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Entrepreneur Review Confidence, Creativity, Opportunity: Driving Entrepreneurship Forward


September 30th, 2011 Volume 1


L-R: Sandra Hernandez, Christine Smith, Sylvia Cattouse, Shaun Finnetty, Joe Habet, Roy Hohenkirk, Joan Burke and Nigel Ebanks

Youth Business Trust Belize (YBTB) held its 4th Annual General Meeting and Recognition event this past Thursday, August 25th, 2011 at the Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza. At the AGM a new Board of Directors was elected and Business Mentors were recognized for having completed Mentorship Training and for recommitting to the organization’s Mentorship Program. Certificates were also presented to entrepreneurs who successfully completed the YBTB’s “Start Your Business Training”, a six weeks training that prepares entrepreneurs for the development of Business Plans and culminates in an interview with the YBTB Credit Committee. During the meeting, YBTB officially launched its Operations Management System; a webbased system used by YBI Members to record and manage information collected while delivering

services to young entrepreneurs. thanks all those who participated at Access to the OMS has truly pro- this year’s Annual General Meetvided YBTB management with a ing. comprehensive data management tool. Youth Business Trust also launched its newly redesigned website, the website now provides interested persons with a detailed description of the procedures involved in becoming a business mentor or entrepreneur with YBTB. Other sections of the website include: a listing of the organization’s current partners, entrepreneurs and mentors and access to YBTB’s applica- Ms. Claudette Elters ( Mentor), & Mr. Shaun Finnetty (Chairman BOD) tion forms. The meeting ended with a cocktail which gave the entrepreneurs the opportunity to network with mentors and other stakeholders. A display entitled “Entrepreneurs Big-Up Showcase” was exhibited to give entrepreneurs credit for their hard work and at the same time give other guests an insight into the services provided by these entrepreneurs and their journey to success. Ms. Joan Burke (Director), Ms. Shantel Neal Youth Business Trust Belize (Entrepreneur) & Ms. Sylvia Cattouse (Cochairperson BOD)

Inside Issues: GM’s Greeting OMS Entrepreneur Training Mentorship Programs Expo 2011 Grand Openings

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GENERAL MANAGER’S GREETING It is almost two years since I first joined the now bubbling excitement that categorizes the life and work at Youth Business Trust Belize (YBTB). While it seems as if the time has flown by the achievements of the YBTB team stand testimony to the hard work and dedication that has brought the organization to the point it is at today. In 2011, we have seen in excess of 100 potential entrepreneurs walk through our doors and have provided information to many more who we hope will find the courage to come in and take the “entrepreneurial risk”. We designed a new business mentorship program to facilitate and standardize the business mentoring aspect of our services and have gotten good reviews about the effectiveness and supportiveness of the new system and training provided to our business mentors. The growth at YBTB is obvious and wonderful! We now have a team that is five strong and thanks to the great partnership we have forged with Peace Corps Belize we have had the privilege of working and strengthening our institution with the help of volunteers. What we do at YBTB cannot be done alone so, as we take leaps and small steps forward we do so mindful and appreciative of the importance of the partnerships we have with the Belizean community, Business partners, NGOs, regional Youth Business Trusts, International networks, Donor agencies and the Government of Belize. We have highlighted many of our events and accomplishments for the year 2011 in this publication. Our front page story is about our 4th AGM and Mentors Recognition Event that gave YBTB an opportunity to vote in a new Board of Directors and recognize our mentors and our entrepreneurs. The new Operations Management System (OMS) that we have embraced and were afforded through our membership to Youth Business International is also highlighted. The activities geared towards mentors and entrepreneurs are also included and this will hold true for every other YBTB newsletter to be printed in the future. YBTB is serious about its entrepreneurs and its mentors and is committed to driving entrepreneurship forward in Belize. I end by thanking all who have contributed to YBTB because they believe in the importance of the work that we do every day to turn young entrepreneurs’ ideas into reality. I am particularly thankful to our Board of Directors and the YBTB team and encourage all Belizeans both individuals and businesses alike to join our effort and support our young entrepreneurs!

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Operation Management System (OMS) As Youth Business Trust Belize , the leading youth entrepreneurship organization in Belize, continues to embrace new ways to grow and improve its efficiency and effectiveness it is proud to have added an Operations Management System (OMS), a very powerful information management tool, as its key data management system. With this new system, there is no need for the downloading of software or purchase of additional storage device for your computer. All that is needed is access to internet and access to the OMS. This new virtual database has leap-frogged YBTB into the world of cutting edge technology. Using this management system, YBTB has been able to create business proMANUEL CASTILLO-CREDIT OFFICER files for all its contacts and stakeholders, add a photo, locate addresses using map locator, manage its loans portfolio, monitor entrepreneur/mentor relationships, among other things. YBTB can now log every activity and as much activities as deemed necessary and relevant for its reporting and successful operations management. For example, using the OMS, YBTB’s management can run report to see how many entrepreneurs are active, to see how many mentors have been matched with entrepreneurs; to see which accounts are in arrears and to generate reports that enhances its decision making process. This operations management system allows its users to generate reports by business type, age of entrepreneur, geographic location and gender to name a few of the options. The system has proven to be extremely useful and allows YBTB to create customized reports and real time updates. The “ cloud” is the limit with OMS. It is already obvious that this data management system will not only be applicable now but can and will expand its potential and application to accommodate future growth of its users. Youth Business Trust Belize thanks Youth Business International (YBI) for this wonderful new tool. This is just one of the great benefits of being a part of the YBI global network of youth business programs.

