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Bektash leads Prostock into world record beaters






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Dear Members, As this issue of Fastlane goes to press we are coming off a very successful central Australian swing with ANDRA Championship events at Hidden Valley Drag Strip in Darwin followed by the Desert Nationals at Alice Springs Inland Dragway. With a packed out venue and government officials in attendance it was a great success for the hard working crew at Hidden Valley and all racers in attendance. On the return trip our stopover in Alice Springs for the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship again produced some great results with travellers from all over the country competing for valuable bonus points in front of one of the biggest crowds seen in central Australia.



Also in the month of July the Board undertook a review of the strategic plan for drag racing in Australia. The review not only included the current plan in regards to achievements but also non-achievements, gaps, barriers and key focus areas.


ts ank r o p e R Round ernationals - W/B rwin

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Fastlane is produced by the Australian National Drag Racing Association LTD. Editor: Tim Baker ( Design: YBI Creative ( Photography:, Fred Dwyer, Ed Forman, Joe Maday, Staunch Launch Photography, TAD Photos ANDRA Staff CEO: Malcolm Bulley Accounts: Donna Jantke Business Manager: Jackie Mills Business Development Manager: Jennifer Harrison Competition Manager: Brett Stevens Licensing and Membership: Leanne Wright Media & PR Officer: Tim Baker Reception: Kylie Hazelhurst Technical Officer: Colin Brassington Contact Details Phone: 08 8271 5355 Fax: 08 8721 6988 Email: Street: 11 McInnes St, Ridleyton SA 5008




survey will be conducted at the same time next year. Once again thank you to all those who took the time to fill out the survey. We also have been receiving feedback from stakeholder groups across the board, which has provided a balanced view into some of the critical issues in drag racing in Australia. It should be of no surprise that intra sport conflicts and agendas have been a big blockage to moving forward. Having a common ‘agreed’ vision for all stakeholders is essential, we all want Championship Drag Racing to be the most successful motorsport in Australia, however the pathway and how to map it out seems to be a sticking point we must drive through. Stakeholder’s individual interests are common themes, innovation and a collective view has been broadly spoken about yet supporting actions are again lacking due to differing opinions. We know everyone wants more, yet without an outward focus on awareness and bi lateral commercial success we will continue to feed off the sport we love instead of building a strong robust motorsport. One of the biggest problems is the ‘anti’ attitude of some, or “I’m not sure how I want to do it, I just don’t agree with how they are doing it”.

This coincided with the member survey, which received a great response and provided a great deal of information regarding members’ wants and desires. With a 20 per cent plus response rate it was by far the best we have ever received and a very good All strategic aspects of our sport have been discussed and spoken result by industry and about continuously for many statistical standards.

years yet the old ‘communication’

Results will be chestnut seems to let us down published once full again and again. Every public analysis has been company, member based organisation and business seems completed however to have the same problem of its overall the response stakeholders crying out for more rate and commentary information and the desire for provides us with a input, yet when it happens it often great insight into gets interpreted as dictatorial or member satisfaction, not providing enough detail. The concerns and future good news is this is a descending direction. Content viewpoint and one which is proving provided applies to unacceptable to the vast majority. current planning and for the future when CONTINUES comparatives are made. A similar





CEO’SDESK This is another big area ANDRA needs to acknowledge and change the way we communicate into more of a two-way feedback mechanism and educational forum. Again our Divisional Councils play a very important part in this process. A recent strategic review has identified the complexity of our vision and strategy however communicating it is difficult and quite a bit unnecessary, this will be rectified. As most would know ANDRA Ltd is delegated by the FIA through CAMS as the controlling entity for Drag Racing in Australia, as is the European Championship and the NHRA. In July the annual FIA World Drag Racing Commission held a meeting of all delegates around the world including the USA, Sweden, England, Germany, Bahrain, Qatar, Finland and India. While formal and informal discussions were of great value in all areas, the issues facing us in Australia are not uncommon around the world. Some of the more important issues discussed were cost controls, commercial rights, technical issues and the need for a ‘National team’ to assist with major events in Europe proving to be a stumbling block for different stakeholders for an extended period. In summary the event was of great value to ANDRA and solidified our connections with European, US and other Drag Racing communities around the world. As we move into spring we head into the final run of our Championship season in what promises to be an exciting finale. With many Championship scenarios yet to play out we wish all competitors the best of luck in the chase for the Gold Championship Christmas Tree.

Malcolm Bulley CEO

SNAP-ONOFFICIAL TOOLSUPPLIERFOR ANDRADRAGRACING In late May, ANDRA and Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand announced a new partnership welcoming the high-end tool and equipment manufacturer as the Official Tool Supplier for ANDRA Drag Racing over the next two years.

the Jim Read Top Fuel team providing the perfect alignment for our members and spectator demographic.” If you are interested in becoming a Snap-on franchisee, please visit franchise. To speak to the helpful recruitment team please call: 1800 762 766

Snap-on Tools official support of ANDRA Championship Drag Racing in Australia is an expansion to the brand’s existing portfolio of Australian sponsorships, including the Erebus and Nissan Motorsports V8 teams. Product Development Manager Ian Spinks said he was excited by the opportunity to become involved in the sport and further engage with customers and existing ANDRA members already benefitting from local Snapon franchise support. “Vehicles pushing the performance envelope naturally require tools of the highest calibre,” he said. “It also represented a good opportunity to introduce our franchise to the ANDRA supporters and fans who may not have thought of a Snap-on franchise as a business opportunity. “Many of our franchisees support ANDRA members at a local level, so it was a good fit when we were presented with a great opportunity to work with the governing body. “In Australia and around the world Snap-on has been a long time supporter of Drag Racing. Our dealings with ANDRA in putting this programme together were very professional and the work being done by ANDRA to promote the sport certainly seems to be having a positive effect.” In signing the agreement, ANDRA Business Development Manager Jennifer Harrison said she was looking forward to working with Snap-on to increase awareness of ANDRA Drag Racing throughout Australia while building professionalism. “Partnering ANDRA Drag Racing with prestigious brands such as Snap-on raises the profile of the sport. The multi-year agreement enables ANDRA to increase incentive programs, reward officials/volunteers and run competitions to increase spectator numbers. “Additional to increasing awareness of Drag Racing in Australia, ANDRA is building on its professionalism. Snap-on is recognised worldwide as an exceptionally high quality brand with a large history in motorsport including Australian Drag Racing with teams such as



Snap-on Tools is a mobile franchise putting high quality tools into the hands of mechanics, engineers and technicians across Australia. Snap-on provides technicians with a high quality range of products and services that make their working life more productive. Over 19,000 products are offered to customers, including hand and power tools, tool storage, diagnostics tooling and software, information and management systems, shop equipment and other solutions for workshops and repair centres. For more information, visit or join in the conversation online

staging stagingla ANDRA NEWS

OAMPS Volunteer of the Year Award Earlier in the year we announced the introduction of the OAMPS Volunteer of the Year Award to be presented at the 2014 Annual Awards Presentation. The OAMPS Volunteer of the Year Award is designed to recognise the outstanding contribution and passion of volunteers donating their time to ANDRA Drag Racing. The recipient will be invited to the final event of the year, including a complimentary flight, accommodation and Championship Dinner Ticket. Should the winner reside in the state of the final event, a 2015 ANDRA Championship event of their choice will be on offer. To nominate a volunteer, simply download and complete the OAMPS Volunteer of the Year nomination form from Competitor > ANDRA Forms at and send to Nominations must be received no later than 30 September 2014. Successful nominees will be announced on October 10 with the award to be presented officially at the ANDRA Championship Dinner. OAMPS Insurance Brokers is the largest Australian-owned insurance broker offering specialist knowledge across a broad range of industry sectors and insurance risk categories. For more information please visit

Street Racing is not Drag Racing In recent months ANDRA has stepped up its campaign to inform the media of the difference between ANDRA Drag Racing and illegal street racing. This has involved making direct contact with over 750 media professionals around Australia currently employed within print, online, radio and television specialising in general news, current affairs and crime/court reporting. ANDRA Media & PR Officer Tim Baker stated this activity has been an ongoing process over many months but recently has been encouraged by the positive response. “We all know hooning and illegal street racing is a problem throughout Australia,” he said. “It’s dangerous, reckless and has no place on our streets.” “Given the recent incidents and reports of illegal street racing published as Drag Racing we embarked on another round of activity designed to educate the media on the differences between our great sport and the irresponsible, dangerous driving on domestic roads.


“This has been an important issue since I commenced my position with ANDRA in January. Business Development Manager Jennifer Harrison and I have been working to make contact with police media, journalists, reporters, TV presenters, radio DJs and others in the media before the most recent tragedies in Sydney and Melbourne and will continue to do so into the future.” Baker said the response to ANDRA’s latest efforts has been overwhelmingly positive as media outlets have shown a keen interest to work with the governing body. “Not only did we receive a large number of acknowledgements to our concerns but many respondents advised of their intention to use the term “illegal street racing” or similar instead of Drag Racing,” added Baker. “In July I talked with a number of reporters and journalists from community and regional newspapers, radio and TV including Channel Nine in Victoria and Channel Seven in Queensland, New South Wales and Western Australia. “I’m hopeful these negotiations will lead to positive coverage for our sport while condemning those doing the wrong thing in the streets. The lines of communication are open and the most important thing is the media are listening.”

