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YBM Leadership  Alliance    

Creating A  New  Reality  

About YBM Leadership Alliance


YBM Leadership  Alliance  is  a  non-­‐profit  organization  founded  in  2006.     Our  Mission  is  to  develop  young  black  men  into  21st  century  leaders  by  exposing  them  to  positive  leadership  models;  equipping  them  to  be   spiritually  grounded  to  make  a  difference  within  humanity,  and  empowering  them  to  become  competent  leaders  with  a  passion  for  lifelong   learning.   Our  Vision  is  to  Create  A  New  Reality  where  young  black  men  are  assumed  to  be  and  sought  out  as  leaders  of  our  community  and  where  young   black  men  recognize  the  greatness  within  themselves.   Our  Goal  is  to  Create  A  New  Reality  by  inspiring  and  training  generations  of  leaders.  Our  primary  goal  is  to  create  a  network  of  impactful  and   socially  active  young  black  male  leaders.              

Proven Results Since the  inception  of  Young  Black  Male  Leadership  Alliance  (“YBM”)  in  2007,  our  vision  has  been  to  “Create  A  New  Reality”  by   inspiring  young  black  men  to  become  leaders  who  will  impact  and  transform  their  schools,  families  and  communities.  We  are   developing  the  future  generation  of  leaders.       While  the  ultimate  long-­‐term  success  of  our  program  will  be  measured  by  strength  of  the  future  generation  of  leaders  that  we   produce  we  are  proud  to  report  that  our  short-­‐term  results  have  been  extremely  promising  and  impactful  to  the  community.       Over  the  past  seven  years,  YBM  has  conducted  (5)  annual  Leadership  Conferences,  (5)  Summer  Leadership  Academies,  over  (20)   leadership  and  college  prep  workshops,  completed  (20+)  community  service  projects,  (4)  leadership  retreats,  (10)  College  tours,   awarded  $6,000  in  college  scholarships  and  provided  22  business  suits  to  young  leaders.       We  have  collaborated  with  Charlotte  Mecklenburg  School  System,  Boy  Scouts  of  America,  Urban  League  of  Central  Carolinas,   Communities  in  Schools,  Central  Piedmont  Community  College,  CPCC  Man  Up  Program,  UNCC  Collegiate  100,  UNCC  Building  Better   Brothers  (B3)  Program,  Emerging  Leaders,  Girl  Talk  Inc.,  Johnson  C.  Smith  University,  The  Park  Ministries,  Nations  Ford  Community   Church  and  the  Susan  G.  Komen  Foundation.       Through  all  these  events  and  collaborations,  YBM  has  impacted  over  5,000  young  black  men  and  their  families  in  the  Charlotte  and   surrounding  area.     The  results  below  are  presented  based  on  our  four  theory  of  change  strategies  1)  Promote  Positive  Messages,  2)  Provide  College  Readiness  for   young  black  men  and  their  families,  3)  Develop  a  network  of  black  male  leaders,  and  4)  Engage  young  leaders  through  real  world  service   projects.      

