain dichotomy. Investigate the rational mind and passionate mind. The two-hour class ends with an optional “Lunch and Learn” for those who want a more in-depth discussion. Jan Albright holds a Master’s of Science degree and is an environmental scientist. He has been the principle investigator on water wetland projects.

CULTURAL NEWS & VIEWS (S-630-11) Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 34 We share, review, and discuss what’s new and good to enrich our lives -- in books, films (in theaters and DVD releases), drama, television shows, art exhibits, music performances (live and on CDs), magazine articles, restaurants, travel, social trends, and on the Internet. Paul Friedman, a retired professor, enjoys experiencing and discussing human creativity in all its forms. LUNCH & LEARN: OLLI KEYNOTE SPEAKER SERIES Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 12:30-2:00pm, Rm 34 A special, mid-week OLLI community gathering. No enrollment or fee required--open to everyone (invite friends). Bring a lunch, enjoy conversation at 12:30 pm. At 1:00, hear a talk by a prominent speaker, followed by Q&A. The Lunch & Learn Planning Committee is an open group of OLLI members who enjoy collaborating to create this joyful, informative weekly gathering. WRITING WITHOUT FEAR (S-631-11) Apr 13-May 4, 4 weeks, 12:30-2:00pm, Rm 15 This course is directed toward fearless, stream of consciousness, anything goes – writing. We have a topic stated – we write for 10 minutes about the topic. Then we share, unabridged, what we have written. You choose if you wish to read your work. Candace Copeland has been part of a writing group using the Natalie Goldberg technique of writing and facilitating. She has written stories, journals, press releases, and art bios. CHILEL QIGONG (S-632-11) Apr 13-June 1, 8 weeks, 2:15-3:45pm, Rm 40 This gentle art of Chinese exercises is easy on all levels of ability. It helps develop flexibility, heart-mind harmony, and balancing of brain/mind. L.V. Popat was born in India and has a great interest in mysticism and spirituality, along with a lifelong experience in issues of death and dying. TED COMES TO SEDONA (S-633-11) Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 2:15-3:45pm, Rm 34 We watch and discuss the most stimulating, enriching 18-minute talks given by the most brilliant people alive at the annual TED conferences. The talks are chosen from more than 700 talks online at Paul Friedman, a retired professor, enjoys learning and exploring with kindred spirits all sorts of intriguing, innovative ideas.


MEDITATIVE POETRY HIKES (S-634-11) Apr 14-June 2, 8 weeks, 9:00-11:30am, Offsite Hiking and poetry, a winning combination. We do moderate hikes of about 45 minutes to lovely spots in the Village of Oak Creek and read and discuss interesting poems for half an hour or so before returning. The hikes will be in silence; the poems read out loud. Marilee Richard’s poems have appeared in many of the best American literary journals and several anthologies, and have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize. Gary Dorer is a retired physicist who has facilitated OLLI courses in science and led meditation hikes. THE JOY OF LOVE (S-635-11) Apr 14-May 19, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Rm 34 We discuss the importance of love in the context of friendships and intimate relationships. We’ll read pertinent literature and hear experts speak on love and sex in our personal lives. Anne Crosman is chair of the Sedona OLLI Council and has taught memoir writing for 4 years, along with aerobics, yoga, and art appreciation. THE MAGIC OF WORDS (S-636-11) Apr 14-May 19, 6 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Rm 15 We discuss the origin and uses of many words, including foreign languages, and study the best examples of words in literature, including Shakespeare. We write using our favorite words. Anne Crosman is chair of the Sedona OLLI Council and has taught memoir writing for 4 years. Andy Spheeris has taught OLLI classes in Greek history. Both love the beauty of language.