Gary Miocevich Retires Having been responsible for the design, development and construction of the Perth Motorplex in 2000, Gary Miocevich has been forced to retire, as he deals with health related issues. “I’m very proud of our achievements at the Perth Motorplex,” he said. “We developed a concept and worked with the State Government to secure the site and funding required. We then built it and started racing on the 15th of December, 2000. Through the hard work of many, we have been recognised as Australia’s most attended permanent Motorsport venue.” “It’s a great legacy for Western Australian Motorsport” he added. In the meantime, a Perth Motorplex spokesperson said the venue will continue with its innovative and strategic growth strategies. Long time General Manager Kevin Prendergast will continue in his position but will now also become a board member. Daniel Miocevich, current Sales & Marketing Manager will also take up a position on the board. All other employees of the Perth Motorplex will continue as per normal. “I look forward to joining the board and also bringing in Daniel Miocevich as part of our long-term succession plan for our business operation,” Prendergast said. “The Perth Motorplex team wishes Gary all the best as he tackles his health issues.”

Graham Elliot steps down as Sydney Dragway CEO Graham Elliot has resigned as CEO of Sydney Dragway under amicable circumstances as part of a pre-planned move. Elliot advised that during his time with the Sydney Dragway, the direction and support of the Board had allowed for changes and new innovations that will lay further foundation for the next stage of Sydney Dragway’s progression. “The leadership of the past Chairman Steve Dupond and present Chairman Jeff Wilson has been an inspiration, while the dedication and spirit of the extraordinary staff made each day a rewarding experience,” stated Elliot. “ANDRA, the partners, volunteers and members that have all reached out personally to support myself and the team played a considerable part in the progression of late, with many long term arrangements and benefits as a result.” Board of Sydney Dragway has appointed Luke Smith to the position of General Manager. Smith comes from a motorsport background and has considerable experience in marketing and event planning. A statement from Sydney Dragway said the new appointment had been carefully selected to ensure the forward momentum will be continued. They also plan to advise of the restructuring and additional appointments that were made as part of Elliot’s organisational strategy and implementation. Elliot continued; “The Dragway is very well positioned and staffed to kick some real goals going forward and it was a pleasure to have the opportunity to play a part in making certain changes and establishing or renewing relationships that will play into the Dragway’s sustainability for the long term. “It has been an absolute privilege and again I sincerely thank everyone involved in my time at the Dragway.” It is understood Elliot will be joining the Lamattina Group of companies as Group CEO to assist with the further development of their expanding Farming, Beverage, Packaging and Racing operations. As you know, Andrew Sharp has been a welcome full-time employee at Sydney Dragway since January this year. From Monday, August 25, Derek Conroy commenced full-time employment at Sydney Dragway – and together with Andrew Sharp will work jointly in the role of Event Manager.

anes Nathan Peirano takes over from Ash Hamblin as NA Division Director The ANDRA Board is pleased to welcome Nathan Peirano as the newly appointed Northern Australia Divisional Director. Nathan started racing in 1998 and has spent time racing in Supercharged Outlaws, Modified and the Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars. He has been an insurance broker for almost 11 years and was originally elected to the NA Divisional Council in May 2012. Previous Divisional Director Ash Hamblin will be stepping down, however the Board are delighted he will continue to stay on as a Divisional Council Delegate. Ash has been a great servant of ANDRA Drag Racing and his tireless dedication has been widely appreciated by ANDRA and all those he has worked with on the NA Divisional Council. First elected to the NA Divisional Council in May 2008, Ash then accepted the role of Alternate Divisional Director in 2009. He was re-elected into the position in 2010 and served as an Alternative ANDRA Board director in 2011. The ANDRA Board wishes to thank Ash for all his hard work over the past seven years as well as his continuing involvement.

Changes to Licencing fee structure As of August 1st, 2014 changes have been made to the licencing fee structure. CEO Malcolm Bulley said as a member based organisation ANDRA continually strives for member benefit and to move the sport forward. “This is not only to keep pace with the market but to achieve a level of differentiation and strategic advantage which will benefit all stakeholders and put our niche motorsport firmly on the agenda for consumers and corporates alike.” “This is not a silver bullet approach as some believe but an evolutionary journey of combined efforts and common goals.” As a result of the 2014 fee review there have been a number of changes, which flow positively onto tracks and promoters. Membership fees have had a small increase after nearly four years of dormancy and over 10 years below CPI. While ANDRA continues to increase member value proposition and access to increased services it’s important to remain relative to the market costs.

The below is a summary of changes;


• Membership fees increase from $80+GST to $100+GST

For any queries or for information on how to transfer files, please contact

• Group 1 licence fees increase by approximately 10%

Please note: YouTube may block any music used in your video due to copyright.

• Junior dragster licence fees decrease by 15% • Super Street licence fees decrease by 15% “The revised position keeps fee increases to a minimum while the distribution of costs better represents the everchanging needs and deliverables of our membership,” added Bulley.

2014 ANDRA Membership Survey Thank you to all the members who completed the 2014 ANDRA Membership Survey. We received an overwhelming response and are currently compiling the results to be released in due course. Members who completed the survey went into the draw to win a win a 40” Snapon Roll Cab (choice of red or black) with Brushed Stainless Bling valued at over $2000 thanks to Snap-on Tools Australia and New Zealand, the Official Tool Supplier for ANDRA Drag Racing. Snap-on Product Development Manager Ian Spinks drew the winner at random and the lucky recipient of the Snap-on Roll Cab was Supercharged Outlaws competitor Mark Kuhn from Stirling North in South Australia.

Keep us informed! The media brief is an ideal opportunity to provide ANDRA information on the latest info surrounding your team or participation at events. The information captured through our online form allows us to ensure track commentators, TV post production crew and our own media department to stay up to date. If you are competing at an upcoming ANDRA Championship event please visit Competitor > Media Brief on the ANDRA website (


“I am absolutely stoked to be the winner of this fantastic prize,” said Kuhn. “You would be hard pressed to find a better product than the famous and respected Snap-on brand of workshop equipment. I already have some their cabinets in my workshop and trailer, this one will be a great addition and much appreciated. “Congratulations to ANDRA on their proactive stance on commissioning the survey of their members. Exactly what our sport needs right now, good management.”

#MyANDRAStory If you have fan-filmed or team filmed footage on your phone, tablet or camera, please share it with us! We’ll compile all clips into the ANDRA Drag Racing YouTube channel and share via social media using the hashtag: #MyANDRAStory

1991 PONTIAC FIREBIRD 598BBC, Dart heads and intake. Twin 1150 Dominators, Glide 5500 stall, Dana 60 4.3 gears, 4 link, New slicks 34.5x16x16. Genuine 8 Sec Car. $30,000 delivered to any capital city. 0403 135 727 - Knocker

Your contribution will be recognised with a full credit and a link to your website or social media pages. Our aim for #MyANDRAStory is to showcase ANDRA Drag Racing to the world through the eyes of those on the track, in the pits and in the stands!




ISLIFE Chris Zauch is known to some as simply ‘the ANDRA truck driver’ but to us at ANDRA he is much more than a truck driver, he is a valued team member assisting us to take the sport around the country as part of a travelling road show promoting ANDRA Drag Racing prior to select National Championship events. Chris has been nothing short of generous with his time as he not only donates his driving expertise and presence at pre event activations but also allows ANDRA to use and wrap one of his prime movers to blend with the trailer. “I love it and I’ll keep on doing this as long as I can,” he said. “I heard about the trailer concept through one of my truck drivers who had a chance meeting with Malcolm Bulley and Jennifer Harrison. He’d mentioned my business and how I love drag racing. “We all got together and everything just went from there.” The timing was perfect for Chris who is now semi retired from full time truck driving after a near fatal accident four years ago just out of Ballarat. Fixing his own truck on the side of the road, another vehicle clipped the back of his trailer. Standing near the front he took the full brunt of the impact as he was thrown clear of his truck. Thankfully he recovered from the laundry list of injuries and is able to indulge in his passion for Drag Racing by hauling the ANDRA trailer and


watching his sons Darren, Mark and Chris compete in various classes ranging from Super Street to Supercharged Outlaws. “I started off with a couple of street cars,” says Chris. “Then I had an altered with a couple of friends of mine. Drag Racing stopped in Adelaide for a while but now I’m back into it with my boys.” Chris junior runs C.G. Zauch Transport, a national freighting company specialising in general haulage with Chris senior. No matter what you need shipped; chances are they can handle it. “We’ll take anything anywhere if we can,” adds Chris senior. “I’ve hauled houses, wide loads, tipper work, grain. If the work is there and we can do it, we’ll do it.” The company has now grown to nine trucks moving freight between Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney. “We need to support those who are supporting ANDRA’s pursuit to raise awareness and build the sport of Drag Racing in Australia,” said Business Development Manager, Jennifer Harrison. “So if you are in the market for transport give, Zauch Transport a call. The more support we receive the faster this sport will grow” If you would like to enquire about shipping your freight with C. G. Zauch Transport, please call 0402 448 881 or email Thanks to Chris Zauch for all his efforts from all of us at ANDRA.






Crow Cams have released a new range of heavy wall Next Gen chrome moly pushrods that are a major advance on the 080” wall swaged end pushrods commonly used in performance engines. All 5/16” sizes feature .110” wall thickness and 3/8” lengths have .138” walls for much greater resistance to flex than the thinner wall alternatives.

