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Editor's Note Hi Jubileers! I am proud to share with you our second issue of Jubilee Times! Do you like the first issue? Can you believe that in our school there are so many talented little writers? Many of your schoolmates told me that they loved the story inside!  It is a very exciting and interesting way to learn more English through reading! Now,                                    you can enjoy the                                  second issue! Don't                                forget to share it                                    with your family and                               friends!

P.4 students interviewed our Principal, Mr. Chu :) (see P.2)


Special Issue


Feature W

    ho is your favourite teacher at YCMCJ? Have you ever thought about knowing more about your beloved teacher? Last month, the students from Class 4C were lucky enough to interview one of the most popular persons, Mr. Chu! In the interview, Mr. Chu shared a lot of secrets that he never told anyone else! Let's see what they are!

P: Principal, Mr. Chu

Y: Yan-yan

U: Una

B: Bianca

D: Daniel

J: Jachin

E: Everyone

B: Hi Mr. Chu. What is your favourite movie? P: Umm… My favourite movie… Um…. Harry Potter! D: Me too! I like it! J: How about your favourite food? What is your favourite food? P: I have a lot of different favourite food! Erm… Y: But you can just choose one! P: Erm…

Students are jotting down Mr. Chu's words.

Oysters! Do you know what is an oyster?

Y: I don’t like eating them though. They taste a bit…


P: Because I teach English, I was an English

P: So you don’t like eating seafood? Y: Umm, no.

teacher. But if… Not in primary school. but in er… Secondary school, I liked

P: There are some very cheap ones and there are some expensive.

P: Because they are fresh and tasty! J: What place do you like to travel, and why? P: Ahh… Haha, you know me, I usually go to Japan, just like Ms. Wong [Sze-hung]. *Ms. Wong came in all of a sudden.* E: Haha!

scenery is really beautiful there, and

it’s… quiet.

D+J: Oh me too! I like Science too!

U: Oh me too! P: My majors were Science and English… at university. D: So, how many years have you been teaching? P: How many years… Erm… (Laugh) U: More than ten? P: I started teaching in 1989. B: Wow. 1989?

J: Oh, that’s better than Hong Kong! U: Okay. Which subject do you like best?

P: So, nearly… 30 years. Y: Two more questions.

P: For me? I like… In the primary school, I liked English the best.



P: And Chinese.

D: But why? Why do you like them?

P: Yes, the

Y+B: Oh, me too!

蠔 scenery (n.) ⾵景 oyster (n.)


Science (n.)

At that time, my English was quite good compared to my classmates. So when I couldn’t study law at university, I went for the Education, to become a teacher. But, God is great. I’m incharge of all of you now! (Laughters) I have 700 something students every year. Okay? I’m in-

They use an iPad to record what they shared in the interview.

charge of the school. Y: Wow, you are better than a lawyer. P: Ya, so, it’s God’s will, and I follow his plan.

B: Why do you want to be a teacher?

U: If you needed to find another job, what would

P: Wow, I don’t know if you can understand

you choose?

this. Because when I was young, my mum

P: Now? Not when I’m 80?

treated me like a girl.

D: Yes, now.

*Everyone laughed with surprises.*

P: Umm… I want to be a

P: I am the youngest boy in my family. I have


J: A gardener? That’s very special!

four boys in my family, including me. But my

P: Yes, aside from my favourite food, oysters and

mum wanted a girl, so she treated me like a

seafood, I like planting. To plant all the flowers,


potatoes, things like that. I have those at home

Y: Like dancing?

now. So I would love to be a gardener to look

P: No, not in that way. She arranged

after all the flowers and plants.

everything for me. I had no say. I didn’t have

Y: Maybe in the school, we can have a garden

any rights to speak for myself, like what I liked to play, or eat. All were prepared by my mum. U: Wow then you are lucky!

P: We have one! (Everyone was surprised.) When I

retire, maybe I can apply for the job as a

P: You may think you are lucky, I didn’t want

gardener in this school! (Laughters)

to be told to do something... Not to do

J: What do you think about our students?

something. At first I didn’t want to be a

P: Bright! And, good in manners. They are… They

teacher, but a lawyer.

work hard in their study. And they are polite,

Y: That’s so hard! P: Yes, to make


usually. For most of you, yes. Maybe some of

judgment. I wanted to be

them need more time, but I love all of you! I love

in-charge of the others’ lives.

my children, in our school, really.