You Too Could Be a Facilitator! Do you have a hobby or special interest you would like to share? Facilitating a learning group is a wonderful way to expand your horizons and share your gifts and interests! To obtain a Facilitator Proposal Form please contact: OLLI–Sedona at (928) 649.4275 or OLLI- Verde at (928) 649.5550

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: 2011 Winter Schedule Learning Groups in Sedona MONDAY Apr 11-May 16 Apr 11-May 16 Apr 11-May 16 Apr 11-May 16 Apr 11-May 16 Apr 11-May 23 Apr 11-May 23

TIME 9-10:30 9-10:30 9-12:00 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 10:45-12:15 2:15-3:45

LEARNING GROUP Hidden Side of Everything Art Beading Meditative Hikes What is Blocking Journey? Live of Great Scientists Akasha Causal Body

CLASS # S-610-11 S-611-11 S-612-11 S-613-11 S-614-11 S-615-11 S-616-11

LOCATION Rm 15 Rm 40 Offsite Rm 34 Rm 34 Rm 15 Rm 40

FACILITATOR Richard Anderson Sally Peck Hartsong & Young Anne Lewis Gary Dorer Ron Sanders L.V. Popat

TUESDAY Apr 12-May 17 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 3 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 17 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 31 Apr 12-May 31

TIME 9-10:30 9-10:30 9-11:00 10:45-12:15 10:45-12:15 10:45-12:15 12:30-2:00 12:30-2:00 2:15-3:45 2:15-3:45

LEARNING GROUP Ballet in America News & Views Native Plants of Sedona Build Your Own Website Secrets of Archeology Joy of Science Replace MS Office Engaging in Dialogue Prairie Home Poetry Wisdom CafĂŠ

CLASS # S-617-11 S-618-11 S-619-11 S-620-11 S-621-11 S-622-11 S-623-11 S-624-11 S-625-11 S-626-11

LOCATION Rm 15 Rm 34 Offsite Rm 28 Rm 15 Rm 34 Rm 28 VOC Rm 34 VOC

FACILITATOR Louise MacDonald Lou Camp Phyllis Lindberg John Sheffield Robert MacDonald Lou Camp John Sheffield Jim Gandee Marilee Richard Jim Gandee

WEDNESDAY Apr 13-May 18 Apr 13-June 1 Apr 13-May 11 Apr 13-May 18 Apr 13-May 4 Apr 13-June 1 Apr 13-May 18

TIME 9-10:30 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 10:45-12:15 12:30-2:00 2:15-3:45 2:15-3:45

LEARNING GROUP Creation vs. Naturalism Western Expansion Evolution vs. Creationism Cultural News & Views Writing Without Fear Chilel Qigong TED Comes to Sedona

CLASS # S-627-11 S-628-11 S-629-11 S-630-11 S-631-11 S-632-11 S-633-11

LOCATION Rm 15 Rm 34 Rm 15 Rm 34 Rm 15 Rm 40 Rm 34

FACILITATOR Guy Forsythe Curt Ireland Jan Albright Paul Friedman Candace Copeland L.V. Popat Paul Friedman

THURSDAY Apr 14-June 2 Apr 14-May 19 Apr 14-May 19 Apr 14-May 19 Apr 14-June 2

TIME 9-11:30 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 12:30-2:00 2:15-3:45

LEARNING GROUP Meditative Poetry Hikes Joy of Love Magic of Words Geological World Reflexology Self-Help

CLASS # S-634-11 S-635-11 S-636-11 S-637-11 S-638-11

LOCATION Offsite Rm 34 Rm 15 Rm 34 Rm 40

FACILITATOR Richard & Dorer Anne Crosman Crosman & Spheeris Paul Lindberg Thomas Brennan

WORKSHOP Understanding Mortgages I-pods, I-touch, Blackberries The Waste Land Sounds of Art A Sun Dance Experience String Scarves

CLASS # S-639-11 S-640-11 S-641-11 S-642-11 S-643-11 S-644-11

LOCATION Rm 34 Rm 28 Rm 15 Rm 40 Rm 34 Rm 40

FACILITATOR Jim Sigman Marc Sterling Bill Ward Candace Copeland Jerome Thailing Ellen Brooks

Workshops in Sedona FRIDAY Apr 15 Apr 29 Apr 29 Apr 29 May 6 & 13 May 6


TIME 9-12:00 9-12:00 9-12:00 9-12:00 9-12:00 9-12:00

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute: 2011 Winter Schedule Learning Groups in Verde Valley MONDAY April 11-May 23 April 11-May 9 April 11-May 4 May 9-May 23