Every Next Gen pushrod (pictured) has a fully machined body for perfect straightness and concentricity and 210 degree radius on both ends. They are available now in stock from Crow Cams in all popular length. They are very affordable and in most cases at the same price or better than thinner wall swaged end alternatives. For more information call Crow Cams on 0393570469 or email


From humble beginnings Benaraby Raceway has grown into one of Central Queensland’s premier Drag Racing venues. This year will see the track host its first ever ANDRA Drag Racing Series event with the visit of Pro Stock at the Benaraby Nationals October 3-4, 2014.

with a basic Christmas tree, heads-up racing and no time cards.


Benaraby, as it came to be known, has come a long way since that modest beginning in 1980 and has hosted many great events over the years, including the Inaugural Sunstate Nationals and Wild Bunch events in the late 1980s and early 1990s and more recently the Queensland Eighth Mile Championship.


Opened on 7th September 1980, the Golding Quarter was a seven-year project for the Port Curtis Drag Racing Club. Golding Quarter was named after the Golding Earth Moving Company and its owner Don Golding, whose earthmoving equipment was used in the construction.

Since then Benaraby Raceway has hosted Slamfest in 2012 followed by the Australian Pro Street Association in August 2013 and the Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars in May 2014. The seventh round of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship came to central Queensland for the first time in July 2013 and Australia’s premier Sportsman series will return for the Benaraby Nationals October 3-4, 2014. The event will also serve as Round 4 of the Australian Pro Stock Championship in the first ever visit of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series to the venue.

The strip started off without a timing system, control tower, guardrail or bitumen on the return and pit roads. There was no grass cover on the mound or pits and the first event was a street meet conducted









FROM 9 AUG 2014




1 Allan Dobson


1 Mark Drew


2 Phil Lamattina


2 Gordon Crawford


3 Damien Harris


3 Chris Matheson


4 John Lamattina


4 Chris Porter


5 Phil Read


5 Terry Burnett






1 Gary Phillips


1 Aaron Tremayne


2 Steve Ham


2 Lee Bektash


3 John Cannuli


3 Tyronne Tremayne


4 Steven Reed


4 Emilio Spinozzi


5 Debbie O’Rourke


5 Nino Cavallo


TOP DOORSLAMMER 1 John Zappia 2 Stuart Bishop 3 Grant O’Rourke 4 Peter Kapiris 5 Martyn Dack




1 Luke Crowley



2 Maurice Allen



3 Phil Howard



4 Scott White



5 Alberto Marques











1 Domenic Rigoli


2 Chris Hall


3 George Rehayem


4 Kelly Bettes


5 Stanley Kreis




1 Alistair McClure 2 Craig Geddes


1 John Kapiris



2 Lorenzo Gullotto


3 Kyle Putland 4 Rob Pilkington


3 David Yanko



4 Leigh Fallon


5 Peter Pisalidis


5 Ethan Hort






1 Jake Chaisty 2 Mario Barbon


1 Joe Khoury



2 David Carroll


3 Clint George 4 Steve Norman


3 Edgell Mallis



4 Luke Nieuwhof


5 Darren Parker


5 Kevin Cleeve






1 Ross Smith 2 Daryn Schuster


1 Joe Jurkovic



2 Kylie Tanner


3 Stan Lisle 4 Ross Green


3 Craig Caton



4 Rodney Kerr


5 Blair Pennington


5 Harry Harris





1 Mark Kuhn


1 Toby Austin


2 Rodney Hansen


2 Cory Burns


3 Matt Watts


3 David Roberts


4 Chris Vant’Hof


4 Natalie Bishop


5 Paul Stephen


5 Brayden Naylor






1 Shane Wynd


1 Matt Forbes


2 Jess Turner


2 Graeme Spencer



3 Cory Dyson


3 Colin Griffin


4 Leanne Braggs


4 David Gauldie



5 Ken Stewart


5 Danny Buccella






SPUR It may not be as fast as a four second Top Fuel pass, but Drag Racing is growing in Australia.

With each passing year ANDRA continues to expand it’s network by taking both the ANDRA Drag Racing Series and Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship to all four corners of the country. As seen by the developments and planning of new drag racing venues either as part of a larger complex or standalone facility, the sport is slowly infiltrating the psyche of the nation while work continues to reestablish previous venues in more highly populated areas. And if you live in Victoria it’s good news for you! Here Fastlane breaks down the latest developments providing ANDRA members with even more places to race!




The first stage of the Territory Government’s $9.6 million upgrade to the Hidden Valley racetrack in Darwin got underway in July. “While not directly related to the drag racing surface at Hidden Valley the upgrades prove the Territory Government’s ongoing commitment to motor sport in the Northern Territory,” explains Hidden Valley Drag Racing Association President Jay Jukes. “The upgrades will see minor improvements to the end of the primary braking area of the drag strip and new fencing, pit wall gates, pit garage upgrades and re-sealing of the pit paddock. Chief Minister Adam Giles is a big motor sport fan and he is keen to ensure Hidden Valley is a first class facility that can only have positive knock on effects for Drag Racing in the Top End. “Resurfacing the track is the first step in securing the long-term future of major events like the V8 Supercars,” he said. “Motorsport is extremely popular in the Top End and these upgrades will ensure Hidden Valley remains in peak condition so Darwin can continue to host national events like the V8 Supercars for many years to come.

“Ensuring Hidden Valley remains a firstclass facility will also assist our plan to establish Northern Australia as a top class sporting destination and attract even more major events here. “Territorians love sport and this investment will enhance our unique lifestyle, ensuring it remains the best in Australia.” The upgrades to the facility include $5.47 million for: • Resurfacing the track circuit (2.9km); • New fencing, pit wall gates, pit garage upgrades and re-sealing of pit paddock; • Replacement of the tyre walls at the complex with concrete barriers as per Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) requirements, which was completed before this year’s V8 Supercar round in June. An additional $4.27 million will be provided by the Territory Government for further upgrades in 2014-15 to upgrade sewerage, toilet blocks and drainage and redesign Turn One of the Hidden Valley circuit that will enhance the safety of the drag strip braking area and gravel trap.


RT >

Deputy Premier and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan joined Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Member for Swan Hill Peter Walsh in Swan Hill in July to announce the Coalition Government would invest $2 million to redevelop the Chisholm Reserve Motor Sports Complex.



Current planning provides for the following:

By far the largest project in development, plans are now well underway for Australia’s newest multi-purpose motor sport park in South Australia.

• A 4-5km FIA Category 2 specification circuit with multiple configurations.

Located one hour up the South Eastern Freeway, SA Motor Sport Park at Tailem Bend is billed as “South Australia’s only multi-function motor sport venue” and the Peregrine Corporation responsible for the project say it “will rival anything the country has to offer.” Peregrine Corporation, South Australia’s largest privately owned company and owner of the On The Run franchise, purchased the Tailem Bend site from the Coorong Council in early 2014. In just a short time, Peregrine has already made significant progress with planning for the motor sport park development. The site has been rezoned to accommodate a wide range of motor sport and associated activities, along with a range of commercial developments. Major points for traffic access into the site off both the Mallee and Dukes Highways have also been agreed with the authorities.


• An upgraded drag strip to cater for Group One standard events. • A Go Kart circuit for both national competition and “Hire Karts”. • An upgraded Drift track with “Drift School” facilities. • Driver training facilities. • Upgraded Rally School track and potentially a Rally X track – the only one of its kind in Australia • 4x4 recreation tracks and off-road training.

OFF TRACK: • Motel/hotel facility. • Camping and Caravan Park. • A flagship retail fuel and convenience food outlet. • Industrial precinct. • Corporate, conference and training facilities.

Local Adelaide consultancy firms Connor Holmes and Mtrack have been appointed by Peregrine to undertake master planning and track designs.

The development of SA Motor Sport Park will be delivered in stages, with priority focussed on the circuit and drag strip components.

SA Motor Sport Park will feature a range of world-class facilities both on and off the track including an upgraded drag strip.

At this stage it is envisaged that development work will commence at the site during 2015.

For further information on SA Motor Sport Park visit or


SWAN HILL, VIC Construction of a quarter mile drag strip at the Chisholm Reserve Motor Sports Complex near Swan Hill is set to begin, with the Victorian Coalition Government giving the much-anticipated project the green light. Deputy Premier and Leader of The Nationals Peter Ryan joined Deputy Leader of The Nationals and Member for Swan Hill Peter Walsh in Swan Hill in July to announce the Coalition Government would invest $2 million to redevelop the Chisholm Reserve Motor Sports Complex. Mr Ryan said the Coalition Government’s investment in the $2.45 million Chisholm Reserve Motor Sports Complex Redevelopment Project would be provided through the $1 billion Regional Growth Fund. Construction was scheduled to begin in the subsequent months sicne the announcement and be completed by August 2015. The project will involve construction of a nationally accredited quarter mile drag strip, as well as the development of braking areas, a return road, staging area, pit area, drainage, and concrete safety barriers. “The Chisholm Reserve Motor Sports Complex will host up to five Drag Racing meetings per year at the new facility, including one national event, as a direct result of this investment,” Mr Ryan said.


In January 2013 the Liberal National Government announced $3.877million in Royalties for Regions funding to support six projects prioritised by groups of local governments in four of Western Australia’s regions. One of those projects included $1,000,000 to build a 1000-foot drag strip at Collie Motorplex, allowing the facility to provide a stable regional venue to compliment the big brother Perth Motorplex at Kwinana.