J: Just like your mum.

E: Thank you for your help and the interview!

P: Yes. (Everyone laughed.) But of course, I failed, because it’s very difficult to be a lawyer. When I was studying there were only four universities in Hong Kong. E: Huh? P: It was very

competitive, especially for jobs

like lawyers, doctors. If you want to be a lawyer you must be good at language because everything is in English.

批判 competitive (adj.) 競爭激烈的 judgment (n.)

Everyone enjoy s the interview a lot!


gardener (n.) retire (v.)






by Ryne W., Oscar N., Sonic L., Elisha C., Tessie M., Juno L. (Class 5C)


           ne day in the city, Ryne and his friends, Tessie, Oscar, Juno, Sonic and Elisha were playing at school. Suddenly, a huge army of skeletons rushed into their school and wanted to destroy everyone in the school. Ryne took out his ring and became Flash the superhero. Unfortunately Juno and Elisha were bitten by a skeleton and became ones of them. Feeling

heartbroken, Flash fought the skeleton army with an unknown wizard, who was also fighting with a magic wand.

       ‘TIME FOR HOME!’ yelled,

out of the blue, a witch with very long hair

summoning a portal. Every skeleton went in the portal. Flash

tried to stop them but failed.

      Wizard and Flash took off their masks. Ryne and Oscar were surprised to see each other. ‘Where is Sonic and Tessie when the witch came?’ Oscar asked. Ryne answered,  ‘Sonic is actually the skeleton captain because he was not running away when it happened. Tessie, was the witch, Terror the Witch.’

       They then rushed to Tessie’s home and found the portal. Putting on the masks again, they ran in it.  


⼼碎的 out of the blue (idm.) 出其不意地 heartbroken (adj.)

召喚 portal (n.) 傳送⾨ summon (v.)

P.5       They didn’t know the skeleton army was waiting for them. Terror the Witch shot a fireball to Flash and Wizard. The skeletons captured them. At this moment, Wizard shouted, ‘Dino the Legend!’ Dino was the best fighting pet of all! The world shook as Dino appeared from the land and

crushed all the skeletons. Flash and Wizard escaped in a big bang. Terror expected it and said,’ Sonic the skeleton captain, lead five million skeletons to fight them.’ Flash and Wizard had no choice but fought them. However, there were too many of them. Flash and Wizard were so tired that they couldn’t fight anymore. And the next moment, Sonic stabbed Wizard with his sword. Wizard died.

      Flash was so upset because his best friend died. Suddenly, a bright blue light shone behind him. It was Oscar standing behind him. ‘Don't worry. I am a wizard and wizards can

heal fast.’ Flash hugged him so


      Terror came with ten million skeletons and said,’ Kill them!’ She cast poison

spells. Flash threw lightning at them and Wizard sputtered fireballs

to fight back. ‘STOP NOW, Tessie!’ Flash shouted so hard and his


hit Terror. She died, as the skeleton army slowly went up in flames.

      Everything became normal again. But in the dark, had the evil really been stopped? 

To be continued... 粉碎 heal (v.) 復元 crush (v.)  

咒語 lightning (n.) 閃電 spell (n.)  


P.6 Concern


Letter to the  


    tudent life seems to be fun most of the time, but it may also mean pressure nowadays. With all the homework and tests, some students start feeling tired and upset. Our P.6 students have looked into the problems and wrote some letters to the Editor, to show their worries and give some useful suggestions.

Dear Editor, ’ s t n e d u t s t u o b a r e p a p s w e n e h t m o r f d a e r t s I ju f o t lo a e v a h s t n e d u t s , s y a d stress. These r o f h c u m o o t is t I . y a d y r e v e s t s e t d n a k r o w home e r a e r e h T . s s e r t s h c u m g in v a h e r a y e h t o s them e m o s e v a h I d n a d in h e b s n o s more rea suggestions. ld u o h s g n o K g n o H in s t n e d u t s Firstly, primary f o e m o S . s t s e t r e w e f d n a k r o w e m o h s s le e hav is t I . t h ig n id m il t n u n e v e n io is v e r o d o t d e e n m the d n a s t s e r e k a t o t e im t e r o m d e e n s t n e d u t S . terrible ir e h t r o f d o o g is t I . o d o t t n a w y e h t t a h t s g in h t do . ly r a e p e le s n a c y e h t if o o t health y il m a f e r o m in a g ld u o h s s t n e d Secondly, stu , s m a x e r o s t s e t e h t in s k r a m w lo t e g y e h t f I . support y b d e h is n u p d n a d e d l o c s e b l il w m e h t f o e som . m e h t r o f s s e r t s h c u m s e k a m their parents. It

Having the same problems?