TIME 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 12:45-2:15 12:45-2:15

LEARNING GROUP Verde News and Views The Bible Is a Library Language and Music Reflexology Self-Help

CLASS # V-550-11 V-551-11 V-552-11 V-553-11

LOCATION YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR Ireland & Stack Ed Womack Sy Brandon Thomas Brennan

TUESDAY April 12-May 24 April 12-May 24 April 12-May 24 April 12-May 24 April 12-May 24

TIME 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 12:45-2:15 2:30-4:00 6:00-7:30

LEARNING GROUP All about Spanish Art History Frida Kahlo Tarot Card Reading Observational Astronomy

CLASS # V-554-11 V-555-11 V-556-11 V-557-11 V-558-11

LOCATION YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR Art Smith John Acker Billie Winkle Naxie Reiff J.D. Maddy

WEDNESDAY April 13-May 18 April 20-May 4 April 13-May 25 April 13-May 18

TIME 9-10:30 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 2:30-4:00

LEARNING GROUP Exploring the Verde Valley Let's Talk the Constitution Unique/Timely History of Mexico Getting Started in Digital Photography

CLASS # V-559-11 V-560-11 V-561-11 V-563-11

LOCATION YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR John Erickson Joe Stack Billie Winkle Isabelle Lacey

THURSDAY April 14-May 5 April 14-May 26 April 14-May 26

TIME 9-10:30 10:45-12:15 12:45-2:15

LEARNING GROUP The Educated Tourist Native American Tribal Discussion Elders' Wisdom Circle

CLASS # V-564-11 V-565-11 V-566-11

LOCATION YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR Velda Bice Billie Jane McIntosh Berman & Forest

FRIDAY April 15-May 27

TIME 11:45-1:15

LEARNING GROUP Out to Lunch Bunch Book Group

CLASS # V-567-11



Workshops in Verde Valley THURSDAY April 14 May 5 May 19 May 26

TIME 2:30-4:30 2:30-4:30 2:30-4:30 2:30-4:30

WORKSHOP Marketing Your Self-Published Book Smart Choice in Retirement From Kibbutz to Convent to OLLI Dancing with Wolves

CLASS # V-568-11 V-569-11 V-570-11 V-571-11

LOCATION YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR Diane Phelps Amy Brown Jean Ford Doris McFadden

FRIDAY April 15 April 22 April 29 May 6 April 22 May 6

TIME 9-12:00 9-11:00 9-1:00 1:00-3:00 1:00-4:00 9-11:30

WORKSHOP The Aging Brain New CPR Get to Know Windows 7 Interpol/Criminal Investigations The Colorado Plateau Birds of the Verde Valley

CLASS # V-572-11 V-573-11 V-574-11 V-575-11 V-576-11 V-578-11

LOCATION YC C-109 OFF SITE YC M-212 YC C-109 YC C-109 YC C-109

FACILITATOR Linda Yee Skip Heyer Chris Heyer Shelly Altenstadter Art Smith Dena Greenwood

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


THE GEOLOGICAL WORLD, GLOBAL TO LOCAL (S-637-11) Apr 14-May 19, 6 weeks, 12:30-2:00pm, Rm 34 The class describes basic geological processes and provides modern examples. It’s a history of the earth’s evolution leading up to our local landscape. One or more field trips to local geologic sites will be arranged. Paul Lindberg is a professional geologist, who has lived in Sedona since 1971. He has performed detailed mapping on metallic ore deposits throughout North America and overseas. REFLEXOLOGY SELF-HELP (S-638-11) Apr 14-June 2, 8 weeks, 2:15-3:45pm, Rm 40 Basic self-help reflexology training for adults. Students learn to do reflexology on themselves and others. Thomas Brennan works as a reflexologist in private practice, and has taught reflexology for 5 years. He studied pre-med in undergraduate school and has a Masters of Education degree.