Justin Elliott   Duke  University   YBM  Ambassador     Class  2013    

There is  not  a  single  day  that  passes  by  that  I  do  not  think  of  my  purpose  in  life.    I  never  knew  exactly  what  God  had  planned  for  me   and  I  never  imagined  achieving  all  that  I  have.    My  emergence  into  the  YBM  Leadership  Alliance  Program,  however,  gave  me  purpose   and  a  sense  of  direction  for  my  life.    I  still  remember  the  first  YBM  College  Fair  held  at  Rocky  River  high  school.  There  were  several   inspirational  speakers  that  had  unique  stories  and  incredible  backgrounds,  yet  the  one  idea  that  they  all  had  in  common  was  the   importance  of  pouring  back  into  the  community  to  uplift  others  just  as  we  have  been  uplifted  and  encouraged.  For  so  long  I  focused   on  excelling  in  high  school  so  that  I  could  be  successful,  obtain  a  well-­‐paying  job,  be  able  to  support  my  family,  and  live  a  long  happy   life.  However,  as  I  started  to  attend  more  and  more  YBM  workshops,  I  started  to  understand  that  my  success  was  not  about  me,  but   rather  about  being  an  example  for  others  that  wanted  to  succeed  and  doing  everything  in  my  power  to  make  it  happen  for  them.       In   high   school   I   was   part   of   an   International   Baccalaureate   program   and   surrounded   by   students   that   did   not   look   like   me   and   labeled   my   intelligence   as   a   ‘unique   case’.     YBM   empowered   my   life   by   giving   me   a   voice.   Students   saw   my   activities   in   the   newspaper,  online,  and  on  the  news.  They  saw  not  only  me,  but  other  students  that  looked  like  me  serving  the  community,  excelling   in  rigorous  courses,  and  positively  impacting  our  world.  I  am  in  YBM  to  defy  the  stereotype  of  a  young  black  male,  and  to  be  a  role   model  for  children  that  go  to  school  under  the  pressure  of  that  stereotype  every  single  day.    Mr.  John  Martin  chose  me  to  be  an   ambassador  and  I  can  honestly  say  it  is  the  greatest  honor  I  have  ever  received.    I  have  had  the  opportunity  to  mentor  others,  serve   at   a   prayer   breakfast,   encourage   youth   on   radio   stations,   and   make   sandwiches   for   the   homeless.     I   have   sat   in   meetings   discussing   what  we  can  do  to  change  our  community;  I  have  lived  out  my  purpose  in  life  each  and  every  day  because  of  my  involvement  with   the  YBM  Leadership  organization.     I   have   sat   in   countless   scholarship   sessions,   college   workshops,   and   late   night   meetings   all   because   there   is   nowhere   I   would   rather   be.    I  am  so  grateful  for  the  opportunity  to  be  a  part  of  such  a  powerful  organization,  and  I  can  only  pray  that  I  have  made  as  big  of  a   difference   in   someone   else’s   life   as   the   YBM   organization   has   made   in   mine.     Every   time   I   see   a   young   black   male   I   try   to   share   with   him  my  experience  with  this  wonderful  program  in  hopes  that  he  will  join  and  that  it  will  impact  his  life  as  well.  Although  the  YBM   organization   has   led   me   to   live   out   my   purpose   there   are   so   many   steps   left   to   take   in   my   journey.     The   mentoring   program   has   inspired   me   to   start   a   mentoring   and   tutoring   program   of   my   own   in   the   Charlotte   community   and   overseas.   The   dedication   to   service   I   experienced   in   the   YBM   program   has   driven   me   to   apply   for   the   DukeEngage   service   program   in   which   I   will   be   able   to   travel  overseas  and  initiate  a  mentoring  and  tutoring  program  for  struggling  students.  This  service  is  not  for  public  recognition  or  any   awards,   this   service   is   to   exemplify   to   others   our   true   purpose   in   life,   and   to   continuously   defy   those   stereotypes   that   try   to   anchor   us  down.       I  would  also  like  to  thank  Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  and  Tammy  Martin  for  their  support  and  their  belief  in  us  as  young  black  men.    If   it  were  not  for  their  initiation  of  the  YBM  Program  I  may  have  never  found  my  purpose  in  life.  –  Justin  Elliott,  Duke  University    

Marshall Craft   Massachusetts  Institute   of  Technology   YBM  Ambassador     Class  2013    