“The development of a quarter mile drag racing track at Swan Hill fills a gap in the national Drag Racing circuit and will enable the Swan Hill Drag Racing Club to attract top-flight drag racing events to Swan Hill. “The new track is expected to attract an additional 16,000 people per year to the region, injecting more than $2 million into the local economy.” Member for Swan Hill Peter Walsh welcomed the investment, which was an important 2010-election commitment.

Environmental surveys have been completed and assessments are underway which could be lengthy but a site within the Motorplex has been earmarked and final designs were being drawn up as this issue of Fastlane came together. Coating and tendering are due to follow with a 2015 completion date tentatively pencilled in.

SPRINGMOUNT RACEWAY, MAREEBA QLD Construction of Springmount Raceway near Cairns in North Queensland recently began in August. The quarter-mile track including the largest burnout pad in North Queensland and driver education/training facilities is located about 60km west of Cairns and is intended to open in mid-2015. You can follow their progress at or

“Today is a great day for Swan Hill and the local motorsports community,” Mr Walsh said. “Swan Hill has waited a long time for this Drag Racing track and following all necessary preliminary works I am pleased to say the funding is now available and construction can begin. “Chisholm Reserve is currently home to a speedway, motor cross track, go kart racing and short track dirt races, and the development of a Drag Racing track will mean this facility becomes one of the premiere motorsport precincts in northern Victoria.” The Swan Hill Drag Racing Club are to be congratulated for its commitment towards the project, and for its almost $220,000 worth of in-kind investment in construction and operations of the new track in addition to the $450,000 contributed by the Swan Hill Rural City Council.

BAIRNSDALE DRAGWAY, BAIRNSDALE VIC Bairnsdale Dragway continues to be a work in progress in East Gippsland, Victoria. Concrete has been laid and is currently being utilised as a burnout pad and at the time of writing no new information was available. Keep up to date with the Bairsndale Dragway project by visiting https://www.facebook. com/bairnsdale.dragway.1



In addition to all the exciting track developments around the country, ANDRA membership is also on the increase.

Since Calder Park, Adelaide International Raceway, Hidden Valley Drag Strip and Alice Springs Inland Dragway were either introduced or re-introduced to the National calendar, we have seen a spike in membership. As of March 2014, Northern Australia, Victoria/Tasmania and South Australia have reached their highest levels in 10 years. Similarly licence holders in each

area have also risen to a 10-year high. Overall figures show a 1.7% increase from 2013 Full & Associate Membership Figures, and an 0.37% increase from 2013 Permanent Licence figures. If these trends continue ANDRA can feel confident membership numbers will rise even further as new venues and upgrades are completed around the country.







The 2014 Winternationals goes down as one of the most memorable Pro Stock Shootouts witnessed. Willowbank Raceway is considered by racers as one of, if not the best start line in the country. It holds no less than 86 national records. The old saying in Queensland is “Beautiful one day, perfect the next”. So it proved as the weather, track preparation and on track action at the 2014 Winternationals combined to set the stage for the previous Australian Pro Stock ET record of 6.98 to be surpassed 11 times while the previous mile per hour record of 196.10 was smashed eight times.

The drivers tell the story in their own words…



GONE IN6SECONDS Aaron Tremayne

Lee Bektash

“I always knew that the Winters would be fast, the weather is usually good and the track is always good. Many teams run close to sixes all the time so good air and a good track and you have plenty of sixes.”

“We have been unlucky in the past with engine reliability, we have overcome our problems and our car is at the top of the class.”

Emilio Spinozzi “My brother Adamo and I have been putting in a lot of effort to run Pro Stock over the past three years, it has been a lifelong dream of ours. It is such a competitive and tough class and it takes so much to bring everything together. To run our first six and for it to be the quickest pass in Pro Stock at the time was very emotional and rewarding.”

Tyronne Tremayne I was pretty dumbfounded when Emilio went faster than me in the first qualifier, and I knew then that we were going to see plenty of sixes this weekend.”

Nino Cavallo “We were over the moon to run in the sixes again, considering we are fairly new to Pro Stock and haven’t had many runs to test the car with the new combination. Our 6.964 pass, our clutch slipped in first and second gear and we were off it at 6.6 seconds into the run. I think we underestimated how good the track really was. That run should have been a 6.930 at least. Our second round against Tremayne our clutch completely let go from being damaged in the first round.”


Tyronne Tremayne “Half the field now have enough power to run sixes and even though the air wasn’t that great, Willowbank is a great track and track conditions were good. A good track helps as your car set-up doesn’t have to be perfect to run fast.”

Aaron Tremayne “Engine development has improved dramatically over the last 12 months with many teams having the power to run sixes combine that with good air and a great track and you have the conditions for multiple six second passes.”

Emilio Spinozzi “The Willowbank track staff had done an outstanding job preparing a world class racing surface. That combined with excellent weather conditions gave the racing surface some ideal temperatures. The air was very good for naturally aspirated Pro Stock engines. All the teams are working very hard at the moment and the combination of all these factors are why I believe there were so many sixes.”

TREMAYNE VS BEKTASH Aaron Tremayne “I knew it was going to be the run of the meeting, we had a few issues with the clutch in my car and I still managed a 6.97 the run before, so I knew if we could get it sorted we could run with him. I knew it would be won or lost at the tree. Even though we both red-lit it was a great pass and I am wrapped to be part of the first side by side six second pass in Australia.”

Lee Bektash “In sport you have to put it all together in competition, unfortunately for my team I found that little extra on the start line. I have been a lot faster at the tree with this current car and we have to learn that when the opponents are top 6 racers we need to slow the car down to deal with my extra adrenaline.”

Nino Cavallo I did see Bektash and Tremayne run their six-second pass side by side and all I can say is that was the best run of the Winters. The only thing I didn’t like about it was we could have been one of the cars doing it.”


“It was a great reward for our development program. The team has done a great job including Bob Book that is in charge of our engine program. Teams have made a lot more power over the last year, we are 50 horsepower better with the engine we ran in the car last year.”

NEED FOR SPEED Aaron Tremayne “Horsepower and a good track, you need both to run fast.”

Tyronne Tremayne “Horsepower, you have to have horsepower to run fast, with most of the field running US built engines and the US being the heart of drag racing the US engine builder is always in front when it comes to R and D. It is a challenge to stay up with them but Aaron is doing a great job and with our own heads on the engines it is a credit to him. Go Aussie power.”

Tyronne Tremayne “I knew that Aaron had just set the speed record and Lee Bektash was still in the field, Lee was capable of resetting the record. Having two aborted passes in eliminations because both my opponents red-lit I knew in the semis I had to go for it, so I made sure I got my shifts and was rewarded with the top speed for the event.”



SEEINGRED Tyronne Tremayne “When I run Aaron I am more relaxed as I know one of us is going to the next round or if in the final going to win. I know how good he is at the tree so I knew my light had to be .020 or better. I haven’t won for a while so I really wanted the win. I geared myself up to go around a .020 as one thing I didn’t want to do was red light. I always stage super shallow but Dad said I rolled in deeper than usual no doubt because I was excited and there it was .001 red light. Not happy with myself but still overwhelmed overall having both Tremaniac cars in the final and a new speed record, my 7th Pro Stock national record.”

CRYSTAL BALL INTO THE FUTURE Lee Bektash “Our new motor is 50 horsepower better than the engine we ran last year, you do the maths. 7.00s are long gone for Team Mopar Australia.”

Nino Cavallo “There will be more six second runs to come, every team is really putting in 100 per cent into their racing programs. I think we will be seeing 6.8s very soon and 198 mph plus.”

Round 4 of the ANDRA Drag Racing Series for Pro Stock takes place at the Benaraby Nationals, Oct 3-4, 2014 at Benaraby Raceway in Queensland.



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CHANGE Modified racer Shane ‘Pooh’ Wynd has left Perth and relocated back to his native Melbourne with an Australian Modified Championship firmly in his sights.

Shane Wynd has crossed the Nullarbor no less than 55 times but he doesn’t foresee many return trips in the future now that he has resettled back in Melbourne. Originally from Healesville, Victoria, Wynd spent several years in Western Australia making Perth Motorplex his home away from home as regular opportunities to race in Melbourne dried up. But when Calder Park and Adelaide International Raceway were reactivated, he began plotting his return home. “We are now here in Melbourne and loving it,” he says. “All of our stuff is now here thanks to Frank Taylor and my great dad for driving across the Nullabor again just to deliver household goods. “My dad and I have now completed around 100 trips between us over the years and I hope I don’t do the Nullabor too many more times.” Aiming to become the next Australian Modified Champion and leading the chase in joint first with Jess Turner, Wynd felt it was necessary to make the move given the distance he needed to cover from Perth. “With two stuffed shoulders, Calder and Adelaide back on the race circuit, and an ex maggot and lots of other reasons, the


time was right for a new chapter, and to start the move closer to the ultimate destination; USA.

“The move was planned around the new calendar year season. The passion is back and I would like the chance to be a full time Sportsman racer. Unfortunately there is no chance from Perth. “It is extremely hard trying to get funding and chase championship rounds from Perth and everybody who has done it knows that the cost is significant for our passion and obsession with that Gold Christmas Tree. “Spending $4000 on fuel and then the rest to win $900 if you win a Group Three bracket doesn’t equate, but drag racers are addicted to the speed.” Happily, Dial Before You Dig New South Wales has come on board to sponsor Wynd once again allowing ‘Pooh’ to compete at more rounds of the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship. “I’m looking forward to racing up and down the east coast and having those shorter drives to meetings is a real bonus. And now we are a lot closer to the USA.” “I would like to thank the many people who have helped me out over the years. Thanks to Dial Before You Dig, Penrite Oils, Farrer Race and Performance and Dimmof Transmissions, for keeping me on the track.” “I can’t wait to get the Ute back out there racing. The Ute and the dragster at each meeting, now that will be fun, maybe one day, hopefully soon!”