UNDERSTANDING REVERSE MORTGAGES (S-639-11) Apr 15, 9am-12:00pm, Rm34 Learn how reverse mortgages work, what they cost, and how much money they provide, as well as new options in reverse mortgages, estate planning, and buying a home with a reverse mortgage. Jim Sigman has worked in the real estate and mortgage business for 25 years. He now specializes in reverse mortgages in Northern Arizona. I-PODS, I-TOUCH & BLACKBERRIES (S-640-11) Apr 29, 9am-12:00pm, Rm 28 Sedona Red Rock High School students will demystify communication technology and train you to access and use the latest in that technology. Marc Sterling is a business and technical education instructor at Red Rock High School, and a former member of the Sedona OLLI Council.


“THE WASTE LAND” BY T.S. ELIOT: A CLOSE READING (S-641-11) Apr 29, 9am-12:00pm, Rm 15 A reading and analysis of “The Waste Land,” a poem by T.S. Eliot. This masterpiece is considered by many to be one of the most important and most difficult poems of the 20th century. Bill Ward is a retired psychologist, who has taught OLLI courses in Philosophy and Poetry. THE SOUNDS OF ART (S-642-11) Apr 29, 9am-12:00pm, Rm 40 Music moves the soul. You will play music and feel the rhythm, then use art supplies to create a piece of art or the written word to describe what the music did for you. We write, draw or paint our vision. $10 fee for supplies paid to instructor. Candace Copeland is a multi- media artist, who does writing, photography, jewelry design, sculpturing, and sound art. She was a flight attendant for 30 years and has traveled extensively. A SUN DANCE EXPERIENCE (S-643-11) May 6 & May 13, 2 sessions, 9am-12:00pm, Rm 34 Learn about how the Sun Dance celebrates the connection of all people to Great Spirit. Four days of rattling, whistle blowing, and dancing reverberate through and return from Mother Earth, creating the sacred hoop of life. The dancers pray gratitude for blessings received and needs requested. Community drumming and singing complete the celebration. Jerome Thailing’s interest in Native Peoples’ rituals and ceremonies led him to take part in the Blackfeet Nation’s Sun Dance in Montana last June. STRING SCARVES (S-644-11) May 6, 9am-12:00pm, Rm 40 String scarves or shawls are made of yarn, ribbon, string, and torn fabric, in any combination or color scheme. This scarf-making technique, previously taught by Susan Reeve, is decorative, artsy, and one- of-a-kind. Except for the final sewing machine stitching, most of the work will be completed in the workshop. $45 fee for materials paid to instructor. Ellen Brooks mastered the String Scarf technique in Susan Reeves class and has made over 30 scarves for sale and gifts.

Verde Learning Groups MONDAY

VERDE NEWS & VIEWS (V-550-11) Apr 11-May 23, 7 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Bldg C, Rm 109 Bring your news; bring your views - even bring your morning coffee. Let’s talk the news. Participants will discuss current local, national, and international stories - a great opportunity to learn more about current events from various viewpoints in a relaxing environment. Curt Ireland & Joe Stack are experienced OLLI facilitators with an avid interest in history and current events, and they enjoy exploring divergent viewpoints. THE BIBLE IS A LIBRARY (V-551-11) Apr 11-May 9, 5 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Increase your understanding of the Bible by investigating it as a LIBRARY of inspired religious works written in the Middle East by many authors over hundreds of years for many different reasons. Bring your Bible, please. Ed Womack is a retired United Methodist Church pastor and teacher. He has taught the Bible for over 50 years. LANGUAGE & MUSIC (V-552-11) Apr 11-May 4, 4 weeks, 12:45-2:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 This Learning Group meets twice a week on Mondays (April 11, 18, 25 May 2) and Wednesdays (April 13, 20, 27, May 4). This Learning Group will use Leonard Bernstein’s 1973 Norton Lectures at Harvard University as the basis for understanding music by drawing parallels to the sound, structure, and meaning of language. Listening examples and in-class activities will enhance the experience. Sy Brandon is a composer, poet, author and retired professor of music. REFLEXOLOGY SELF-HELP (V-553-11) May 9-May 23, 3 weeks, 12:45-2:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Learn to do reflexology on yourself, or come as a couple or with a friend to learn basic self-help reflexology. This will be a wonderful, enjoyable, and healthful positive experience. Thomas Brennan is a reflexologist in private practice. He has five years experience teaching reflexology bolstered by a strong science background and a Master of Education degree.