Thirdly, parents should never compare their children with the others. Students will be very upset if their parents do not believe them. They will not want to learn anymore. Therefore, parents should stop comparing them with other students. I hope things will be done to reduce students’ stress, for example, to give more family support and to stop comparing them. However, I think the most important is to have less homework and more time for fun and rest. I hope our students will feel better in the future. Yours faithfully, Lilian Chu

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So, parents should support them more. They should appreciate the students and encourage them, so that students will feel less stressed and build up confidence.

壓⼒ scold (v.) 責罵 stress (n.)  

欣賞 confidence (n.) 信⼼ appreciate (v.)  

P.7 Dear Editor, I am writing to raise the mental health awareness of Hong Kong students. The past academic year saw 22 students commited suicide, eight of whom were studying at universities. But this could be just the tip of the iceberg as mental illness affects a far greater number of students. The alarming trend begs the question: how much do we know about mental illness? I am afraid the answer is “not much”. The common misconception is that “only the weak are susceptible”. For example, Alex Leung, 23, was a model student in the Law School. He led the English debate team in international events. However, he actually spent most of his third year of study under the mounting pressure.

He soon bega n to skip class es and avoid talking with pe ople. He just h id in his room the time, not e all ven visiting th e restaurants or pantry when f eeling hungry . He wasn’t we but, still, was a a k, poor victim o f anxiety. Therefore, we should not pu t too much pressure on s tudents as str ess is the mai cause of men n tal illnesses. T he governme should take a nt ction to teach students to fa and care abo ce ut mental illne s ses. It can hel decreasing th p e number of p e ople who suff from anxiety a er s soon as pos sible.I hope th students will n at ot give up the ir lives easily a they have alre s ady learnt mo re about men health care. tal Yours faithfull y, Gordon Chun g

Can you see  the highlighted phrase "the tip of the iceberg"? It means what you see is  just a small part of something much bigger. This is an idiom using

metaphor. Metaphor

adds colours to what we want to talk about, making it more interesting and meaningful.





All of these adorable children are angels. The naughty boys are little monsters. You are the apple of my eye.

易受影響的 mounting (adj.) 遞增的 susceptible (adj.)  

受害者 anxiety (n.) 焦慮 victim (n.)  

a o t en t s i L ng o s r o h p a t e m

metaphor (n.)




    lthough children nowadays enjoy many kinds of toys and

gadgets, watching TV is still one of their favourite

hobbies after school. While some people think watching TV is a bad choice, some believe that it has plenty of advantages. What do our P.6 students think?

       Watching TV creates more harms than benefits to children. Surely, TV can be a way of keeping a child occupied in a safe environment if a parent is busy around the house. However, no one can deny that TV has a powerful influence. Since most children cannot understand the difference between reality and

fantasy, watching violent or

frightening scenes is a painful experience to both children and parents.

g n u e L a t i R 6C

       Moreover, children sitting in front of TV for a long time will lose chances of learning or building up friendship between peers. Also, it has bad effects to the eyesight of children. Eating a lot of snacks during TV time will lead to

obesity too.

      Therefore, I strongly believe that watching TV is bad for children. It creates bad behaviours and also influences children's social life, learning and even health!

Topic: TV is bad for children.           People said that television will hurt children’s eyes and bring some bad ideas to them. However,I do not agree to any of these.    

Oscar Chow       Firstly, children spend much time on studying. They will need some rest. Watching 6C television is a common hobby for them which is totally free. If your children are watching TV for a long time, you can ask them to close their eyes for a few minutes to take a rest.            Secondly, maybe you'll think that watching TV is time-wasting, but there   

are also ETV and news programmes. It is also very useful to enjoy English programmes. We can listen to from the English

native English. We can learn many new words

subtitles too. Children can learn a lot from watching TV.

     In conclusion, watching TV is in fact a meaningful activity. You just need to choose the right programmes for your children, then it will be good for them. Of course, we should finish all our important things like homework first!


幻想 obesity (n.) 痴肥 fantasy (n.)  

地道的 subtitle (n.) 字幕 native (adj.)  

Jubilee Times 2017 Summer  
Jubilee Times 2017 Summer