COMING TO AMERICA Wynd’s big dream is to compete on the international stage once again. He previously made an appearance in the USA in 2010 after shoulder surgery was required from his many years working in the signage industry. “I was told to sit at home for three months and do nothing,” he says. “While I walked out of the doctors office I asked the doctor if I could go away on a holiday. He said ‘yes, no racing and Jo (his partner) has to carry your bags.’ “A few weeks and a brand new passport later we landed in Vegas, thanks to Frequent Flyer points from all of the years of chasing championship points. Of course the trip was planned around Drag Racing - Vegas and Pomona - we hired an RV and stayed at the strip doing the usual driver groupie stuff, photos and autographs. “While wandering the pits we checked out the Super Comp racers and other dragsters. We were looking for Clint Neff who used to own my dragster (sold to Craig Geddes). We found him and he asked us if we had met Bernie Cunningham, an expat Aussie from Melbourne. He introduced us and we chatted a while, took photos, met his dogs and talked drag racing.” Traversing further round the pits Wynd came across a dragster he couldn’t help admire and as it turned out it, belonged to Chris and Carole Lamb, formerly of Adelaide. Wynd and his partner Jo met the family and spent their first night at the track in their motor home swapping racing stories.

“Chris asked me if I would like to get my license sent over and race in the finals at Pomona in two weeks, but with an arm in a sling and the doctors instructions of ‘no racing’ I had to put it on hold for another time. “It was real hard to say no but I couldn’t even get in the dragster. I asked for a rain check, one day I will be back and able to race, it was the most super generous offer I had ever had. My dream to race in the US, and Pomona at that, and having to say no killed me.” Two years and two more shoulder surgeries later, Wynd returned to the US when the Lambs once again offered him a ride in daughter Ryen Lamb’s dragster at the Vegas Nationals, Divisionals and the World Finals at Pomona. “The ball was set in motion, funds raised, licences organised, multiple calls to the US were made and with help from Chris, Justin and Carol Lamb and Bernie Cunningham it was all organised.” As the ink dried on a newly ticked bucket list, Wynd finally stepped into the dragster he stood admiring two years earlier facing three qualifiers right off the bat and a new procedure to learn. “First round, good light, against Aaron Kinard, first round win! Second round, unfortunately I stuffed up the transbrake and didn’t get through, it was a different system to my car. “Chris told me I was the talk of the staging lanes, I was the only person to get into the dragster on the right hand side! They had a good laugh at me doing that.” The following week at the Divisional event Wynd raced the Lamb’s spare

Monte Carlo in Super Street. “We fitted a transbrake and a throttle stop and off we went,” he explains. “Three great lights in qualifying and a .011 in the first round against a former Super Street world champion. Unfortunately the throttle stop didn’t cut in and even though I got off it I still broke out (10.90 index). I had a ball! I got to race, and with a bit more seat time it could have been a different result with maybe a few more rounds won. “I had a guy come up to me at the Divisional who had been watching me race and said to me that if I had done that 10 years ago I might have got a full time ride but not in todays economy. I was ready to give up racing but when he told me that my passion got back to where it needed to be.” With Justin Lamb’s Comp and Super Gas cars not running as well as they’d hoped at the Divisional and the threat of impending rain in Pomona, it was decided the World Finals were not an option. “It was a hard decision for Chris but we told him we did not expect him to make the trip just for me, his generosity had already been above and beyond. “We tried to find a car to rent but they were all too expensive. I missed out on being the first Aussie to race Super Comp at the World Finals. There is always another time; the opportunity will hopefully present itself another day. “Our Lotto/retirement dream is to ship the Ute and race for a season and follow the US circuit with travel and sightseeing on the side. Maybe a dream but we will try and make it happen.”





Michael Stewart is a legend in South Australian Drag Racing if not on a National level. Here he shares some of his memories from the Spring Nationals and Adelaide International Raceway.

Operating out of his West Torrens Dyno Centre business, Michael Stewart is renowned for helping just about anybody. Attributed as one of the pioneers of South Australian Drag Racing, he has served on the ANDRA Divisional Council and put in many hours working at AIR in the early days. Stewart was there at the very beginning in SA so it is fitting he would be a part of the group that helped create SA’s premier Drag Racing event; the Spring Nationals. “I was on the SA Divisional Council at the time (the Spring Nationals were created),” he says. “The Spring Nationals evolved from wanting to have a major national event in each capital city. “It was never without some sort of drama. It was a two-day event as most were back then and it was either 45 degrees under the water tower or raining. “But it was good for South Australians because of the fact it was in October, it was around the start of the season and our guys had a good chance of running against and seeing cars they would never see during the year. “It was always an exciting event. It was fantastic and like every track back then we used to get huge crowds. Stewart says the Spring Nationals were a huge event for his team running two cars from their workshop, including David Hawke’s dragster, with involvement in many others. “We were involved in so many cars. In the early days of the Spring Nationals I used to have a tent along the back (of the pits) and I think at one stage we had eight cars out of 16 running in Competition Eliminator.”


Looking over the rows of trophies in his workshop, it’s easy to see why he was enlisted to help so many competitors. “We had our two dragsters, Hawkey and our own car. Then there was Wayne Tedmonson, Geoff Pratt, Bruce Clarke, Elliot Roberts, Graham ‘Bluey’ Elliot, the Murphy brothers, Brenton Stein, Alan Cameron, a lot of H/MP cars.” “We would work as a team. Roly Leahy was hugely involved with us until he went to Queensland, we always did his engines and prepared his car. He was always part of the Spring Nationals, the whole team was. “Out of all of them Tony Prentice and Graham ‘Bluey’ Elliot, next to our own cars was the most successful. “The Murphy boys with their H/MP Torana were the first to run 12.6. “David Baines was our absolute arch enemy on the track, he used to kick our arse all the time.”

“Not all the time,” chimes in Mike’s son Chris. “He had a good shot at it until he ended up not getting lane choice one particular time.” “The supercharged cars had a lot of trouble hooking up,” adds Mike. “Injector cars had an advantage there was no question about that. If you couldn’t get lane choice it was a fair chance one of those cars would beat you. It had to be a quick car mind you.” “The only thing we never won which really annoyed me was a points final. That was one thing I was really disappointed when we stopped running our car. We were runner up three times but we never won it. Outside of that we had a lot of good luck with everything. “We tried really hard to win that and that’s about the only regret I’ve got about everything we did.” The 2014 Fuchs Spring Nationals October 4-5 will see the return of Top Fuel to Adelaide International Raceway for the first time since 2012. For more information visit


Nitro Max, Perth Motorplex Top Fuel Round 1 & 2, Top Fuel Motorcycle Round 1 & 2


Pro Showdown, Perth Motorplex Top Doorslammer Round 1, Top Alcohol Round 1


Westernationals, Perth Motorplex Top Fuel Round 3 & 4, Top Doorslammer Round 2 & 3


Southern Nationals, Calder Park Top Doorslammer Round 4, Pro Stock Round 1, Pro Stock Motorcycle Round 1

APRIL 18-19

Super 3, Willowbank Raceway Top Fuel Round 5 and 6, Top Alcohol Round 2 and 3,

MAY 2-4

X Champs, Sydney Dragway Top Fuel Round 7, Top Doorslammer Round 5, Top Alcohol Round 4, Pro Stock Round 2, Top Fuel Motorcycle Round 3, Pro Stock Motorcycle Round 2


Fuchs South Coast Raceway

JANUARY 10-11 Perth Motorplex

FEB 28 – MARCH 2 Perth Motorplex


JUNE 5-8

Winternationals, Willowbank Raceway Top Fuel Round 8, Top Doorslammer Round 6, Top Alcohol Round 5, Pro Stock Round 3, Top Fuel Motorcycle Round 4, Pro Stock Motorcycle Round 3

JULY 11-12

Hidden Valley Drag Strip Top Doorslammer Round 7, Top Alcohol Round 6, Top Fuel Motorcycle Round 5


Springnationals, Adelaide International Raceway Top Fuel Round 9, Top Doorslammer Round 8, Pro Stock Motorcycle Round 4

OCTOBER 4-5 Benaraby Raceway Pro Stock Round 4

OCT 31 - NOV 2

Australian Nationals, Sydney Dragway Top Fuel Round 10, Top Doorslammer Round 9, Top Alcohol Round 7, Pro Stock Round 5, Top Fuel Motorcycle Round 6 and Pro Stock Motorcycle Round 5

MARCH 14-15

Adelaide International Raceway

JUNE 5-8


Willowbank Raceway

Adelaide International Raceway


JULY 19-20


MAY 2-4


OCT 31 - NOV 2

Calder Park

Sydney Dragway

Alice Springs Inland Dragway

Mildura Sunset Strip

Benaraby Raceway

Sydney Dragway



WINTERWO Great conditions, huge crowds and a carnival atmosphere set the stage for great racing, new records, incidents, drama and upsets in one of the best Winternationals in recent memory over the Queens Birthday long weekend.