ALL ABOUT SPANISH (V-554-11) Apr 12-May 24, 7 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Bldg C, Rm 109 We will discuss some of the nuts and bolts of the Spanish language and learn some basic conversation. Limit of 8 participants. Art Smith is a former resident of Madrid and a frequent traveler to Spain and Latin America. He continues to be a student of Spanish. ART HISTORY: THE CLASSICAL WORLD OF GREECE & ROME (V-555-11) Apr 12-May 24, 7 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Explore the never forgotten arts of ancient Greece and Rome. We start at the labyrinthine Palace of Knossos on the island of Crete before tracing the humanistic expressions of the Classical Greek civilization. We then move to the Italic Peninsula and the mysterious Etruscans, and conclude with the public architecture of the Roman Empire. John Acker is emeritus professor in humanities, art history, and religion at Northern Arizona University where he taught art history and humanities for 20 years. FRIDA KAHLO: LADY OF LOVE, DESIRE & TRUTH (V-556-11) Apr 12-May 24, 7 weeks, 12:45-2:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Frida Kahlo, in Barbara Kingsolver’s novel, The Lacuna, states, “Mostly to be a good artist you have to know something that is true. You have to work in a copper mine for a few months, or a shirt factory.” Kahlo is a marvel, a trickster, a brilliant but terrifying friend. She divines the unknown. There will never be another Kahlo. Billie Winkle has a MA in American History, and many years experience teaching sociology, American women’s history, and American history for Arizona colleges. TAROT CARD READING (V-557-11) Apr 12-May 24, 7 weeks, 2:30-4:00pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Come to this class where we will explore the meanings of tarot cards, various spreads, and demystify the tarot in a straightforward way. Naxie Reiff has studied and taught tarot card reading for many years, and has clientele in the U.S. and Europe. She is also a writer and creative writing teacher.

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


OBSERVATIONAL ASTRONOMY (V-558-11) Apr 12-May 24, 7 weeks, 6:00-7:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Learn to observe objects in the sky. Learn to identify clusters, globulars, asterism, spectra of stars, nebulae, and galaxies. Following classroom discussion there will be observation of the night skies outdoors. Dress appropriately. J.D. Maddy watches astronomical events and has been published in several astronomy magazines. He is currently president of Astronomers of Verde Valley.


EXPLORING THE VERDE VALLEY (V-559-11) Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Bldg C, Rm 109 (first class only) The journey continues! Discover the treasures that await you in our valley. A mystery tour is included. Participants provide their own transportation. Carpooling is encouraged. The first class meets in the OLLI classroom. John Erickson, a geographer and historian, has a MS in Cultural and Political Geography. He is a retired Wisconsin educator and a former National Park Ranger. LET’S TALK THE CONSTITUTION (V-560-11) Apr 20-May 4, 3 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Bldg C, Rm 109 Back by popular demand, a repeat but shorter version of a discussion learning group on the Constitution. What do you know or think about our Constitution? How should the Constitution be interpreted? Sign up for this learning group and share your views on the Constitution. We may also listen to Supreme Court justices debate their views on interpreting the Constitution. Joe Stack is a former HR Manager with extensive experience in leadership development. A news and political junkie, he enjoys sharing his interest in history and current events.


UNIQUE & TIMELY HISTORY OF MEXICO (V-561-11) Apr 13-May 25, 7 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 This will be an unprejudiced attempt to understand our neighbor to the south, both its uncommon urbanity and its seemingly malicious violence. Movies, discussions and one exemplary speaker who was born and grew up in Mexico City will assist us in our quest for understanding. Billie Winkle has a MA in American History, and many years experience teaching sociology, American women’s history, and American history for Arizona colleges. GETTING STARTED IN DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY (V-563-11) Apr 13-May 18, 6 weeks, 2:30-4:00pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 We will learn the basics of digital photography. Understand the different dials, functions, menus and media for your camera. Explore properties of light and rules of composition. Master uploading your photographs to the computer and learn to successfully print high quality images. Participants are encouraged to bring their camera and instruction booklet. Isabelle Lacey was a photojournalist for Acme Newspapers and for Temple University in Philadelphia. Her photos have garnered numerous awards including Best of Show at Fort Verde Days, and 1st place ribbons from Sedona Camera Club and El Valle Artists Association.


