yBitcoin - Volume 1, Issue 4

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All he knows is that math, science and the theoretical frameworks behind them always came easily to him, and he has been moving along a trail seemingly paved by those fields his entire life. Streng was born in the Franconia capital of Würzburg. Like most Germans, he speaks flawless English and is at complete ease with international business dealings, a skill set tailor-made for the Bitcoin world’s borderless ethos and structure. He marvels at his luck in finding a way of life so in sync with his passions and interests.

“It’s quite funny that when we’re dealing with businesses not involved at all with Bitcoin, all our contacts turn off their mobile phones at 6 p.m. and never do business on weekends,” he observes. “In the Bitcoin world, we work almost all the time, every day, because every day counts! It’s not a problem at all, though. I love what I do, and when you love what you do, you can’t get enough of it.” Still, he concedes, there is such a thing as life outside Bitcoin, though it is spare. What there is of it he spends with his

girlfriend, who happily is as flexible as he is regarding the demands of his work. “I’ve told her we’ll go on holiday soon, but it’s very difficult to get much time to go away. Things move so fast that planning much ahead is just not possible. Meanwhile, we get a few hours in the evening or a day off sometimes. But almost never two in a row.”