The YBM  Top  100  program  has  definitely  made  a  difference  in  my  life.   Before  participating  in  the  YBM  program  I  was  a  bright  student  that  felt  under  appreciated.  My  family  was  supportive  and  recognized  the   importance  of  my  hard  work,  but  it  seemed  I  never  received  as  much  recognition  as  I  would  have,  had  I  been  playing  sports  or  a  similar  activity.   The  Top  100  program  provided  recognition  for  my  academic  success  and  provided  me  with  a  chance  to  be  a  visible  role  model  for  my  high  school   peers.  Through  the  publication  itself  and  being  featured  on  the  cover,  I  earned  recognition  in  both  my  school  and  community.  Afterward,   through  continuing  to  participate  in  the  YBM  Ambassador  Program,  I  have  gained  further  recognition  from  those  I  have  met  and  who  have  heard   about  me.   I  used  to  be  a  lot  less  sociable  before  I  became  involved  in  the  Top  100.  I  was  very  uncomfortable  meeting  new  people  and  introducing  myself.   Sure,  I  knew  how  to  have  the  proper  handshake,  eye  contact,  and  look  professional,  but  I  was  not  adept  and  at  ease  in  the  situation.  My   experience  in  the  Top  100  has  helped  me  to  become  more  comfortable  through  the  practice  I  have  been  afforded.  It’s  provided  m e  with  an   opportunity  to  be  exposed  to  community  leaders  and  business  professionals.  I  have  been  energized  to  participate  in  more  volunteer   opportunities  and  also  take  a  leadership  role  in  more  activities,  something  that  would  have  been  a  lot  more  difficult  without  the  catalyst  of  the   YBM  organization.   Usually  most  peers  of  mine  do  not  understand  or  worse  are  derisive  of  my  dedication  to  academics.  They  are  not  as  future  focused  as  I  am  so   connecting  with  them  on  more  than  a  surface  level  can  be  prohibitively  difficult.  The  Top  100  and  YBM  Ambassador  programs  have  connected   me  to  peers  from  around  the  area  that  may  have  different  goals  but  similar  drive.  Getting  to  meet  and  work  with  them  has  proven  both  to  me   and  others  that  the  negative  stereotypes  usually  associated  with  young  black  men  do  not  hold  true  for  everyone.   Though  the  end  of  the  school  year  is  rapidly  approaching,  my  participation  in  YBM  will  continue  into  the  future.  I  look  forward  to  returning  and   sharing  with  the  upcoming  classes  of  YBM  participants.  It  is  important  for  me  to  both  be  an  inspiration  and  to  share  my  experiences  and  what  I   did  to  grow  and  become  more  successful.  I  will  also  continue  to  make  time  to  volunteer  in  whatever  community  I  am  a  member.  Service  is  an   important  part  of  leadership  and  I  want  to  make  sure  that  I  am  using  my  talents  and  skills  to  help  others.  I  realize  that  YBM  is  looking  to  expand   to  other  cities  across  the  country  so  I  will  definitely  be  available  to  assist  when  the  time  comes  for  wherever  I  am  residing.  I  plan  to  continue  my   academic  success  at  MIT.  It  is  an  important  part  of  my  life  plan  and  crucial  to  its  success.  I  will  definitely  use  the  skills  I  have  acquired  to  meet   and  interact  professionally  with  instructors  and  business  persons  to  make  successful  contacts.  I  have  an  interest  in  going  into  entrepreneurship   so  these  skills  will  be  invaluable  to  me  in  this  area.   YBM  has  been  a  motivating,  life  changing  experience  for  me  and  I  look  forward  to  sharing  the  experiences  and  rewards  with  other  future  bright   young  men.  -­‐-­‐  Marshall  Craft,  MIT  

Promote Positive Messages The  YBM  Top  100  Program  promotes  and  highlights  high  achieving  high  school  black  male  seniors  who  have  excelled  in  academics  (min  3.0  GPA),   leadership,  extracurricular  and  community  service  activities.  The  objective  of  the  program  is  to  provide  positive  messages,  images  and  academic   stories  about  young  black  men  to  combat  the  abundance  negative  stereotypes  and  messages  portrayed  about  young  black  men.      

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100% high  school  graduation  rate  (Top  100  and  Ambassador  Programs)   200  high  achieving  high  school  minority  males  identified  and  recognized  over  the  past  two  years     750  Top  100  publications  recognizing  young  black  male  academic  success  distributed   20+  news,  radio  and  print  media  articles  reaching  hundreds  of  thousands  of  people   8,000+  online  media  impressions    

Provide College Readiness   The  YBM  College  Prep  Academy  Program  provides  comprehensive  college  access  services  to  high  achieving  black  males  in  their  junior  and  senior   years  of  high  school.  Each  student  receives  comprehensive  services  including  academic  advising,  SAT  Prep  classes,  visits  to  outstanding  colleges,   assistance  with  essays,  college  applications  and  financial  aid  forms,  and  advocacy  on  their  behalf  with  the  colleges.    The  results  over  the  past  two   years  include:  

o o o o o o o  

100% High  School  Graduation  Rate   100%  received  scholarship  funding   1.4  Million  scholarship  funds  received   15%  received  full  scholarship     69%  received  greater  than  50%  scholarship     $113,008  average  scholarship  amount  received   100%  Received  admissions  to  one  of  their  top  5  schools  