Although not considered an underdog, Damien Harris was one of those who scored an unlikely win after facing adversity from the moment he hit the throttle in qualifying on Friday. But luckily the Rapisarda Autosport International team recovered on race day to take home the ANDRA Gold Christmas Tree at the Fuchs Winternationals. Harris’ teammate and Championship leader Allan Dobson was eliminated early by Steve ‘Pommie’ Read while Anthony Begley in just his fourth competitive Top Fuel pass eliminated three-time champ Phil Read in controversial circumstances by coming to the start line slowly. Begley would extend his campaign further by going on to defeat Steve Read in the semi final setting up a meeting with Harris who came home strong on a 4.756 from a 6.030. On his way Harris defeated top qualifier Phil Lamattina who earlier in the weekend recorded a 4.56, the quiuckest Top Fuel pass by an Australian, followed by his brother John Lamattina in the semi finals. “I’m pretty elated for the team, they’ve been working real hard all weekend,” said Harris. “I’ve been working with Santo Junior for 18 months now and we haven’t had a win. We’ve got close but this is just awesome for Junior and the family, I’m really pleased. “It was a tough race day, we had to climb over some really tough competitors in Phil and John Lamattina to make the final. It was a bit of a rough start to the weekend shaking the car twice in qualifying and to come back and win it from that is just awesome.” Gary Phillips was on a mission all weekend in his Top Alcohol Funny Car, no one could get close to the 17-times National Champion running the second fastest Top Alcohol Funny Car pass in the world on a semi final 5.424 against John Cannuli. The crowd were expecting something big in the final but the Winternationals became the “Upsetnationals” as Phillips overpowered the track and spun the tyres allowing Jon Sting and his dragster to take the win light and his first Group One Winternationals title on a 5.589. “It’s great,” said Sting. “We were here a year ago, qualified number two and it got rained out. “We’ve had a bit of bad luck business-wise so we haven’t had the income to race. This was going to


possibly be a farewell meeting!” laughed Sting. “I’ve got some new crew guys, they’ve given me a bracket car and that makes it easy.” The Pro Stock boys continued their record setting ways running consistent six-second times as Lee Bektash recorded a 6.96 at 196.39 mph on a second round solo pass followed by Aaron Tremayne on a 6.97 at 196.82 mph to defeat Nino Cavallo. Bektash and Tremayne then met each other in the semi final for what would become the quickest side-by-side Pro Stock pass in Australia with Tremayne coming out on top on a 6.965 at 196.56 mph from a red lighting Bektash on a 6.961 at 195.28 mph. Sibling rivalry took centre stage in the final with both Aaron and Tyronne Tremayne facing off but history repeated itself as Tyronne red lit on a 6.96 while Aaron crossed the line victorious on a 7.021. “We were aiming to go low ET (in the final), I don’t know if the track got a little bit cool but it didn’t have the bite I threw at it and my engine was hurt pretty much from day one, we had a leaky sleeve in the engine.” On that record setting semi final pass both competitors triggered the red light as Bektash left the line .021 second too early while Tremayne still got the win even after he hit the throttle .002 seconds early. “I knew it’d be on against Lee. I was a bit worried about my engine but thank God it still ran real fast and he was red and I was a little bit red as well.” Six times Top Doorslammer Champion John Zappia was the man to beat all weekend and when all was said and done, he was the man standing on the podium handing the Gold Christmas Tree to his sponsor and Winternationals naming rights holder, Fuchs Lubricants. It wasn’t quite the 5.76s we had seen earlier in the weekend but consistent 5.80s were enough to defeat Stuart Bishop, Grant O’Rourke and lastly Daniel Gregorini in the final. Graeme Morell continued the “Upsetnationals” theme in Top Fuel Motorcycle by taking a solo win when Neville Smith lost power after the burnout in round one. He then eliminated Mark Drew who had his first problematic run of the weekend leaving Morell to advance against Chris Matheson. The final however was never in doubt as Matheson powered away to an easy win on a 6.374 leaving his opponent to shut off early. Finally in Pro Stock Motorcycle Maurice Allen and Luke Crowley renewed their on track rivalry

as both riders put down consistent passes in the 7.20s and 7.30s on their way to the final. Allen would record the quicker ET of 7.265 but his .156 reaction time let him down as Crowley stole the win on a .042 reaction time and a 7.314 pass for a dramatic holeshot win.

TURNERINTHE TITLEHUNT As the saying goes, it’s better to be lucky than good but Jess Turner was just as good as she was lucky on her way to a first ANDRA Gold Christmas Tree in Modified. Turner upset the likes of teammate Kenny Stewart who experienced engine troubles at the start line in round two and current Champion Craig Baker in round three on a double breakout. The young Victorian pushed Baker all the way on a 7.921 on a 7.93 dial in from Baker’s 8.391 on an 8.43. Luck was again on her side as Andrew Pinkstone broke out with an 8.178 on an 8.136 dial in catapulting Turner into a solo semi final pass and again in the final when her opponent Cann Childs’ engine backfired sending his campaign up in flames. “It’s unreal, it’s our first Gold Christmas Tree so we’re stoked that we won it,” Turner said. “They say it’s better to be lucky than good and we’ve definitely had our luck along the way, but we’ve also done pretty good. It’s an awesome feeling.”

Also in Modified Greg Wardle recorded a new B/ HR National record with an 8.76 at 149.02 mph backing up his 8.75 at 149.05 mph in qualifying to smash the previous mark of 10.53 at 125.07 mph. Kyle Putland made his journey from WA worthwhile by taking out the Winternationals title in Competition Eliminator defeating Omar Sedmak in the final with a 6.692 on a 6.95 dial in from an 8.321 on a 7.32. That final run backed up his round one 6.678 ET to reset the National A/A record.

ONDERLAND Clint George rode his luck through eliminations but he was in form when it mattered to take the honours in Super Stock on a 7.397 on a 7.62 from a red lighting Mario Barbon. Also in Super Stock Tony O’Connor’s A/MP Modified Automatic Falcon won the ANDRA Best Engineered Award for his locally built vehicle utilising custom built parts made by O’Connor’s son including an inlet manifold in what is effectively a street vehicle. Kelly Bettes remained number one all weekend throughout qualifying and was the one to beat during Super Compact eliminations but in the final Chris Hall got the win with an 8.596 on an 8.25 index from Bettes’ 8.393 on an 7.35 index. Daryn Schuster maintained his form to win in Competition Bike defeating Ross Smith in the final with an 8.398 on an 8.86 index from Smith’s 8.643 and 8.58 index. Schuster’s final ET 159.40 mph was enough to reset both ends of the D/ AB National record. Rodney Hansen enhanced his title hopes by taking home the Gold in Supercharged Outlaws with a 6.819 on the 6.77 dial in from Jake Donnelly with a 6.778 on the 6.61. Peter Whitbourne triggered the red light in the Super Sedan final leaving

Rick Nielsen to win with a 10.353 on a 10.32 dial in in what was something of a nostalgia race between a classic Holden and Ford. In a picture of consistency Joe Khoury ran close to his dial in all day going on to win the Modified Bike final with a 9.420 on the 9.44 from Reegan Ward’s 8.537 on an 8.58 dial in. Also in Mod Bike Brian Hotker won the ANDRA Longest Distance Award travelling 4440 kms from WA to be there. After losing in the Super Street final at the Nationals last November Robert Winterburn finally won his first Gold Christmas Tree with an 11.326 on the 11.25 from David Cope’s 11.601 on an 11.40 dial in. Victor Bray’s granddaughter Madison McClennan won the Junior Dragster final in what was an emotional weekend for the family after Ben Bray’s Factory Xtreme accident the day before. Her 9.101 on the 9.09 pipped Cory Burns running a 7.971 on the 7.96. And finally Dale O’Dwyer began on a high in Super Gas taking out previous Champion Simon Isherwood in round one then going all the way to the final where he and Loughlin Boyde raced to a double breakout. O’Dwyer won with a 9.893 from Boyde’s 9.890.

Final Results TOP FUEL Damien Harris 4.756 def Anthony Begley 6.030 TOP ALCOHOL Jon Sting 5.589 def Gary Phillips 13.524 TOP DOORSLAMMER John Zappia 5.833 def Daniel Gregorini 6.062 TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE Chris Matheson 6.374 def Graeme Morell 12.441 PRO STOCK Aaron Tremayne 7.021 def Tyronne Tremayne 6.966 (red light) PRO STOCK MOTORCYCLE Luke Crowely 7.314 (holeshot win) def Maurice Allen 7.265 COMPETITON Kyle Putland 6.692 (6.95) def Omar Sedmak 8.321 (7.32) SUPER STOCK Les Heintz 8.469 (8.69) def Clint George 8.197 (7.63) COMPETITION BIKE Daryn Schuster 8.398 (8.86) def Ross Smith 8.643 (8.58) SUPER COMPACT Chris Hall 8.596 (8.25) def Kelly Bettes 8.393 (7.35) SUPERCHARGED OUTLAWS Rodney Hansen 6.819 (6.77) def Jake Donnelly 6.778 (6.61) MODIFIED Jess Turner 8.404 (8.02, solo) SUPER SEDAN Rick Neilsen 10.353 (10.32) def Peter Whitbourne 10.324 (10.23) MODIFIED BIKE Joe Khoury 9.420 (9.44) def Reegan Ward 8.537 (8.58) SUPER STREET Robert Winterburn 11.326 (11.25) def David Cope 11.601 (11.40) JUNIOR DRAGSTER Madison McClennan 9.101 (9.09) def Cory Burns 7.971 (7.96) SUPER GAS Dale O’Dwyer 9.893 (9.90) def Loughlin Boyde’s 9.890 (9.90)