YBTB / PEACE CORPS PARTNERSHIP Board of Directors, Staff, Entrepreneurs & Mentors of Youth Business Trust Belize would like to thank Mr. Patrick Robison and Mrs. Keri Robison for their services to YBTB. Pat joined YBTB in May and Keri in October 2010,during these past months Pat & Keri have contributed greatly to the reestablishment and resurgence of YBTB. We use this opportunity to extend our sincere gratitude to Pat & Keri and Peace Corps Belize for their service/ partnership. YBTB wish them all the best in their future endeavors!

“I really appreciate what Pat & Keri did for me and I wish them a safe trip, hope to see them again in the future”. Dexter Hemmans “Thank you for the time and valuable support that you guys contributed to me and my business” Malva Palacio “Thank you from Wazobia Fashions you made this possible!” Ozzy Okonkwo

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Entrepreneur Activities & Training FIRST FRIDAY RECRUITING EVENT Youth Business Trust Belize held its first 1st Friday Recruiting Event on September 2nd, 2011. The 1st Friday Recruiting Event was held on the sidewalk in front of the YBTB office at 57 Corner Albert & Prince Streets. The event provided an avenue for YBTB staff and entrepreneurs to distribute YBTB brochures and talk to people on the streets about the services YBTB provides to young Belizeans between the ages of 18-35. YBTB entrepreneurs also promoted their businesses and talked to young Belizeans about how YBTB helped them make their business idea a reality. Due to the success of the first 1st Friday event, YBTB will hold three more 1st Friday Recruiting Events in 2011-October 7th, November 4th and December 2nd.

YBTB START YOUR BUSINESS TRAINING The YBTB Start Your Business (SYB) training is a 9 session training that teaches potential entrepreneurs how to start and run a successful business. The training consists of sessions including 1) Becoming an Entrepreneur, 2) Developing a Marketing Plan, 3) Organizing your Business and 4) Financial projections. Upon completion of training, each entrepreneur should have a viable business plan, which he/she can choose to present to the YBTB Credit Committee in order to obtain approval for a loan. YBTB has held four SYB training so far this year and will hold the last training session for 2011 on Oct. 4th-Nov. 1st. The training sessions are held on Tuesdays & Thursdays 1:30pm-3:30pm. There are 5 SYB trainings scheduled for 2012. 1) Jan 24th-Feb 21st, 2) Mar 27th-April 24th, 3) May 29thJune 26th, 4) July 24th-Aug. 28th, and 5) Oct 2nd-Oct. 30th.

YBTB ENTREPRENEUR CLUB The Entrepreneur Business Club was created for entrepreneurs to support each other in their business endeavors, as well as provide an avenue for networking. Youth Business Trust Belize held its 1st Entrepreneur Business Club meeting on July 22, 2011. The meeting was held in the YBTB conference room and eleven (11) Entrepreneurs were in attendance. YBTB Mentor, Yvonne Hartshorne provided a thought provoking professional development training for the entrepreneurs. YBTB entrepreneur, Alex Brown, was elected as the chairman of the club and YBTB entrepreneurs, Jenna Ferguson, James Gentle Jr. and Oziomachukwu Okonkwo, were elected as co-chairpersons. The Business Club will hold its 2nd meeting on September 23,2011 and plans to hold 2 more meetings before the end of 2011. The club has plans to meet quarterly in 2012. Page 4

BUSINESS MENTOR PROGRAM YBTB proudly rolled out its new business mentorship training to the first group of members for 2011 on the 27th of January. YBTB has since conducted four training sessions resulting in 17 fully trained mentors and has successfully paired 14 of its trained business mentors with young entrepreneurs. Business Mentorship is an extremely important aspect of YBTB’s service to young entrepreneurs. In an all out effort to revive the Mentorship program and ensure its success YBTB completely revised its business mentor training curriculum. The competency based training developed with the dedicated assistance of Keri Robison, a Peace Corps Volunteer, is based off the YBI Mentor Toolkit and adopted to ensure our YBTB mentors are fully prepared and sensitized to what is expected of them as YBTB mentors. The new training is interactive and focuses on managing the mentor relationship. The curriculum includes a revised manual, power point presentation, and a mentorship skills training video. The curriculum incorporates various adult learning techniques such as lectures, demonstrations, role playing and group activities. Many of our mentors have reported enjoying the training and finding it beneficial to their mentor/entrepreneur relationships. All of our trained mentors were recognized on the 25th of August at a Recognition Event held at the Best Western Belize Biltmore following YBTB’s 4th AGM. Mentors were presented with a Training Certificates and reminded of the importance of their contribution to the success of Youth Business Trust Belize. YBTB has successfully started its Business Mentor Club on June 29th, 2011 with a first of its kind Club meeting. The purpose of this club is to provide a forum for YBTB Mentors to discuss issues, concerns and accomplishments and to provide networking and resource opportunities. Club members elected two Co-Chairpersons, Jose Herrera and Yvonne Hartshorn, to lead the club’s activities. A second luncheon meeting was held on July 29th at which time one of YBTB’s entrepreneurs, K’s Pasta, was given the opportunity to feature his pasta as a main entre. YBTB would like to thank its mentors for their hard work and dedication in assisting our young entrepreneurs! ACTIVE MENTORS            