Develop Black Male Leaders The  YBM  Ambassador  Program  is  designed  to  develop  a  network  of  successful  young  black  male  leaders,  mentors  and  role  models  who  will  have   a  positive  impact  within  their  communities.  The  program  goal  is  to  increase  the  number  of  young  black  men  that  actively  participate  as  leaders,   mentors  and  role  models  in  their  communities.    The  Ambassadors  participate  in  leadership  development  training,  local,  national  and   international  service  projects  and  post  program  coaching  sessions.  We  are  proud  to  report  that  the  results  from  the  first  Ambassador  cohort  are   extremely  positive.    

o 100% have  actively  participated  in  or  led  a  service  related  activity  or  training  since  the  completion  of  the  Ambassador   Program   o 63%  College  Ambassadors  participated  in  a  leadership  activity  in  their  first  semester   o 2  Ambassadors  are  actively  creating  a  mentoring  program   o 1  Ambassador  participated  in  an  international  service  project  to  Haiti  &  1  will  participate  to  Africa  in  Spring  2014   o 100%  gained  leadership  experience  and  knowledge   o 100%  were  promoted  to  the  next  level  in  their  education     o 100%  of  the  seniors  graduated  from  high  school     o 100%  of  the  graduating  seniors  are  currently  attending  college   o 100%  high  school  seniors  received  new  business  suits      

Engage Young Leaders through Service  

The YBM  Third  Grade  Reading  Program  is  a  reading  literacy  and  mentoring  program  that  matches  high  achieving  black  male  high   school  students  with  at  risk  third  grade  minority  males  who  are  reading  below  grade  level.    The  high  achieving  minority  black  males   develop  leadership  skills  and  experience  while  serving  as  role  models  to  the  elementary  school  students.       o 300  hours  of  reading  mentoring  delivered  to  black  male  elementary  school  students  by  YBM  students   o 60+  elementary  school  black  male  students  have  received  mentoring  from  YBM  students   o 100%  of  the  at  risk  minority  male  mentees  were  promoted  to  the  next  grade  level     o 97%  of  the  evaluation  participants  believe  the  3rd  Grade  Reading  Program  has  positively  influenced  the  leadership   development  of  the  high  school  mentor     o 97%  of  the  evaluation  participants  believe  the  3rd  Grade  Reading  Program  has  made  a  positive  influence  on  high   school  mentors  and  elementary  school  mentees   o 89%  of  the  evaluation  participants  agree  that  the  program  had  a  positive  influence  on  the  student  engagement  of   mentees  (3rd  grade  students)   o 77%  of  the  evaluation  participants  agree  that  the  program  had  a  positive  influence  on  the  attitudes  of  elementary   school  mentees     o 78%  of  the  evaluation  participants  agree  that  the  program  had  a  positive  influence  on  the  academic  improvement  of   elementary  school  mentees   YBM  Leadership  Alliance  students  actively  work  on  service  projects  throughout  their  engagement  with  YBM  programs.  The  following  service   results  were  achieved  in  2013:    

o o o o o o

7 service  projects  completed  in  2013     200  hours  of  service  hours  delivered  by  YBM  students   1  Service  learning  project  completed  feeding  over  800  homeless  residents   1  Ambassador  participated  in  an  international  service  project  to  Haiti  &  1  will  participate  in  Spring  2014  to  Africa     Served  as  Ambassadors  for  MLK  Prayer  Breakfast  (3rd  year)   Volunteered  at  Operation  Christmas  Child  (3rd  Year)  

YBM Leadership  Alliance 704-­‐340-­‐5996

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YBM making an impact statement 2014  

Description of YBM Leadership Alliance's community and individual impacts.

YBM making an impact statement 2014  

Description of YBM Leadership Alliance's community and individual impacts.