John Zappia, Gary Phillips and Mark Drew all took strangleholds on their respective Championships in the ANDRA Drag Racing Series presented by 7Mate at Hidden Valley Drag Strip. In only the second ANDRA Championship visit for Top Alcohol and Top Fuel Motorcycle, 16-times Top Alcohol Champion Phillips continued his ominous form during qualifying with a 5.468 second pass at 264.34 mph off the trailer. Even Phillips’ own team were not expecting to go under the Hidden Valley track record by two tenths given the humid Darwin conditions. Mark Drew followed suit going 10 mph over the National Top Fuel Harley record reaching a scintillating 235.35 mph in his second qualifier. He would have qualified first had he not collected the timing blocks at the finish line on his final run allowing Matheson to take the number one on a 6.628 from Drew’s 6.684. Marking Top Doorslammer’s first ever Championship outing at Hidden Valley, John Zappia maintained his dominance needing only two passes of 5.978 and 5.917 to lead the field even before an oil down put an end to proceedings for the night, chalking off his third run. When race day rolled around, Zappia was dominant once again consistently recording quicker ETs than any other competitor the entire weekend, even though by his standards he felt it wasn’t quick enough. Zap defeated Grant O’Rourke in round one with a 5.845 at 254.14 mph and Peter Kapiris on a 5.901 at 252.14 mph in the semi final to set up a showdown with title challenger Stuart Bishop. But it was Bishop who beat himself with a red light leaving Zappia to get the win on a 5.877 at 252.14 mph and claim his third consecutive ANDRA Drag Racing Series victory to extend the Championship lead.

RESULTS TOP ALCOHOL Steven Ham 5.567 def Gary Phillips 5.681 TOP DOORSLAMMER John Zappia 5.877 def Stuart Bishop N.T.R (red light) TOP FUEL MOTORCYCLE Mark Drew 5.465 (solo)


“The pressure is off a little bit,” laughed Zappia. “We can afford to try a few things and if that doesn’t work we’re still up there. “I didn’t know (Bishop red lit). Something weird was going on in staging. I’m looking in the mirror and I thought he’s in; I’m in, waiting, waiting, waiting. It seemed to take ages for the orange light to come on. “I got to the end and saw he was in front of me and thought he must have got a light on me but I got past him and when I got to the end they said he jumped the light. I had no idea.” Zappia was somewhat disappointed by the times he ran all weekend despite the fact no one else could get near him. “The 5.90s (earlier in the weekend) were a bit weird but the track kept getting better and better and we just couldn’t keep up with it,” he explained. “We were too conservative all weekend and should have got after it a bit more and in the end we had to throw clutch at it every run. The track was just getting better than what we were throwing at it.” Gary Phillips also extended his Top Alcohol Championship lead despite going down to Steven Ham in the final who upset the apple cart to take his second win in as many attempts at Hidden Valley. Ham defeated a tyre shaking Debbie O’Rourke in round one on a 6.308 at 259.96 mph before taking out Fuchs Winternationals winner Jon Sting in one of the races of the weekend with a 5.555 at 262.08 mph from Sting’s 5.609 at 250.18 mph. Phillips played it safe in round one on a solo but got out of jail in the semi finals when both he and Steve Reed smoked the tyres. He would experience a violent tyre shake in the final but he still chased the East Coast Lubes Funny Car all the way. Unfortunately for him Ham’s 5.567 at 261.52 mph was too good for Phillips’ 5.681 at 260.46 mph. “We struggled on that first qualifier, it completely blew the tyres off and we were lost,” said Ham.

“We just tried to back it down enough, we didn’t know where enough was going to be. We had a hunch and luckily it went on down there and we could start building from that. “The same thing happened in the first round but we just had to stick to our guns and run with what we know. Usually we go mid 5.50s and then try to shoot for mid 5.40s and we don’t get down the track. “This weekend was more about making the car go A to B, try cut a light, get down the track and try take a win. That’s what happened.” Top Fuel Motorcycle was thrown into disarray when Chris Matheson looked to have been defeated by Terry Burnett who brushed the wall moments before the finish line disqualifying his run with a win in the bag. Matheson however was unable to take advantage of the DQ due to an electric shock he received when a spark plug displaced soon after the hit. He was taken to hospital as a precaution and would be okay to race another day. That left Mark Drew to extend his Championship lead by defeating Gordon Crawford with a 6.558 at 196.36 mph and Greg Durack on a 6.501 at 211.66 mph in the semi final. Although on a solo in the final, Drew turned it on for a track record smashing 6.465 at 211.73 mph. “The track really came around tonight,” said Drew. “I had to make gearing changes to drop it any lower than 6.40. I was just running it safe; this bike runs 6.50s real easy. I turned it up a little bit and it dropped into the 6.40s. “I’m real happy, it’s the first time we’ve run every round and it looks like we achieved what we set out to do. “It is a shame about Chris (Matheson), I really wanted to run against him in the final. I would have turned it up even more if Chris was there. “I’d like to thank Keith from K Trans, he’s made it possible for me to race over the last five years. Without him I wouldn’t be where I am now. Perth Harley Davidson have come on-board and taken over from Keith so I’d really like to thank them and Keith.”




When you’re racing over 660 feet, there is no room for error. The half-track distance is set up for close tight racing from the hit of the throttle to the finish line; it’s all over in a blink of an eye.

The Desert Nationals presented by Supercheap Auto and Shannons Insurance served up new records, first time winners, breakouts, red lights, upsets and great side-by-side racing in perfect conditions at Alice Springs Inland Dragway. In their desperate chase for an ANDRA Silver Christmas Tree and vital bonus points in the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship, a host of competitors either left a cherry on the tree or broke out as they pushed the envelope. Those seeing red included Supercharged Outlaws top qualifier Dan Hodgins, Outlaws contender Doina Day, Super Stock title chaser Steven Norman (Super Comp) and Modified Bike Championship hopefuls Edgell Mallis and Joe Khoury. In stark contrast both Jake Chaisty and Wayne Keys set new 660 feet national records, a first in the Northern Territory, for H/MSA and AA/AP respectively on their way to meeting in the Super Comp final. The West Aussies reached the semis on solo passes before Chaisty sent Craig Geddes packing after a staging duel with a record setting 5.997on a 6.34 index while Wayne Keys eliminated Mark Probst with a record of his own recording a 4.003 on a 4.34 index. The stage was set for an epic final and both drivers delivered as Keys reeled Chaisty in to win by a 0.018 second margin of victory with a winning 3.994 second pass on a 4.17 index from a 5.976 on a 6.16 index. That effort pushed their respective National AA/AP and H/MSA elapsed time records even further in the process while resetting the mile per hour marks; Chaisty at 114.80 mph and Keys at 188.28 mph. However it was Keys who stood alone holding the Desert Nationals title aloft. “It’s fantastic,” he said. “After the Darwin disappointment last week, to come here, make a few changes and make the car work, I always knew the track was here, we just had to come back. “To go through to the final and to rip past Jake at the finish, it felt like he was standing still when I went by but it was excellent.” Supercharged Outlaws came down to a duel between Mark Kuhn and Matt Watts after Australian Champion Luke Marsden, Chris Van’t Hof, Doina Day, Rodney Hansen and top qualifier Dan Hodgins all bowed out in the first two rounds. Queenslander Watts took the win light in a close final with a 4.646 on a 4.63 dial in from Kuhn’s 4.880 on a 4.69 for a 0.167 second victory. “It feels absolutely great,” said Watts. “We had a


lot of dramas to start with. We stripped a thread in the spark plug and only had 20 minutes to repair it so coming from there to winning the event it’s pretty fantastic. “The track was great. A big congrats to the guys who prepped it. I can’t thank the volunteers enough; the day was great, weather was fantastic. Everything went well today.” Australian Super Sedan Champion John Kapiris picked up a bag full of points in his title defence taking advantage of the 50 per cent travel bonus and surging past his rvials by defeating Darren Saliba who shut down at the line and Vlado Turic before a bye run in the semi final. Fortune smiled on Kapiris yet again as a red light for David Yanko handed the Aussie number 1 the win but he still drove his HQ Holden out the back door with a 6.472 on a 6.48 dial in. “Last year I had it in the bag but I broke out by a thousandth of a second. All I had to do was hit the brakes, I was about a car and a half in front,” he said. “This year everything fell in place. “It feels really good, I get a nice trophy, add one to the collection and I’m over 100 points in front.” Break outs and red lights also dominated proceedings throughout Modified Bike with current points leader Joe Khoury leaving the line too early in round three while Edgell Mallis was already on the trailer after his own red light in round one. Todd Johnson and Bryan Finn were left to battle it out in the final but a red light just 0.050 seconds too soon by Johnson ended the race before it started as Finn got the win and his first ever ANDRA Silver Christmas Tree trophy in his first ever Championship round with a 7.349 on a 7.32 dial in. “I couldn’t be happier,” he said. “I’ve only seen the Christmas Trees on TV. To come here for the first time, my first meeting with an ANDRA licence, I’ve only had divisional day licences until now but to come here and do this is just fantastic. “I’m just so happy and I’m going to be smiling for days!” Super Street also saw its fair share of drivers pushing the limits with a double break out in a second round victory for Joe Jurkovic over Roeland Ainsworth on his way to the final. Jurkovic wouldn’t be so fortunate in the final with a second break out by 0.006 seconds allowing Kylie Tanner to take her second Desert Nationals title in a row proving the first was no fluke with a 7.616 on a 7.60 dial in after earlier wins over Rod Kerr and Sean Baney. “First round is always nervous, second round you chill out a little bit,” said Tanner. “For the finals it’s just a bag of nerves. “Two years in a row, my fifth time up here and my fourth trophy so take that to all the critics.” In the Junior Dragster ranks break outs littered an intriguing opening round but when it was all said and done, it was two familiar names in the final once again as Australian Champion Brayden Naylor took on Toby Austin.