THE EDUCATED TOURIST (V-564-11) Apr 14-May 5, 4 weeks, 9:00-10:30am, Bldg C, Rm 109 What does it take to plan a trip? What type of travel is best for me? Where can I get the best information? Can I go on my own? Join a group? Take an organized tour? How do I choose? Join us as we explore good planning, your interests, and resources available on the Internet. Learn how to evaluate these resources, trust your intuition, and do your homework. Velda Bice retired from a group tour business, having planned and led many tours both nationally and internationally.

NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBAL DISCUSSION (V-565-11) Apr 14-May 26, 7 weeks, 10:45am-12:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Using the book, From Georgia Tragedy to Oklahoma Frontier as a basis, we will discuss the factual documentation of American Tribes. As we examine what happened between 1700 and 1900, we will work toward understanding the move from Tribal into European lifestyle; how Native value systems contrast with Euro value systems in religion, governmental processes, and family life. Our goal is to provide a foundation for a rich and contextual understanding of Tribes in America today. Billie Jane McIntosh is a retired counselor and instructor at Mesa Community College. She is the author of two books and is ABD in Educational Leadership Doctorate studies at ASU. She chose retirement over dissertation. ELDERS’ WISDOM CIRCLE (V-566-11) Apr 14-May 26, 7 weeks, 12:45-2:15pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Discuss the challenges and joys of aging and how to cope; provide encouragement and support to others; facilitate meetings based on areas of expertise. For more information, contact Joan Forest (639-2785) or Norma Berman (639-7857). Norma Berman, retired director of Student Health Services at Penn State University, is intrigued by interactions of mind, body, emotions, spirit, and aging. Joan Forest is a licensed therapist who studied at the Jung Institute in Küsnacht, Switzerland, and has facilitated many OLLI classes.


OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH BOOK GROUP (V-567-11) Apr 15-May 27, 7 weeks, 11:45am-1:15pm, Offsite Join us on the second and fourth Friday of each month for a discussion of popular books, followed by lunch and conversation. The April book of choice is Bless Me Ultima by Rudolfo Anaya. Limited to 15 participants. Meet at Jerona Café, 677 E. Mingus Ave., Cottonwood. Velda Bice is a lifetime reader of a variety of literature. She has facilitated many learning groups for OLLI in the past. Joe Stack is an avid reader since reading The Wizard of Oz in grade school. He enjoys a wide range of fiction and non-fiction and discussing books with others.


MARKETING YOUR SELF-PUBLISHED BOOK (V-568-11) Apr 14, 1 meeting, 2:30-4:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 If you have self-published a book you expect to sell, or are considering it, plan to spend as much time marketing your book as you did writing it. This workshop describes a step-by-step process to marketing your book, starting with the local marketplace. Entering the mass market through e-book publishers will also be discussed. Diane Phelps founded Red Rock Mountain Press to selfpublish Shade; a Story About a Very Smart Raven. With the experience gained, Diane published An Author’s Concise Guide to Marketing. SMART CHOICES IN RETIREMENT--OUTLOOK & OPPORTUNITIES (THE GOOD, THE BAD & THE OPPORTUNITY) (V-569-11) May 5, 1 meeting, 2:30-4:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Smart Choices in Retirement is a workshop designed for retirees to learn how to achieve a stable, steady income to help live the kind of retirement lifestyle they desire. In the Outlook and Opportunities workshop we will discuss concerns with the economy and explore how the current environment may present attractive opportunities. Amy Brown is a licensed financial advisor with Edward Jones who has recently opened an office in Cottonwood. FROM KIBBUTZ TO CONVENT TO OLLI: A JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY (V-570-11) May 19, 1 meeting, 2:30-4:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 How is life on a kibbutz? How big a leap is it from a kibbutz to a convent of Franciscan sisters? What is retirement? Bring your questions, but more importantly, bring your stories, insights, and experiences to this personal exploration of our life journeys. Jean Ford is a retired teacher and principal and a recently retired Franciscan Sister. She has spent her life with the question, “Who Am I?”