Ms. Claudette Elters Mr. Roger Espejo Mr. Lennox Flowers Mr. Carlo Habet Mrs. Yvonne Hartshorn Mr. Giovanni Heredia Mr. Jose Herrera Mr. Jeffrey Locke Ms. Beverly McCoy Mr. Victor Miranda Mr. Albert Moore Ms. Mirna Paul

     

Ms. Deanna Peyrefitte Ms. Kathlyn Tillett Ms. June Wayne Ms. Valerie Woods Ms. Janice Young Mr. Ellison Flowers

WHAT IS A MENTOR?      

An experienced entrepreneur An experienced professional An experienced community leader An experienced business leader Unbiased encourager, advisor, sounding board, listener, facilitator!

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EXPO 2011 Youth Business Trust Belize once again provided an opportunity for its young entrepreneurs to showcase their business at EXPO Belize 2011.With this years EXPO being the largest to date, the stage was set for record numbers of Belizeans to learn more about YBTB and all it has to offer. Six YBTB entrepreneurs took advantage of this opportunity to be a part of Belize’s biggest annual expo and marketplace. The participants were; Malva Palacio of Brown’s Bus Service, Jude Lopez of L&J’s Ice Cream Ideals, Jenna Ferguson of Faith N Fitness Health Club, Shernadine Dennison of Sherna’s Cleaning & Errands, Alex Brown of Creative Arts, and Ozzy Okonkwo of Wazobia Fashions. The entrepreneurs came up with creative ways of showcasing & promoting their businesses at the Expo including a raffle for a free month of errands, free samples of healthy smoothies and free pairs of slippers with certain purchases. L&J’S Ice Cream Ideals sold approximately 700 delicious ice cream ideals at the Expo. Jude Lopez stated the “ the EXPO was a great opportunity for me to get my product out in front of thousands of Belizeans.” I was able to market myself in a way that would not have been possible without the help of YBTB. Not only was I able to make sales, but I also made important connections with other Belizean business owners that will hopefully help me expand my product”. Alex Brown of Creative Arts sold his unique bamboo crafts. He commented “these types of events are very important for entrepreneurs”, “it was an opportunity for us to learn to work together as a team and learn to do things for ourselves.” Alex’s bamboo crafts were a big hit with the patrons of the EXPO. Malva Palacio of Brown’s Bus Service made many connections as she marketed her bus services. She reported that she spoke with tour operators and was going to pursue some leads to drive up her revenues during off times. A very special thank you goes out to Malva ,Jenna and Ozzy for promoting YBTB at the Expo and encouraging young people to sign up and be part of the YBTB experience. The BCCI EXPO 2011 truly was a great experience for YBTB. The YBTB team looks forward to EXPO 2012 confident that in a year time there will be even more young Belizeans ready to showcase their businesses and talents for all of Belize to see!

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GRAND OPENINGS YBTB is Proud to announce the recently Opened "Faith n Fitness Club" managed by Jenna Ferguson a YBTB entrepreneur. Faith n Fitness Club provides step aerobics, weight aerobics, and water aerobics. The fitness center also provides salsa/ meringue classes, self defense classes, and cardio-party. Join Faith n Fitness Club and achieve the beach body you've always desired! Join Faith n Fitness Club and support our young entrepreneur today! #864 Northern Highway, Contact: 670-8095 Belize City Email:

YBTB is Proud to announce the recently opened "Wazobia Fashions" owned by Ozioma Okonkwo a YBTB Entrepreneur. Wazobia Fashions opened its doors to cater to plus size women. Can't find clothes to fit you? Visit Wazobia Fashions today and support our young entrepreneur! Located at: #16 Douglas Jones Street Belize City Belize Contact: 622-2630

YBTB is once again excited to announce the recently opened “K’s Pasta” owned by Karon Crawford a YBTB Entrepreneur. K’s Pasta caters to all pasta lovers needs with his vast selection of fresh homemade pastas. Visit K’s Pasta today! Located: Market Place Belize City, Belize Contact: 631-9056

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Youth Business Trust Belize (YBTB) would like to express our deepest condolences to all Belizeans ,especially the family of the late Rt. Hon. George Price the Father of the Nation. We acknowledge all the great contributions and sacrifices that he made for the betterment of Belize and its people! His journey here on earth is finished but his legacy and accomplishments will live on forever! REST IN PEACE!

This newsletter composed and compiled by the staff of YBTB For additional info, please contact us at 227-1356 or

57 Cor Albert/Prince Sts Suite 2, 2nd Floor Doony’s Bldg Belize City, Belize 227-1356/227-9282

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