Naylor defeated Lachlan Cole in a double break out in addition to wins over Brodie Zappia and Katrina Bowman on route to the final and a break out for Austin by 0.057 seconds allowed Naylor to take the Desert Nationals title with an 8.105 on an 8.10 dial in. “It’s good to come over here, get some runs in the car and it’s good to have a win as well. We’ve come all the way from Perth and I had a runner up in Darwin last week but it’s better to get a win though.” After a successful two days in the Red Centre, the Aeroflow Sportsman Drag Racing Championship moves onto Mildura for Round 9 on September 13-14, 2014.

RESULTS SUPER COMP Wayne Keys 3.994 (4.17) def Jake Chaisty 5.976 (6.16) SUPERCHARGED OUTLAWS Matt Watts 4.646 (4.63) def Mark Kuhn 4.880 (4.69) SUPER SEDAN John Kapiris 6.472 (6.48) def David Yanko 6.100 (5.90, red light) MODIFIED BIKE Bryan Finn 7.349 (7.32) def Todd Johnson 6.018 (5.95, red light) SUPER STREET Kylie Tanner 7.616 (7.60) def Joe Jurkovic 7.194 (7.20, break out) Junior Dragster Brayden Naylor 8.105 (8.10) def Toby Austin 7.963 (8.02, break out)




TEAM: Rapisarda Autosport International BRACKET: Top Fuel PREVIOUS BRACKETS: Nitro Funny Car, Top Alcohol, Pro Comp (precursor to Top Alcohol), Wild Bunch, Super Stock, Super Sedan, V8 Drag Bike (Exhibition)

NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS: 0 (Top Fuel runner-up 2007, 2009)

ANDRA CHRISTMAS TREES: Top Alcohol - Winternationals (1993) Top Fuel - Nitro Champs (2007), East Coast Nationals (2007), Spring Nationals (2009), Winternationals (2012), Santo’s Super 3 (Round 1 & 2, 2014), X-Champs (2014)


Dobson: Seeing Graeme Cowin’s Pyscho III is what really inspired me to tell you the truth. In those days they had just one gear thread up through the top of the clutch and they’d just smoke the whole way down the track. I thought right, that V8 Drag Bike will probably smoke the whole way up the quarter mile. Just rev it up, and it’s only top gear, and its just WHHAAAA! Push off the stand and it’s out of control mate, just holding on for the whole quarter. I wouldn’t even get to three quarters of the track, I’d be sideways hanging off the back, and the thing would just leave me behind. I was just an 18-year-old kid back then. They say I wasn’t quite right in the head. They’d say ‘you’re going to kill yourself on that thing’ and I’d just say ‘yeah most probably’ (laughing).

MOST MEMORABLE MOMENT? BIO: They call Allan Dobson everyone’s favourite fire fighter for a reason. He still works for the Western Australian Department of Fire & Emergency Services but when it comes time to race, instead of extinguishing flames, he’s shooting them skyward from either side of an 8000hp Top Fuel dragster! “Dobbo” first came into the sport when he worked at his father’s Shell service station in Scarborough, WA pumping petrol after school and on Saturdays. Three of the employees at the station owned drag vehicles; one of those a yellow HJ Camaro with a 427 cubic inch big block owned by “Pete the Greek”. That began a love affair with drag racing as Dobbo would watch from the stands at Ravenswood Raceway before taking up the sport himself on an exhibition V8 Drag Bike before progressing to Super Sedan, Super Stock, Top Alcohol, Nitro Funny Car and eventually Top Fuel. He has owned a number of records over the years, the most notable being the first sub sixsecond pass (5.904) in Top Alcohol outside the US at the 1993 Winternationals. The Australian Nationals will mark his 40th anniversary in the sport and he hopes 2014 will be the year he finally takes the number 1.


Dobson: Gee mate, that’s hard because every category has been memorable. The 1993 Winters was a stand out but having said that it’s more of a distant memory. Match racing the Nitro Funny Car was probably one the most exciting times in the sport racing for Allan Greene in the Greene Machine running 5.30-5.40s, just unreal. In the early days of the Perth Motorplex before Rod Bailey was involved we’d match race Robin Kirby, Rachelle Splatt and Santo Rapisarda’s cars. But winning race meetings in Top Fuel for Santo is one of my highest achievements so I guess you could say now is the most glamourous time in the sport. Running 4.60s and winning the Nitro Champs that was just unreal. Especially after burning up about four engines on the way through. Gee, you come out of it thinking how did I survive that?

DESCRIBE A TYPICAL TOP FUEL PASS: Dobson: It’s indescribable because of the sensation of the G’s. The noise of opening the throttle of a Top Fuel engine is overwhelming. And on the way out the feeling of the G’s to go about four and a half by mid track, the increasing g-force is incredible. The speed that you create so quickly is overwhelming. It’s so incredibly powerful you feel like you’re driving a rocket.

BRACKET YOU MOST ENJOY WATCHING: Dobson: Fuel bikes. Love Top Fuel Motorcycle. I wanted to race fuel bikes back in 1997 after the Castrol Top Alcohol Funny Car. But when the Nitro Funny Car came up the family encouraged me to stay on four wheels and that fulfilled my dream for sure.

WILDEST FIRE YOU EVER FOUGHT? Dobson: The $8 million fire we had at the Joondalup Police Station. It was fire bombed with a car through the front door laden with a 44 gallon drum of fuel on the back. It was a towering inferno and I was the first arriving pump. They had prisoners in the cells further back in the building so we were fire fighting like hell to get control of that job so they didn’t have to release the prisoners. We knew there was life being threatened, the prisoners were contained and here we were going through fighting the fire. That was one of the hardest, most strategic jobs I’ve ever done.

THE FUTURE? Dobson: I’m really looking forward to supporting the kids and spending more time with the family drag racing. My wife Jenny has been real supportive over the years so I’ve got to thank her for allowing me to do this. And I’m just looking forward to supporting my daughter Renae and my son Kye. Renae has run three seasons in Modified in Perth and Kye spent five seasons racing Moto3 and the Australian Superbike Championship but he’s really into Pro Stock Motorcycle and wants to do that so I’m looking forward to supporting them both.





DRAG RACING ANDRA Drag Racing features the quickest accelerating vehicles in the world, using exotic fuels like methane and superchargers that force air into the engine in the quest for ever quicker times and higher speeds. The safety standards are among the highest in motorsports and most vehicles even use parachutes to slow down after a pass. A drag race is simply a contest between two vehicles racing side by side in a straight line for a predetermined distance. In most drag racing categories, the first vehicle to the finish line wins. An event is made up of qualifying followed by a series of individual two-vehicle


ANDRA The Australian National Drag Racing Association Ltd (ANDRA) is the drag racing controlling body in Australia. The organisation was created in 1973 from a drag racing-oriented faction of the Australian Hot Rod Federation. ANDRA sanctions events throughout Australia at all levels, from Test and Tunes through to National Championships. Events take place at regional temporary tracks to international standard facilities in capital cities. ANDRA Drag Racing has been recognised as the best in the world outside of the United States. Our mission is to continue to raise the profile of the sport by working closely with members, officials and promoters for the benefit of all. ANDRA and its members promote drag racing as a family friendly, safe sport.

races called eliminations. Winners of each race advance until only one winner remains. Events enjoy a carnival atmosphere with spectators able to watch their heroes out on the track and then head to the pits to meet the drivers and watch the teams vigorously work on their machines between passes. ANDRA Drag Racing is one of the most popular motorsports in Australia with an accessibility and excitement that can’t be matched.

> BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP Membership starts at just $55 a year and is open to any person at three levels: associate, crew and full membership. Included with an associate membership is the ANDRA rulebook, quarterly Fastlane magazine, two ANDRA stickers and an ANDRA membership card. You will also receive a free divisional drag racing licence for vehicles 12.00 seconds and slower (11.00 seconds if safety criteria are met) along with Category 2 ANDRA Personal Accident Cover at off-street meetings. Full membership, at $110 per year, ensures you’ll receive all the benefits of associate membership plus access to Category One ANDRA Personal Accident Cover, voting rights at divisional level and the opportunity to nominate for the ANDRA Divisional Council in your division.

> BENEFITS OF CREW MEMBERSHIP The crew membership, also $55 per year, offers all the same aspects of an associate membership, plus a special credential displaying acceptance of an annual Acknowledgement of Risk Statement to streamline the event sign on process.


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Whether you are looking to test the limits of your road vehicle or blow your mind in Top Fuel, ANDRA caters for everyone. Off-street meetings are run by ANDRA Member Tracks, giving newcomers a chance to test their skills with their own street car or bike. It’s not a big step from there to competition and our team at ANDRA will be there to guide you along the way.


Anyone can apply to become an ANDRA official by contacting their local Divisional Director and submitting an application. Once approved, applicants sit an open book test using the ANDRA rulebook to become a trainee. After receiving on the job training, trainees are free to sit the level two test to become a fully-fledged official. To volunteer as an official at your local track only, please contact the venue directly.

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