928.649.4275 • 928.649.5550


DANCING WITH WOLVES (V-571-11) May 26, 1 meeting, 2:30-4:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Join a panel of involved citizens and, if conditions permit, a wolf or two, as they explore the issues surrounding the reintroduction of native species into wilderness areas. Be prepared to view multiple perspectives: the rancher, the environmentalist, federal and state officials, concerned citizens, and wolf preservation. Doris McFadden serves on The Board of Directors for the U.S. Wolf Refuge. She will be joined by other citizens actively involved with wolf preservation.


THE AGING BRAIN: IT’S NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK (V-572-11) Apr 15, 1 meeting, 9:00am-12:00pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 This presentation will review the anatomy of the brain and traditional beliefs about the aging brain, including diseases that may affect the brain as one grows older. Recent research on the brain’s ability to change in response to new learning and life style influences will be explored. Linda Yee RN, MSN, FAEN is a registered nurse with a background in nursing management and leadership. She is president of Sedona Sunrise Center for Adults. THE NEW CPR: CONTINUOUS CHEST COMPRESSION (CCR) & AUTOMATED EXTERNAL DEFIBRILLATOR (AED) FOR THE LAYPERSON (V-573-11) Apr 22, 1 meeting, 9:00-11:00am, Verde Valley Fire Station 31, corner of Goddard Rd. & SR 260 Sudden cardiac arrest is one of the leading causes of death in the U.S. Continuous Chest Resuscitation—CCR—is the new version of CPR, a life-saving technique. Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) are designed to assist individuals who collapse from sudden cardiac arrest. Skip Heyer is with the Verde Valley Fire District and, with other fire districts, firefighters, and EMTs, has trained over 1,000 laypersons in CCR/AED. Other firefighters will also facilitate.


GET TO KNOW WINDOWS 7 (V-574-11) Apr 29, 1 meeting, 9:00am-1:00pm, Bldg M, Rm 212 Windows 7 is the new operating system for Microsoft. In this workshop you will learn some of the new features of Windows 7 and how it can keep you organized and productive. Great for those who have purchased new laptops or computers and were surprised with a new operating system. Class will include working with the desktop, folders and file management, finding and opening files, manipulating windows, and creating libraries. Chris Heyer teaches business and computer classes for Yavapai College and has been an OLLI facilitator for several years. She has been at Yavapai College since 1999, and is very patient and understanding with new users. INTERPOL & WORKING INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL INVESTIGATIONS: AN INSIDE NARRATIVE (V-575-11) May 6, 1 meeting, 1:00-3:00pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 What is INTERPOL? How does this group of 188 nations conduct business, and how did Shelly Altenstadter get involved? Join us for a personal and up-close look at the unique experiences of a Chief, INTERPOL, United States Central Bureau. Shelly Altenstadter, retired Special Agent with the U.S. Customs Service, and while stationed in Rome, conducted investigations in Southern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. THE COLORADO PLATEAU (V-576-11) April 22, 1 meeting, 1:00-4:00pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 Using maps, Google Earth images, and photographs, we will take a “virtual” geology field trip across the Colorado Plateau, discussing the landscapes and their geological and human history. Art Smith is a former oil exploration geophysicist. He enjoys learning about the geology of Northern Arizona. BIRDS OF THE VERDE VALLEY (V-578-11) May 6, 1 meeting, 9:00-11:30pm, Bldg C, Rm 109 This introductory workshop will open your eyes and ears to the amazing variety of birds found in your own backyard. Learn to create backyard habitat that will entice new birds. Bring binoculars—time permitting--we will take a walk around campus to discover Yavapai College’s birds. Dena Greenwood has been guiding and teaching birding classes for 20 years. She is the field trip chair for Northern Arizona Audubon and manages Jay’s Bird Barn.

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